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  • Sieg Howdy! Sieg Howdy! Quick View

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    Sieg Howdy!

    Fucking AWESOME. Jello and the Melvins #2. Buy It.
    What, you need more reasons? Jello Biafra and the Melvins are musical pranksters united for a common cause - to detonate your brain with some of the most twisted rock anthems ever crafted!

    Starting off album #2 with a heavier-than-life version of the Alice Cooper cult classic, Halo of Flies, an intricate tune that alternately slithers and crushes, the band then proceed to treat us to a completely different extended take of their tune The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism (Jello's Hawkwind influence showed through when he asked the Melvins to create a take on the song similar to their cover of Youth of America by The Wipers). With the first two harrowing tracks clocking in at over fifteen minutes -this is not what you'd expect from a Jello record - steering into a more Melvinoid direction, but remaining distinctly separate from anything easily definable - far from a mishmash or outtakes collection, even the Jelvins were surprised at how well Sieg Howdy! flowed as an album.

    Through the course of the album the band (yes, they sound like a proper band, not a project!) erupts with colors of its respective players in turns. Biafra's spleen-venting rants Voted off the Island and Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything) are amongst his most acerbic (not to mention insightful!), and the Melvins' cathartic drum and guitar workouts pummel brilliantly through Lessons in What Not to Become and the septic all bass-chug of Kevin Rutmanis (making his final appearance on vinyl with the Melvins on this album) and Buzzo that anchors Wholly Buy Bull.

    Of course, the cherry on top is Jello and the lads ripping through a new, updated version of Kalifornia Über Alles - as sung by the GropenfÜhrer himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! With Jello's unmistakable wit and even more distinctive punk-rock croon fully intact, it's a breath of fresh air to hear a live Jello classic sound the way it was intended to for a change!

    The album's remaining remixed tracks serve to deepen the impression that what has been created throughout the course of this collaboration is the work of a band - A band whose songs have enough depth to remain interesting in new and sonic environs. Dalek's chilling reworking of Dawn of the Locusts brings the song into a completely different light, and Al Jourgensen's (Ministry) take on Enchanted Thoughtfist is so cold and almost new-wave-y that it works brilliantly. The tone of the track reaches waaay back into the Ministry back catalog, surprising even Al himself! Then the fresh new tag-team Deaf Nephews (Dale Crover and Toshi, the album's engineer) reshape Caped Crusader into a disturbing cartoon version of itself to round out the record. The fact that these songs are open to this kind of interpretation, and that these interpretations work so well is a testament to the quality with which they were crafted in the first place.

    Once again, the band is joined by Adam Jones from Tool on guitar for over half the tracks, and this time around, the stunning artwork is provided by none other than Camille Rose Garcia! 27 minutes of new and never before heard Jello Biafra and the Melvins and 17 minutes of remixed weirdness from the group's friends has created a record that surpasses its predecessor in sheer sonic audacity and is an extremely satisfying listen in its own right. Whether you missed the boat the first time around, or you couldn't get enough of Never Breathe What You Can't See, it's time to stand up, put your right hand over your heart, extend that middle finger, and say it loud - say it proud - SEIG HOWDY!

    1. Halo Of Flies
    2. The Lighter Side Of Global Terrorism (Extended Space-Melt Version)
    3. Lessons In What Not To Become
    4. Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)
    5. Wholly Bun Bull
    6. Voted Off The Island
    7. Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century (live)
    8. Dawn Of The Locusts (March Of The Locusts Deadverse Remix By Dalek)
    9. Enchanted Thoughtfist (Enchanted Al Remix)
    10. Caped Crusader (Subway Gas/Hello Kitty Mix)
    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Never Breathe What You Can't See Never Breathe What You Can't See Quick View

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    Never Breathe What You Can't See

    At last the long-rumored tag-team assault on God, Justice and the American Way of Life is set to grind your minds and pummel your craniums. The project hatched when the Melvins approached Jello, expressing their outrage at the phony Dead Kennedys cash-in reunion tour and proposed their own tour backing Jello playing all Dead Kennedys songs. Jello replied that he would rather write new songs and a band was born. The music is heavy and catchy, the sharp tongue and deadly riffs are everywhere, so if you think these guys have finally mellowed with age or matured as artists, think again.
    1. Plethysmograph

