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  • Long Lost Tapes 1970 Long Lost Tapes 1970 Quick View

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    Long Lost Tapes 1970


    While remaining largely unknown to the general public, Peter Walker was something of a legend along the Boston-New York folk axis of the 1960s, releasing a few celebrated albums for Vanguard during this period. Playing with various folk luminaries like Fred Neil, Joan Baez, Tim Hardin and Karen Dalton, and studying Spanish flamenco and Indian classical guitar with none other than Ravi Shankar, Walker was both a true student of his instrument and a pioneer, using not only acoustic guitar, but, as can be heard on this album, also electric. Recorded in 1970 at Levon Helm's (The Band) house in Woodstock, with the likes of legendary Detroit drummer Maruga Booker and tabla god Badal Roy, this is an essential release for fans.

    Side A:

    1. Meditation Blues
    2. Camel Ride
    3. City Pulse

    Side B:

    1. Missing You
    2. 102nd Psalm
    3. Mellowtime

    Peter Walker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • K K Quick View

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    If ever there was a group in the Britpop movement that brought spirituality to the table, Kula Shaker did it in spades, and magnificently at that.

    After a trip to India lead singer and front man Crispian Mills became interested in Indian music, culture and tradition and decided to use instruments like the sitar, tamboura and tabla and write songs in the ancient and sacred Hindu language.

    The combination with the psychedelic swirling guitars and a Beatles-esque vibe ensured a string of top-ten hits, including Tattva, Govinda, Hey Dude, and their cover of the Deep Purple classic Hush.

    'K' climbed to the top of the British album charts, went double platinum and won Kula Shaker the 1997 BRIT award for Best Breakthrough Act.

    1. Hey Dude (2011 - Remaster)
    2. Knight On the Town (2011 - Remaster)
    3. Temple of Everlasting Light (2011 - Remaster)
    4. Govinda (2011 - Remaster)
    5. Smart Dogs (2011 - Remaster)
    6. Magic Theatre (2011 - Remaster)
    7. Into the Deep (2011 - Remaster)
    8. Sleeping Jiva (2011 - Remaster)
    9. Tattva (2011 - Remaster)
    10. Grateful When You're Dead / Jerry Was There (2011 - Remaster)
    11. 303 (2011 - Remaster)
    12. Start All Over (2011 - Remaster)
    13. Hollow Man (Pts. 1 & 2; 2011 - Remaster)
    Kula Shaker
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  • Improvisations Improvisations Quick View

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    Some of the first eastern-jazz fusion ever recorded, finally reissued on LP!! Originally recorded in 1962 for World Pacific and featuring jazz musicians Gary Peacock on bass and Bud Shank on flute, the album opens with improvisations on the theme that Shankar wrote for the 1955 Indian neorealist film Pather Panchali, by legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. "Fire Night" was another jazz-fusion piece, recorded to commemorate the fires that were burning all around LA when this session was recorded. The remaining two tracks, however, are traditional Indian pieces and serve to juxtapose the two major styles in Indian classical music. The first piece, Karnataki, is in the Carnatic (southern Indian) style, while the second, Raga Rageshri, is in the (northern) Hindustani style (which, of course, Shankar's himself was a master of). Includes original liner notes.
    1. Improvisation on the Theme Music from Pather Panchali
    2. Fire Night
    3. Karnataki
    4. Raga Rageshri: part 1 (alap) part 2 (jor) part 3 (gat)
    Ravi Shankar
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rough Guide To Legends Of Indian Music Rough Guide To Legends Of Indian Music Quick View

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    Rough Guide To Legends Of Indian Music

