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  • Radio Jellyfish Radio Jellyfish Quick View

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    Radio Jellyfish

    Imagine if real jellyfish had skeletons; they're magical creatures, elusive and captivating on the outside, and these recordings would be the bones.

    In their continuing expedition of Jellyfish-Omnivore Recordings is proud to release Radio Jellyfish, a 10 track collection of acoustic goodness. At the end
    of 1989, a television program called MTV Unplugged premiered. The premise was quite simple-artists performing their hits in minimal arrangements with
    acoustic instruments. It became a musical and cultural juggernaut.

    That leads us to Radio Jellyfish. Ten tracks culled from two international radio stops; one in Holland, the other in Australia. The foursome plays tracks
    from both LPs, and naturally some covers. Even taken out of the studio, and away from the "stage", the sound is unmistakably Jellyfish. It's been well
    documented that the four members of the band could replicate the enormous sound of their albums through releases like Live At Bogart's and a bevy of B
    -sides. But, apart from one track first released on the out-of-print Fan Club boxed set (and included here), acoustic Jellyfish-without a net-has not been
    explored. That's nine previously unissued performances; tracks unheard since their international broadcast two decades ago.

    In the complete opposite way Stack-a-Tracks showcased their studio prowess, and Live At Bogart's put listeners in the club; Radio Jellyfish takes them to
    the bare essence of why this band is beloved. The voices. The songs. They're there in the same way they have been in every other release, and in a way
    fans never heard them.

    Tune in to Radio Jellyfish!

    1. New Mistake
    2. She Still Loves Him
    3. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
    4. Baby's Coming Back
    5. The Man I Used To Be
    6. Joinging A Fan Club
    7. The King Is Half-Undressed
    8. The Ghost An Number One
    9. That Is Why
    10. No Matter What
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  • I'm OK You're OK I'm OK You're OK Quick View

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    I'm OK You're OK

    Classically-trained but pop-minded soloist JASON FALKNER'S most recent album has previously only been available in Japan, now to enjoy a domestic Cobraside release! Jason's earlier work included the major-label debut album from LA's Three O'Clock, the debut album by San Francisco's Jellyfish, and the only album by the band The Grays. He has released solo albums on Sony and Elektra. As well, he has collaborated on two albums by Eric Matthews, and on albums by Air, Beck, Aimee Mann, Paul McCartney and Travis. His more recent Bedtime With The Beatles volumes have won him fans young and old, overseas and here at home. This US version has a complete rerecording of the first track (This Time) and a remix of the third track (The Knew) as compared to the Japanese CD version. As well, the vinyl contains two bonus tracks, Gimmi Gimmi and Feeling Much Better!

    DISC 1

    01. This Time

    02. NYC

    03. The Knew

    04. Stephanie Tells Me

    05. Hurricane

    06. Anondah

    07. Komplicated Man

    DISC 2

    01. Runaway

    02. Says It's True

    03. This Life of Mine

    04. Gimmi Gimmi

    05. Feeling Much Better

    Jason Falkner
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • TV Eyes TV Eyes Quick View

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    TV Eyes

    First International Release Of Alternative Super Group's Debut

    Reissue Features 4 Bonus Tracks.

    Translucent Yellow Double LP

    Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. and Brian Reitzell have quite a
    musical history. Manning and Falkner-once bandmates in Jellyfish-have
    gone on to success as solo acts, or as members of groups including The
    Three O'Clock, The Grays, Imperial Drag, and The Moog Cookbook. Brian
    Reitzell, once the drummer for Redd Kross and Air, turned his talents to film
    and television, supervising and composing music for several films directed
    by Sofia Coppola, including The Virgin Suicides and the Academy Award
    nominated Lost In Translation (for which he, along with Kevin Shields of My
    Bloody Valentine, was nominated for a BAFTA award.) Currently, Reitzell
    composes music for the NBC-TV drama Hannibal.

    But, together, they were TV Eyes.

    Their 2006 self-titled debut was only released in Japan, now out of print, and
    commanding top dollar on the collector market. Omnivore Recordings is going
    to rectify that situation with a CD and 2-LP expanded edition. The release
    features nine tracks from TV Eyes, plus 3 bonus tracks from the Japanese
    only EP Softcore-each of which is a song from TV Eyes, remixed by a
    member of the band.

    For its first ever issue on vinyl, the double LP will be pressed on translucent
    yellow vinyl. The packaging will include photos and liner notes from the band's Jason Falkner.

    It's time to turn on your ears by turning on TV Eyes!

    1. Over The City
    2. Fascinating
    3. She's A Study
    4. The Party's Over
    5. Mission:Submission
    6. Love To Need
    7. What She Said
    8. Fade Away
    9. Time's Up
    10. Fascinating (Jason Falkner Remix)
    11. She's A Study (Roger Joseph Manning Jr. "Malibu" Remix)
    12. Time's Up (Brian Reitzell Remix)
    13. She Gets Around
    TV Eyes
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Subliminal Plastic Motives Subliminal Plastic Motives Quick View

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    Subliminal Plastic Motives

    Self's debut album is an impressive home-brewed amalgamation of crunchy post-grunge guitars, unusual samples, and cotton candy pop vocals. Imagine Nirvana's chord progressions overlaid with Jellyfish-type vocal harmonies, all processed through Beck's idiosyncratic, sample-based production aesthetic, and you've got an idea of what you're in for. The core of Self is Matt Mahaffey, a self-contained singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer who obviously has a voracious appetite for many styles of music including power pop, hip-hop, even jazz. The results are surprisingly coherent and thoroughly enjoyable on Subliminal Plastic Motives, an overlooked album.