    2. McGruff the Crime Dog

    3. Yuppie Cadillac

    4. Islamic Bomb

    5. Lighter Side of Global Terrorism

    6. Caped Crusader
    7. Enchanted Thoughtfist

    8. Dawn of the Locusts
    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Jezebel / Speed Demon Jezebel / Speed Demon Quick View

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    Jezebel / Speed Demon

    Limited To 2,000

    What do you get when Jello Biafra & 3 of the Zen Guerillas attack 2 songs for a Reverend Horton Heat compilation? You get this aural ass-kicking of a 7-inch!

    The A-side is their scathing take on the classic rockabilly tune, Jezebel, while the B-side is their version of the Rev's awesome tune Speed Demon!

    The cover art is hand-picked by Jello- and if you think the topless blonde with the dog is striking, wait 'til you see the other side.

    1. Jezebel
    2. Speed Demon
    Jello Biafra
    7 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Become The Media Become The Media Quick View

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    Become The Media

    The sixth installment in former DEAD KENNEDYS vocalist and recent Green Party presidential candidate JELLO BIAFRA's ongoing series of spoken word recordings. Taken from recent live performances in Boulder, Denver and Seattle, Biafra gives his takes and reflections on the WTO convention in Seattle, democracy, e-issues, the post-Colombine High backlash on kids who think differently, and other issues of the day.
    1. Intro: Gary Dugger

    2. The Green Wedge

    3. K.O. The W.T.O.

    4. Hellburbia

    5. Hack The Planet

    6. World Bunk & International Monetary Fraud

    7. Frankenfood Landscape: Where Are We Going?

    8. Philadelphia Stories

    9. If You Like Tipper, You'll Love...

    10. Become The Media

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Enhanced Methods of Questioning (Awaiting Repress) Enhanced Methods of Questioning (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Enhanced Methods of Questioning (Awaiting Repress)

    Hot on the heels of the full-length Audacity Of Hype, the Guantanamo School of Medicine- featuring Ralph Spight (Victims Family, Freak Accident, Hellworms), Jon Weiss (Sharkbait, Horsey), Billy Gould (Faith No More), & Kimo Ball (Freak Accident, Carneyball Johnson, Mol Triffid, Griddle)- roar back with these ferocious tracks!

    The band's twin guitar attack retains some of the space-punk overtones and spy-music-on-meth chaos of Dead Kennedys while adding a healthy dose of Detroit style proto-punk, flavored with Weiss' industrial excursions into metal percussion.

    This is Jello Biafra's 1st full-time band since Dead Kennedys broke up in 1986, and it shows in the depth and breadth of Jello's musical chops and lyrical triumphs on these five originals and his reworking of the Deviants classic Metamophosis Exploration.

    Art by Jim Altieri and Michel Langevin (of VOIVOD)! Mixed & recorded by long-time Biafra co-conspirator Matt Kelley, whose other work includes Victim's Family, The Coup, Digital Underground, Hieroglyphics, Jello & The Melvins, and the 1st Jello & Guantanamo School of Medicine.

    1. Dot Com Monte Carlo
    2. The Cells That Will Not Die
    3. Victory Stinks
    4. Invasion Of The Mind Snatchers
    5. Miracle Penis Highway
    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • I Blow Minds For A Living (Awaiting Repress) I Blow Minds For A Living (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    I Blow Minds For A Living (Awaiting Repress)

    Side One:

    1. Pledge Of Allegiance

    2. Talk On Censorship: Let Us Prey

    3. Die For Oil Sucker (Higher Octane Version)

    4. I Was A Teenage Pacifist

    Side Two:

    1. If Voting Changed Anything..

    2. Running For Mayor

    Side Three:

    1. Grow More Pot

    2. Lost Orgasm

    3. Talk On Censorship: Better Living Through New World Orders

    Side Four:

    1.Talk On Censorship: Fear Of A Free Planet

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve Quick View

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    If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve

    Side One:

