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  • Junk Junk Quick View

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    "On the last album, there was too much of me." That's how Anthony
    Gonzalez - the sonic auteur behind that most sublime purveyor of
    symphonic-indie-electronic-dream pop, M83, describes the primary
    inspiration behind his forthcoming album Junk, released on April 8 by Mute.
    Highly anticipated, Junk is not just M83's first studio artist album in half
    a decade; it's also the follow-up to Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - which
    upon release in 2011 put M83 in the direct current of the mainstream. So
    why would Gonzalez try to remove himself from its follow-up and supplant
    himself with the surprising likes of Beck and Steve Vai. Wait, Steve Vai?
    The legendary virtuoso guitar hero who defined an era? On a M83 album in

    In trying to "remove" his identifiable musical presence, ironically Gonzalez
    may have made one of his most personal efforts yet in Junk and with no
    compromise. With Junk, M83 has succeeded in making what Gonzalez
    called "an organized mess - a collection of songs that aren't made to live
    with each other, yet somehow work together. From album opener "Do It
    Try It", a fractured yet catchy mÉlange of old-school house music pianos
    and pop-art bubblegum hooks worthy of ABBA, to "Moon Crystal," an
    instrumental whose mutant retro-futurist grooves evoke Genesis doing a
    prog-disco remix of the Love Boat theme, to the smooth new wave-meets-electro-funk
    workout "Time Wind" (featuring vocals by Beck) to "Go!", an
    exultant synth-pop charmer featuring vocals from new M83 collaborator
    Mai Lan and guitar solo from legendary shredder, Steve Vai, one thing is
    perfectly clear: "Every time I make a M83 album, I'm trying to do it on my
    own terms - and it's the same for this one," Gonzalez says. "Whatever I do,
    whatever influences I have, it ends up sounding like me. As a musician, I'm
    just trying to take you somewhere else, beyond your world."

    1. Do It, Try It
    2. Go!
    3. Walkway Blues
    4. Bibi The Dog
    5. Moon Crystal
    6. For The Kids
    7. Solitude
    8. The Wizard
    9. Laser Gun
    10. Road Blaster
    11. Tension
    12. Atlantique Sud
    13. Time Wind
    14. Ludivine
    15. Sunday Night 1987
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  • New Junk Aesthetic New Junk Aesthetic Quick View

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    New Junk Aesthetic

    Every Time I Die is a Southern hardcore rock band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. Across a series of five albums, they have defined a scene, with their unique blend of metalcore, punk and southern rock. Now with their debut album on Epitaph, New Junk Aesthetic, Every Time I Die return to the sound that made earlier albums like Hot Damn fan favorites. We know that our older stuff, which was a lot faster and a lot heavier, definitely made our live shows a lot more fun, because everyone was moving and singing along, says frontman Keith Buckley. We're kinda going back to the way we started.

    Produced by Steve Evetts (He Is Legend, A Static Lullaby, Dillinger Escape Plan, Saves the Day, Lifetime, Story of the Year). Features guest vocals by Matt Caughthran of the Bronx and Greg Puciat of Dillinger Escape Plan.

    1. Roman Holiday
    2. The Marvelous Slut
    3. Who Invited The Russian Soldier?
    4. Wanderlust
    5. For The Record
    6. White Smoke
    7. Turtles All The Way Down
    8. Organ Grinder
    9. Host Disorder
    10. After One Quarter Of A Revolution
    11. The Sweet Life
    Every Time I Die
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  • Thank You Thank You Quick View

