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  • Our Little Secret Our Little Secret Quick View

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    Our Little Secret

    Special Remastered Band Edition

    Our Little Secret, the third studio album from Lords of Acid. Originally released in 1997, the album maintains the industrial music and sexually charged songs found on their previous album Voodoo-U. Our Little Secret hit the U.S. Billboard 200, peaking at number 100. The album features one of their most recognizable hits, Pussy. Now remastered & released as the Special Remastered Band Edition. Limited Edition Vinyl Version.

    1. Lover
    2. Rubber Doll

    3. Fingerlickin' Good
    4. LSD = Truth
    5. Man's Best Friend

    6. Cybersex
    7. Pussy

    8. Deep Sexy Space

    9. Doggie Tom

    10. Me And Myself

    11. Spank My Booty
    12. The Power Is Mine

    13. You Belong To Me
    Lords Of Acid
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Dark Side Of The Spoon Dark Side Of The Spoon Quick View

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    Dark Side Of The Spoon


    Available On Vinyl For The First Time

    Dark Side Of The Spoon is the seventh studio album by Industrial Metal band Ministry, released in 1999. The song Bad Blood was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2000.

    There are two theories behind the title (which occurs in the lyrics of the opening track), the first being a simple play on words, referencing Pink Floyd's record The Dark Side Of The Moon. The second is a reference to the blackened or dark side of a spoon when heated to dissolve heroin, as the band suffered from addiction to said substance at the time.

    The album's cover, which features a naked fat woman sitting in front of a black board with I will be god written numerous times gained controversy and was banned from Kmart. The woman and the words on the blackboard were later airbrushed out.

    This is the first issue of Dark Side Of The Spoon on vinyl!

    1. Supermanic Soul
    2. Whip And Chain
    3. Bad Blood
    4. Eureka Pile
    5. Step
    6. Nursing Home
    7. Kaif
    8. Vex & Siolence
    9. 10/10
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Music Hall Ikura Turntable - Black Music Hall Ikura Turntable - Black Quick View

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    Music Hall Ikura Turntable - Black

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Designed And Developed In The USA, The Ikura Represents A Distinct Visual And Technical Design Departure For Music Hall

    For the first time, music hall collaborated with an outside industrial design firm to develop and complete the project. The foundation of ikura's design remains the unique two-piece split-plinth design originated by music hall and the final product is the result of a dynamic design partnership between Doing & Done, headed by designer James Kyroudis, and music hall.

    The mdf (medium density fiberboard) platter and felt mat sit on a high quality, stainless steel ball bearing sheathed in Teflon providing fluid and noise-free operation. The bearing assembly comes pre-charged with lubricant.

    The effective length of the tonearm is nine inches. This allows for a very shallow tracking arc on the record thus reducing distortion and record wear. The tonearm comes mounted with a high quality moving magnet cartridge and features Swiss made ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings.

    Each element of the ikura was carefully selected to provide you with the highest level of performance and sound quality. Used properly, the ikura will provide you with years of musical enjoyment.

    The Music Hall Ikura turntable is a 2-speed, belt driven turntable with many singular features. Starting with Music Hall's hallmark two-piece split-plinth design. The plinths are isolated and separated by three vulcanized rubber cones. Three adjustable conical feet, a 2-speed dc synchronous motor, power switch, wiring and electrical parts are all mounted on the bottom plinth while the critical sound reproducing components; the main bearing, arm and cartridge are mounted on the top plinth.

    Music Hall Turntables
    Music Hall Ikura - Black Buy Now
  • The Hard Stuff The Hard Stuff Quick View

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    The Hard Stuff

    120g Red-Opaque Vinyl

    Limited Edition Vinyl Reissue Of The Iconic MC5 Guitartist's First Solo Album, Originally Released In 1995 On Epitaph

    Wayne Kramer is a songwriter whose reputation writing music for film and television could very well supplant his legend as one of the world's stellar
    guitarists. Wayne was a teenage greaser and leader of the MC5, widely recognized as the prototype for punk rock and heavy metal. In 1969, the MC5
    released the incendiary album Kick Out The Jams on Elektra Records. After Elektra dropped them due to "radical antics", they released two albums on
    Atlantic: Back In The USA, produced by Bruce Springsteen's manager Jon Landau and the masterpiece High Time. Between world tours, Wayne scored
    Gold and The Living Theatre's film production of Paradise Now.