    - Andy Hinds (All Music Guide)

    1. Borateen
    2. Sophomore Jinx
    3. Stewardess
    4. So Low
    5. Marathon Shirt
    6. Lucid Anne
    7. Cannon
    8. Missed The Friction
    9. Super*
    10. Mother Nature's Fault
    11. Big Important Nothing
    12. Lost My Senses
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Life In The Midwater Life In The Midwater Quick View

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    Life In The Midwater

    Often when you're in your mid-20's heavy realities start to settle in. Relationships that seemed like they'd last forever lose their spark, your aspirations and self-perception shift, you marvel at friends your age getting married and having babies, and you feel powerless and small, realizing that people you've known and loved for a lifetime can suddenly die. It's a serious psychological shakeup, made even more difficult if your frontal cortex hasn't fully matured yet. It's a beast, a mountain, a wall, or as in Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey, a mysterious obelisk that pushes you to evolve like it or not. For better or worse, parts of us die, new parts come to life, and if we're lucky we emerge smarter, stronger, and more resilient. It's no surprise that for ages we've felt a deep sense of connection with music, art, and films inspired by this metamorphosis. Aisha Burns' Life in the Midwater provides a snapshot of the rough stuff, but with a delicate sensitivity and wisdom beyond her years.

    Burns' contributions as the violinist and occasional vocalist for the Austin band Balmorhea belie a nuanced songwriting prowess, and a dynamic and powerful voice. The album's title references a deep dark layer of the ocean that flows far below the surface, and just above what we call the deeps sea. Bioluminescent jellyfish often inhabit this layer of the ocean, emitting mysterious flashes of light despite the risk of exposing themselves to potential predators. Similarly Aisha's songs are dreamlike beacons in the inky abyss

    1. Sold
    2. Midwater
    3. Shelly
    4. Gatekeeper
    5. Discerpo
    6. Requiem
    7. Mine to Bear
    8. Destroyer
    9. Nothing
    Aisha Burns
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Time Takes Time Time Takes Time Quick View

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    Time Takes Time

    First Time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl First Time Vinyl In North America

    Impeccably Mastered By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music & Capitol Records

    Manufactured On Limited Edition Translucent Green Vinyl At R.T.I.

    First Time Gatefold Cover

    Often considered one of his finest albums since the classic Ringo Lp from 1973, Time Takes Time would become one of the Ringo Starr's most loved works and one of the finer rock recordings of 1992. Featuring the hit single Weight Of The World, Time Takes Time would be the centerpiece of this Beatle's highly successful All Starr Band tour later that year and beyond.

    Whenever the legendary Ringo Starr makes a record, there's always a little help from his superstar friends like producers Jeff Lynne, Don Was, Peter Asher and the late Phil Ramone, who all contributed their studio expertise into making Time Takes Time the stellar work that it is.

    Along with musicians the caliber of The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, the late great Harry Nilsson, Steely Dan's Jeff Baxter, and alternate rockers Jellyfish, Time Takes Time would soon become one of the more important albums of the year. While the hit single Weight Of The World became a Ringo Starr fan favorite immediately upon its release, more classics abounded as the rockin' Jeff Lynne produced classic Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go truly shines.

    More heartfelt classics like All In The Name Of Love and the magical Don't Know A Thing About Love (penned by Heartbreaker Stan Lynch), as well as The Posie's Golden Blunders truly made this a wonderful listen from start to finish. As CD's were the format of choice in 1992, this fine recording was only released for a short time only in most parts of the world until now ..

    Friday Music is very honored to announce the first time North American vinyl release of the Ringo Starr classic Time Takes Time. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, this amazing Lp also receives a first time 180 Gram Audiophile Translucent Green Vinyl release. Pressed at R.T.I., for a limited time, this super fine Ringo Starr album will also be housed in a first time gatefold cover which includes rare photos and lyrics not seen in years.

    1. Weight Of The World
    2. Don't Know A Thing About Love
    3. Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go

    4. Golden Blunders
    5. All In The Name Of Love
    6. After All These Years
    7. I Don't Believe You
    8. Runaways
    9. In A Heart Beat
    10. What Goes Around
    Ringo Starr
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • Museum Of Consciousness (Out Of Stock) Museum Of Consciousness (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Museum Of Consciousness (Out Of Stock)

    Gatefold 180 Gram Double LP

    Museums Of Consciousness is the long awaited 5th studio full-length from Britsh Psytrance/Progressive act Shpongle. Shpongle is Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen and Raja Ram.

    Would you like to have your Amygdala tickled? Or watch a Jellyfish jump up a mountain? Perhaps you would rather feel like a brain floating in a fish tank, or watch molecules being juggled..A room with an Epiphany or maybe an Extra-Celestial Aquatic Garden?..these and other Adventures in Shpongleland, can be found in .......'

    MUSEUM of CONSCIOUSNESS': The ground breaking new new album from Shpongle.

    A Gigantic sound complex, with each room a different and unique experience into higher multi dimensional realms. There are many corridors and mazes, but you have access to 7 of these rooms ..come and enjoy .RR

    1. Brain In A Fish Tank

    2. How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain

    3. Juggling Molecules

    4. The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights

    5. Further Adventures In Shpongleland

    6. The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla

    7. Tickling The Amygdala
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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