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    Thank You

    This is Royal Trux's 1995 Virgin label debut produced by long time Neil Young collaborator David Briggs. Thank You was recorded almost completely live in the studio and Briggs' production and influence is readily apparent in this grimy piece of rock'n'roll. Neil Hagerty's guitar playing is wandering into noise land via unique and memorable solos but also transforming into something resembling '70s riffs while Jennifer Herrema outdoes herself and actually sings. Thank You, giving way to some surprisingly catchy tunes, is as good as modern rock classics go. A great, greasy work of non-commercial alternative rock fueled by cigarettes and junk food.
    1. A Night to Remember
    2. The Sewers of Mars
    3. Ray O Vac
    4. Map of the City
    5. Granny Grunt
    6. Lights on the Levee
    7. Fear Strikes Out
    8. (Have You Met) Horror James?
    9. You're Gonna Lose
    10. Shadow of the Wasp
    Royal Trux
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  • The Donovan Of Trash The Donovan Of Trash Quick View

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    The Donovan Of Trash

    The Donovan Of Trash is a truly punk record; a DIY, lo-fi milestone containing some of Wreck-less Eric's finest songs, a fact sadly overlooked at the time of its original release in 1993 by fans and critics unable to get beyond the harsh, weird and often dissonant sound to discover the beauty within. This Fire Records reissue, remastered and repackaged under Eric's direc-tion will do much to rectify this lamentable oversight. More fractured and frenetic than his pre-ceding album, Le Beat Group Électrique, The Donovan Of Trash makes Eric's earlier, suppos-edly punk/new wave recordings sound positively middle of the road by comparison. He used the same recording equipment as on Le Beat Group Électrique - a Teac 1/4 four track tape recorder and an ancient WEM Audiomaster five channel mixing desk plus a variety of two track tape machines and discarded studio junk rescued from recording suite refurbishments during the 1980s.
    1. Birthday Blues
    2. Duvet Fever
    3. Joe Meek
    4. The Consolation Prize
    5. Semi-Porno Satuette
    6. School
    7. The Nerd/Turkey Song
    8. Lureland
    9. Harry's Flat
    10. Haunted House
    11. If It Makes You Happy
    12. Paris In June
    Wreckless Eric
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  • Trouble Is A Lonesome Town Trouble Is A Lonesome Town Quick View

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    Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

    THRIFTSTORE MASTERPIECE is a revolving music collective devoted to paying homage to the
    underdog records of years past. The debut album revisits Lee Hazlewood's 1963 lost classic Trouble
    Is A Lonesome Town and features Pete Yorn, Frank Black (Pixies), Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse),
    Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), Eddie Argos (Art Brut), the late Larry Norman and more.

    In 1963, Lee Hazlewood released his debut album Trouble is a Lonesome Town to little fanfare. It
    was a collection of solo acoustic songs stitched together with a narrative that described life in a
    fictional small town inhabited by outlaws, thieves, and down-and-out laborers. The album was hokey,
    but hip. Corny, but cool. It evoked a bygone era of pastoral American towns and their sometimes seedy underbellies, somewhat like a darker version of the Andy Griffith Show or a more sinister
    Prairie Home Companion. More importantly, it was a fully realized concept album that predated
    the trend that is so common in today' s music world. Hazlewood had originally intended the songs
    as demos for his publisher, in hopes that other artists might someday record them. A half century
    later, the music collective known as THRIFTSTORE MASTERPIECE has done exactly that.

    Producer I band leader Charles Normal explains I first came across the record around the turn of the
    millennium while living in Oslo, Norway. I found it in a secondhand junk shop and it struck a nostalgic
    note somewhere within me. It made me homesick for the panoply of Americana I had experienced
    while slumming it in the Southwestern border towns and California desert whistle stops I drifted
    through when I first started playing music on the road. The record didn't leave my turntable for
    months. Years later, I started to envision the record as a more orchestrated statement and began
    recording the basic tracks in my studio.

    My brother, singer Larry Norman, lent his voice to a couple of the tracks, but when he passed away
    from a heart attack in 2008 I fell into a deep funk and put the project on the back burner. I couldn't
    bring myself to harmonize with his vocals ... it was just too emotional to deal with. It wasn't until much
    later, prompted in part by Isaac Brock, that I dusted off the tapes and hard drives and began to finish
    it. I went through my address book and started calling friends who happened to be in possession of
    great voices to see if they were interested in joining in.

