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Glitch Mob

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    Drink The Sea

    The Glitch Mob is a collaboration of three Dj's (edit, Ooah and Boreta) that play the genre of dance music known as glitch hop. Glitch hop is characterized by the use of sound effects made to resemble a computer or machine encountering some sort of technical problem (aka glitching). This might be hard to imagine for some so here is an example [url][/url]. The Glitch Mob never used the glitch aesthetic quite that often but rather only in parts to help transitions or add variety. On Drink The Sea however, the glitch sound is gone and the band seems to have opted for a more heavy house sound with some trancy influences.

    - Simon Harris (Sputnik Music)
    1. Animus Vox
    2. Bad Wings
    3. How to Be Eaten by a Woman
    4. A Dream Within a Dream
    5. Fistful of Silence
    6. Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
    7. We Swarm
    8. Drive It Like You Stole It
    9. Fortune Days
    10. Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
    The Glitch Mob
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