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Gord Downie

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  • Battle Of The Nudes (Pre-Order) Battle Of The Nudes (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Battle Of The Nudes (Pre-Order)

    Gord Downie's sophomore 2003 solo album, 'Battle Of The Nudes', ranges from some sublime spoken word pieces to straightforward rock songs. (PopMatters). Featuring a backing band credited as Country of Miracles including Julie Doiron, Josh Finlayson and members of experimental blues-rock band The Dinner Is Ruined, the album leaned closer to more traditional rock than its predecessor, but no less filled with Downie's singular poetry.

    At the time of release, Downie wrote of the record: "I'm interested in doing anything that teaches me something," he concludes. "As a result, I've found that I'm writing more than ever. In fact, the day after I mastered this record, I was already back to writing with The Hip. Ultimately, what I want to do is more. I want to get better."

    1. Into The Night
    2. Figment
    3. Christmastime in Toronto
    4. Willow Logic
    5. Pascal's Submarine
    6. 11th Fret
    7. Who By Rote
    8. Steeplechase
    9. Ace Bailey
    10. More Me Less You
    11. We're Hardcore
    12. Pillform #2
    13. Pillform #1
    Gord Downie
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  • Introduce Yourself Introduce Yourself Quick View

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    Introduce Yourself

    Gord Downie's Introduce Yerself is a double-album of twenty-three new songs inspired by the people in his life. The music was recorded swiftly over two four-day sessions in January 2016 and February 2017, with the final album often reflecting first takes. Introduce Yerself continues the collaborative relationship that last year brought the music of Downie's historic Secret Path to life, with Drew producing the album and co-writing a number of the new songs.
    1. First Person
    2. Wolf's Home
    3. Bedtime
    4. Introduce Yerself
    5. Coco Chanel No.5
    6. Ricky Please
    7. Safe Is Dead
    8. Spoon
    9. A Natural
    10. Faith Faith
    11. My First Girlfriend
    12. Yer Ashore
    13. Love Over Money
    14. You Me And The B's
    15. Snowflake
    16. A Better End
    17. Nancy
    18. Thinking About Us
    19. The Road
    20. You Are The Bird
    21. The Lake
    22. Far Away And Blurred
    23. The North
    Gord Downie
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  • Coke Machine Glow (Pre-Order) Coke Machine Glow (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Coke Machine Glow (Pre-Order)

    Lush and sprawling, 'Coke Machine Glow' is Gord Downie's debut 2001 solo album. Featuring the singles Chancellor and Vancouver Divorce, the album's backing band was credited as the Goddamned Band and included contributions from musicians Julie Doiron, Steven Drake (The Odds), Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Josh Finlayson, director Atom Egoyan, and members of The Dinner Is Ruined. 'Coke Machine Glow' highlights Downie's singular poetic story-weaving over sparse, loose production and subdued instrumentation.
    1. Starpainters
    2. Vancouver Divorce
    3. SF Song
    4. Trick Rider
    5. Canada Geese
    6. Chancellor
    7. The Never-Ending Present
    8. Nothing but Heartache in Your Social Life
    9. Blackflies
    10. Lofty Pines
    11. Boy Bruised by Butterfly Chase
    12. Mystery
    13. Elaborate
    14. Yer Possessed
    15. Every Irrelevance
    16. Insomniacs of the World, Goodnight
    Gord Downie
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  • Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun Quick View

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    Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun

    Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun begins with Crater, a ragged anthem that erupts with frayed guitar and thundering rhythm. Dallas and Travis Good's trudging riffs light the low-slung growl of Gord Downie:

    Hello there / Gentle Son / A crater / We're creating!

    Crater is an arrival: the mission statement of a young band unhinged, igniting ten songs of visceral punk rock exultation. Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun is a spirited exploration of the darkness surrounding daylight, a rallying cry from the Secret Museum of Mankind:

    Crater! / Getting crushed in our dreams / Or in our dreams / Doing all the crushing

    Downie's words burn in unison with the charging Sadies, the mantra of a band forged out of primal necessity. This album is a vital, reckless, and ecstatic moment, gleaming with the proud imperfections of a group discovering its voice.

    It came together urgently but slowly, after the long-time Toronto friends first recorded together for Lake Ontario Waterkeepers in 2006. Fleeting sessions over the next seven years yielded finished songs in immediate, alchemical takes. Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun is the action of first-thought-best-thought.

    The project's namesake, The Conquering Sun fuses The Sadies' rusted psychedelia with Downie's humble, volatile wail. Mike Belitsky's roiling drums, and Sean Dean's sure, standing bass spur the band through uncharted desert-scapes.

    Working the fugitive dust / Under the conquering sun / Nature, please be good to us / Under the conquering sun

    Each song brims with energy, electricity embellishing a simple, rustic core. Acoustic inflections are cached in the album's array of fiery environments, staggering in its balance of ferocity and craft.