    Wayne spent 1976-1978 in Lexington Federal Penitentiary, where he was tutored by fellow inmate Red Rodney, trumpeter for the Charlie Parker Quintet.
    It was Red who taught Wayne how to read music and the two formed a prison band. After release, Wayne co- wrote the acclaimed R&B musical The Last
    Words of Dutch Schultz with Mick Farren, then joined Don Was' revolutionary acid funk band Was (Not Was) as its original guitarist. Wayne helped define
    the band's sound through, of all things, the dance hit "Wheel Me Out". In the 1980s in New York City, Wayne teamed up with infamous Johnny Thunders
    for a short-lived, headline grabbing, punk rock group Gang War.

    In 1994, Wayne moved to Los Angeles and signed with Epitaph Records. He recorded four records in as many years. He produced the album Full Circle
    with provocateur John Sinclair and produced an MC5 retrospective collection for Rhino Records entitled The Big Bang, as well as a hits compilation
    Beyond Cyberpunk.

    Wayne is recognized nearly as often as a vigorous social activist. Along with wife Margaret Saadi Kramer and British singer Billy Bragg, Wayne founded
    Jail Guitar Doors USA, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that provides guitars for prisoner rehabilitation. Known as "the loudest charity on
    planet earth," JGD-USA launched at Sing Sing Prison in 2009 and has since intervened in over 50 adult and juvenile facilities. Shepard Fairey donated
    the charity's logo and board member Adam McKay's company Funny or Die donated the design of its interactive site. Shira Piven and Adam McKay
    directed a short film entitled The Beast & The Angel for PBS as part of their new LifeCasters series. It is a film about Wayne and it is currently in
    broadcast nationally.

    Wayne's brand new album Lexington entered the national jazz charts at #6 in May, 2014. It is the flagship release for the launch of his label Industrial

    Moving forward with the past, Wayne is re-releasing the now infamous The Hard Stuff. The Hard Stuff features members of The Melvins, Clawhammer,
    Bad Religion and long-time friend/collaborator, UK anarchist Mick Farren. Released in 1995, this album was the best-selling album of Wayne's solo
    career. Nearly 20 years later, Wayne's tunes are finally getting out there again to wow old fans and new fans alike!

    1. Crack in the Universe
    2. Junkie Romance
    3. Bad Seed
    4. Poison
    5. Realm of the Pirate Kings
    6. Incident on Stock Island
    7. Pillar of Fire
    8. Hope for Sale
    9. Edge of the Switchblade
    10. Sharkskin Suit
    Wayne Kramer
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 (Awaiting Repress) Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 (Awaiting Repress)

    "Mogwai have reached a position of calm, confident maturity entirely of their own" - The Independent

    "One of Mogwai's strongest, most complete statements" - Clash

    "A powerful and accomplished album" - Uncut

    Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. is an EP of new songs and remixes. The EP contains three new songs stemming from the writing and recording sessions for their critically acclaimed album Rave Tapes, released earlier this year, alongside remixes of three songs from that record by Blanck Mass, Pye Corner Audio and Nils Frahm. The EP was recorded at the band's Castle Of Doom studio in Glasgow, by the band with Paul Savage.

    Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. rounds off a sterling year's work for the Glasgow five-piece. Following the release of Rave Tapes in January, they completed a worldwide sell out tour, including two shows at London's Royal Festival Hall. The band released a comprehensive deluxe edition of their seminal 1999 album Come On Die Young via Chemikal Action in the summer, coinciding with a run of imperious festival performances that included headlining stages at Glastonbury and Latitude festivals.

    1. Teenage Exorcists
    2. History Day
    3. HMP Shaun William Ryder
    4. Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass remix)
    5. No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio remix)
    6. The Lord Is Out Of Control (Nils Frahm remix)
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Screamerclauz: Maggot Baby Picture Screamerclauz: Maggot Baby Picture Quick View

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    Screamerclauz: Maggot Baby Picture

    4-Tracks of furious industrial speedcore terror on a disgusting 12 picture disc from madman extraordinaire... Screamerclauz! Limited to 50 copies!
    Baby Blood
    28 Days Later
    3 West Memphis 2nd Graders
    Jimmy Screamerclauz
    Vinyl LP Picture Disc - Sealed Buy Now
  • 3rd From The Sun 3rd From The Sun Quick View

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    3rd From The Sun

    Limited Edition 12 vinyl reissue of the 1982 album 3rd From The Sun by the Bay Area masters of alternative industrial noise rock!

