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Iron Chic

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  • You Can't Stay Here (Awaiting Repress) You Can't Stay Here (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    You Can't Stay Here (Awaiting Repress)

    Iron Chic's new record is two things: both the same as previous releases and absolutely incomparable to them.

    You Can't Stay Here addresses the same big questions that have plagued the Long Island punk group from their outset: anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse, mortality, life, death, what it all means, why we're forced to experience them. But this album is punctured with grief and devastation; while these are all familiar concepts, they're relayed with an added desperation, and the claustrophobic, inescapable reality of them. There's no punchline, no immediate silver-lining. That pervasive darkness goes right back to the record's title, a line from the song, You Can't Stay Safe. It's a manifestation of a general anxiety, a permanent lack of peace.

    No matter what you do in this world, there's always some danger or something lurking there for you, Lubrano sighs. Even when you kind of think you're okay, you might not be. That was just sort of like a desperation there: you can't really be safe anywhere.

    It's hard to not hear all of this as a product of the loss the band suffered in January 2016, when Rob McAllister, Iron Chic's founding guitarist, died unexpectedly.

    The band is still coming to terms with McAllister's passing. I've dealt with loss before in my life, Lubrano says. I lost my dad when I was 21, but he was sick and we kind of saw it coming, and I was able to process it in that sense. Rob was a unique thing because it was one of the &rst times a close friend has died, and someone my age.

    1. A Headache With Pictures
    2. My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)

    3. You Can't Stay Safe

    4. Let's. Get. Dangerous.

    5. Thunderbolts!

    6. Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles

    7. Golgotha

    8. Profane Geometry

    9. Invisible Ink

    10. Ruinous Calamity

    11. To Shreds, You Say?
    Iron Chic
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  • The Constant One (Awaiting Repress) The Constant One (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Constant One (Awaiting Repress)

    Iron Chic is a melodic punk band from Huntington Station, NY. Formed back in 2008, the band released a 5-song demo tape, followed by the Shitty
    Rambo 7inch the next year, and finally their debut full-length, Not Like This, in 2010 - all on Long Island-based Dead Broke Rekerds. The band garnered
    quite a bit of attention, not only for their music, but also because they were hailed as a supergroup (, featuring members of Latterman,
    Small Arms Dealer, and more.

    Immersed in the DIY scene, this release finds Iron Chic recording the album themselves, and coming out poised for a
    bigger release than they ever have before.

    1. The End
    2. Bogus Journey
    3. (Castle) Numbskull
    4. Wolf Dix Rd.
    5. Prototypes
    6. Spooky Action at a Distance
    7. Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder
    8. A serious House on Serious Earth
    9. True Miserable Experience
    10. Don't Drive Angry
    11. What ever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow?
    Iron Chic
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  • Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate Quick View

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    Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate

    Crow Bait is a New York area band that you have seen play in other bands. Vets of the Long Island DIY scene, Chris (Sister Kisser, American Hellfire Club), Mike (Iron Chic, Jonesin', Wax Phantom), and Sal (Sister Kisser, Halfway to Hell Club) formed Crow Bait in 2011 with the intention of making music a little different from their past bands, while trying to create something that harkened back to the music they grew up on.
    1. The Ocean
    2. 83
    3. If I Could
    4. Crow Bait
    5. Ancient Eyes
    6. Pretty Good Things
    7. Searching For My Boots On The Highway
    8. Cognate
    9. Gran-Saloon
    10. Deliverance Stalls
    11. A Billion Lives
    Crow Bait
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