    India's classical music is deeply bound to the country's mystical ancient traditions. Stretching back through time to the Vedic period musical historians encounter the Rigveda, an ancient collection of Sanskrit hymns, and the Sama Veda, a text which begins to discuss the origin of seven shruti (notes) from the sounds of nature. The practice of combining tones in certain sequences and the notation system that was developed during this era is connected to the development of the Indian classical raga form. 'Raga' literally translates as a 'hue' of colour and is a musical method of constructing melody through prescribed conventions. Ragas are linked to different moods and times of the day. Amjad Ali Khan's 'Raga Chhaya Nat' is in the Hindustani (North Indian) chhayanat mode and illuminates his crystalline prowess on the sarod, a stringed lute that is played with a plectrum. Uppalapu Srinivas' song 'Sankari Sankuru' is played on his mandolin in saveri raga, which is said to bring about the mood of pity and was originally composed by one of Carnatic (South Indian) music's greatest figures Syama Sastri (1762-1827). Indian Classical Legends Shivkumar Sharma, Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Brij Bhushan Kabra are heard delicately delivering a Hindustani bhairav raga on 'Ahir Bhairav'. This raga is related to Sikh tradition from northern India and appears in the Guru Granth Sahib (the central religious text of Sikhism). Ravi Shankar's radiant sitar shines bright on the fast-paced track 'Devgiri Bilawal Dhun'. Shankar's name and ascendant international career is now synonymous with Indian classical music. Widely regarded as a musical sage or pandit, his definition of raga touched upon its vast and complex nature, describing it as a 'scientific, precise, subtle and aesthetic melodic form'. Another sitar scholar, Vilayat Khan is heard on 'Dhun Punjabi Ang'. The Khan musical lineage traces all the way back to the court musicians of the Mughal Empire. Father and son duo Allah Rakha and Zakir Hussain enter into percussive playoff on the live track 'Ek Taal'. Tabla virtuouso Zakir Hussain remains grounded by the musical discipline and natural flair he inherited from his father who he regarded as 'a spirit who was created to work for music by God'. Carnatic vocalist Dr M. Balamuralikrishna's marvellously melodic instrument sparkles on 'Sadhathava Pada'. His formidable range and versatile tone mark him out as a legendary singer. He is also credited with popularising the jugulbandi concept in Indian classical music - when two soloists of equal skill perform together. Riverboat Records artist Jyotsna Srikanth contributes 'Annapoorne', a work crafted by the famous Carnatic composer, Muttuswami Dikshitar. The subject matter concerns Annapoorne, the Hindu goddess of nourishment. The raga used is sama, one that denotes peace. Uncover the mystery and beauty of India's verdant classical tradition on this excellent introduction to one of the world's most valuable musical repertoires.
    1. Ravi Shankar: Devgiri Bilawal Dhun
    2. Allah Rakha & Zakir Hussain: Ek Taal (Live)
    3. Shivkumar Sharma, Hari Prasad Chaurasia & Brij Bhushan Kabra: Ahir Bhairav
    4. Bismillah Khan & Vilayat Khan: Thumri Bhairavin
    5. U. Srinivas: Sankari Sankuru
    6. Vilayat Khan: Dhun Punjabi Ang
    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Peasants Pigs & Astronauts Peasants Pigs & Astronauts Quick View

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    Peasants Pigs & Astronauts

    'Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts' is the second album by the British indie and psychedelic rock band Kula Shaker.

    Initial recording sessions for the album were produced by George Drakoulias and Rick Rubin. But eventually Drakoulias and Rubin were rejected by the band and Bob Ezrin was brought in to complete the album.

    As a result of this, the production credits for the album's lead single, "Sound of Drums", name Drakoulias and Rubin as producers, while the rest of 'Peasants,Pigs & Astronauts' is produced by Ezrin. Like its predecessor 'K', the album continues the band's hybrid of 1960s-style psychedelic rock, groovy indie pop, and Indian instrumentation, albeit with a more progressive rock slant than on their previous release.

    Musically, many of the songs make use of Beatles-influenced psychedelic effects, swirling guitars, and Indian chants.

    • 180 grams audiophile vinyl

    • Gatefold Sleeve / white innersleeve

    • Silver embossed lettering

    1. Great Hosannah
    2. Mystical Machine Gun
    3. S.O.S.
    4. Radhe Radhe
    5. I'm Still Here
    6. Shower Your Love
    7. 108 Battles (Of The Mind)

    1. Sound Of Drums
    2. Timeworm
    3. Last Farewell
    4. Golden Avatar
    5. Namami Nanda-Nandana

    Kula Shaker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Unquiet Sky The Unquiet Sky Quick View

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    The Unquiet Sky

    Since the early 80's when bands like Cathedral and Saint Vitus pioneered the doom genre of metal, the style has continuously evolved and spread, despite being far less recognized and appreciated than most other forms of more traditional heavy metal. Bands like Eyehategod and Crowbar melded elements of doom into sludge and stoner metal, gaining modest success in the more mainstream metal community, but doom is beginning to enjoy a new wave of popularity, thanks largely to the more progressive experimental work of artists like Stephen O'Malley (Sunn0))), Burning Witch). Indian is a Chicago-based trio whose brand of doom is more akin to that of Eyehategod than the earliest or latest incarnations of the genre, and their distinctively black metal vocals immediately set them apart from the pack.

