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Graham Bond

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  • Blind Faith Blind Faith Quick View

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    Blind Faith

    Blind Faith LP 180 Gram Vinyl. Original Banned Cover Art. Blind Faith is the self-titled album by the British supergroup Blind Faith, which consisted of Eric Clapton (The Yardbirds, Cream), Ginger Baker (Graham Bond Organisation, Cream), Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group, Traffic) and Ric Grech (Family).

    1. Had To Cry Today
    2. Can't Find My Way Home
    3. Well All Right
    4. Presence Of The Lord
    5. Sea Of Joy
    6. Do What You Like
    Blind Faith
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Fresh Cream (Deluxe) Fresh Cream (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Fresh Cream (Deluxe)

    Set Of 6x180-Gram Heavyweight Black LPs Housed In A Rigid Slipcase

    64-Page Perfect Bound LP Sized Book

    New Sleeve Notes From Highly Respected Rolling Stone Writer David Fricke

    Limited Edition

    Fresh Cream is the first album by Cream, released in 1966. Laid down at the height of the UK blues boom, Fresh Cream covers the kind of territory you might expect from three of the most respected players on the scene at the time. With Clapton fresh just from his time with John Mayall, Ginger Baker leaving behind the R'n'B backwaters of Graham Bond Organisation, and a woefully under-employed Jack Bruce hightailing it from the increasingly pop-leaning Manfred Mann, the electric blues was their natural turf.

    Highlights include the racing harmonica work-out, and the call and response excitements on Muddy Waters' "Rollin' and Tumblin'", a spine-tingled vocal on the Willie Dixon classic, "Spoonful", as well as the self-penned "Sleepy Time Time" which gives Clapton a free hand to wake up all and sundry. The traditional standard, Cat's Squirrel is given a rousing treatment, showing how well these players meshed.

    LP 1: Fresh Cream Mono Album (Reaction 593001):
    1. N.S.U. (Mono Mix)
    2. Sleepy Time Time (Mono Mix)
    3. Dreaming (Mono Mix)
    4. Sweet Wine (Mono Mix)
    5. Spoonful (Mono Mix)
    6. Cat's Squirrel (Mono Mix)
    7. Four Until Late (Mono Mix)
    8. Rollin' And Tumblin' (Mono Mix)
    9. I'm So Glad (Mono Mix)
    10. Toad (Mono Mix)

    LP 2: Session Recording - Mono Mix, The Mono Singles And The Mono French Eps:
    1. The Coffee Song Mono Mix
    2. Wrapping Paper (First UK Single A-Side)
    3. Cat's Squirrel (First UK Single B-Side)
    4. I Feel Free (Second UK Single A-Side)
    5. N.S.U. (Second UK Single B-Side)
    6. Spoonful Part I (Third US Single A-Side)
    7. Spoonful Part II (Third US Single B-Side)
    8. Wrapping Paper (Alternate Mix)
    9. Sweet Wine (Alternate Mix)
    10. I'm So Glad
    11. Cat's Squirrel (Alternate Master)
    12. I Feel Free (Alternate Mix)
    13. Rollin' And Tumblin' (Alternate Master)
    14. N.S.U.
    15. Four Until Late

    LP 3: Fresh Cream Stereo Album:
    1. N.S.U.
    2. Sleepy Time Time
    3. Dreaming
    4. Sweet Wine
    5. Spoonful
    6. Cat's Squirrel
    7. Four Until Late
    8. Rollin' And Tumblin'
    9. I'm So Glad
    10. Toad

    LP 4: Session Recordings - Stereo Mixes And New Stereo Mixes:
    1. I Feel Free
    2. Wrapping Paper
    3. The Coffee Song
    4. I'm So Glad (New Stereo Mix)
    5. N.S.U. (New Stereo Mix)
    6. Wrapping Paper (New Stereo Mix)
    7. The Coffee Song (New Stereo Mix)
    8. Rollin' And Tumblin' (First Version - New Stereo Mix)
    9. Spoonful (First Version - New Stereo Mix)
    10. Toad (New Stereo Mix)

    LP 5: Fresh Cream Early Versions, Outtakes And Alternate Mixes:
    1. Coffee Song (Early Version)
    2. Beauty Queen (Demo Version)
    3. You Make Me Feel (Demo Version)
    4. Wrapping Paper (Early Version)
    5. Cat's Squirrel (Early Version)
    6. I Feel Free (Early Version)
    7. I Feel Free (Mix With No Lead Vocal)
    8. I Feel Free (Alternate Mono Mix)
    9. Sweet Wine (Early Version)
    10. Rollin' And Tumblin' (Early Version)
    11. Toad (Early Version)

    LP 6: The BBC Sessions (November 1966 - January 1967):
    BBC Light Programme "Saturday Club" Session. Recorded 8th November 1966:
    1. Sweet Wine
    2. Eric Clapton Interview
    3. Wrapping Paper
    4. Rollin' And Tumblin'
    5. Sleepy Time Time (Previously Unreleased)
    6. Steppin' Out
    BBC Home Service "Guitar Club" Session. Recorded 28th November 1966:
    7. Crossroads
    8. Steppin' Out (Previously Unreleased)
    BBC World Service R & B Club Session. Recorded 9th December 1966:
    9. Cat's Squirrel
    10. Traintime
    11. I'm So Glad
    12. Lawdy Mama
    BBC Light Programme "Saturday Club" Session. Recorded 10th January 1967:
    13. Eric Clapton Interview
    14. I Feel Free
    15. N.S.U.
    16. Four Until Late