    1. Long Black Train - featuring Frank Black
    2. Ugly Brown -featuring Larry Norman
    3. Son Of A Gun- featuring Frank Black
    4. We All Make The Flowers Grow- featuring Kristin Blix
    5. Run Boy Run - featuring Frank Black
    6. Six Feet Of Chain- featuring Pete Yorn
    7. The Railroad- featuring Isaac Brock
    8. Look At That Woman - featuring Courtney Taylor-Taylor
    9. Peculiar Guy- featuring Eddie Argos
    1 0. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town - featuring Larry Norman
    Thriftstore Masterpiece
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  • Some Days Are Better Than Others Some Days Are Better Than Others Quick View

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    Some Days Are Better Than Others

    Temporary Residence has waited with eager anticipation to release Matthew Coopers spellbinding soundtrack to Some Days Are Better Than Others since before his creative breakthrough album, Similes (released under his more widely known Eluvium moniker) was even made. The film stars James Mercer (Broken Bells, The Shins) and Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney) as strangers whose lives occasionally intersect as they navigate their way through the struggles of personal attachment and disconnection.

    When viewing the film, Cooper observed themes being presented regarding our throw-away society, and realized that both he and Some Days Are Better Than Others director Matt McCormick shared a common interest in this world of things left behind and the emotional baggage that is connected to it, whether broken or simply tossed aside for something new; something once considered the future, turning into antiquated rubble. Cooper decided that using a collection of damaged instruments would be a fitting way to underscore this aspect of the film.

    A long-time collector of odds and ends and junked musical instruments, Cooper has amassed an impressive array of thrift store and garage sale keyboards, foot pedals, and electronics over the years, always hoping to discover the ghosts hidden within and the unique properties they may possess.

    1. Curious Moments

    2. Drifting
    3. Pursuance
    4. Into Dust
    5. Expectation
    6. What You Leave Behind
    7. Reprieve
    8. Worry And Care
    9. Time And Abandonment
    10. Its Never What It Seems
    11. Camille And The Ocean
    12. Some Days Are Better Than Others
    13. Katrina Outtake

    Matthew Cooper
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  • The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress) The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Awaiting Repress)

    A match made in Canada! Eight songs inspired by the Terminal City Ricochet sessions, including an alternate version of Falling Space Junk. Also features Bad, Sharks in the Gene Pool and Chew.
    1. The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Falling Space Junk)
    2. Jesus Was A Terrorist
    3. Bruce's Diary
    4. Bad
    5. Ride The Flume
    6. Chew
    7. Sharks In The Gene Pool
    8. The Myth Is Real - Let's Eat
    Jello Biafra
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  • II II Quick View

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    II builds on the break-beat, junk-shop charm that Ruban Nielson, 32-year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, came to be renowned for following his self-titled 2011 debut, and signals the solidification of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's position as an endlessly intriguing, brave psychedelic band. UMO is unafraid to dig deeper than the rest to lock into their intoxicating, opiate groove and bring rock'n'roll's exaggerated myths to life.
    1. From The Sun
    2. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)
    3. So Good At Being In Trouble
    4. One At A Time
    5. The Opposite of Afternoon
    6. No Need For a Leader
    7. Monki
    8. Dawn
    9. Faded in the Morning
    10. Secret Xtians
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
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  • Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Your Mouth Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Your Mouth Quick View

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    Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Your Mouth

    Ero Gray was raised in a tent in the Sierra Nevada foothills, lived most of his adult life in San Diego, CA, and Brooklyn, NY, and now resides in Portland, OR. He is a founding member of the bands The Nylon-Coated Cats and Rad Unicorn & the Ecstatic Virgins; has released electronic music under the aliases Professor Kermit and Golden Poultry Error, has recorded and remixed Soul-Junk, Therefore, Bogs Visionary Orchestra, and the Castanets, and plays the ongoing role of producer Papa Alabaster in the Land of a Thousand Rappers project.

