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  • Heretic Heretic Quick View

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    First Time On Vinyl

    Originally released in 2003, Heretic is the seventh full-length studio album from Florida's death metal titans. Morbid Angel is widely renowned as the kings of the Death Metal genre with their revolutionary and unapologetic sound. First time this has been released on vinyl.

    1. Cleansed In Pestilence (Blade Of Elohim)
    2. Enshrined By Grace
    3. Beneath The Hollow
    4. Curse The Flesh
    5. Praise The Strength
    6. Stricken Arise
    7. Place Of Many Deaths
    8. Abyssous
    9. God Of Our Own Divinity
    10. Within Thy Enemy
    11. Memories Of The Past
    12. Victorious March Of Reign The Conquerer
    13. Drum Check
    14. Born Again
    Morbid Angel
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  • Heretic Pride Heretic Pride Quick View

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    Heretic Pride

    The Mountain Goats have recorded four fine albums that have established them as a genuine cult phenomenon and confirmed John Darnielle's status as one of the finest lyricists of his generation. Heretic Pride is a suite of songs about mythical creatures, imaginary cults, slasher films, and pulp fiction novelists. Here, Darnielle has also come up with some of the most anthemic, impassioned, and downright catchy songs of his career. It's rare to come across such specific and purposeful prose in modern pop. But, alongside Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and the Decemberists' Colin Meloy, John Darnielle is helping bring fine lyric writing back to life - NY Daily News.
    1. Sax Rohmer #1
    2. San Bernardino
    3. Heretic Pride
    4. Autoclave
    5. New Zion
    6. So Desperate
    7. In The Craters On The Moon
    8. Lovecraft In Brooklyn
    9. Tianchi Lake
    10. How To Embrace A Swamp Creature
    11. Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident
    12. Sept 15th 1983
    13. Michael Myers Resplendent
    The Mountain Goats
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  • Mono Tono Mono Tono Quick View

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    Mono Tono


    Yellow vinyl!

    Often mislabeled demented-rock, the Skiantos were in reality an exception to the rule. This reissue of their second album is, therefore, a road to understanding to what degree rock music was putty in the hands of this band from Bologna, who away from cumbersome references to British and American rock chose to follow their own path to originality.

    Their youthful and unprejudiced energy together with the personality of great thinkers became an oft-debated manifesto, but one that is destined to maintain its importance in the years to come. The album's cover art picturing an enormous dinosaur destroying a building is testimony to their ironic, but biting attack on institutions, which when translated into music paid homage both to Italy's eccentric singer/songwriter tradition as well as the heretic dialectics of coeval punk. The album was originally released in 1978 on the Cramps label, but not a day seems to have passed since then.

    1. Eptadone

    2. Panka Rock

    3. Pesto Duro

    4. Diventa Demente

    5. Io Me La Meno

    6. Bau Bau Baby

    7. Io Sono Uno Skianto

    8. Io Ti Amo Da Matti

    9. Vortice

    10. Massacrami Pure

    11. Largo All'Avanguardia

    12. Ehi, Ehi, Ma Che Piedi Che C'Hai

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  • Agnus Dei (Awaiting Repress) Agnus Dei (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Agnus Dei (Awaiting Repress)

    There is something about The Secret's sound that seems to entomb the listener in an ominousness that is comparable to the view of a great storm approaching on the horizon. One could say that if 2004's Luce was that approaching storm, and follow-ups Disintoxication and Solve Et Coagula were the storm wreaking havoc, Agnus Dei is the disaster of what is left in the wake. The result of something cataclysmic, with all its destruction, atrocity, and bleakness, is often far worse than the cataclysm itself. This is where the quartet now stands musically.

    While past albums have begun with a foreboding track, setting the scene for what's to come, Agnus Dei allows no escape from its wrath from the moment it begins. The album title track presents The Secret's newest offering with such malevolence and decimating brutality that the listener is only left to wonder how much better it could possibly get.

    Where Agnus Dei sacrifices melody, it births ingenuity and finesse. The album's overarching balance flows from track to track, and spills some interesting surprises along the way, all while consistently staying true to the intent of the music. Songs like Post Mortem Nihil Est and Love Your Enemy break up the perceived thrashy mold of the album; while the former is ushering in an atypical drum beat for a band of this stature, the latter delivers a fast-paced, guitar-droning intro that is careening towards utter pandemonium. Darkness I Became finishes off its severity with a battering ram of a riff, trudging into Heretic Temple, which could be classified as one of those ambience-builders that are everpresent within The Secret's repertoire. Album-ender Seven Billion Graves grimly points at an obvious picture, painted throughout the album, coming full circle. To put it frankly, there is not one moment of Agnus Dei that feels unwarranted.