    1. Depends On The Drug

    2. Talk On The Death Penalty - When Psychopaths Guard The Henhouse

    3. The Murder Of Mumia Abu-Jamal

    4. Clinton Comes To Long Beach

    5. The Hex-Files: Space Shuttle Sequel

    6. Half-Time

    Side Two:

    1. The New Soviet Union

    Side Three:

    1. Talk On Censorship - It Takes A Pillage To Raze A Child

    Side Four:

    1. Talk On Censorship - The Contract On America

    Side Five:

    1. Talk On Censorship - Bridge To The New Dark Ages

    Side Six:

    1. Talk On Censorship - Which Way To The Zoo?

    2. Wake Up And Smell The Noise

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Machine Gun In Clown's Head Machine Gun In Clown's Head Quick View

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    Machine Gun In Clown's Head


    1. Miscue 911
    2. United We Scam
    3. Flogging The Infidels
    4. Honey I Blew Up The World
    5. Big Ka-Boom
    6. Pied Piper And The Damage Done


    1. Machine Gun In The Clown's Hand
    2. Great Betrayal
    3. Martyr That Would Not Die
    4. Propane And Propane Accessories
    5. Faith Based Initiatives
    6. Fight Terror-Resist Corporations


    1. Cowboy Cornholio And The Sunshine State
    2. And Gore Made Us Want To Ralph
    3. Rolling Blackout Revue
    4. 12 Steps To Corporate-Free Sobriety
    5. Joey Ramone

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • No More Cocoons No More Cocoons Quick View

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    No More Cocoons

    1. Message From Our Sponsor [Live]
    2. Soundbite -- Jaw One/The Prosecutor Speaks [Live]
    3. Mild Kingdom [Live]
    4. Soundbite -- Jaw Two [Live]
    5. Vietnam Never Happened [Live]
    6. What Reagan Didn't Know [Live]
    7. May All Your Dreams Be Wonderful [Live]
    8. Soundbite -- Jaw Three [Live]
    9. Urinalysis Is Freedom [Live]
    10. Names for Bands (New Improved Version) [Live]

    1. Talk on Censorship/Letter to Tipper Gore [Live]
    2. Why I'm Glad the Space Shuttle Blew Up [Live]
    3. Fuck Facts! [Live] Listen
    4. Stars & Stripes of Corruption [Live]

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Audacity Of Hype The Audacity Of Hype Quick View

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    The Audacity Of Hype

    Side One

    1. The Terror Of Tinytown

    2. Clean As A Thistle

    3. New Feudalism

    4. Panic Land

    5. Electronic Plantation

    Side Two

    1. Three Strikes

    2. Strength Thru Shopping

    3. Pets Eat Their Master

    4. I Won't Give Up

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Prairie Home Invasion (Awaiting Repress) Prairie Home Invasion (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Prairie Home Invasion (Awaiting Repress)

    Biafra doing country? Collaborating with Mojo Nixon? Classic high adventures in backwoods masking. Excellent collection of original and alarmingly faithful renditions of lost and twisted country classics.
    1. Buy My Snake Oil
    2. Where Are We Gonna Work (When The Trees Are Gone?)
    3. Convoy In The Sky
    4. Atomic Power
    5. Are You Drinkin' with Me Jesus?
    6. Love Me, I'm A Liberal
    7. Burgers Of Wrath
    8. Nostalgia For An Age That Never Existed
    9. Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster
    10. Mascot Mania
    11. Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down
    12. Will The Fetus Be Aborted
    13. Plastic Jesus
    Jello Biafra with Mojo Nixon
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress) The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress)

    A match made in Canada! Eight songs inspired by the Terminal City Ricochet sessions, including an alternate version of Falling Space Junk. Also features Bad, Sharks in the Gene Pool and Chew.
    1. The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Falling Space Junk)
    2. Jesus Was A Terrorist
    3. Bruce's Diary
    4. Bad
    5. Ride The Flume
    6. Chew
    7. Sharks In The Gene Pool
    8. The Myth Is Real - Let's Eat
    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Frankenchrist Frankenchrist Quick View