    First things first: The Unquiet Sky is everything a doom record should be. The bass tone is so perfect and intense that it could shake your body through a pair of headphones. The guitars bring Black Sabbath-esque fuzz down enough notches to kill a horse. The percussion is sparse when it needs to be (Ration) and energetic when it's allowed (Tied and Gagged). Dylan O'Toole's vocals give Indian the extra edge over many of the other bands who have perfected this formula by complementing the melancholy created by the music with a demonic voice of evil. There is even an extended track of terrifyingly psychedelic feedback, perfectly placed to scare the crap out of you when you're high. In fact, the only thing that fails to be suitably doom-y and evil about this record is the cover illustration of a Christ-like baboon which, despite being evil enough in spirit, looks a bit too much like it was drawn in a junior high art class.

    This record is an easy recommend for fans of the doom genre, but what about anyone unacquainted with the genre I personally don't consider myself a huge aficionado of the style, but loved this record. The only things required to enjoy The Unquiet Sky are an attention span and a love of all things metal. This record generally moves slowly, as does most doom, but it is far less droning and repetitive than many recent examples of the genre. As the name of the style suggests, doom is, by its very nature, dark, oppressive music. As such, Indian is definitely better suited to being digested over an extended period of time at high volumes, rather than short bursts in your car or through headphones.

    Bottom Line: If you're searching for the latest, greatest doom record to add to your collection, look no further than Indian's The Unquiet Sky. Fans of Neurosis, Eyehategod and Godflesh should also definitely pick this up. It's a solid record from beginning to end from an up-and-coming trio of doom virtuosos.

    - Cory (Lambgoat)

    1. No Able Fires
    2. Ration
    3. Dead Weight
    4. Los Nietos
    5. Queen
    6. Tied and Gagged
    7. God of Panic, Lord of Decay
    8. Loophole Noose
    9. Shill
    10. We Can Build You
    11. Worshiper of Sores
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  • Indian Ocean Indian Ocean Quick View

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    Indian Ocean

    Best known as the lead singer for well loved alt folk band The Be Good Tanyas, Frazey Ford's new album
    confirms what we have always suspected - that a great unexplored talent for soul music lay just below
    the surface.

    Following up her critically acclaimed solo album Obadiah, Miss Ford returns with the lush, redemptive
    Indian Ocean, fulfilling a lifelong dream of working with the Hi Rhythm Section (made famous for
    backing up Al Green and Ann Peebles) in the historic Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

    The album's creative cycle spanned over two years, involving two recording trips to Memphis and multiple
    studio sessions with Frazey's Vancouver musicians. The iconic architects of the Al Green instrumental
    sound-Teenie Hodges (guitar), Charles Hodges (organ) and Leroy Hodges (bass) lent their almighty talents
    to help Frazey's songs find their distinctive groove. The end result of all of this collective creative meshing
    is Frazey's folk-soul hybrid record that feels both familiar and innovative simultaneously.

    Indian Ocean was co-produced and mixed by Frazey's longtime creative partner John Raham in Vancouver
    at Afterlife Studios

    1. September Fields
    2. Runnin'
    3. You're Not Free
    4. Done
    5. Three Golden Trees
    6. You Got Religion
    7. Season After Season
    8. Natural Law
    9. Weather Pattern
    10. Indian Ocean
    11. September Fields (Acoustic)
    Frazey Ford
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Here Comes The Indian Here Comes The Indian Quick View

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    Here Comes The Indian

    Informed in equal parts by acid-fried psychosis, crop-circle field recordings, and an elephants-on-the-loose circus thrash aesthetic, Animal Collective's fourth full-length album rests roughly at the meeting point between psychedelic, noise, and folk music. Here Comes the Indian begins gently enough with Native Belle, a moody set piece that belies the album's clatter with 12 minutes of constrained rhythmic builds, drones, and squeaks. Things quickly explode with the searing Hey Light, a lightning bolt of electrocuted brass and human wails that sends the album careening into psychoactive delirium. Since everything that follows -- from the shrieking brattle of Two Sails on a Sound to the enchanted tribal vocal exercises of Slippi to the slow-building celebratory scuttle of Too Soon -- feels similarly crazed, drug-induced, and apparitional, Here Comes the Indian makes for particularly lucid listening. Brash, crass, and texturally magnificent, this is well worth seeking out.