    Asthmatic Kittys Library Catalog Music is a series of instrumental albums designed for possible use in films and television, background sounds for home or office, or personal needs, such as relaxation, stimulation, meditation, concentration, or elevation. Ero Gray's installation in the series, Music For Your Mouth, contains 23 such tracks.

    1. For Whom the Whom Tolls
    2. The Frog Tribes Worship A Strange God
    3. Acorn Paws
    4. Out In The Asphalt Desert
    5. The Owl Tongue
    6. A Deeper Incision
    7. Pretzel Saws
    8. Glossamer Statues
    9. Concrete Fedoras On Lead Heads
    10. The Wind Whistles Through Catatonia Canyon
    11. Cheetah Cheetah, Yall
    12. Electric Antennae
    13. The Ten Severed Heads
    14. Quartz Rooms, All Exactly Alike
    15. Alas, Alas, Alas, Alas
    16. Some Dark Holler
    17. A Little Tiny Wilderness
    18. Clouds of Clouds of Spiders
    19. Blue Wine From A Silver Cup
    20. The Spirit Zoo
    21. Where Is It At? Where?
    22. Seaweed Washes Ashore
    23. Blizzard of Ooze
    Ero Gray
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  • A Folk Set Apart A Folk Set Apart Quick View

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    A Folk Set Apart

    Cass McCombs' new anthology, A Folk Set Apart, is subtitled "Rarities, B-Sides & Space
    Junk, Etc." which is, on the surface, true but it's so much more than that. It's an alternate
    retelling of the last decade and a half of an enigmatic career built on immaculate
    songwriting but short on "breakthrough success." While it contains none of McCombs'
    better known songs from his seven full-lengths, he would have you believe this is his favorite

    The compilation starts off with the very first song to be released by McCombs, "I Cannot
    Lie" and, as is the case with many of McCombs gems, is told in the first person. Often, the
    temptation is to assume the autobiographical with McCombs and long-time fans surely have
    formed some mental picture of the elusive musician, but to do so would be to proceed at
    your own risk. McCombs knows his mythology is littered with misdirects, rumors and half
    truths and quite frankly none of our business.

    And McCombs is right, actually. In spite of its compilation status, nineteen tracks in all . This very well
    may be the most compelling album he's released, not because the original albums are
    lacking in their own charms, but there is something fascinating in the sprawl: chugging lo-fi,
    downtrodden gems, rambling rave-ups, political anthems, lysergic outtakes, wistful laments
    and an appropriate bookend on our own decade-long professional relationship with one of
    the greatest songwriters of the 21st Century. Fare thee well, Cass.

    1. I Cannot Lie
    2. A.Y.D.
    3. Oatmeal
    4. Twins
    5. Minimum Wage
    6. Poet's Day (Alt Version)
    7. An Other
    8. Bradley Manning
    9. Evangeline (Alt Version)
    10. Empty Promises
    11. If You Loved Me Before . . .
    12. Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log
    13. Lost River/Old River
    14. Old As Angry
    15. Texas
    16. Night Of The World
    17. Traffic Of Souls
    18. Catacombs Cow Cow Boogie
    19. The State Will Take Care Of Me
    Cass McCombs
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  • Silver Apples Silver Apples Quick View

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    Silver Apples

    New 24 Bit /96 kHz Transfer Taken From The Original Master Tapes

    Deluxe Silver Foil Jacket (Tip-On)

    Limited Blue Sky Colored Vinyl

    Formed in 1967 as a psychedelic electronic duo featuring Dan Taylor on drums and Simeon on a homemade synthesizer consisting of 12 oscillators (and an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and a variety of second hand electronic junk), Silver Apples quickly gained a reputations New York's leading underground musical expression.

    Their pulsating rhythmic beats with the use of electronics laid the groundwork for what would become "Krautrock."

    Silver Apples was released in 1968 and still remains an innovative and revolutionary album. Their highly influential sound has influenced countless bands from Stereolab, Beastie Boys, Blur and more.

