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  • The Original King Bee (The Best Of Slim Harpo) The Original King Bee (The Best Of Slim Harpo) Quick View

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    The Original King Bee (The Best Of Slim Harpo)

    The Original King Bee (The Best Of Slim Harpo) - On 200-Gram LP From Analogue Productions

    Mastered By Kevin Gray At Cohearent Audio From The Original Analog Tapes

    Plated And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings

    Old-Style Tip-On Jacket By Stoughton Printing

    What's the point in listening to us doing 'I'm A King Bee when you can hear Slim Harpo do it? - Mick Jagger, 1968

    Slim Harpo died in 1970. Better known by his stage name than his given, James Isaac Moore, he epitomized the swamp blues style, and at the time of his passing he was at the brink of enjoying the kind of fame he'd deserved since the release of his first single, the infectious King Bee 13 years earlier.

    Harpo was just beginning to play for urban, white audiences when he succumbed to an unexpected heart attack. There were plenty of people who were aware of Slim and not all of them were young British musicians who knew a good tune when they heard it. Pete Welding, writing in Rolling Stone, described Harpo as a stylist who's carved out his own niche, and within the relatively narrow confines of that approach he's unbeatable - and of course, immediately recognizable ... the emphasis is on forceful, direct rhythm, tight and simple arrangements (even when horns are used) that work beautifully with Slim's sly, laconic singing and harmonica playing and, above else, feeling.

    What an iconic performer - perfect for the full Analogue Productions reissue treatment. The Best of Slim Harpo (The Original King Bee) has his iconic hits from a formidable career: I'm A King Bee, Got Love If You Want It, Baby Scratch My Back, Shake Your Hips, Te Ni Nee Ni Nu, Mohair Sam and more. They're included on an incredibly silent and rich-sounding 200-gram LP pressed by Quality Record Pressings. Mastering from the original analog tapes was by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. Finally, it's all contained in a old-style tip-on heavyweight cardboard jacket from Stoughton Printing. Spectacular sound and an eye-catching package. That's the Analogue Productions difference.

    Just up the Mississippi from Baton Rouge, on February 11, 1924, James Isaac Moore was born. He would live in the area for practically all of his life. As a child he took up harmonica, and later, in adulthood, supported himself and his family as a laborer, as a gas station attendant, he hauled sugar cane, and did other odd jobs. He didn't become a professional musician until he began to record in the mid-'50s. In 1955, Moore began recording with Lightnin' Slim at J.D. Miller's studio in Crowley, Louisiana.

    Two years later Moore first recorded as a featured artist. The initial session at Miller's studio resulted in three completed masters, all originals: I'm A King Bee, Got Love If You Want It and This Ain't No Place For Me. Still, Slim, through his career, didn't tour much, and his record label - Excello - was a small independent with promotion and distribution problems typical for its size. Most of Slim's fame and fortune came second-hand.

    We're betting you'll enjoy this Slim Harpo compilation as much as we've enjoyed putting it together and bringing it to you. As Mick pointed out, there's nothing like the original. And Slim Harpo was original to the hilt. We're excited to honor his memory with this exceptional release.

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    1. Baby Scratch My Back
    2. I Got Love If You Want It
    3. I'm A King Bee
    4. Shake Your Hips
    5. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
    6. I've Been A Good Thing (For You)
    7. Raining In My Heart
    8. The Music's Hot
    9. Mohair Sam
    10. Tip On In
    11. Moody Blues
    12. The Hippy Song
    13. Don't Start Crying Now
    14. Rock Me, Baby
    Slim Harpo
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Betty's Self-Rising Southern Blends Vol. 3 Betty's Self-Rising Southern Blends Vol. 3 Quick View

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    Betty's Self-Rising Southern Blends Vol. 3

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood's acclaimed live album series, 'Betty's Blends,' returns with 'Volume 3: Self-Rising, Southern Blends.' Recorded and mixed live from the soundboard by legendary Grateful Dead archivist and recording engineer Betty Cantor Jackson, this latest edition captures the CRB on a Southern swing through Atlanta, Raleigh and Charleston in November 2015.