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    The Dead Kennedys: Klaus Flouride (vocals, bass); D.H. Peligro (vocals, drums); Jello Biafra (vocals); East Bay Ray (guitar, 12-string electric Bellzouki, synthesizer). Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, California. Includes liner notes by Jello Biafra. Digitally remastered by John Cuniberti and East Bay Ray (The Plant Mastering, Sausalito, California). FRANKENCHRIST is the Dead Kennedys album that garnered them the most public attention, albeit for reasons the band would ultimately regret. California prosecutors, clearly no fans of politically charged punk rock, declared an H.R. Giger poster the Kennedys included with the album's original pressing obscene. The result was a protracted two-year legal fight. The band ultimately won it, but the effort exhausted them and led to their ultimate breakup. Nevertheless, the music remains. It's still primo punk, and as relevant as ever, thanks to lead singer Jello Biafra's stinging lyrical swipes at the powers that be, and the gloriously metallic clang of East Bay Ray's guitar. Classic stuff.
    1. Soup Is Good Food

    2. Hellnation

    3. This Could Be Anywhere

    4. A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
    5. Chicken Farm
    6. Jock-O-Rama
    7. Goons Of Hazzard

    8. MTV - Get Off The Air
    9. At My Job
    10. Stars And Stripes Of Corruption
    Dead Kennedys
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Nation Nation Quick View

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    Nation is the eighth studio album by the Brazilian metal band Sepultura, released in 2001 through Roadrunner Records. Nation features guest appearances from artists such as Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, Ill Nino singer Cristian Machado, Bile frontman Krztoff and Apocalyptica.
    Border Wars
    One Man Army
    Vox Populi
    The Ways Of Faith
    Uma Cura
    Who Must Die?
    Tribe To A Nation
    Human Cause
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Mutiny On The Bay Mutiny On The Bay Quick View

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    Mutiny On The Bay




    1. Introduction
    2. Police Truck
    3. Kill the Poor
    4. Holiday in Cambodia
    5. Moon Over Marin
    6. California Über Alles
    7. MTV-Get off the Air
    8. Too Drunk to Fuck
    9. Goons of Hazzard
    10. This Could Be Anywhere
    11. Forward to Death
    12. I Am the Owl
    13. Hellnation
    14. Riot
    Dead Kennedys
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Talkin' To (Discontinued) A Talkin' To (Discontinued) Quick View

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    A Talkin' To (Discontinued)

    Orange Colored Vinyl

    New signing for Gravity, Prizehog are a 3-piece band from San Francisco that started in 2006. People talk about cavemen beating wooly mammoth's in slow motion, this band actually does it, without bragging. Prizehog have played shows and festivals with Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Phil Manley (Trans Am), Mammatus (Holy Mountain Records), Moira Scar, Polar Bears, Rabbits, San Witches, Genesis Climber and many more. Limited hand-silkscreened covers with orange vinyl.

    1. Luck, The Bailing Haymaker
    2. Best in a vile
    3. Mountaintop Removal
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 70's Rock Must Die 70's Rock Must Die Quick View

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    70's Rock Must Die

    Remember the 70's? C'mon, of course you do. The Bee Gees, John Travolta, and Ford Pintos exploding on rear impact? Well, LARD hasn't forgotten. And they are dying to share those memories on the title track of their new EP, 70's Rock Must Die. 70's Rock Must Die is an epic screaming for a music video. It's a trip down Melrose with long hair and leather- Jello, Al, and Paul flipping the bird as they drive. And, yes, that actually IS Jello singing.

    As you know, we're so into this little ditty at ATR that we have purchased a 1979 FORD Pinto that will be auctioned off on eBay the day of release - February 7th, 2000. If you like this, there is plenty of merchandise to go along with it: iron-on t-shirt transfers, buttons, posters, y ou name it

    As you may have surmised, the track 70's Rock Must Die is a bit of a musical departure for LARD. But don't fret, the rest of the EP harkens back to the LARD that we all know and love. Here are 2 new gems boasting crushing guitars, freakish noises and Jello's wailing vocals - the pulverizing sounds that have come to characterize LARD.

