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Iced Earth

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  • Days Of Purgatory Days Of Purgatory Quick View

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    Days Of Purgatory

    Days of Purgatory is perhaps the best starting point for anyone first discovering Iced Earth, as it presents much of the band's early material with superior sound quality and musicianship, most notably from vocalist Matthew Barlow. All aspects of the band's songwriting are presented herein: energetic staccato riffing, dual-guitar harmonies, melodic acoustic passages, complex arrangements, and double kick drums. These are combined most effectively on Colors, Nightmares, When the Night Falls, and the outstanding Desert Rain, with its atmospheric guitar intro. And while Angel's Holocaust features uncharacteristic goth-style background choruses, The Funeral is surprisingly memorable as an instrumental. The band is at its inventive best in the nine-minute epic Travel in Stygian.

    - Eduardo Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

    LP 1
    1. Enter the Realm
    2. Colors
    3. Angels Holocaust
    4. Stormrider
    5. Winter Nights
    6. Nightmares
    7. Before the Vision
    8. Pure Evil
    9. Solitude
    10. The Funeral
    11. When the Night Falls

    LP 2
    1. Burnt Offerings
    2. Cast in Stone

    3. Desert Rain

    4. Brainwashed
    5. Life and Death
    6. Creator Failure

    LP 3
    1. Reaching the End
    2. Travel in Stygian
    3. Iced Earth
    4. Dante's Inferno

    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Burnt Offerings Burnt Offerings Quick View

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    Burnt Offerings

    Burnt Offerings is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Iced Earth. It was the group's first album since 1991's Night of the Stormrider, after which the band took a three year layoff. During this time they recruited drummer Rodney Beasley and singer Matthew Barlow, replacing Rick Secchiari and John Greely, respectively. Burnt Offerings has been described as the Iced Earth's heaviest and darkest record.
    1. Burnt Offerings
    2. Last December
    3. Diary
    4. Brainwashed
    5. Burning Oasis
    6. Creator Failure
    7. The Pierced Spirit
    8. Dante's Inferno
    I. Denial, Lust, Greed
    II. The Prodigal, The Wrathful, Medusa
    III. The False Witness, Angel of Light
    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ices Ices Quick View

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    Ices is a celebration of flight, levity, and the conviction that you can leave earth. You take wing in an airplane, you go to real places when you dream, you have out-of-body experiences, you get high, you lose yourself in someone else.

    When we started work on these songs, I was beginning a gradual move to California, constantly traveling back and forth from New York. I was experimenting. I was falling in love. Our studio in the Hudson Valley was full of electronics and computers and the sounds of future ships sailing through the vastness of space, and I sometimes forgot where I was. The first songs we wrote were called flying 1, then flying 2, and so on, which eventually evolved into songs on the album. Flight became a metaphor for the ignition of the imagination. The process created a lightness in me, a freedom and positive energy that I'd never before felt or explored.

    This recording session became a two year music and spiritual retreat with my psychic twin brother, Eliot. A private journey during which we abandoned old habits and familiar sounds. We got really geeky and experimented in our studio. We obsessed over sympathetic magic, Ancient Aliens, and the NBA. We allowed everything we loved to find its way in: Persian percussion, hip-hop beats, lo-fi, hi-fi, Pakistani pop, Link Wray, Jason Pierce, gospel, dub. We developed new systems; we worked with synthesis, software, and samples; we became producers. The Hudson Valley was home base, but I wanted to keep flying. I wrote songs in California, recorded vocals in Atlanta, and worked with Clams Casino in Brooklyn. For the first time, Lia Ices felt like an inclusive project with its own identity, not just a name.

    Ices as a whole is devoted to these certainties. While we have evolved, we are still animals. We respond to planets, patterns, and cycles. We require the sounds of our origins. We live in the future but stay bound to the primitive and primordial. We will always want tribe, we will always want rhythm, we will always need music to guide us into our deepest sense of what it means to be human. So we hear sounds from all over the planet in this album. We devour so much music, and with this album we allowed ourselves to claim bits from all of it.