    1. Firebomb
    2. Future Ghosts
    3. Armageddon
    4. Heart Beat
    5. Off The Line
    6. 3rd From The Sun
    7. Shadows of a Thousand Years
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • KE*A*H** (Psalm 69) KE*A*H** (Psalm 69) Quick View

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    KE*A*H** (Psalm 69)

    Ministry's 1992 album, Psalm 69 is arguably one of the most important and influential industrial metal albums in music history. Its pounding electric beats, crushing metal guitar riffs and well-placed samples make tracks like N.W.O, Justifix Psalm 69 and Jesus Built My Hotrod sound absolutely collosal and the album's success helped bring industrial metal to the mainstream.
    1. N.W.O.
    2. Just One Fix
    3. TV II
    4. Hero
    5. Jesus Built My Hotrod
    6. Scare Crow
    7. Psalm 69
    8. Corrosion
    9. Grace
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Toronto 1986 Toronto 1986 Quick View

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    Toronto 1986

    Colored Vinyl

    A special vintage concert by industrial legends Ministry in the midst of their self-reinvention from new wave darlings to the formidable aggro-machine they would become!

    Recorded at the RPM club in Toronto, Ontario, these never before heard performances include the proto-industrial classics "Every Day Is Halloween," "All Day," "My Possession" and more!

    1. Over The Shoulder
    2. My Possession
    3. We Believe
    4. No Devotion
    5. Isle Of Man
    6. Where You At Now?
    7. All Day
    8. Every Day Is Halloween
    9. Just Like You
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Through Silver In Blood (Awaiting Repress) Through Silver In Blood (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Through Silver In Blood (Awaiting Repress)

    Through Silver in Blood is the fifth album from the California based post-metal band Neurosis. The album holds elements of industrial metal reminiscent of Godflesh, sludge metal, doom metal, avant-garde metal, and yet still retains faint elements of hardcore punk from the band's previous work. The vocals are usually shouted, growled or screamed, and the drums are often played in a similar way to the electronic drums exhibited in industrial metal and industrial rock, although the drums play a doom metal or sludge metal groove in many passages.
    1. Through Silver in Blood
    2. Rehumanize
    3. Eye
    4. Purify
    5. Locust Star
    6. Strength of Fates
    7. Become the Ocean
    8. Aeon
    9. Enclosure in Flame
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Prick Prick Quick View

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    Prick was an American industrial rock band signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records imprint. Founded in 1992 in
    Los Angeles by guitarist and songwriter Kevin McMahon, after his first project Lucky Pierre disbanded.

    Here McMahon uses the basic production style of industrial metal, but twists it into a mix of Bowie glam rock and Gary
    Numan new wave that sounds way ahead of its time. Pressed on vinyl for the first time, this is a must for fans
    looking to dig deeper into industrial music's past.

    1. Communique
    2. Riverhead
    3. Tough
    4. Other People
    5. No Fair Fights
    6. Animal
    7. I Got It Bad
    8. I Apologise
    9. Crack
    10. Makebelieve
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Wet From Birth Wet From Birth Quick View

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    Wet From Birth

    The follow-up to 2001's "Danse Macabre" is the band's most feverish and intense work to date. "A dark thriller of an album..." " industrial synth-pop melange that is jittery, potent, and morosely sexual"--Flaunt. "Confused, crazy, disparate, and magnificently worthwhile electro-wave"--Mixer.
    1. Desperate Guys

    2. How Could I Forget

    3. I Disappear

    4. Southern Belles in London Sing

    5. Erection

    6. Paranoiattack

    7. Dropkick the Punks - (German)

    8. Phone Call

    9. Symptom Finger

    10. Birth

    The Faint
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Women & Children Women & Children Quick View

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    Women & Children

    West Coast-based AUTHOR & PUNISHER, the long-running, one-man industrial doom project propagated by iconic sound contortionist Tristan Shone, is pleased to announce his fifth and latest creation of audio rebellion. Titled Women & Children, the follow up to last year's critically lauded Ursus Americanus full-length further challenges the traditional confines of extreme music with eight tracks of audio exploration and mechanical decomposition.

