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  • The Great Cold Distance The Great Cold Distance Quick View

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    The Great Cold Distance

    Hailed as one of the leaders of the death-doom genre alongside My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, Sweden's Katatonia have spent 25 years constantly evolving into the much-loved purveyor of dark progressive rock/metal they are today.

    2016 marks not only the band's 25th anniversary, but also 10 years since the release of their highly regarded Peaceville album The Great Cold Distance.

    Founding guitarist Anders Nystrom comments:

    Looking back at our set lists from a historic perspective, it dawned on us that there's been no other album from which we've played more songs than The Great Cold Distance, so in the light of its 10th anniversary, it's with much pride and joy that we announce the ultimate edition featuring all the scattered bits and pieces related to this album.

    LP 1
    1. Leaders
    2. Deliberation
    3. Soil's Song
    4. My Twin

    5. Consternation
    6. Follower
    7. Rusted
    8. Increase
    9. July
    10. In The White

    LP 2
    1. The Itch
    2. Journey Through Pressure
    Bonus Tracks:
    3. My Twin (Opium Dub Version)
    4. Displaced

    5. Dissolving Bonds
    6. In The White (Urban Dub)
    7. Code Against The Code
    8. Soil's Song (Krister Linder 2012 Remix)
    9. Unfurl

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Extol Extol Quick View

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    180 Gram Heavy Weight Vinyl With White, Grey, and See-Through Colors

    Progressive death metal for fans of OPETH, GOJIRA, MASTODON.

    Norwegian Grammy-nominated cult band return with their magnum opus. Extols self titled album is a like a complex metallic alloy. The playfulness of the songs and the brutal bonding of genres are transformed into a fusion of atmospheric and harmonic prog rock, merged with the tempered thrash and death metal that Extol so uniquely master.

    This album leads us straight to the core of Extol. Drummer David Husvik comments: ""Extol" is the album that was planned all the way, but never materialized. Partly due to changes in the line up, but also because of the band´s urge to always reach for something new.

    The album is the recap of 20 years of Extolhistory, both musically and lyrically." With a long awaited creative collaboration with Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Enslaved) and some truly magnificent artwork by Travis Smith (Katatonia, Opeth, Death), Extol has managed to create a timeless masterpiece and the vision of the band seems clearer than ever.

    1. Betrayal
    2. Open The Gates
    3. Wastelands
    4. A Gift Beyond Human Reach
    5. Faltering Moves
    6. Behold The Sun
    7. Dawn Of Redemption
    8. Ministers
    9. Extol
    10. Unveiling The Obscure
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Reaching Into Infinity Reaching Into Infinity Quick View

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    Reaching Into Infinity

    Pressed On 2x Colored Vinyl

    Long running Grammy-nominated extreme melodic power metal band DragonForce are set to release their seventh album, 'Reaching Into Infinity.' Once again recorded with Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork), the producer extraordinaire who helmed the UK-based group's now three-year-old previous record 'Maximum Overload,' it will be available via Metal Blade Records in the United States.

    'Reaching Into Infinity' introduces Italian drummer Gee Anzalone, who joined the band for their first ever 'best-of' collection, 'Killer Elite: The Hits, The Highs, The Vids', released in 2016. It's the third DragonForce album to feature frontman Marc Hudson, whose reign at the mic now enters its sixth year.

    Musically speaking, 'Reaching Into Infinity' continues where DragonForce left off with 'Maximum Overload', the band's faster material becoming even faster still, while the melodic parts head even further in that particular direction. The band offers no apologies for the inclusion of a 1980s rock-style ballad entitled 'Silence' and, at the other end of the spectrum, there's even an 11-minute multi-tempoed monster called 'The Edge Of The World'.

    "'The Edge Of The World' is DragonForce's longest ever song," says Li proudly. "In some ways, this album is more epic than anything we've done before."'The Edge Of The World' is extremely ambitious, channeling growled vocals from Hudson and fusing them with a stunning arrangement that twists and turns like the proverbial dragon's tail. The 'Force go prog-rock, anyone?

    "Why not?" Li responds. "Marc's favorite style of music is prog, and I'm a massive fan of Dream Theater, so there's an element of that going on. With each album that we make, the band reveals more and more if its influences, constantly adding to what we can do."

    "We have proven that playing fast is something we were good at, so this time I wanted to bring even more diversity into our music," Fred elaborates. "It's great to challenge ourselves instead of staying in a comfort zone, and I really wanted to experiment with Marc's vocals. I think people are going to be surprised at his brutality."

    The title corresponds with the album's highly impressive sleeve art, which features a dragon bursting through a wormhole into a hi-tech, futuristic cityscape.