    The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocal's similarity to John Lennon. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie feeling resonating through the songs.

    While bands like The Beatles and Love were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor of Faces get sincerely dark right away.

    Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed "Sarah Saturday" shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes era Love. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968. Now repressed again in 2016 on Blue Sky Colored Vinyl.

    1. Oscillations
    2. Seagreen Serenades
    3. Lovefingers
    4. Program
    5. Velvet Cave
    6. Whirly-Bird
    7. Dust
    8. Dancing Gods
    9. Misty Mountain
    Silver Apples
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Membrane Pop Membrane Pop Quick View

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    Membrane Pop

    Membrane Pop is the debut Software Recording Co. release by
    experimental duo Sculpture.

    The self-described opto-musical agglomerate was born in 2008 after a
    chance encounter between British musician Dan Hayhurst and New
    Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland. By combining practices, the pair's
    rst test splattered a psychedelic palette that pushed them to explore
    sensorial intricacies emerging from chance operations.

    Raw materials for Sculpture's music include a mix of analog and digital
    practices. In Hayhurst and Sutherland's hands, tape manipulation,
    samples, found sounds, aleatoric and algorithmic programming and live
    improvisation become more complementary than you might imagine.

    Sculpture draws from experimentalism to promote new potentials for
    pop and electronic music in an age where many of our sci- fantasies
    have become mundane occurrences. "I'm aiming to make a coherent,
    adventurous electronic pop record with its own voice and identity,"
    Hayhurst explains. "I don't think experimental music has to be dark,
    difcult or joyless. I try to make something playful, and maybe a little

    At the center of Membrane Pop is a phenomenological approach to
    sound and performance. "Symbolic Molecule" is a morphing, unsettled
    groove, but its addictive properties remain potent. "Polymorphic
    Operator" bubbles with a sort of chemical effervescence; the ghost of
    Jamaican dub modulating itself into an innite haze. Sculpture's
    compositional predilection emerges amidst scrambled sound worlds in
    "Hackle Scam Populator", while "Distraction Display" is perhaps the
    closest ambient cut on the record.

    What makes Sculpture sculptural (we bet the original Abstract
    Expressionists would have dug them) are moments where their
    craftsmanship feels almost animate within the constraints of musical
    time. In the opening seconds of "Lingual Junk", these moments appear
    to freeze and unthaw an old recording. As the track narrative unfurls,
    you can feel Hayhurst ghting to acclimate the sound from out of
    cryostasis and into his reality.

    If a majority of the music you hear today resembles the hard-set stone
    carvings of history, then Sculpture's offerings are imagined, transitory
    statues with no xed place in time. Hearing Membrane Pop in a different
    context, time or place may well bring about a different experience. Or
    perhaps a similar result.  

    1. Materialising
    2. Multi-Faith Capsule
    3. Symbolic Molecule
    4. Unhitch Your Program
    5. Polymorphic Operator
    6. 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought
    7. Hackle Scan Populator
    8. Distraction Display
    9. Lingual Junk
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  • Nigel Lived Nigel Lived Quick View

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    Nigel Lived

    45th Anniversary Edition Of Murray Head's Groundbreaking 1972 Classic

    180-Gram Double 45s Pressed At RTI

    Old Style ''Tip On'' Gatefold Jacket + 8-Page Book Printed By Stoughton On Heavy Stock

    100% Analog Mastering From The Original Master Tapes

    Mastered by Kevin Gray At Cohearent Audio

    Murray Head's Nigel Lived is a groundbreaking classic and one of the boldest, most daring and inventive albums of all time. Recorded by the great recording engineer Phill Brown, Nigel Lived is from the golden era of all-analog recording, a sonic and musical masterpiece that every music lover and audiophile simply must have.