    This is the first LARD release in over 2 1/2 years. In fact, these tracks didn't make it onto their last album, and we couldn't keep them on the shelves waiting for the next.

    1. 70's Rock Must Die
    2. Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe The World)M
    3. Ballad Or Marshall Ledbetter
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • These People These People Quick View

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    These People

    The second coming of the Dicks began in San Francisco, 1983, when Gary Floyd relocated to a new city and reformed the groundbreaking band with a new lineup. Eschewing the traditional hardcore formula, Floyd along with drummer Lynn Perko, guitarist Tim Carroll and bassist Sebastian Fuchs evolved a more mature punk sound while still retaining their political edge.

    This incarnation recorded the Peace? 7 and their second and last studio album These People (1985). They disbanded in 1986 and Floyd and Perko went on to form Sister Double Happiness. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present this essential document of 1980s punk, remastered with love by Jello Biafra.

    1. The Police (Force)
    2. Off-Duty Sailor
    3. Execuitive Dive
    4. Sidewalk Begging
    5. Lost and Divided
    6. Dead In A Motel Room
    7. Cities Are Burning
    8. Doctor Daddy
    9. Decent and Clean
    10. Legacy of Man
    11. Little Rock 'n' Roller
    12. George Jackson
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • With Loving And Open Arms With Loving And Open Arms Quick View

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    With Loving And Open Arms

    THE CAUSEY WAY IS NOT A CULT. They wish they were, but they are not. Sure, they are building a compound in a remote and undisclosed place, outside of Gainsville, Florida.(oops) Sure they offer Causey Blood (vegan) in communion cups before their services. And, of course, concert goers are encouraged to fill out membership nametags at their concerts. And it goes without saying that they're more than merely terrified about Y2K. But they are not a cult. They can't be because Alternative Tentacles Records can't sign cults; they're supposed to sign bands.

    Causey formed the band in 1997. His requisites were stringent in recruiting his flock. The future parishoners were not allowed to have been in a band - not in their current life nor in prior lives. They made one exception though, they allowed Boy Causey to join the band. Boy, aka Brian, you see, is currently in a ROCK N ROLL band called Man Or Astroman? as well as serving in Servotron. Causey, believe it or not, used to be a professional skateboarder using the phony last name Stanton. He used to defy gravity with corporate sponsorship emblazoned upon his bosom (in interviews he would explain it was the closest feeling approximating that of walking on water) when one day he landed on his nose and finally saw the light. This revelation changed Causey. He wanted to start anew, he suddenly felt a greater purpose. He needed to remain true to his new self while at the same time start something new & exciting and not merely regurgitate putrid bile like some old Linda Blair movie. He dreamed that his followers would release doves in asking for an encore, rather than lighting lighters. He had a mission, and the mission was THE CAUSEY WAY.

    Shortly after this period Jello Causey received a care-package from THE CAUSEY WAY. It contained a digital testament of their musical sacrifices, and some thoughtful Y2K preparedness items such as generic bleach, generic toothpaste, and enough cotton swabs to clean out an entire chapel-full of ears. Shortly after receiving the package, he quickly filled out his membership nametag, and the rest is history. (Jello has adamantly denied journalists' claims that he was 'brainwashed'.) It was exactly the type of new 'testament' wave, and pulpit punk that was missing in his life. (Some heathen have made references to Devo due to the presence of keyboards.)

    Jello wasn't the only soul converted. Rain Phoenix (sister of late River Phoenix) quickly signed up and did penance by singing background vocals on With Open and Loving Arms. One openly famous musical celebrity superstar, Michael Stipe of the rock quartet REM, was so healed upon experiencing THE CAUSEY WAY service, that he invited the pulpit back to his house for a serving of grits to show his gratitude. The band declined.

    Prior to their debut full-length sermon With Open and Loving Arms, THE CAUSEY WAY released an ep by the name of WWCD (that rose to #30 on CMJ's charts) and released an ep called Testimony for the skankedly trendy label Fueled By Ramen.(Less Than Jake's label) before releasing their latest one Causey vs. Everything on Alternative Tentacles in January 2001.