    1. Tell Me
    2. Thousand Eyes
    3. Higher
    4. Love Ices Over
    5. Magick
    6. Electric Arc
    7. Sweet as Ice
    8. Creature
    9. How We Are
    10. Waves
    Lia Ices
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  • Night Of The Stormrider Night Of The Stormrider Quick View

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    Night Of The Stormrider

    Night of the Stormrider is American heavy metal band Iced Earth's second full-length album. It is a concept album centered on an idea that was created by the band's frontman Jon Schaffer.
    1. Angels Holocaust
    2. Stormrider
    3. The Path I Choose
    4. Before the Vision
    5. Mystical End
    6. Desert Rain
    7. Pure Evil
    8. Reaching the End
    9. Travel in Stygian
    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Charred Walls Of The Damned Charred Walls Of The Damned Quick View

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    Charred Walls Of The Damned

    Charred Walls of the Damned was produced and recorded by Jason Suecof at his Orlando, FL based studio, Audiohammer Studios, and boasts an all-star lineup of some of metal's most talented musicians. Included in this musical collective are: Richard Christy, former drummer for Death and Iced Earth, comedian, and radio personality on the Howard Stern Show on drums; famed producer Jason Suecof who has produced and/or mixed some of the most prominent albums from metal's leading bands on guitars; Tim Ripper Owens, who fronted heavy metal legends Judas Priest from 1996 to 2002 and currently performs with Beyond Fear and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force on vocals; and one of metal's most heralded bassists, Steve Digiorgio, who has performed with Control Denied, Iced Earth Death, Autopsy, Testament, Vintersorg, and is a founding member of technical thrash pioneers Sadus.
    1. Ghost Town
    2. From The Abyss

    3. Creating Our Machine

    4. Blood on Wood
    5. In a World So Cruel

    6. Manifestations
    7. Voices Within the Walls

    8. The Darkest Eyes

    9. Fear in the Sky
    Charred Walls Of The Damned
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Ceremony Of Opposites Ceremony Of Opposites Quick View

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    Ceremony Of Opposites

    SAMAEL is one of the leading metal acts ever to emerge from Switzerland. The band has continuously pushed sonic boundaries and genre definitions with their atmospheric and sinister songs. Now, the critically acclaimed "Ceremony Of Opposites" returns remastered for 180 gram vinyl.

    The original artwork by Eric Vuille was meticulously recreated from the first pressing and now features the correct SAMAEL logo for the first time ever - just like the band intended it to be. This reissue comes in a wonderful gatefold sleeve and includes a 60x60cm poster featuring the enhanced artwork of the 1994 masterpiece.

    Furthermore, it has been remastered by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Tiamat, Iced Earth, Moonspell) for vinyl and CD. One of Rock Hard's "500 best Rock & Metal Albums of All Time" now returns to your record collection in its ultimate edition.

    1. Black Trip
    2. Celebration Of The Fourth
    3. Son Of Earth
    4. Till We Meet Again
    5. Mask Of The Red Death
    6. Baphomet's Throne
    7. Flagellation
    8. Crown
    9. To Our Martyrs
    10. Ceremony Of Opposites
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • Infernus Infernus Quick View

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    Regarding the new track, HATE ETERNAL founder Erik Rutan comments: This song, 'The Stygian Deep' has a very compelling and intriguing energy to it, dynamic and expanded yet aggressively rooted in the tradition of HATE ETERNAL. A very black mysterious journey that develops through many passages as you listen. A musical landscape of much depth and darkness.

    The American death metal legend has previously unveiled the spectacular artwork for 'Infernus', which was created by renowned artist Eliran Kantor (ATHEIST, TESTAMENT, ICED EARTH, SODOM).

    Main man Erik Rutan comments on 'Infernus': The recording process has been fantastic. I have never felt so focused and determined on a HATE ETERNAL record, and I know that this will be an album our listeners and supporters will truly appreciate. It represents an important milestone for me personally since 15 years ago both HATE ETERNAL began recording its first album and Mana Recording Studios was born. We have so much more news to share with you over the coming months. We are super proud of what we have accomplished creatively, and excited at the prospect of releasing what we feel is our most powerful HATE ETERNAL material to date.

    1. Locust Swarm
    2. The Stygian Deep
    3. Pathogenic Apathy
    4. La Tempestad
    5. Infernus
    6. The Chosen One
    7. Zealot, Crusader Of War
    8. Order Of The Arcane Scripture
    9. Chaos Theory
    10. O' Majestic Being, Hear My Call
    Hate Eternal
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  • Enemies Of Reality (Re-Mixed & Re-Mastered) Enemies Of Reality (Re-Mixed & Re-Mastered) Quick View

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    Enemies Of Reality (Re-Mixed & Re-Mastered)

    Pressed On 180-Gram Vinyl + CD

    Includes Poster

    For the first time ever, the 2005 remix & remaster of 'Enemies Of Reality' (2003), US prog/thrash titans NEVERMORE's fifth studio opus, is being released on vinyl! On time with Century Media's 30th anniversary in 2018 and 15 years after the original version of the album was released back in 2003, this sonically superior version, remixed and remastered by Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Accept, Kreator, Megadeth) in January 2005, finally see its first official vinyl release and was mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel (Iced Earth, Exodus, Grave etc.). Originally mixed by Kelly Gray, 'Enemies ' suffered from a very muddy, compressed sound swallowing a lot of the musical details while also being the result of a stressful period between band and label at the time. Still, it is widely considered one of NEVERMORE's finest moments and the band's probably heaviest album ever including tracks like 'I, Voyager', the brilliant ballad 'Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday', the crushing title track, and 'Seed Awakening'. The LP features 180-gram vinyl, the original cover artwork, a huge poster as well as the CD as extra. A true milestone in Century Media Records' and NEVERMORE's history.