    Downie cries out possessed on It Didn't Start To Break My Heart Until This Afternoon: a pulsating blast of brash guitars and fuzzed-out gnarl.

    Drive it like we stole it / Through the snowflakes, into the cold of the sun

    On Budget Shoes, guitars shine over the tumbling bedrock of desolate but hopeful imagism. Downie writes in a universal voice, with a chorus taunting shadow from light. On Los Angeles Times, nations gather under that conquering blaze, singing unanimous poetry of promise and provocation:

    Raise a glass of hope / Raise a glass of liberty / And a glass of something else / May we be at ease with ourselves!

    The Sadies' effortlessly invoke this primitive emotion, intuiting Downie's themes with rollicking instrumental passages. On Devil Enough, Downie's solemn musings are liberated by The Sadies' roving plainsong; sobering internal sentiment brought to life with the flame of improvisation:

    You're making me drop things / I can't hold my cup / My state of being / Isn't what it was / The light the light / And my eyes adjust / What?s for sure is Devil Enough

    One Good Fast Job sneers like a siren, blunt guitars circling Downie's snarl. Demand Destruction pops with environmental pressure, coaxing an answer to a nuclear dilemma:

    And as the sun went down behind the shadow / Of this invisible war / You say, Is this accident ever over anymore?

    Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun spans depths and ages in its relentless half-hour, before concluding on an only note of reprieve. Saved dwells in the light of darkness, capturing our silent vibration of debt to the source. The album's last moments glint in the rapturous calm of collective awe:

    You say nothing can be saved / It all goes away / Darkness falls and colours fade / And the music gets so loud it flaps your pant legs

    Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun boils with hope and irreverence; toils with fire as a tool and a curse. This is the combustion of brotherhood and dissent: music of wisdom and innocence:

    It is the work, day is your word, night is the glue.

    by Jonathan Shedletzky

    1. Crater
    2. The Conquering Sun
    3. Los Angeles Times
    4. One Good Fast Job
    5. It Didn't Start To Break My Heart Until This Afternoon
    6. Budget Shoes
    7. Demand Destruction
    8. Devil Enough
    9. I'm Free, Disarray Me
    10. Saved
    Gord Downie, The Sadies, and The Conquering Sun
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  • Glass Boys Glass Boys Quick View

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    Glass Boys

    "It's a punk rock rush, a fundamentally teenage blast
    of endorphins that, if you're wired a certain way,
    you can't help but feel every time their guitars lock
    into a riff and the drums get rolling. Even when it's
    complicated, it's simple."
    - Stereogum, "Behind the Scenes
    of Fucked Up's Fourth Album"

    On their fourth album Toronto's Fucked Up pare things
    back to a single LP. In contrast to the sprawling epic
    of their last album, the punk rock opera David Comes
    To Life, the new album returns to rock'n'roll basics,
    verse-chorus-verse-chorus. It also features guitar
    solos, mellotron and piano.

    Recorded for the first time in analogue, with Bill
    Skibbe (The Dead Weather, The Kills, Lower Dens,
    Andre Williams), the album is bathed in a warm,
    almost romantic glow. In particular, Jonah Falco's
    virtuosic drumming shines forth, each snare hit
    shattering the air. Damian Abraham's throaty growl is
    not less punk, but the overall effect is a more human,
    relatable Fucked Up.

    While the imagery still includes the usual high-concept refrences (not least to classical mythology),
    Abraham and Mike Haliechuk's lyrics mostly address
    the puzzle of being in a punk rock band while having
    children and being in their early 30s. "So this is what
    it'd be like? Everything bathed in a harsh bright light?
    Why is the impact so immense? Maybe I know it
    could have been me instead."

    J Mascis, Gord Downie and George Pettit are the
    guest-star vocalists.

    1. Echo Boomer
    2. Touch Stone
    3. Sun Glass
    4. The Art Of Patrons
    5. Warm Change
    6. Paper The House
    7. Det
    8. Led By Hand
    9. The Great Divide
    10. Glass Boys
    Fucked Up
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  • Road Apples Road Apples Quick View

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    Road Apples

    Recorded in New Orleans, Road Apples (1991) was the breakthrough release from Canada's best Tragically Hip. Songs like "Little Bones", "Twist My Arm" and "Long Time Running" are some of the best songs the band of childhood friends have ever written. Singer Gord Downie's voice pulls you right into the heart of the Hip - an energetic, emotional and poetic journey. Available on vinyl for the first time since its original release.
    1. Little Bones
    2. Twist My Arm
    3. Cordelia
    4. The Luxury
    5. Born In The Water
    6. Long Time Running
    7. Bring It All Back
    8. Three Pistols
    9. Fight
    10. On The Verge
    11. Fiddler's Green
    12. The Last Of The Unplucked Gems
    Tragically Hip
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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