    The 3-LP/2-CD set includes original staple CRB material like Clear Blue Sky, Roan County Banjo and "Oak Apple Day," but focuses on the band's sprawling selection of cover material ranging from Allen Toussaint's "Get Out Of My Life Woman" to the Leiber/Stoller classic "I'm A Hog For You," Bob Dylan's "She Belongs To Me" to the Slim Harpo rarity "The Music's Hot." It also marks the first release in the series with current CRB drummer, Tony Leone. In Robinson's own words, "With Betty, we trust her sonic sensibilities and give her the space and freedom to do what the woman does, and what she does is beautiful and unique. It's the stuff rock n' roll dreams and recordings are made of. Viva la Betty!"

    1. I Ain't Hiding
    2. Got Love If You Want It
    3. Clear Blue Sky
    4. The Music's Hot
    5. Roan County Banjo
    6. I'm A Hog For You
    7. Oak Apple Day
    8. Get Out Of My Life Woman
    9. Honeysuckle Interlude
    10. Ride
    11. Tales Of Thunder Teeth
    12. Girl I Love
    13. She Belongs To Me
    Chris Robinson Brotherhood
    Vinyl LP + 2 CD - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Last Train To Mashville Last Train To Mashville Quick View

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    Last Train To Mashville

    Entirely rearranged, specially recorded acoustic versions of Alabama 3 tracks.

    Features special guests 'The Larry Love Showband' - Harpo Strangelove (harp), Fiddle d'Amour (Will Sneyd), Banjo of Love (Alan Shaw), Accordion of Love (Jason Meherin), Drumbeat of Love (Dave 'Tiger Romford' Fowler)

    1. Woke Up This Morning
    2. Too Sick To Pray

    3. Year Zero
    4. Mansion On The Hill

    5. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
    6. U Don't Danse To Tekno Anymore
    7. Bullet Proof
    8. Let The Caged Bird Sing
    9. Disneyland Is Burning
    10. Woody Guthrie
    11. Peace In The Valley
    Alabama 3
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Birth Of The Dead Volume Two - The Live Sides Birth Of The Dead Volume Two - The Live Sides Quick View

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    Birth Of The Dead Volume Two - The Live Sides

    Exclusive Only To This LP Release: First Time Sitting Photos Of The Dead By The Legendary Herb Greene

    Impeccably Mastered By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music Studios And Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA With Ron McMaster

    The legendary Bay area rock superstars the Grateful Dead scored for over four decades a plethora of wonderful recordings throughout their incredible career. Spearheaded originally by the late great Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kruetzmann and the late Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, these five gentlemen set the world on fire with their magnificent artistry and musicianship unparalleled to this day.

    With their very first San Francisco live gigs and when they were locally known as The Warlocks, the historical importance of these debut concert recordings would soon become a blueprint for the music world as the Grateful Dead would become one of the biggest concert attractions of all time.

    Over a decade ago, the Grateful Dead unearthed 14 super rare live recordings from the mid-sixties. None of these recordings were ever previously released at the time. Recorded in San Francisco from a July 1966 performance, when they were signed to the Scorpio Records label, this ultra rare concert tape simply became manna for the fans and was truly a find for any collector of fine rock and roll and
    early psych and garage rock fare.

    Dead fan favorite Viola Lee Blues kicks off the rare collection, and then the fireworks light up as future Grateful Dead classics like Don't Ease Me In and the stellar Jimmy Reed classic Big Boss Man truly become a very important and interesting listen to any fan of the Dead or classic rock in general.
    Known for their jams in concert, you will get to hear stellar takes on rare blues tracks like One Kind Favor, Next Time You See Me and
    of course their super rare Bob Dylan interpretation of It's All Over Now Baby Blue, which would be an interesting choice not knowing there
    would be future collaborations with Dylan in both of their important later careers.

    Even superlative covers of Otis Redding's Pain In My Heart and the Slim Harpo blues champion I'm A King Bee are included in this amazingly important and historic rock release from this much loved band.
    These Grateful Dead recordings have never been released on the vinyl format that is until now
    Friday Music is very pleased to announce for the very first time on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl - The Grateful Dead's Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides. This deluxe 2 LP set not only has the original 14 live performances unearthed by the Dead themselves, but it also includes for the very first time anywhere several unearthed photos from the lens of the legendary Herb Greene. These first time issued photos show the very first sittings of the Grateful Dead and will make your listening hours that much more enjoyable as you stare at the
    brilliant pictures of your favorite rockers in this very special era.