    1. Enemies of Reality
    2. Ambivalent
    3. Never Purify
    4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
    5. I, Voyager
    6. Create the Infinite
    7. Who Decides
    8. Noumenon
    9. Seed Awakening
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Matter What No Matter What Quick View

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    No Matter What

    To deny reality is to create conict, he always tells us. No one knows how it happened, or when - but here in the last
    known metropolis on Earth, where all public memory has been erased, Evan Ønly is on a mission to recover the promise
    of our future. He works among other maverick scientists, artists, and revolutionaries in shadow, intent on piecing
    together our shattered history. It was mass denial that led us to the state we're in, Ønly is on a mission to prevent us
    from making the same mistake.

    His material draws inspiration from the classic "future vintage" synth pop he discovered through his archival
    explorations. His work is evocative of British pioneers Pet Shop Boys, La Roux, and David Bowie's "Let's Dance". The
    debut Evan Ønly EP, No Matter What, is a highly-evolved synth rock record. Produced by Ice Choir's Kurt Feldman at
    the pristine Winter Station, these rst six songs are personal anthems turned psychological pop. Ønly creates music in
    the belief that pop can still change the way we see ourselves and the world - the one we've inherited and the ones we'll
    build next.

    1. Shadows
    2. Take Me Back
    3. No Matter What
    4. Lifting Me Up (Feat. Alaina Riley)
    5. The Actress
    6. From the Stone
    Evan Ønly
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Horror Show (Out Of Stock) Horror Show (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Horror Show (Out Of Stock)

    Horror Show is the sixth studio album from the American heavy metal band Iced Earth, originally released June 26, 2001. It is a theme album based on classic monsters and horror-movie icons, including Dracula, Frankenstein, and the ghost from Phantom of the Opera. It was the first Iced Earth album to feature drummer Richard Christy, and the only album to feature Steve DiGiorgio on bass, though he did not tour with the band.

    Horror Show is usually considered Iced Earth's only straightforward power metal release, as little of the thrash metal influence from the band's earlier works is present. This album also featured more prominent usage of Matt Barlow's multi-layered vocals as a center point for the songs.

    LP 1
    1. Wolf
    2. Damien
    3. Jack
    4. Ghost of Freedom
    5. Im-Ho-Tep (Pharoah's Curse)
    6. Jeckyl & Hyde

    LP 2
    1. Dragon's Child
    2. Transylvania
    3. Frankenstein
    4. Dracula
    5. The Phantom Opera Ghost

    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Iced Earth (Out Of Stock) Iced Earth (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Iced Earth (Out Of Stock)

    Iced Earth is the eponymous debut album by American heavy metal band Iced Earth. It was released in November 1990 internationally and February 1991 in North America.
    1. Iced Earth
    2. Written on the Walls
    3. Colors
    4. Curse the Sky
    5. Life and Death
    6. Solitude (instrumental)
    7. Funeral (instrumental)
    8. When the Night Falls
    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • The Dark Saga (Out Of Stock) The Dark Saga (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    The Dark Saga (Out Of Stock)

    The Dark Saga is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Iced Earth. It was the band's first album to feature drummer Mark Prator, as well as the last with bassist Dave Abell. The Dark Saga was also the first Iced Earth album to be co-produced by Jim Morris, who since then has worked on all of the band's releases.
    1. Dark Saga
    2. I Died for You
    3. Violate
    4. The Hunter
    5. The Last Laugh
    6. Depths of Hell
    7. Vengeance Is Mine
    8. Scarred
    9. Slave to the Dark
    10. A Question of Heaven
    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Plagues Of Babylon (Out Of Stock) Plagues Of Babylon (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Plagues Of Babylon (Out Of Stock)

    Limited To 1000 Copies

    ICED EARTH returns with their brand new masterpiece, "Plagues Of Babylon!" Having already established themselves as one of Heavy Metal's most driven forces throughout their illustrious career, "Dystopia" marked a much celebrated studio debut for new vocalist Stu Block, leading ICED EARTH into touring activities which culminated into the stunning live release "Live In Ancient Kourion." Now, the metal legends return with their brand new opus (recorded at Principal Studios, Germany (KREATOR, IN EXTREMO, GRAVE DIGGER)) once again setting ICED EARTH on another blaze for worldwide glory! Double LP Version.

