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Goodie Mob

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  • Even In Darkness Even In Darkness Quick View

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    Even In Darkness

    No other group is composed of the most eclectic, musical artisans than the members of the Dungeon Family. Bringing hypnotic blends and raw magnetism through every cut on their debut album Even In Darkness. Featuring members of Outkast and Goodie Mob.
    LP 1
    1. Presenting Dungeon Family
    2. Crooked Booty
    3. Follow The Light
    4. Trans DF Express
    5. On & On & On
    6. Emergency
    7. Forever Pimpin' (Never Slippin')

    LP 2
    1. 6 Minutes (Dungeon Family It's On)
    2. White Gutz - Dungeon Family (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
    3. Rollin' - Dungeon Family (feat. Society Of Soul)
    4. They Comin'
    5. Excalibur
    6. What Iz Rap?
    7. Curtains (DF 2nd Generation)

    Dungeon Family
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  • St. Elsewhere St. Elsewhere Quick View

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    St. Elsewhere

    Gnarls Barkley is the highly anticipated collaboration from Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo. Danger Mouse is one of the most important artist/producers in music today. 'Demon Days' sold over 5 million worldwide and Dangerdoom's 'The Mouse And The Mask' sold over 100,000 units. Accolades include GQ's 'Men Of The Year' honor; Spin's 'Eccentric Genius Of The Year', NME's 'Hottest Hip-Hop Producer In The World', Entertainment Weekly's 'Album Of The Year', Grammy nomination for Producer Of The Year, and more. Cee-Lo is a Grammy-nominated, founding member of Goodie Mob. He wrote and produced the Pussycat Dolls #1 smash hit 'Don't Cha', and his two solo albums for Arista scanned over 500,000 units combined. He also wrote hit singles for Ludacris, Common, P Diddy, Trick Daddy, and others. 'Goodie Mob' has sold over two million albums worldwide. 'Crazy', from this release, is all over UK's Radio One.
    1. Go-Go Gadget Gospel

    2. Crazy
    3. St. Elsewhere
    4. Gone Daddy Gone
    5. Smiley Faces
    6. The Boogie Monster

    7. Feng Shui
    8. Just a Thought
    9. Transformer
    10. Who Cares?
    11. On-Line
    12. Necromancing
    13. Storm Coming
    14. The Last Time
    Gnarls Barkley
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  • Moonlight Soundtrack (Translucent Blue Vinyl) Moonlight Soundtrack (Translucent Blue Vinyl) Quick View

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    Moonlight Soundtrack (Translucent Blue Vinyl)

    Pressed On Translucent Blue Colored Vinyl

    MOONLIGHT is the breathtaking soundtrack to the film Rolling Stone has called A Masterpiece. The album features the critically-acclaimed score by composer Nicholas Britell, as well as choice songs including Every N**r Is A Star by Boris Gardner, Cell Therapy by Goodie Mob and Hello Stranger by Barbra Lewis.

    Nicholas Britell is an award-winning composer, pianist, and producer. In 2015, Britell scored Adam McKay's Oscar-nominated film THE BIG SHORT, and his music also featured prominently in Steve McQueen's Oscar-winning film 12 YEARS A SLAVE, for which he composed and arranged the on-camera music including the violin performances, spiritual songs, work songs, and dances. As a producer, Britell produced Damien Chazelle's short film WHIPLASH, and subsequently co-produced the Oscar-nominated feature film WHIPLASH.

    Britell's emotional and evocative score to MOONLIGHT has resonated with audiences from early festival screenings, earning accolades from critics in their reviews of the film which underline how the music is wrapped into the very fabric of the film itself.

    1. Every N****R Is A Star - Boris Gardiner
    2. Little's Theme
    3. Ride Home
    4. Vesperae Solennes De Confessore - Laudate Dominum, K (excerpt) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    5. The Middle Of The World
    6. The Spot
    7. Interlude
    8. Chiron's Theme
    9. Metrorail Closing
    10. Chiron's Theme Chopped & Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down)
    11. You Don't Even Know
    12. Don't Look At Me
    13. Cell Therapy
    14. Goodie Mob
    15. Atlanta Ain't But So Big
    16. Sweet Dreams
    17. Chef's Special
    18. Hello Stranger
    19. Barbara Lewis
    20. Black's Theme
    21. Who Is You?
    22. End Credits Suite
    23. Bonus Track: The Culmination
    Nicolas Britell
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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