    - Mark Pytlik (All Music Guide)

    1. Native Belle
    2. Hey Light
    3. Infant Dressing Table
    4. Panic
    5. Two Sails on a Sound
    6. Slippi
    7. Too Soon
    Animal Collective
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  • Utopia Utopia Quick View

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    Utopia is the ninth studio album by Icelandic singer, Bjork. It is set for release via One Little Indian Records.
    1. Arisen My Senses
    2. Blissing Me
    3. The Gate
    4. Utopia
    5. Body Memory
    6. Features Creatures
    7. Courtship
    8. Loss
    9. Sue Me
    10. Tabula Rasa
    11. Claimstaker
    12. Paradisa
    13. Saint
    14. Future Forever
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits Quick View

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    Kindred Spirits

    Mom & Pop Music presents Jai Wolf's Debut EP, Kindred Spirits, featuring the smash single Indian Summer.
    1. This Space In My Heart Is For You
    2. Indian Summer
    3. Gravity (feat. JMR)
    4. Like It's Over (feat. MNDR)
    5. The World Is Ours
    6. Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)
    Jai Wolf
    12 Vinyl EP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Holidays In Europe Holidays In Europe Quick View

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    Holidays In Europe

    One Little Indian's Direct Metal Masters Reissue Series!

    1986's Holidays in Europe, was the third and final album released by the Icelandic post-punk group K.U.K.L. featuring Bjork and Einar Orn (pre-Sugacubes). This album was more complex in comparison to the The Eye, with the folksy and pseudo-oriental flutes, bells and pipes of that previous album abandoned in favor of keyboards and samples here.

    For all the audiophiles out there One Little Indian is reissuing 38 classic albums using the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing; Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering. The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. Stampers are plated directly from the DMM Copper Master, eliminating two of the three plating steps required for lacquers. In short, DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. This is especially good for long play albums, or audiophile material. All albums are remastered direct from the original master tapes and pressed on 45RPM heavy weight 200g virgin vinyl audiophile discs. Your chance to pick up classic One Little Indian albums in the most lavish vinyl format available.

    1. Outward Flight (Psalm 323)

    2. France (A Mutual Thrill)
    3. Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)
    4. Greece (Just By The Book)
    5. England (Zro)
    6. Holland (Latent)
    7. Aegean (Vials Of Wrath)
    8. The Homecoming (The Night)

    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Absent Sounds Absent Sounds Quick View

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    Absent Sounds

    From Indian Lakes return with their self-produced new album, Absent Sounds, the follow up to the self-released
    Able Bodies. The band, who has previously been described as "what a modern day rock & roll band could sound like
    if they were giving their own spin off of an Elliot Smith album," - Underthegunreview.

    Started in 2007 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi, From Indian Lakes has since expanded
    to include Justin Stanphill (guitar and vocals), Chris Kellogg (bass and vocals), Tohm Ifergan (drums), and Enrique Gutierrez
    (keys and vocals).

    Their debut album, 'The Man With Wooden Legs' was released in 2009 and was quickly followed up by a fan favorite,
    'Acoustic EP', which Joey recorded and mixed in a home studio. After a few years of writing, touring, and building their
    fan base, they released 'Able Bodies' in November 2013. The album took the music scene by storm and remains in high
    acclaim by countless sites, magazines, blogs, and of course, their fans.

    'Absent Sounds'will be the band's first album since signing to Triple Crown Records in 2013. From Indian Lakes explores
    what it means to be alive throughout the album; "Sleeping Limbs," is an echoing and ethereal song that asks, "What's the
    point to this?" Meanwhile "Am I Alive," uses sweet and lilting melodies to lift the mood.