    In Spring of 1972 Murray Head was just 25, coming off amazing success on the stage and screen, when he recorded his debut album, Nigel Lived. And Nigel isn't just any album, it's an ambitious, experimental album full of great songs that required stunningly diverse recording techniques and instrumentation on every track. There are beautiful acoustic works that draw a straight line to Murray's later albums like ''Ruthie'' and ''When You Wake Up In The Morning,'' there are straight-up rockers and amazingly innovative tracks like ''Religion'' and the sprawling ''Junk.''

    Nigel's story arc unfolds as a three-act play in which Nigel leaves a small town for the big city, finds love and success before crashing into addiction and despair. The background locations, characters and scenes change sonically throughout as Nigel was a adventurous & pioneering effort in blending studio recording with an incredible array of location recordings captured all over London's West End.

    In the same way that films today operate on the ''found footage'' motif, Murray's ahead-of-its-time conceptual treatment for Nigel consisted of hand writing a ''diary'' for Nigel that was then ''found'' by Murray, who put Nigel's life to song. It's a brilliant narrative tool that allowed Murray to weave aspects of his own rich experiences in the whirlwind of late 60s London into the songs. Murray saw great success, making a splash on stage in Hair and on-screen in films like The Family Way and John Schlesinger's avant-garde Sunday Bloody Sunday. And he saw the depths working in a drug-addiction clinic and watching friends disappear into and eventually succumb to heroin.

    Nigel Lived is driven by Murray's tremendous energy, and the songs are witty, intense, achingly beautiful and exceptionally well-recorded.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    LP 1
    1. Pacing On The Station
    2. Big City
    3. Bed & Breakfast
    4. The Party
    5. Ruthie
    6. City Scurry
    7. When You Wake Up In The Morning

    LP 2
    1. Why Do We Have To Hurt Our Heads?
    2. Pity The Poor Consumer
    3. Dole
    4. Nigel, Nigel
    5. Miss Illusion
    6. Religion
    7. Junk

    Murray Head
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Resistance Is Futile (Awaiting Repress) Resistance Is Futile (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Resistance Is Futile (Awaiting Repress)

    In interviews prior to the release of their 2010 album 'Postcards From A Young Man', Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire stated that the record represented "one last shot at mass communication". Twenty years on from their incendiary debut for Heavenly ('Motown Junk'), it seemed like the biggest cult band in the country were readying to stand aside to let any number of young upstarts attempt to scale their pedestal.

    Recorded concurrently, the twin albums that followed saw the band explore previously uncharted territory. On 'Rewind the Film' (2013), the band channelled their Welsh heritage as never before in a series of raw acoustic paeans; released a few months later, 2014's 'Futurology' presented a gleaming, panoramic vision of 'Europe Endless'. Following those releases, Manic Street Preachers toured two of their peerless albums - 1994's 'The Holy Bible' and its follow-up, 1996's 'Everything Must Go'. Maybe Wire's pre-Postcards prediction was right; perhaps this was time for the band to fade out gracefully?

    One listen to 'International Blue' - the first single from Manic Street Preachers' 13th album, 'Resistance is Futile' - blows that thought out of the water. The single is intensely melodic, supremely confident and driven by an empathetic melancholy. It's the perfect herald for a classic Manics album that's less one last shot at mass communication and much more a record ready made for massive communion.

    Unexpectedly lyrically open, 'Resistance is Futile' finds the band working from an emotional palette they are not immediately associated with. From the cascading opening of 'People Give In' to the scattered resonance of 'The Left Behind', the album is very much the work of a band demanding to be heard and joined, at full volume. These are Manic Street Preachers songs written for the stage; songs to be sung against sunsets and shared in full-throated union.

    The first Manics album to be recorded at their new Door to the River studio (situated at the head of a valley just outside Newport) with long-term Manics collaborators (producer Dave Eringa and mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge), 'Resistance is Futile' finds the Manic Street Preachers completely reinvigorated, clearly revelling in the change of scenery. The songs play to wide-vistas and open roads, nodding to the band's past (with echoes of 'Generation Terrorists' chaotic ambition of and the unrelenting melodies that run right through 'This Is My Truth ') while drawing a route map for the future.