    1. Message From The Pulpit
    2. Sweat
    3. Carousel Of Progress
    4. What Power Is
    5. The Electronic Church(You Sell God)
    6. Toys
    7. Fact Finding Mission
    8. Light Of The World
    9. Institutional Man
    10. Bed Is Where
    11. Love Me
    12. Word Problems
    Causey Way
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Scrape The Walls Scrape The Walls Quick View

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    Scrape The Walls

    After three long years, here's the latest record from Oakland punk-fuzz-rock-?!? faves The Fleshies!
    After releasing The Sicilian and years of their mind-warping worldwide tour marathon, the band withdrew into drummer Brian Hamiltron's Sugar Mountain Studios to work on a new opus. Breaking away from the punk rock tradition of banging out a record in a few days, they took their damned sweet time making the most ridiculous album possible.

    Scrape The Walls is a spirited 17-song record that successfully molests punk rock in a similar manner to how Sparks unwholesomely molested glitter rock, the Melvins mauled rock, or the Butthole Surfers maimed music in general. (Speaking of Sparks, this album includes a delightful cover of Happy Hunting Ground with Jello Biafra on guest vocals!)

    Scrape the Walls bounces everywhere from somewhat sunny-dispositioned pseudo anthems to sludgy, stoner rock-esque castings, all glazed with Fleshies' inimitable sense of fuck-you humor. But honestly, no 200-word summary can neatly tie up the disorderly strands of ideas and musical chaos that is Fleshies and we wouldn't want to do them such disservice so we will just say Scrape the Walls is exactly the kind of record AT should be releasing and leave it at that!

    1. Brown Viking
    2. Potential Outlier
    3. The Disadvantages of a High-Fiber Diet
    4. Half Werewolf, Half Vampire...You Are In BIG Trouble!
    5. Your Universe
    6. Saturday Saints
    7. Agonistic Tooth
    8. Gay Holiday
    9. When We Were Dragons
    10. Whee!
    11. The Girl With the Chocolate Sparks vs. Dub
    12. Happy Hunting Ground (Sparks)
    13. (Reprise)
    14. Runner's Legs
    15. (Second Reprise)
    16. Battle Mountain
    17. Feed the Birds
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rock & Roll Nightmare Rock & Roll Nightmare Quick View

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    Rock & Roll Nightmare

    Rock & Roll Nightmare is the second album by Southern California's LOS INFERNOS. Legend has it that Jello Biafra was so impressed upon seeing them live on various occasions in various towns that he offered them a deal. Eager to get the ball rolling, we released a single called The Outlaw/Beer Run (Virus 225) in April 1999.

    LOS INFERNOS are 5 working-class dudes from Riverside in the glorious Inland Empire. Suburbia nestled between the Mojave desert and L.A. They grew up listening to X, Black Flag, Flesheaters as well as Link Wray, the Ventures and Dick Dale. So its no wonder that musically Los Infernos meld together twang, punk, rockabilly, surf, and a touch of hillbilly & blues. They have built up quite a reputation as a hot live band. So hot, in fact, that their van once caught on fire!

    Rock & Roll Nightmare carries on where their debut album Planet Kaos left off. SoCal surf, Riverside rockabilly, and hillbilly hardcore that should appeal to sweaty pompadours, Gear-heads, as well as Fat Wreck-kids.

    1. We Gotta Get Out
    2. Gimmie the Gun
    3. Start
    4. It Brings Me Down
    5. Nightmares
    6. Time
    7. Nowhere Fast
    8. Dead and Gone
    9. Loaded
    10. Demons
    11. Rise and Fall
    12. When I Was Young
    Los Infernos
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses (Awaiting Repress) Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses (Awaiting Repress)

    Of all the hotly sought-after original Killed-By-Death punk singles, few to none are as notorious - or mysterious - as the Gacy's Place EP by The Mentally Ill. The sleeve, the topics, the so-horrible-it's-amazing production values, that voice. Many in the know crown it the sickest punk record ever made. But there is more - much more. The Gacy's Place sessions yielded eight songs - only three were ever released.