    1. Come In This Light

    2. Label This Love

    3. Breathe, Desperately

    4. Sleeping Limbs

    5. Am I Alive

    6. Ghost

    7. Awful Things

    8. Runner

    9. Search For More

    10. Fog
    From Indian Lakes
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week Quick View

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    Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week

    The Icelandic avant-pop pioneers, the Sugarcubes' second record, Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! was originally released in 1989 and it's rich in eccentric contrast and playful contradiction. Teaming the swooping vocals of lead singer Bjork and the spoken word agit-propisms of trumpeter Einer, is bizarre yet very well matched. Notable tracks include the calypso-tinged Tidal Wave, the barbed and jagged rhythms of Nail and the hyperactive A Day Called Zero.

    For all the audiophiles out there One Little Indian is reissuing 38 classic albums using the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing - Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering. The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. Stampers are plated directly from the DMM Copper Master, eliminating two of the three plating steps required for lacquers. In short, DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. This is especially good for long play albums, or audiophile material. All albums are remastered direct from the original master tapes and pressed on 45RPM heavy weight 200g virgin vinyl audiophile discs. Each release is strictly limited, housed in a plastic wallet and individually numbered. A chance to pick up classic One Little Indian albums in the most lavish vinyl format available.

    1. Tidal Wave
    2. Regina
    3. Speed Is The Key
    4. Dream T.V
    5. Nail
    6. Pump
    7. Eat The Menu
    8. Bee
    9. Dear Plastic
    10. Shoot Him
    11. Water
    12. A Day Called Zero
    13. Planet
    14. Hey
    15. Dark Disco
    16. Hot Meat
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Becoming X Becoming X Quick View

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    Becoming X

    Direct Metal Mastering

    On 1997's Becoming X, The U.K.-based Sneaker Pimps blend standard rock guitar parts with trip-hop beats and clear white-soul vocals, creating one of the most engaging byproducts of post-Portishead trip-hop. They brilliantly employ electronica's signifiers, jungle's rattle, trip-hop's dark churn, ambient's synth washes and hip-hop's samples here, all with a cool sense of the pop hook and an airy, urban atmosphere that makes for an exciting and entrancing listen.

    For all the audiophiles out there One Little Indian is reissuing 38 classic albums using the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing; Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering. The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. Stampers are plated directly from the DMM Copper Master, eliminating two of the three plating steps required for lacquers. In short, DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. This is especially good for long play albums, or audiophile material. All albums are remastered direct from the original master tapes and pressed on 45RPM heavy weight 180g virgin vinyl audiophile discs. Your chance to pick up classic One Little Indian albums in the most lavish vinyl format available.

    LP 1
    1. Low Place Like Home
    2. Tesko Suicide
    3. 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)
    4. Becoming X
    5. Spin Spin Sugar (Radio Mix)
    6. Post Modern Sleaze (Flight From Nashville Mix)

    LP 2
    1. Waterbaby
    2. Roll On
    3. Wasted Early Sunday Morning
    4. Walking Zero
    5. How Do

    The Sneaker Pimps
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Everything Feels Better Now Everything Feels Better Now Quick View

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    Everything Feels Better Now

    Limited Edition Pink / Lime Green Colored Vinyl

    "Drawing a bit from the Ben
    Gibbard school of vocalization,
    a little slice of pop perfection"
    - A.V. Club

    "With velvety vocal
    arrangements and punch lyrics
    that explore the abstract
    meanings of life and death
    Absent Sounds is barefaced,
    American alt-rock done
    exceptionally well." - Nylon

    From Indian Lakes return with their 3rd full length Everything Feels Better Now. The new full length was recorded with producer
    Kevin Augunas (Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids, Needtobreathe) at the legendary Sound City Studios
    a.k.a. Fairfax Recording. From Indian Lakes took a very different approach on this record with songwriter and singer Joey
    Vannucchi recording all instruments and vocals for the album. "I feel like I had to write a ton of songs before I could get to this
    sound, took time off from doing anything really. When it came time to record I wasn't sure what to expect. Every time I think I've
    gone as deep as I can, I peel back skin and discover another layer that's been there waiting. That's what this album is" Vannucchi
    said about making the record. Everything Feels Better Now picks up where Absent Sounds left off and adds an element of dream
    pop to an already expansive sound.

