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Hollywood Undead

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  • Swan Songs (10th Anniversary) Swan Songs (10th Anniversary) Quick View

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    Swan Songs (10th Anniversary)

    In 2008, Hollywood Undead's explosive, platinum-selling debut album Swan Songs rose from the streets of Tinseltown, delivering a raw, edgy mix of rock, hip-hop, and metalcore. Now, Interscope/UMe celebrates Swan Songs' tenth anniversary with the album's first-ever vinyl release, in a specially packaged, two-LP edition.

    The 14-song album encapsulates the brash, rebellious attitude that's kept Hollywood Undead going ever since. The album reached No. 22 on the Billboard Top 200, spending more than a year and a half on the album chart.

    LP 1
    1. Undead
    2. Sell Your Soul
    3. Everywhere I Go
    4. No Other Place
    5. No. 5
    6. Young
    7. Black Dahlia

    LP 2
    1. This Love, This Hate
    2. Bottle And A Gun
    3. California
    4. City
    5. The Diary
    6. Pimpin'
    7. Paradise Lost

    Hollywood Undead
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  • Day Of The Dead (Deluxe) Day Of The Dead (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Day Of The Dead (Deluxe)

    Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles, California.
    1. Usual Suspects
    2. How We Roll
    3. Day Of The Dead
    4. War Child
    5. Dark Places
    6. Take Me Home
    7. Gravity
    8. Does Everybody In The World Have To Die
    9. Disease
    10. Party By Myself
    11. Live Forever
    12. Save Me
    13. Guzzle, Guzzle
    14. I'll Be There
    15. Let Go
    Hollywood Undead
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  • Five Five Quick View

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    The number five holds a deep significance. We have five senses. Five points adorn a star. Five represents man in theology. For the five members of Hollywood Undead-Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, and Danny-the digit perfectly encapsulates their fifth full-length offering- V (FIVE).

    The band recently announced the album's first single, California Dreaming. Powered by neck-snapping guitars and fast and furious bars, the song cycles between guttural rapping and quick quips. Everything culminates on the choral chant We never sleep, in California we're dreaming.

    It dissects both sides of California, J-Dog reveals. You've got the glitz, glamour, sun, and surf. Then, you've got the super fucked side of people not being able to afford rent, celebrities being assholes, and that fake fa├žade. We wanted to do a heavy song with a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque chorus. It's an old school vibe explored in a new way.

    We're five brothers, and this is our fifth record, affirms Johnny 3 Tears. Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does. Numerology has a lot of power. When we said Five, it just made sense. The fact that we could all agree on one word codifies who we are. It also nods back to 'No. 5' from our first album, because it was our fifth song. Moreover, it hints at this secret society of fans supporting us for the past decade. The number is significant, and this is a significant moment for us.

    1. California Dreaming
    2. Whatever It Takes
    3. Bad Moon
    4. Ghost Beach
    5. Broken Record
    6. Nobody's Watching
    7. Renegade
    8. Black Cadillac (ft. B-Real)
    9. Pray (put em in the dirt)
    10. Cashed Out
    11. Riot
    12. We Own The Night
    13. Bang Bang
    14. Your Life
    Hollywood Undead
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  • Long Live Long Live Quick View

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    Long Live

    After a 3 year hiatus, embers started to glow again for Southern California metal trailblazers Atreyu. They hit the studio w/ producer Fred Archambault [Avenged Sevenfold] & began cutting what would be their 6th album, Long Live & 1st since 2009's Congregation of the Damned.

    They have moved 3 million records worldwide, sold out shows & garnered critical acclaim influencing everyone from Hollywood Undead to Of Mice & Men.

    The title sums up Atreyu's mindset, & this fire is only starting to burn.

    1. Long Live
    2. Live To Labor
    3. I Would Kill / Lie / Die (For You)
    4. Cut Off The Head
    5. A Bitter Broken Memory
    6. Do You Know Who You Are?
    7. Revival
    8. Heartbeats And Flatlines
    9. Brass Balls
    10. Moments Before Dawn
    11. Start To Break
    12. Reckless
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