    As a further installment in the exclusive and authorized Grateful Dead Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series, this fine album
    is part of a historical two part audiophile vinyl series along with the Birth Of The Dead Volume One-The Studio Sessions which was released
    in late 2013.

    Mastered impeccably for vinyl by Joe Reagoso (Grateful Dead) at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, this
    limited edition audiophile version of Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides will truly be a welcome addition to your Dead collection.
    Grateful Dead Birth Of The Dead Volume Two-The Live Sides a historic album first time release in the audiophile domain only from your friends at Friday Music Don't Ease Me In

    1. Viola Lee Blues
    2. Don't Ease Me In
    3. Pain In My Heart
    4. Sitting on Top of the World
    5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
    6. I'm a King Bee

    1. Big Boss Man
    2. Standing on the Corner
    3. In the Pines
    4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
    5. Next Time You See Me
    6. One Kind Favor
    7. He Was a Friend of Mine
    8. Keep Rolling By

    Grateful Dead
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Buy Now
  • King Bee King Bee Quick View

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    King Bee

    The Muddy Waters/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Series Continues!

    Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter - Their Final Studio Recording Together

    First Time Official Audiophile Vinyl - Stunning First Time Gatefold Cover

    Manufactured At R.T.I.

    Featured Musicians: Johnny Winter, James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins, Willie Smith, Charles Calmese & Bob Margolin

    Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) will always be known as one of the
    founding fathers of modern day blues. His legendary style of playing guitar,
    his unique vocal prowess and of course his stellar list of classic Chicago
    and Mississippi Delta blues tunes have all gone on to influence generations
    upon generations of rock and blues performers worldwide.

    With almost six decades in the music business, this Mississippi native
    began working in the late seventies with one of his biggest fans Johnny
    Winter, cutting his final four albums for Blue Sky Records, earning both the
    artist and producer both Grammy Awards for several of them.

    Their final studio recording King Bee, shows the artist and producer in
    very rare and rockin' form. The 1981 blues smash features a plethora of
    Muddy Waters originals, as well as tip of the hat to Slim Harpo with Muddy's
    classic rendition of King Bee.

    Featuring an all-star band with the likes of the legendary late great
    Johnny Winter on guitar, James Cotton on harp and the masterful Pinetop
    Perkins on piano, King Bee would go on to become one of the more revered
    studio albums in Muddy Water's extensive recorded catalog.

    Kicking things off with one of his finest smash hits King Bee, Muddy
    continues to rock the house through a treasure trove of 9 more blues
    champions which made this Lp the classic that it is. The album features
    classic gems like his classics I Feel Like Going Home, Champagne And
    Reefer, and Deep Down In Florida. Noted for introducing his Chicago laden
    blues style to a whole new generation of guitar players, King Bee is just
    another example of how important this late blues master's music was and
    still is to millions of fans across the globe.

    Friday Music is no stranger to the music of the legendary arsenal of fine
    recordings of Muddy Waters. That is why we are so very proud to announce
    another installment in The Muddy Waters/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile
    Vinyl Series with his legendary final studio masterpiece King Bee.

    Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter,
    John Lee Hooker) for the first time on audiophile vinyl, King Bee will truly
    become one of the most important and historical 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
    titles to be released in quite some time.

    To further celebrate this first time audiophile vinyl LP, we enhance this
    limited edition masterwork with a stunning gatefold cover featuring the
    original artwork elements as well as rare inner photos, which now are a
    permanent part of the inside gatefold art, which show the man who helped
    fuse blues and rock music for millions of music lovers across the globe.
    Muddy Waters .King Bee .Impeccable blues and rock from your
    friends at Friday Music!

    Deep Down In Florida...

    1. I'm A King Bee
    2. Too Young To Know
    3. Mean Old Frisco Blues
    4. Forever Lonely
    5. I Feel Like Going Home
    6. Champagne & Reefer
    7. Sad Sad Day
    8. (My Eyes) Keep Me In Trouble
    9. Deep Down In Florida #2
    10. No Escape From The Blues
    Muddy Waters
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
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