    1. Happy Machines
    2. The Monster
    3. Blank Tapes
    4. Bare It
    5. Hello
    6. Feel Love
    7. American Dreams
    8. Nome
    9. Sunlight
    10. Come Back
    11. Lose Myself
    12. Rid Of It
    From Indian Lakes
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Joga Joga Quick View

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    Originally released in 1997, Joga compiles 11 tracks from three Bjork single releases: seven mixes of Joga (HowieB Main Mix, String & Vocal Mix, Buzz Water Mix, Album Version, Alec Empire Mix, Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 1 & and Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 2 along with the tracks All Is Full Of Love (ChoiceMix), Sod Off, Immature and So Broken.

    For all the audiophiles out there One Little Indian is reissuing 38 classic albums using the newest technology in vinyl manufacturing - Half Speed Direct Metal Mastering. The groove is cut directly in copper metal. Transient response is greatly improved. Stampers are plated directly from the DMM Copper Master, eliminating two of the three plating steps required for lacquers. In short, DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. This is especially good for long play albums, or audiophile material. All albums are remastered direct from the original master tapes and pressed on heavy weight 180 gram virgin vinyl audiophile discs.

    1. Jóga (Howie B main Mix)
    2. Jóga (String & Vocal Mix)
    3. Jóga (Buzz Water Mix)
    4. All Is Full Of Love(Choice Mix)
    5. Jóga (Album Version)
    6. Sod Off
    7. Immature
    8. So Broken
    9. Jóga (Alec Empire Mix)
    10. Jóga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 1)
    11. Jóga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 2)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Vega Intl. Night School Vega Intl. Night School Quick View

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    Vega Intl. Night School

    While making Neon Indian's third album, Alan Palomo turned a crisis into an opportunity: When his laptop -- which contained demos of his new songs -- was stolen at the end of the Era Extraña tour, he started anew by drawing inspiration from his past. Vega Intl. Night School takes its name and sound from his previous electronic project VEGA and his pet name for his after-dark adventures, conveying the dazzling, fleeting allure of a night out. Era Extraña's crisper beats and textures hinted that Palomo might be headed in a more danceable direction, but on his third album, he finds ways to subvert expectations while remaining true to Neon Indian's essence.

    He applies his flair for mood-crafting to a palette of electro, funk, disco, new wave, and reggae, transforming his synth-heavy sound into a love letter to the fabulous keyboard tones of the '70s and '80s: Note the Baroque embellishments to Slumlord's filter-disco and the squiggles that make Street Level sound even more like forgotten Paisley Park brilliance. Prince and Daft Punk are two of the album's biggest influences, not just in sound but in spirit. The way these tracks flow into each other recalls the uninhibited, possibly inebriated way Homework's first few cuts blended into an atmospheric portrait of nightlife, a concept Palomo runs with on Vega Intl. Night School. Sounding like a field recording from an '80s nightclub, Smut! captures the disorienting, intoxicating feel of entering a party that's already in full swing; Techno Clique expresses the anonymity and intimacy of dancing with a stranger, and the luminous synths that close The Glitzy Hive might as well be sunrise peeking through the club's doors. Vega Intl. Night School's more structured songs are so good that it's easy to wish there were more of them

    1. Hit Parade
    2. Annie
    3. Street Level
    4. Smut!
    5. Bozo
    6. The Glitzy Hive
    7. Dear Skorpio Magazine
    8. Slumlord
    9. Slumlord Re-Release
    10. Techno Clique
    11. Baby's Eyes
    12. C'est La Vie (Say the Casualties!)
    13. 61 Cygni Ave
    14. News From The Sun (Live Bootleg)
    Neon Indian
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Sketches Sketches Quick View

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    Classically trained pianist, violinist, producer, and composer, Poppy Ackroyd turned heads in the neo-classical world with her previous works Escapement and Feathers, as well as her involvement in Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts). Advocated by giants of the genre, Hauschka and Nils Frahm, the unique musician has returned with a mini-album to be released on Bjork's label One Little Indian Records.