    "The dragon represents us - DragonForce - and a form of music that's been around for a very long time, emerging into an outside world that's infinitely more crazy and chaotic than it was ten years ago," Li explains, using considerable understatement. "Everyone is saying that there's no future and there's a lot of fear and uncertainty, especially for younger people, but our music is an escape from it all."

    The bulk of the album was laid down at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, though additional parts were cut in studios around the UK and in California. They had to be - "Since 'Killer Elite' it's been non-stop for us," Li comments.

    Adds Leclercq: "We flew out, played a festival, headed back into the studio, then went back out again. It was very intense and tiring. I obviously played bass but also a lot of rhythm guitar, electric and acoustic, and lost my temper a few times - I think we all did at some point because we wanted to deliver nothing but the best."

    Expect many of these songs to become firm live favorites, particularly the super-fast 'Midnight Madness' (feted as the album's second video track), when DragonForce hit the road again. As usual, their itinerary will take them to the four corners of the world.

    LP 1
    1. Reaching into Infinity
    2. Ashes of the Dawn
    3. Judgement Day
    4. Astral Empire
    5. Curse of Darkness
    6. Silence
    7. Midnight Madness

    LP 2
    1. War!
    2. Land of Shattered Dreams
    3. The Edge of the World
    4. Our Final Stand
    5. Hatred and Revenge (Bonus Track)
    6. Evil Dead (Bonus Track)

    Colored Vinyl LP -2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Hamartia Hamartia Quick View

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    Formed in 1989, this release marks the band's 28th anniversary year and is a sonic testament to their legacy as one of the earliest U.S. dark & doom metal bands still active today.

    Considered by the band to be their best work to date, Harmartia's mastery is due in part to the synergy of its lineup, who constituted their previous album Bled White: Paul Kuhr (founder/vocalist), Larry Roberts (guitars), Vito Marchese (guitars), Mike Feldman (bass), and Garry Naples (drums).

    Recorded at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI, this album sees production from long-time Novembers Doom producer Chris Djuricic (Jungle Rot, Malevolence), and Mix Master metal legend Dan Swano (Opeth, Dissection, Katatonia).

    1. Devils Light
    2. Plague Bird
    3. Ghost
    4. Ever After
    5. Hamartia
    6. Apostasy
    7. Miasma
    8. Zephyr
    9. Waves In The Red Cloth
    10. Borderline
    Novembers Doom
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Shades of God Shades of God Quick View

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    Shades of God

    Clear Colored Vinyl

    Paradise Lost are a heavy metal band formed in 1987 in Halifax, England. Along
    with country mates anathema and my dying bride, they are credited for creating
    the subgenre known as death/doom metal. With the release of the albums icon
    (1993) and draconian times (1995), Paradise Lost also became known as pioneers
    of Gothic metal, and have been noted as an influence on bands such as Katatonia,
    Opeth, and lacuna coil. Shades of god begins to integrate clean melodies &
    quieter passages that mark the band's transitioning sound, including as i die,
    known as the hymn for paradise lost fans. This reissue includes brand new liner
    notes and 2 bonus tracks taken from the original Japanese release

    1. Mortals Watch The Day
    2. Crying For Eternity
    3. Embraced
    4. Daylight Torn
    5. Pity The Sadness
    6. No Forgiveness
    7. Your Hand In Mine
    8. The World Made Flesh
    9. As I Die
    10. Rape Of Virtue
    11. Death Walks Behind You (Atomic Rooster cover)
    Paradise Lost
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Woods 5: Grey Skies And Electric Light Woods 5: Grey Skies And Electric Light Quick View

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    Woods 5: Grey Skies And Electric Light

    'Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light' is the ground-breaking record of 'bleak metal' from this revered Canadian act. The album received high praise upon its original release in February 2012 with Metal Hammer scoring 6/7 and giving it a near perfect score of 4.5/5 stars. The themes of doom and death so heavily ingrained in the record were made even more profound after David Gold's death in December 2011 (just 4 months after the album was recorded.) The band's sound has been compared to the likes of Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, characterized by band leader David Gold's deep and mournful vocal style and bleak lyrical outlook. Due to fan demand, this is the first ever vinyl repress of this album.
    1. Lightning & Snow
    2. Death Is Not An Exit
    3. Keeper Of The Ledger
    4. Travelling Alone
    5. Adora Vivos
    6. Silver
    7. Career Suicide (Is Not A Real Suicide)
    8. Modern Life Architecture
    9. Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)
    10. Finality
    11. Alternate Ending
    Woods Of Ypres
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Fall Of Hearts (Out of Stock) The Fall Of Hearts (Out of Stock) Quick View


    The Fall Of Hearts (Out of Stock)