    1. People Give In
    2. International Blue
    3. Distant Colours
    4. Vivian
    5. Dylan & Caitlin
    6. Liverpool Revisited
    7. Sequels of Forgotten Wars
    8. Hold Me Like a Heaven
    9. In Eternity
    10. Broken Algorithms
    11. A Song for the Sadness
    12. The Left Behind
    Manic Street Preachers
    Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Evening Visits...And Stays For Years The Evening Visits...And Stays For Years Quick View

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    The Evening Visits...And Stays For Years

    Born of the small but vibrant Brisbane punk/new wave scene of the late Seventies, Peter
    Milton Walsh began to cultivate the mysterious, moody myth that would follow him through
    out his career that has taken him around the world. But before setting out abraod, Walsh
    certainly made his mark on the Brisbaine scene. His band, The Apartments, formed in 1978
    and spent the next year playing ample amounts of shows around Brisbaine. With a reputation
    that preceeded him, Walsh was saught out by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan,
    members of one of Brisbaine's most noteworthy bands, The Go-Betweens. Having been
    offered an 8 album deal by Beserkly Records, Forster and McLennon asked Walsh to join
    The Go-Betweens as their fourth member in late 1978. The union was, however, short lived.
    There were personality differences, which led McLennon to famously say "Walsh is night, we
    are day. We're sun, he's rain.".

    After the deal with Beserkly fell through, Walsh returned to The Apartments, leaving The
    Go-Betweens as a three piece. They went on to affectionately write a song for Walsh,
    entitled "Don't Let Him Come Back", which included the line "Here he comes, with his twelve
    o'clock junk...who's that dressed in black? Who's that in his apartment?". Things weren't sour
    between the two bands and The Apartments recorded their first EP, "Return of the Hypnotist"
    on The Go-Between's Able Label. But before the EP was even released, The Apartments
    broke up and Walsh left for New York City. During his time in NYC, Walsh played
    mustic with a number of bands and recorded many songs that would serve as demos for
    future releases for the still defunct Apartments.

    Returning to Australia in 1984, Walsh got the band back together and recorded a few
    singles, including "All You Wanted". All the while the band were also recording demos, which
    led to a record deal with London's legendary Rough Trade Records, prompting Walsh to
    move to London. It was there that he recorded his first proper LP, "The Evening Visits... And
    Stays for Years". The album received strong praise and drew comparisons to a wide range of
    acts such as Cocteau Twins, Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. The NME said of the record ""after
    whetting our appetites with last year's classic import single 'All You Wanted' The Apartments
    have stunned us to a reverential silence. This album is a pure heart-wrencher, and should
    only be listened to after dark.".

    Although The Apartments and Walsh continued to tour and record with a variety of line ups,
    it is these early works that provide a definitive look at their sound. Available all together
    for the first time, Captured Tracks are pleased to present "The Evening Visits... And Stays for
    Years" along with "The Return of the Hypnotist", the "All You Wanted" single and a collection
    of demos from "The Evening Visits...". Complete with liner notes by Robert Forster and Walsh
    himself, this increadible collection of Walsh's first seven years of recordings is not to be missed.

    LP1: The Evening Visits... And Stays for Years:
    1. Sunset Hotel
    2. Mr. Somewhere
    3. What's the Morning For?
    4. All the Birthdays
    5. Great Fool
    6. Speechless with Tuesday
    7. Cannot Tell the Days Apart
    8. Lazarus, Lazarus
    9. The Black Road Shines (On Rainy Nights)

    LP2: The Last Look is a Stare:
    1. Help
    2. Nobody Like You
    3. Refugee
    4. All You Wanted
    5. Fever Elsewhere
    6. Sunset Hotel
    7. What's the Morning For?
    8. All the Birthdays (Demo)
    9. Great Fool (Demo)
    10. The Black Road Shines (On Rainy Nights) (Demo)

    The Apartments
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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