    The songs serve to reintroduce listeners to Ackroyd's most stunning pieces from her previous albums, all of which have been reworked into 'acoustic' solo piano arrangements alongside four brand new unheard pieces, which offer a taste of a new forthcoming record.

    The record, aptly named Sketches, due to its stripped down nature, is bejeweled by thematic undercurrents - birds are the inspiration for three of the tracks, which are to be released together as the lead singles from the album.

    'Birdwoman' and 'Glass Sea' feature field recordings of birds and the ocean, recorded on Brighton Beach and North Rona respectively. 'Feathers' is the title track of my second album Feathers says Ackroyd, discussing the theme of birds.

    'Feathers' is a piece about hope - 'Hope is the thing with Feathers' (Emily Dickinson), 'Birdwoman' is a reworking of a piece I originally wrote as a soundtrack to a silent film based on a Siberian folk tale, and 'Glass Sea' attempts to capture the feel of a boat trip I took to the remote islands of North Rona and Sula Sgeir, North of the Outer Hebrides. The ocean was unusually still, reflecting the sky like a sheet of glass, but the sky became busy with birds as we approached the islands.

    Ackroyd is a keen collaborator, having created soundtracks for film, dance, physical theater and radio. The artist won a BAFTA for an animation soundtrack that she wrote and performed in 2015. Through studying contemporary classical piano works and listening to electronic music, Ackroyd developed a unique compositional style, using contemporary pianistic ideas whilst also inhabiting the world of sound beyond the keyboard, using unconventional techniques to 'play' other parts of the instruments as well.

    Talking about the recording of Sketches, Ackroyd said: The songs were recorded just outside of Brighton at Retreat Studios, close to the sea on the edge of the village, surrounded by hills, fields, and wildlife. As if by magic, it began to rain just before I began to record the track 'Rain', and ended shortly after I finished. You can hear the rain build and then die away with the music on the finished piece.

    I have loved creating this solo piano album. There are normally all these layers that I use to create a world of sound, that I love to build and sculpt, but there is something really special about communicating simply through the instrument alone. With other layers there is always something to hide behind, with only the piano you can just focus on your technique and expression, everything feels very audible and exposed and that is very exciting, especially in a live context.

    1. Resolve
    2. Light
    3. Feathers
    4. Rain
    5. Time
    6. Birdwoman
    7. Strate
    8. Glass Sea
    9. Croft
    10. Trains
    Poppy Ackroyd
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  • Dudesblood Dudesblood Quick View

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    Following 2012's Too Tough to Live, quasi-abilly, Alabama alt-cat, Dan Sartain, has announced the release of his next studio effort, 'Dudesblood', out now via One Little Indian. This album promises to be one of his most eclectic yet, with the lead single being a cover of The Knife's 'Pass This On'.
    1. Dudesblood
    2. Pass This On
    3. Marfa Lights
    4. Smash The Tesco
    5. You Don't Know Anything At All
    6. Love Is Suicide
    7. HPV Cowboy
    8. You Gotta Get Mad To Get Things Done
    9. Rawhide Moon
    10. Moonlight Swim
    Dan Sartain
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  • Biophilia Live Biophilia Live Quick View

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    Biophilia Live

    'Biophilia live' is a concert film by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland that captures the human element of Björk's multi-disciplinary multimedia project: Biophilia. Recorded live at Björk's show at London's Alexandra palace in 2013, the film features Björk and her band performing every song on 'Biophilia' and more using a broad variety of instruments - some digital, some traditional, and some completely unclassifiable. The film has already been hailed as "a captivating record of an artist in full command of her idiosyncratic powers" (Variety) and "an imaginative stand-alone artwork" (Hollywood Reporter) and is a vital piece of the grand mosaic that is 'Biophilia.'

    The critically acclaimed documentary film which captures the multidimensional concert centered on Björk's eighth studio album titled, 'Biophilia Live' is released on audio-visual formats internationally via One Little Indian.

