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Inter Arma

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  • Paradise Gallows Paradise Gallows Quick View

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    Paradise Gallows

    After already having taken forward-thinking extreme music to unprecedented heights over the course of their short but propulsive career, Richmond's INTER ARMA are back with another opus of epic proportions.

    Like the band's previous works, the new albumParadise Gallows is direct and foreboding while maintaining a nuanced, artful perspective. INTER ARMA's signature palette of dissonant high-end and abyssal low-end has been augmented with swathes of thick, impressionistic melody that lend Paradise Gallows a truly biblical sense of scale, both lyrically and in terms of the album's sonic content.

    Harsh and acoustic passages (including the band's first-ever foray into clean vocals) spar with complex rhythmic structures across nine sweeping tracks over 71 minutes of expansive, progressive heaviness. Dense, funereal, and richly evocative, Paradise Gallows is a vibrant blend of doom, post-metal, sludge, avant-garde, black and death metal, and is a singular and powerful new addition to the band's already monumental discography.

    1. Nomini
    2. An Archer in the Emptiness
    3. Transfiguration
    4. Primordial Wound
    5. The Summer Drones
    6. Potomac
    7. The Paradise Gallows
    8. Violent Constellations
    9. Where the Earth Meets the Sky
    Inter Arma
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  • Sky Burial Sky Burial Quick View

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    Sky Burial

    Merging doom, psychedelic sludge, grind, black metal and mighty mighty riffs to create a sound wholly their own, Inter Arma deliver Sky Burial, easily an early contender for heavy music record of the year. Emerging from the ever-fertile metal breeding grounds of Richmond, Virginia, Inter Arma have spent the last few years touring relentlessly, perfecting a hypnotically punishing live show. Sky Burial brings that focus onto record, and what a record it is. Truly heavy in all senses of the word, Sky Burial is a spiritually intense journey through the halls of extreme metal. Inter Arma have made a decisively loud proclamation with Sky Burial.
    1. The Survival Fires
    2. The Long Road Home (Iron Gate)
    3. The Long Road Home
    4. Destroyer
    5. 'sblood
    6. Westward
    7. Love Absolute
    8. Sky Burial
    Inter Arma
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  • Instinct Is Forever Instinct Is Forever Quick View

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    Instinct Is Forever

    After recording and releasing 2012's critically acclaimed Dragged From Our Restless Trance LP via Forcefield Records, Bastard Sapling has ventured to push their other-worldly black metal creation further into the shattered abyss. After spending years crafting new material, they put their songs in the capable hands of Kevin Bernsten (Triac, Mutilation Rites, Ilsa) at Developing Nations in Baltimore, MD. Simultaneously starker and more serene than their previous efforts, Instinct Is Forever is a step forward in terms of Bastard Sapling's traditional Scandinavian influences being warped by their own geography and a new experimental approach. The new double LP, set to be co-released by Forcefield Records and Gilead Media on August 26, 2014, is armed with guest appearances by Windhand's Dorthia Cottrell, Evoken's Don Zaros, and Inter Arma's TJ Childers. Instinct Is Forever is sure to make a serious impact on North America's contribution to the medium.
    1. My Spine Will Be My Noose
    2. Subterranean Rivers Of Blood
    3. The Opal Chamber
    4. Elder
    5. The Killer In Us All
    6. Splintering Ouroboros
    7. Lantern At The End Of Time
    8. Every Life Thrown To The Eclipse
    9. Forbidden Sorrow
    Bastard Sapling
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Cavern (Out Of Stock) The Cavern (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    The Cavern (Out Of Stock)

    Inter Arma follow up their universally acclaimed 'Sky Burial' with the epic 40+ minute one-song 'The Cavern' ep. Recorded during breaks from the relentless touring the band did on the 'Sky Burial' album with the likes of Baroness, Russian Circles and more, this new ep is the ultimate exhibition of the genius that Inter Arma have always hinted at. Unparalleled musicianship meets the soulfully deranged vocalis of Mike Paparo to create one of the most impressive pieces of metal to be released this year. Shifting from Americana laced extreme metal to doom to stoner rock to prog all within a single song, Inter Arma's 'The Cavern' is an opus that will surely be heralded for years to come along the likes of Sleep's 'Dopesmoker' as a work of true artistic vision and endurance.
    1. The Cavern
    Inter Arma
    Vinyl EP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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