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  • Black Smoke Rising Black Smoke Rising Quick View

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    Black Smoke Rising

    Black Smoke Rising is the first studio EP by American rock band Greta Van Fleet. The song Highway Tune was released as a single on March 31, 2017, and topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Active Rock Rock stations in September 2017.

    A second single, Safari Song, was released in October 2017, and peaked at number 22 on the same chart in November 2017.

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    1. Highway Tune
    2. Safari Song
    3. Flower Power
    4. Black Smoke Rising
    Greta Van Fleet
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  • The Other The Other Quick View

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    The Other

    King Tuff has announced The Other, the follow-up to his 2014 LP Black Moon Spell. The self-produced album features contributions from Ty Segall, Jenny Lewis, Mikal Cronin, the Hush Sound's Greta Morgan, and more.
    1. The Other
    2. Raindrop Blue
    3. Thru the Cracks
    4. Psycho Star
    5. Infinite Mile
    6. Birds of Paradise
    7. Circuits in the Sand
    8. Ultraviolet
    9. Neverending Sunshine
    10. No Man's Land
    King Tuff
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  • Summer House Summer House Quick View

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    Summer House

    Summer House is the debut album from Gold Motel, the new project from Greta Morgan (The Hush Sound) and members of This is Me Smiling. The ten tracks herewithin are snapshots of dreaming, transient youth in constant motion, driving down desert highways, watching fireworks from the boardwalk, wandering the city in an endless summer but in the end always searching for the safety of home, friends and love. Beneath tight pop hooks and warm melodies, Gold Motels songs are infused with joyous exuberance as well as sweet melancholy.
    1. We're On The Run
    2. Perfect (In My Mind)
    3. Safe In L.A.
    4. Stealing the Moonlight
    5. Fireworks After Midnight
    6. Don't Send the Searchlights
    7. Make Me Stay
    8. The Cruel One
    9. Who Will I Be Tonight?
    10. Summer House
    Gold Motel
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  • Springtime Carnivore Springtime Carnivore Quick View

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    Springtime Carnivore

    Evoking a mellow high on a warm Sunday afternoon, where everything is magnified and glows in
    Technicolor, the debut album from Springtime Carnivore is a dreamy work of ebullient pop and
    looming psychedelia. Springtime Carnivore is the nom de tune of Greta Morgan. Produced by
    Morgan and sonic wizard Richard Swift (The Black Keys, The Shins, Foxygen) the album crackles with warmth, employing faded strings, blown-out drums, fuzzy guitars, and pawnshop keyboards to adorn widescreen vocals. Due out November 4th from Aquarium Drunkard's Autumn
    Tone Records, the album builds on a foundation of classic folk and pop songwriting, synthesizing
    those roots with production that turns and careens unexpectedly, shooting her melodic songs in
    varied light and from surprising angles: "Name on a Matchbook" merges off kilter grooves to
    a strident glide; "Sun Went Black" charges marries fuzzy power pop to wistful longing; "Other
    Side of the Boundary" is an aching psychedelic ballad, at once intimate but also cosmically faraway. Springtime Carnivore makes songs that sound familiar but skewed. Already a music veteran, Springtime Carnivore recently completed a tour supporting legendary soft psych band The
    Zombies, with whom she shares a distinct melodic touch. The songs on the album utilize classic
    approaches, but are distinctly modern. There's an index card tacked to the wall of Morgan's rehearsal space. It reads "no cheap tricks," and its command is heeded on Springtime Carnivore's
    14 heavenly songs.
    1. Western Pink
    2. Collectors
    3. Name on a Matchbook
    4. Sun Went Black
    5. Foxtrot Freak (Something In The Atmosphere)
    6. Other Side of the Boundary
    7. Karen Bird's Theme
    8. Keep Confessing
    9. Last One to Know
    10. Two Scars
    11. Talk to Me Slow
    12. Creature Feature
    13. Find a New Game
    14. Low Clouds
    Springtime Carnivore
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