    1. Oskasteinn
    2. Thunderbolt
    3. Moon
    4. Crystalline
    5. Hollow
    6. Dark Matter
    7. Hidden Place

    1. Virus
    2. Possibly Maybe
    3. Mouth's Cradle
    4. Isobel
    5. Sonnets/Unrealities
    6. Mutual Core

    1. Cosmogony
    2. Solstice
    3. One Day
    4. Nattura
    5. Declare Independence
    6. Sacrifice
    7. Bat Sounds (jeremy Deller)

    1. Oskasteinn
    2. Thunderbolt
    3. Moon
    4. Crystalline
    5. Hollow
    6. Dark Matter
    7. Hidden Place
    8. Virus
    9. Possibly Maybe
    10. Mouth's Cradle
    11. Isobel
    12. Sonnets/Unrealities
    13. Mutual Core
    14. Cosmogony
    15. Solstice
    16. One Day
    17. Nattura
    18. Declare Independence
    19. Sacrifice
    20. Bat Sounds

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  • Black Lights Black Lights Quick View

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    Black Lights

    Samaris return with a brand new album 'Black Lights' via One Little Indian.

    Written and recorded over the past year in Berlin, Reykjavik and Ireland, 'Black Lights' is the Icelandic trio's most fully realised and accessible record yet - sung for the first time entirely in English, and headed up by gorgeous lead-off single 'Wanted 2 Say'.

    'Black Lights' is a reflection on both the expanded horizons afforded by a year of experiences on the road following the release of 2014's 'Silkidrangar', and of a period of change and not a little emotional turmoil for all three band members.

    The way the new album came together reflects the changing personal circumstances of the group over the last year. All are now based in separate cities: Þórður Kári Steinþórsson (aka Doddi - programming) relocating to Berlin to take part in the city's burgeoning techno scene, Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir (clarinet) to The Hague to study a specialised Sonology course and Jófríður Ákadóttir (voice) footloose, traveling to experience new places and the musical cultures within them.

    1. Wanted 2 Say
    2. Black Lights
    3. Gradient Sky
    4. T3mpo
    5. I Will
    6. R4ven
    7. 3y3
    8. t4ngled
    9. In Deep
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  • Bjork Greatest Hits Bjork Greatest Hits Quick View

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    Bjork Greatest Hits

    Bjork closed out her first decade as a solo artist with the retrospective Bjork's Greatest Hits. Despite its somewhat pedestrian title and approach (especially considering some of her intricate import collections and box sets) she still managed to find a way to put a twist on the collection: she let her fans vote for which songs they wanted included on the tracklisting. Overall, they did a pretty good job; with the notable exception of It's Oh So Quiet which is probably her biggest single the collection touches on most of the biggest songs from each of her albums. The album puts most of its focus on the middle portion of her career to date, culling four tracks each from Post and Homogenic, but still makes room for old favorites such as Debut's Venus as a Boy and Human Behaviour, as well as newer singles such as Vespertine's Pagan Poetry and Hidden Place. Bjork's Greatest Hits is a nice way to celebrate the beginning of another decade's worth of her innovative music.
    1. All Is Full Of Love
    2. Hyperballad
    3. Human Behavior
    4. Joga
    5. Bachelorette
    6. Army Of Me
    7. Pagan Poetry
    8. Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Remix)
    9. Venus As A Boy
    10. Hunter
    11. Hidden Place
    12. Isobel
    13. Possibly Maybe
    14. Play Dead
    15. It's In Our Hand's
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  • Totaled Totaled Quick View

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    Woozy, heart-pounding and subject to double-vision, Totaled is an all-in album, an unsprung clock. In it is the swamp electro of 2003's We Are The Wild Beast, the nightmare throb of 2005's Invasive Exotics, and the sonic angel dream of 2008's Free Gold. It's a crash course in sound + vision.
    1. Oceans
    2. Look Alive
    3. Lapis Lazuli
    4. Excessive Moonlight
    5. Sirens
    6. Vison
    7. Tono Bungay
    8. +++++++
    9. Simulation
    10. Diamond Things

    11. Never Been Better
    12. Parlous Siege & Chapel
    13. Heaven's World Destroyer
    14. Touching the Roof of the Sun
    15. Dog Days
    Indian Jewelry
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  • Puppy Puppy Quick View

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    1. Snapshot
    2. Switch/Twitch
    3. Pulsed
    4. My Spine
    5. Another Kind Of Blues
    6. Hang Tough
    7. YKK
    8. Expo
    9. Electric Blue
    10. Baby Pain
    11. Nebulus
    12. Blue Sky
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