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James Ferraro

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  • NYC, Hell 3:00 AM (Awaiting Repress) NYC, Hell 3:00 AM (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    NYC, Hell 3:00 AM (Awaiting Repress)

    Clear Vinyl

    As the title suggests, James Ferraro's newest album explores the seedy underbelly of New York, the city Ferraro calls home.

    1. Intro
    2. Fake Pain
    3. Close Ups
    4. Beautiful Jon K.
    5. Stuck 1
    6. Lovers End
    7. City Smells
    8. Upper East Side Pussy
    9. Eternal Condition
    10. Stuck 2
    11. Niggas
    12. Stuck 3 (RATS)
    13. Irreplaceable
    14. Cheek Bones
    15. Nushawn
    James Ferraro
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  • Pheel Phree Pheel Phree Quick View

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    Pheel Phree

    Formerly the man behind Jookabox, DMA (aka David Moose Adamson) began
    his career as a one-man-band in the grand old tradition of the 'one-man-band'
    (re: man with a bass-drum on his back and a monkey clapping symbols, collecting
    change from the crowd etc.). With Pheel Phree, to some extent, Adamson has
    returned to his roots. Except this time, the result sounds more like a creepy
    basement dance party.

    DMA's debut full-length provides a uniquely beat-driven, meditative clamor. At
    times danceable and at times ethereal, the self-produced LP is intriguingly
    dicult to pinpoint. James-Ferraro-sensibilities are coupled with the artisticallyfree-approach of Captain-Beefheart, resulting in 33 minutes of a rather otherworldly tunes. Pheel Phree eectively introduces the world to the weirdness
    that is David Moose Adamson.

    1. Toy
    2. Dogman
    3. Wah Pedal
    4. I R Liens
    5. I.K.N.D.
    6. The Boardwalk
    7. It's So Real
    8. If I Want To Go
    9. Space Is A Place
    10. Dog Drem
    11. It's Funny
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  • Joy One Mile Joy One Mile Quick View

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    Joy One Mile

    Stellar OM Source's new album, Joy One Mile, marks a certain and spirited departure
    into worlds unknown. A faithful leap into the infinite beat, Joy One Mile is the most
    forward-reaching effort by Stellar OM Source yet.
    Stellar OM Source originated from Christelle Gualdi's desire to unhinge from her
    academic musical upbringing. A double bassist in the Konigin Katharina Stift
    Schulorchester and a student of music theory at UniversitÉ Paris VIII, Gualdi
    completed her studies in electro-acoustic composition at the Conservatoire de Paris
    after earning an architecture degree.

    The process of Gualdi's "unlearning" began in experimental ensemble settings,
    and it became more recognizable as she moved toward solo performance.
    Stellar OM Source's name is fittingly inspired in part by the pathway to higher
    consciousness and cosmos via one's own voice.

    Gualdi was also inspired by-and also an integral member of-the late aughts
    DIY synthesizer community. Alongside Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds and James Ferraro,
    Stellar OM Source's stream of self-released CDRs defined a zeitgeist of artists
    trending away from their noisy roots via polyphonic escapism.

    Based many miles away from her US counterparts in The Hague, South Holland,
    Gualdi received a prophetic sign in 2010 when a regional eBay seller offered her
    a mint Roland TB-303 for a mere €25-or $33. The instantly identifiable sounds of
    the analog bass synthesizer began appearing in Gualdi's studio and live practices.
    By virtue of her many aspirations and the array of hardware that Gualdi brought
    to the table, Joy One Mile took shape in chaos. Where this disorder might cripple
    others, Gualdi's response was energetically and emotionally charged.

    The freedom from form that Gualdi sought with Joy One Mile was ultimately
    obtained, but the severe surge of the finished recordings left her over stimulated.
    Striking a dialogue with Gunnar Wendel (aka Kassem Mosse), Gualdi realized an
    objective opinion and arrangement know how would allow clarity and an even
    greater freedom-that from her own music.

    The singularity of Gualdi's compositions, when pulled back and recalibrated even
    slightly, resemble early era Warp Records, and, by that admission, the wayward
    electro of early-90s Detroit. The abstractions in Gualdi's programming and mutant
    melodies is what keeps Joy One Mile perfectly relegated to outsider status, akin to
    the primitive techno of Esplendor Geometrico and Chris & Cosey

    Side A
    1 Polarity
    2 Par Amour

    Side B
    1 The Range
    2 Trackers

    Side C
    1 Elite Excel
    2 Fascination

    Side D
    1 Natives/Most Answers
    Never Unveiled

    Stellar Om Source
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