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 6 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Riverman's Daughter Riverman's Daughter Quick View

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    Riverman's Daughter

    The Grahams, the creative union of lifelong romantic partners Alyssa and Doug Graham, combine soulful bluegrass with hints of earthy Americana, adding colors from traditional folk and country blues, into an infectious blend of storytelling that results in songs of love, loss, yearning, and the view from rural American roads less traveled.

    While the duo first met in grade school -- a trait shared by previous musical trail-blazers, from Lennon/McCartney to Jagger/Richards - the Grahams' journey together began when they were teenagers in the shadow of New York City. There, Alyssa, the impassioned troubadour, and Doug, the guitarist extraordinaire, shared a mutual love for the music of the Woodstock era and the adventures of the great outdoors. Over the ensuing years many a campfire lit acoustic jam would include the best of roots renegades like Neil Young, The Band, Gram Parsons, Janis and Emmylou along with more than a few Jerry Garcia and Johnny Cash nuggets. Later, spending much of their time in the secluded Adirondack Mountains at the Graham family fold, Alyssa and Doug learned the time-honored craft of songwriting. Here, their ongoing interests in traditional country, mountain bluegrass and folk legends such as The Carter Family and Mississippi John Hurt would blossom. Hoping to share their stories on a wider stage, the couple eventually settled in New York City, where they performed, collaborated and recorded a variety of acclaimed material before adopting The Grahams moniker.

    While the duo had written music together before, in the summer of 2012 new writing sessions yielded a different approach. Something magical was happening between Alyssa and Doug. A catalyst was born in the new song Riverman's Daughter, a tale of love, loss, and hardship on the river that showcases Alyssa's bountiful voice. Backed by her own rhythm guitar, along with the strong current of Doug's cascading accompaniment on the six string, and traditional vocal harmonies, the track came in a lightning bolt of inspiration. A vision and calling to write more songs of its kind took hold.

    Alyssa and Doug had an idea: What if they put their city lives on hold and, armed with just guitars and backpacks, traveled the 2,500 miles of highways and byways of the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana. Light out for the territory, so to speak, like Huck and Jim. There, the duo could follow the Great River Road (GRR) that parallels the waterway, meet the people, and hear first-hand where European folk music, brought to these shores generations ago, took root alongside rhythms and chants from Africa, and how these polarizing sounds formed the backbone of our 20th Century American musical heritage. And so The Grahams did just that, and in the process created their debut album, Riverman's Daughter. Along the way The Grahams played gigs at the various gin and juke joints that dotted the GRR, and met a colorful cast of characters and genuine music makers with whom the duo shared and exchanged stories through the common bond of song.

    Eventually Alyssa and Doug ended up intentionally isolated on an old houseboat in rural Louisiana where the Mississippi spills into the Atchafalaya swamp. There, The Grahams prolifically stockpiled songs, enjoyed the simplicity of living off the grid, and for a spell, invited onboard friends and musicians including their longtime collaborator Bryan McCann, a wordsmith who aids with lyrical inspiration. Yet perhaps the biggest inspiration on Riverman's Daughter was Doug's own mother, Gigi, the matriarch of the Graham family clan, and a true fan of the duo who had been diagnosed with cancer earlier that year. As her condition worsened, the Grahams packed up their guitars and newly minted collection of songs to become Gigi's angel band, and played by her side until she passed away.

    As recording of the new album began, The Grahams found a true kindred spirit in Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn, who brought a magical touch and inspired ideas into the studio. It was Burn's idea to record both Alyssa and Doug's parts live to tape without the assistance of headphones or isolation -- in the way they were written. This process gives the album a natural aura that harkens back to an era when this practice was commonplace. Along the same lines, The Grahams chose to record the album in Nashville, the longtime epicenter of country music. While the album's foundation is simple and acoustic, The Grahams are backed on a few tracks by stellar accompaniment including the Grammy-nominated North Mississippi Allstars. Along with the title song the album is highlighted by the 70's country rock flavored Carrying The Torch, the spirited traditional vibe of The Piney River, and the riveting upbeat barn dance playfulness of Revival Time.

    Ultimately, the album is a winning culmination of The Grahams' long journey into the heart of America, the inspiration they derived from immersion into classic American music, and the natural and honest talent they have for bringing forth a modern musical idiom steeped in tradition.

    1. Revival Time
    2. Riverman's Daughter
    3. Carrying the Torch
    4. You Made Me Love You
    5. Cathedral Pines
    6. If You're in New York
    7. The Piney River
    8. A Good Man
    9. Marnie Hawkins
    10. Heaven Forbid
    11. Lonesome Child
    12. Jericho
    13. Goodbye Babe (B.C.)
    14. Lay Down Delilah
    The Grahams
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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