    Shone elaborates: "AUTHOR & PUNISHER's newest sonic endeavor combines elements of both machines and more traditional apparati to stretch and blur the dynamic palette from doom to industrial, to heavy bass music, and back again."

    Adds Seventh Rule Recordings label head Scott Flaster: "The new AUTHOR & PUNISHER? On first listen I was thrown into a grey world where the bleakness of early industrial music layered with a heavier contemporary dirge. "

    1. Women & Children
    2. In Remorse
    3. Melee
    4.Tame as a Lion
    6. Fearce
    7. Miles from Home
    8. Pain Myself
    Author & Punisher
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn (Awaiting Repress) Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition

    Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn is the new EP by noise/metal masterminds The Austerity Program. The album is a mind blowing and thought provoking work which achieves a sound that is calculatingly metallic, industrial tinged and aggressive yet minimalist when it needs to be.

    1. Song 25
    2. Song 26
    3. Song 27
    4. Song 29
    Austerity Program, The
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Righteous & The Butterfly (Awaiting Repress) The Righteous & The Butterfly (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Righteous & The Butterfly (Awaiting Repress)

    Mushroomhead, the influential industrial metal band from Cleveland, OH, will release its eighth studio album The Righteous & The Butterfly via Megaforce Records. Recorded in Cleveland, the band self produced the record with longtime co-producer Bill Korecky. The album consists of 14 tracks, ranging from songs about survival and balance.
    1. Our Apologies
    2. How Many Times
    3. Devils Be Damned
    4. Qwerty
    5. Portraits of the Poor
    6. Childlike
    7. This Cold Reign
    8. We Are The Truth
    9. Son of 7
    10. For Your Pleasure
    11. Worlds Collide
    12. Graveyard Du Jour
    13. Out Of My Mind
    14. Rumor Has It
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • From Inside: Special Edition From Inside: Special Edition Quick View

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    From Inside: Special Edition

    Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the story of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape. Cee struggles with memories of her lost husband and the imminent birth of her child. Soundtrack composed by Electronic and Industrial music pioneer Gary Numan and Ade Fenton.
    The Train
    We Crossed a Bridge Over Death
    On A Red Lake
    The Empty House
    Memories of Fire
    So Many Bodies
    The Killing
    My Part In This Is Over
    Almost Inhuman
    A Moment of Reflection
    Nothing Can Stop Us
    The Cave In
    A Dream About The Dirty-Faced Girl
    The Little Fire Engine
    Heaven and Hell
    The End of the World
    Cee, The Light
    Finding Him
    The Bandaged Man
    Into the Eternal Flames
    Gary Numan
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Close Eyes To Exit Close Eyes To Exit Quick View

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    Close Eyes To Exit

    The epic soundscapes and guitars on Klangstof's debut album, Close Eyes To Exit, remind you of quiet and fascinating Scandinavian nature, while the synthesizers and drum-machine sounds bring an industrial feel. Klangstof continuously and unexpectedly unites the polar ends of the spectrum, in such a way that you want to both dance and cry while listening.
    1. Nintendo
    2. Sleaze
    3. Close Eyes to Exit
    4. Hostage
    5. Seasons

    6. Ignore Me

    7. Telephone

    8. Amansworld

    9. We Are Your Receiver

    10. Island
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Voodoo-U Voodoo-U Quick View

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    Special Remastered Band Edition

    Voodoo-U, the second album from Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid was released in 1994. Lyrically the band maintains their outrageous, sex-and-drugs theme but the band moves from the acid house/rave sounds of predecessor Lust to a heavier, industrial music style. This Special Remastered Band Edition features bonus tracks selected from B-sides from the album's singles. Limited Edition Vinyl Version.