    The Fall Of Hearts is the first record to feature new drummer Daniel 'Mojjo' Moilanen and with the addition of their recently recruited guitarist Roger Öjersson (Tiamat), who came in just in time to sprinkle some blistering solos on the album, Katatonia will continue to push their musical boundaries beyond their roots in the metal scene while drawing in new fans from across the musical spectrum like peers such as Opeth and Anathema have also done, cementing Katatonia's place as one of the most revered and cherished of all bands in the world of modern heavy music.
    1. Takeover
    2. Serein
    3. Old Heart Falls
    4. Decima
    5. Sanction
    6. Residual
    7. Serac
    8. Last Song Before The Fade
    9. Shifts
    10. The Night Subscriber
    11. Pale Flag
    12. Passer
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Dance of December Souls (Out of Stock) Dance of December Souls (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Dance of December Souls (Out of Stock)

    'Dance of December Souls' was the debut album from Katatonia, who have since risen to the forefront of the gothic metal genre. Katatonia was formed in Stock'Dance of December Souls' was the debut album from Katatonia, who have since risen to the forefront of the gothic metal genre. Katatonia was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström.

    The album was recorded at Unisound Studios, April 1993 and released later that same year. Engineering and mixing was handled by Dan Swano (Opeth, Marduk,
    Dissection). This early incarnation of Katatonia contained a more doom/black metal approach, whilst always keeping the trademark sorrowful & hypnotic guitar melodies which are still evident today. The album exudes an atmosphere of utter melancholy, accentuated by the growled, despairing vocals of Jonas. Katatonia quickly became part of the leaders of the gothic doom movement alongside top UK acts Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema.

    1. Seven Dreaming Souls
    2. Gateways Of Bereavement
    3. In Silence Enshrined
    4. Without God
    5. Elohim Meth
    6. Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)

    1. Tomb Of Insomnia
    2. Dancing December
    3. Midwinter Gates (Prologue)
    4. Without God
    5. Palace Of Frost
    6. The Northern Silence
    7. Crimson Tears (Epilogue)

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • For Funerals to Come (Out of Stock) For Funerals to Come (Out of Stock) Quick View


    For Funerals to Come (Out of Stock)

    Katatonia was formed in 1991 by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Their debut album, "Dance of December Souls", was released in 1993, gaining the band recognition for their eclectic brand of gothic doom/death metal & joining acts such as Paradise Lot & My Dying Bride as one of the genre's defining bands. On future albums a newer, sleeker Katatonia
    sound came to the fore, starting with a streamlined & structured collection of melodic dark rock songs that became third album "Discouraged Ones";
    the main evolution point for modern day Katatonia.
    1. Funeral Wedding
    2. Shades of Emerald Fields
    3. For Funerals to Come
    4. Epistel
    5. Black Erotica
    6. Love of the Swan
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Dethroned & Uncrowned (Out of Stock) Dethroned & Uncrowned (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Dethroned & Uncrowned (Out of Stock)

    Katatonia return with Dethroned & Uncrowned their debut release on Kscope (Peaceville's sister label), home to Steven Wilson, Anathema and most recently Wisdom of Crowds, the new project from Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief and Katatonia's very own Jonas Renske.

    In August 2012 Katatonia released Dead End Kings, their ninth studio album. The album was the band's most successful to date and cemented the Swede's position as masters of darkened metal. Dead End Kings was released on the Peaceville label, the band's home for the past 14 years.

    Many of the ecstatic reviews Dead End Kings received commented on the fact that the album marked another step in the band's journey towards a more progressive sound. Dethroned & Uncrowned allows them to explore these elements of the record further as they have re-recorded & reworked the album, creating new moods and textures while still staying truthful to the core of the songs.

    1. The Parting
    2. The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here
    3. Hypnone
    4. The Racing Heart
    5. Buildings
    6. Leech

    1. Ambitions
    2. Undo You
    3. Lethean
    4. First Prayer

    5. Dead Letters

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Viva Emptiness (Out Of Stock) Viva Emptiness (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Viva Emptiness (Out Of Stock)

    Katatonia was formed in 1991 by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Their debut album, 'Dance
    of December Souls', was released in 1993, gaining the band recognition for their eclectic brand
    of gothic doom/death metal & joining acts such as Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride as one of the
    genre's defining bands.

    'Viva Emptiness' was Katatonia's sixth studio album & is considered among the band's strongest
    works; a step up even over the seemingly insurmountable greatness of previous release, 'Last Fair
    Deal gone Down'. The album was recorded at the famous Soundtrade Studios (part of the 301
    group) in Stockholm in October/November 2002 & released the following year; further refining
    Katatonia's unique & poignant brand of melodic dark rock & metal.

    This special edition of 'Viva Emptiness' contains the following additions & improvements:
    -The whole album revamped - with all keyboard sounds updated plus brand new keyboard arrangements
    on many songs.