    -Justin Pelletier

    1. Agnus Dei
    2. May God Damn All of Us
    3. Violent Infection
    4. Geometric Power
    5. Post Mortem Nihil Est
    6. Daily Lies
    7. Love Your Enemy
    8. Vermin of Dust
    9. Darkness I Became
    10. Heretic Temple
    11. The Bottomless Pit
    12. Obscure Dogma
    13. Seven Billion Graves
    Secret, The
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  • The Lower Side Of Uptown The Lower Side Of Uptown Quick View

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    The Lower Side Of Uptown

    Toadies will release their next album The Lower Side Of Uptown via Kirtland Records. This will be the band's seventh studio album and a 'return to form' as explained by frontman Vaden Todd Lewis: This album is 'roots Toadies, full of riffs and time shifts.' The Lower Side Of Uptown is the follow up to 2015's Heretics which saw the band taking a change of pace with a stripped down sound and mostly acoustic. When they were preparing to enter the studio this time around there was no set idea for what was to come but, the process ultimately had the band going back to their signature sound: I feel that subconsciously we thought that this record would have ended up incorporating some of that quieter sound, but that didn't happen. When we got to the studio with nothing more than a pile of riffs, what came out of the band was really loud and heavy music. So not only is this album louder than Heretics, I think it's louder and heavier than the last couple Toadies albums guitarist Clark Vogeler said of the sessions, which were recorded Arlyn Studio, a favorite of the legendary Willie Nelson, and The Bubble in Austin.
    1. When I Die
    2. Take Me Alive
    3. Polly Jean
    4. You Know the Words
    5. Mama Take Me Home
    6. Keep Breathing
    7. Amen
    8. Human Cannonball
    9. Broke Down Stupid
    10. I Put a Spell on You
    11. Echo
    12. Sentimental
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  • Waiting For A Sign Waiting For A Sign Quick View

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    Waiting For A Sign

    Waiting for a Sign marks the return of Githead after a five-year break from recording and pushes fur-ther than their previous records, underscoring the band's commitment to pursuing new directions. Fans will recognize many of the classic Githead tropes here: the hypnotic, motorik repetition, the weighty bass lines, and the dreamy melodicism that have come to define the band's aesthetic. But Waiting for a Sign isn't about sticking with a proven formula: Githead are forward-looking musicians, committed to reinvention rather than recycling. As previous releases such as Art Pop (2007) and Landing (2009) show, Githead's fortÉ has increasingly been to bring the synergy and inventiveness of their live performances to bear on the studio process. For this album, however, they upped the ante, arriving at the studio without any written material and trusting that their response to each other's ex-temporization, as well as to the mood and the surroundings, would get the creative juices flowing. "Slow Creatures" is a good example, kicking off in an almost heretically bluesy mode, although this flavour eventually dissolves into a larger hypnotic groove as the track builds. There's a similar effect on "Air Dancing," its introduction combining Kala bass and acoustic guitar. Most memorable is "For the Place We're In," whose melodic structure makes it Githead's first bona fide folk song. Approaching the project as something of a blank slate, their minds free of predefined ideas and open to creativity makes this their most accomplished release thus far.
    1. Not Coming Down
    2. Bringing The Sea To The City
    3. To Somewhere
    4. For The Place We're In
    5. Air Dancing
    6. Slow Creatures
    7. Today
    8. What If
    9. Waiting For A Sign
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  • Commune Commune Quick View

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    There is no direct association between mysterious Swedish
    psychedelicists GOAT and Argentinian master of magical realism, Jorge
    Luis Borges. Yet their mission appears to be the same. Borges generated
    his ideas from historical curiosities across the globe-knife duels on the
    South American plains, Middle Eastern heresiarchs, Chinese pirates-and
    twisted them into fictions that blurred the lines between footnotes and
    outright fantasy. GOAT's sound is the sonic embodiment of this principle,
    working heavy psych-rock, Nigerian afrobeat, German krautrock, Anatolian
    funk, and a host of other micro-niches into a hallucinatory celebration
    of rock's diverse manifestations.

    Despite the success of GOAT's critically-acclaimed 2012 debut, World
    Music, the individual identities involved remain shrouded in mystery:
    GOAT performs in masks, and spokespersons maintain that the group
    is simply an ongoing multi-generational collective of musicians from the
    isolated, Swedish locality of Korpilombolo, a junction of native Sami
    people, Scandinavian settlers, and the rare wayfaring outsiders. Beyond
    that, GOAT divulges very little. It's as if GOAT are taking cues from Borges'
    short story "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius," wherein a clandestine enclave
    of intellectuals attempt to create a new reality by inserting articles on a
    fictitious, puzzling state into modern encyclopedias. Borges' secret
    society wanted their heretical ideologies to infiltrate common thought
    through an invented past; GOAT wants to revitalize the communal
    experience of rock music by creating an alternate origin story.

    Ultimately, it is GOAT's music that speaks the most about them, and
    on Commune GOAT deliver a heavy dose of acidic grooves, hypnotic
    incantations, and serpentine guitar lines, building on the much-lauded
    sound of World Music to explore new territories. Starting with the layered
    percussive groove, Eastern guitar flourishes, and convoking vocals of
    "Talk To God," Commune re-establishes the trance-inducing rhythms
    and exotic blaze of guitar that characterized World Music. From there,
    the album launches into darker and more propulsive territories,
    occasionally emerging for breaths of transcendental '60s psych-pop and
    driving proto-metal fuzz.

    "GOAT is mainly a symbol of sacrifice. To sacrifice the individual for
    the collective good. To become one with the rest of humanity and
    universe," said an unnamed GOAT conspirator in a rare correspondence.
    With that philosophy, GOAT is propagating their crossbred music and
    mysticism by sharing Commune with the world. And, while we'll never
    see GOAT's faces on the cover of a glossy magazine, their intoxicating
    conjurations are poised to infiltrate our collective psyche with the
    subversive magical allure of a Borgesian fable.

    1. Talk to God
    2. Words
    3. The Light Within
    4. To Travel the Path Unknown
    5. Goatchild
    6. Goatslaves
    7. Hide From the Sun
    8. Bondye
    9. Gathering of Ancient Tribes
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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