    1. Plagues Of Babylon
    2. Democide
    3. The Culling
    4. Among The Living Dead
    5. Resistance
    6. The End
    7. If I Could See You
    8. Cthulhu
    9. Peacemaker
    10. Parasite
    11. Spirit Of The Times
    12. Highwayman
    13. Outro
    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Out Of Stock) Something Wicked This Way Comes (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Something Wicked This Way Comes (Out Of Stock)

    After the success of The Dark Saga, many were curious to see what steps Iced Earth would take to further elevate their position within the metal scene. There were many expectations about the new album, and of course, Iced Earth did not disappoint. They turned out yet another acclaimed album containing something old, something new, and most definitely something wicked. With thirteen tracks, Something Wicked This Way Comes is a roller-coaster ride which showcases Iced Earth's talent in many different forms. Ranging from the crushingly dark and heavy Disciples of the Lie to the heartfelt and introspective Watching Over Me, Something Wicked is bound to please both longtime fans and new listeners. The highlight of the album is another album-ending trilogy, entitled Something Wicked. Taking some musical cues from the Stormrider era and merging them with the newest Iced Earth sound, Something Wicked weaves a mysterious tale of prophecy, conspiracy, and the history of mankind. This powerful composition is a prelude to a future Iced Earth album, but even on its own, it stands as a masterful piece of work. To any metal fans who feel a void in their collection, it will be filled the day that Something Wicked comes to you.
    LP 1
    1. Burning Times
    2. Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
    3. Disciples of the Lie
    4. Watching over Me
    5. Stand Alone
    6. Consequences

    7. My Own Savior

    LP 2
    1. Reaping Stone
    2. 1776
    3. Blessed Are You
    4. Prophecy
    5. Birth of the Wicked
    6. The Coming Curse

    Iced Earth
    Vinyl LP Reissue - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Incorruptible (Out Of Stock) Incorruptible (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Incorruptible (Out Of Stock)

    Pressed On 2x 180-Gram Vinyl

    Housed In A Gatefold Sleeve & Contains An LP-Booklet And Double-Sided Inlay

    Etching On Side D (No Music)

    After nearly three dedicated decades, Schaffer, drummer Brent Smedley, vocalist Stu Block, bassist Luke Appleton, and new guitarist Jake Dreyer have assembled the fiercest Iced Earth record since 1996 milestone The Dark Saga and 1998's chart-blazer Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    Titled 'Incorruptible', Iced Earth's 12th record is inspired not by things political but by things personal. Since Plagues of Babylon landed in 2014 to heaps of praise and chart-topping success, Schaffer and team have weathered proverbial storms. Management shake-ups, Schaffer's well-publicized and very serious neck surgery-he's since fully recovered-and lineup shifts all played positively into Incorruptible. But that wasn't always the case.

    Written primarily by Schaffer over the course of several months - a process he calls "typical"- Incorruptible finds Iced Earth pivoting off everything they've learned-going all the way back to 1990's Iced Earth-to come away with an album that feels and sounds superlatively heavy metal. And definitely like Iced Earth.

    From the Viking-inspired power of opener 'Great Heathen Army' to the epic pirate-inspired 'Black Flag' to the aggression of 'Seven Headed Whore', based on the Whore of Babylon, Incorruptible bestows upon its listeners a ceaseless supply of killer riffs, a cavalcade of righteous vocals, a storm of drums, and continuous volleys of jaw-dropping solos.

    Certainly, after 27 years of releasing albums and 666 minutes-or thereabouts-of music, the multi-national band, with Schaffer at the helm, show no signs of slowing down, getting old, or venturing off the deep end.

    With a new lineup reconfigured, a newly completed Iced Earth headquarters to call home, a new record in ready for hails and headbangs, all powered by Schaffer's indestructible drive and infinite engine, it's clear Iced Earth are making 2017 their banner year. Songs like 'Clear the Way', 'Black Flag', 'Raven Wing', 'Ghost Dance (Awaken the Ancestors)', and 'Great Heathen Army' are destined for the halls of heavy metal greatness. In fact, Incorruptible is special. A contemporary classic. A legendary record barely out of the gate. It just feels like a record of import.

    1. Great Heathen Army
    2. Black Flag
    3. Raven Wing
    4. The Veil
    5. Seven Headed Whore
    6. The Relic (Part 1)
    7. Ghost Dance (Awaken The Ancestors)
    8. Brothers
    9. Defiance
    10. Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862)
    Iced Earth
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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