    LP 1
    1. Voodoo-U
    2. The Crablouse
    3. She And Mr Jones
    4. Do What You Wanna Do
    5. Young Boys
    6. Out Comes The Evil
    7. Mister Machoman
    8. Marijuana In Your Brain

    LP 2
    1. Special Moments
    2. Dirty Willy
    3. Drink My Honey
    4. Blowing Up Your Mind
    5. The Wet Dream
    6. Paris France
    7. The Real Thing
    8. Don't Kill For Love

    Lords Of Acid
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Anti-Static Mat Anti-Static Mat Quick View

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    Anti-Static Mat


    Anti-Static Mat from VPI Industries

    VPI Accessories
    Anti-Static Mat Buy Now
  • HR-X Pulley HR-X Pulley Quick View

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    HR-X Pulley


    HR-X Pulley from VPI Industries

    VPI Accessories
    HR-X Pulley Buy Now
  • D'zzz D'zzz Quick View

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    At times the album gives the impression of a kind of futureprimitive take on Trap; rusted and distorted 808 claps and bass drums collide with exotic percussion and mangled industrial clangs, reminiscent of more recent industrial takes on techno such as Pete Swanson's music. It's a thoroughly unique soundworld that stretches from the 4/4 kick of 'Dusco' to the Brazillian percussion meets trap triplets of 'Drizzle'. 'Dank' is made of exhausted and aggressively distorted hip hop, while 'Drowning' has an ambient feeling to it, leading into 'Dilute''s pockmarked abstraction. 'Death' is mercilessly overloaded and fever-sick, while 'D'Mmmm' works with just a looped sample and plodding processed 808s. following on are 'Demonoid' which stretches cymbals and drums into strange shimmering shapes and the brainwipe of 'Damiana's fierce oppressive squelch.
    1. Dusco

    2. Drizzle

    3. Dank

    4. Drowning
    5. Dilute

    6. Death

    7. D'Mmmm
    8. Demonoid

    9. Damiana
    Misty Conditions
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Drone Machines Drone Machines Quick View

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    Drone Machines

    What started out as the design and build of his Master's thesis at the University of California, San Diego, the DRONE MACHINES soon become the subject matter of Tristan Shone's third album.

    For those unaware, AUTHOR & PUNISHER is an industrial doom metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. The devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics, focusing on the eroticism of interaction with machine. The machines are designed to require significant force from the performer, aligning he or she with the plodding doom influenced sounds that are created.

    "DRONE MACHINES" is the heaviest of the A&P albums and also the longest at around 70 minutes.

    1. Doppler
    2. Burrow Below
    3. Throttle and Hymn
    4. Sand, Wind and Carcass
    5. Beginning of End
    6. Skies O'er
    7. NTG Part 1 - Time
    8. NTG Part 2 - Pressure
    9. Lust for Scales
    10. Blue Flame
    11. Final Hours
    Author & Punisher
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Dissipative Structure Dissipative Structure Quick View

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    Dissipative Structure

    Colored Vinyl

    Midwestern sludge metal pioneer finally appears on vinyl. Mike Duncan's Black Mayonnaise project officially came into existence in 1991 and has released many cassettes and splits in these last 18 years. This music could rightfully be described as distorted bass and industrial drum sounds recreating the toxic sludge and post-apocalyptic cataclysm of corroded war machines. Mastered by James Plotkin. Limited to 300 copies on transparent green vinyl.

    1. Radiation
    2. The Drunken Stupor Of The Waking World
    3. Our Senses Are Mysteries To Us, And We Are Mysteries To Ourselves
    Black Mayonnaise
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Anthropocene Extinction (Awaiting Repress) The Anthropocene Extinction (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Anthropocene Extinction (Awaiting Repress)

    Anthropocene, a proposed term for the present geological epoch (from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards), during which humanity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment.

    In 2012, CATTLE DECAPITATION shocked the metal world with what was revered by fans and haters alike as their best album to date, Monolith Of Inhumanity. Here we are, three years later, CATTLE DECAPITATION and Metal Blade Records are pleased to unveil to the world the band's magnum opus.

    1. Manufactured Extinct
    2. The Prophets of Loss
    3. Plagueborne
    4. Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
    5. Circo Inhumanitas
    6. The Burden Of Seven Billion
    7. Mammals In Babylon
    8. Mutual Assured Destruction
    9. Not Suitable For Life
    10. Apex Blasphemy
    11. Ave Exitium
    12. Pacific Grim
    Cattle Decapitation
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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