    A dig in the ol' crawlspace turned up even cruder earlier demos with alternate versions of the EP songs, plus over half-a-dozen others, heard only by a handful of people. A true labor of man-boy love, it took Jello Biafra years to pry this loose from the band. They kept insisting each album be housed in a 3-foot wide scale model of Gacy's house itself!

    Now their affliction has subsided enough so that everyone finally has a chance to save their $200 evil-Bay bucks and grab a whole album's worth of mental illness before their condition comes back. Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses compiles all three recording sessions by The Mentally Ill: The Starbeat Sessions, The Basement Sessions and The Crawlspace Sessions for a total of 20 tracks, nearly all previously unreleased!

    1. Gacy's Place
    2. Tumor Boy
    3. Doggie Sex
    4. Not Quite Dead Yet
    5. Padded Cell
    6. Split Crotch Straight Jacket
    7. All Mixed Up
    8. Stalag 13
    9. Ballad of The Mentally Ill
    10. Dry Heave
    11. Tumor Boy
    12. Bathroom Gaze
    13. Cum Twat
    14. Smelly Boys
    15. Gacy's Place
    16. I Don't Need (You're Shit)
    17. Aryan Rock
    18. All Mixed Up
    19. Stalag 13
    20. Split Crotch Straight Jacket
    The Mentally Ill
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Death Was Too Kind (Awaiting Repress) Death Was Too Kind (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Death Was Too Kind (Awaiting Repress)

    Subhumans and DOA were the two pillars of the Vancouver, BC, Canada punk scene who caught Jello Biafra's attention and were spotlighted in the landmark Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans. The Subhumans, first active between 1978 and 1982, were the more elusive of the two, with many out-of-print releases fetching bank on eBay and making it difficult for present-day fans to connect the dots.

    Now, the Subhumans join the Alternative Tentacles Re-issues of Necessity pantheon with Death Was Too Kind, a collection of material from the early years, lovingly remastered from original source material: the very first single Death to the Sickoids (only 500 were pressed); the Firing Squad single; the self-titled EP produced by Bob Rock, who went on to work with Metallica, The Cult, Offspring, etc.; Look at the Dawn and Pissed Off... With Good Reason, two virtually lost songs (only available on the 1996 collection CD released by Essential Noise in Canada), especially remastered for this reissue from the original tapes by Jesse Gander at Hive Studios.

    Death Was Too Kind features the band's best-known lineup with Wimpy Roy, Gerry Useless, Mike Graham, Dimwit, and Jim Imagawa. Both the LP & the CD come with liner notes!

    1. Death To The Sickoids
    2. Oh Canaduh
    3. Death Was Too Kind
    4. Fuck You
    5. Inquisition Day
    6. Slave To My Dick
    7. Firing Squad
    8. No Productivity
    9. Look At The Dawn
    10. Pissed Off ... With Good Reason
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  • Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress) Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress)

    In the dark ages before SXSW, there was a bar called Raul's that was the center of the Austin, TX punk scene. Actually, it basically was the whole scene and the Dicks were born from it. The Dicks made a big splash with their first single, Hate the Police, and then recorded Kill From the Heart just before vocalist Gary Floyd moved to San Francisco.

    In those magical couple years of the Dicks' infancy in Texas, they made a dynamic impact on many people with a stellar live show that mixed punk and politics. Alongside Floyd, the original lineup was guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot and drummer Pat Deason. Unfortunately, they imploded in 1983.

    Alternative Tentacles is proud to present a very necessary reissue of the band's beloved first LP. If you aren't familiar with 1983's Kill From the Heart, then you need to be aware of this bona-fide classic of Reagan-era punk, a record that most likely inspired many of the artists that inspired you. This very important document has been remastered with love by Jello Biafra.

    1. Anti-Klan (Part 1)
    2. Rich Daddy
    3. No Nazi's Friend
    4. Marilyn Buck
    5. Kill From The Heart
    6. Little Boy's Feet
    7. Pigs Run Wild
    8. Bourgeois Fascist Pig
    9. Purple Haze
    10. Anti-Klan (Part 2)
    11. Right Wingy/White Wing
    12. Dicks Can't Swim:
    I. Cock Jam
    II. Razor Blade Dance
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