    1. Ghost Of The Sun
    2. Sleeper
    3. Criminals
    4. A Premonition
    5. Will I Arrive
    6. Burn The Remembrance
    7. Wealth

    1. One Year From Now
    2. Walking By A Wire
    3. Complicity
    4. Evidence

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Nightwork (Out of Stock) Nightwork (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Nightwork (Out of Stock)

    Diabolical Masquerade was the solo-project created by Katatonia's Anders 'Blakkheim' Nyström in 1996, to let off more creative steam away from the gothic/doom metal styling of Katatonia. Diabolical
    Masquerade released 4 albums in total, before Blakkheim laid the project to rest in 2004.
    'Nightwork' was the third album by Diabolical Masquerade. It was recorded at The Sanctuary in April 1998 and saw a release later that year. The album was produced by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia) and Blakkheim.

    Although a solo-project, Blakkheim enlisted the help of Dan Swanö to perform the drums, as well
    as contributing with some keyboards and backing vocals.

    1. Rider on the Bonez
    2. Dreadventurouz
    3. The Zkeleton Keyz to the Dead
    4. Thiz Ghoultimate Omen
    5. All Onboard the Perdition Hearze!
    6. The Eerie Obzidian Circuz
    7. Haunted by Horror
    Diabolical Masquerade
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Brave Murder Day (Out of Stock) Brave Murder Day (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Brave Murder Day (Out of Stock)

    Originally released in 1996, second album Brave Murder Day is a true classic.

    The primitive structures and melodies give this album an unparalleled trance-like quality, by taking an early Paradise Lost influence (mixed with others such as Kent and Slowdive) and forming a completely unique sound and atmosphere.

    The majority of the vocal duties were carried out in his signature death-growl style by Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, while Jonas Renkse delivered the clean vocal passages, that he is known for today, on the ethereal track, Day (also showing their broad influence by acts such as The Cure). Jonas also played drums on the album.

    Brave Murder Day was recorded at Unisound, Sweden, in July 1996, and was engineered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Dissection & among many others).

    1. Brave
    2. Murder
    3. Day
    4. Rainroom
    5. 12
    6. Endtime
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Magnolia (Out of Stock) Magnolia (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Magnolia (Out of Stock)

    Anthemic, catchy and straight from the heart, Magnolia represents the ultimate culmination of songwriter and guitarist Bruce Soord's ongoing quest to expand their musical horizons beyond the progressive sphere. With a sound more akin to Biffy Clyro and Muse, Magnolia has all the potential to bring The Pineapple Thief to the masses, having created a devastating collection of 12 beautifully crafted songs, cramming a vast array of emotional shades and inspirational ideas into its 47 mesmerizing minutes. Veering from the strident opening assault of 'Simple as That', due to be released as the first single, through to the cinematic sweep of the closing track 'Bond'. Magnolia was recorded at Snap Studios and mixed at Strongroom Studios in London, by Adam Noble, whose previous work includes albums from Placebo, Guillemots, Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

    Formed in 1999 by founder and chief songwriter Bruce Soord The Pineapple Thief have continued to evolve and refine their sound ever since and they're seen by many as one of the most interesting and innovative rock bands the UK have produced in recent years. Recent albums like Someone Here Is Missing (2010) and All the Wars (2012) have made their reputation and fan base stronger, starting to gather interest from a wider spectrum of alternative rock followers. Bruce Soord also collaborates with other Kscope artists, joining forces with Katatonia's Jonas Renske on the 2013 Wisdom of Crowds project and joining Katatonia on their recent Dethroned & Uncrowned Unplugged acoustic European tour.

    Magnolia is due to be released as a double gatefold LP in 180g vinyl in anti-static bags with printed booklet.

    1. Simple As That
    2. Alone At Sea
    3. Don`t Tell Me
    4. Magnolia
    5. Seasons Past
    6. Coming Home

    1. The One You Left To Die
    2. Breathe
    3. From Me
    4. Sense Of Fear
    5. A Loneliness
    6. Bond

    The Pineapple Thief
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • The Fathomless Mastery (Out of Stock) The Fathomless Mastery (Out of Stock) Quick View


    The Fathomless Mastery (Out of Stock)

    'Bloodbath have been responsible for some of the finest Swedish death metal of the last decade.' Metal

    Bloodbath are an extreme metal supergroup from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 1998 with a mutual
    fascination for the glory days of death metal, the band's line up has changed and evolved throughout
    the years, whilst always featuring the elite of the Swedish Metal scene.

    With Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt and Martin "Axe" Axenrot, Katatonia's Anders Nyström and Jonas
    Renkse, and Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson , the band's current line-up represents its strongest to date.
    'The Fathomless Mastery' was originally released in 2008 & was hailed as another masterpiece of brutal
    & blasphemous metal, with a definite nod to some of the masters of the scene, such as Morbid Angel
    & Entombed, flowing throughout the tracks. Bloodbath backed this release up with some high profile
    festivals & featured prominently on end-of-year magazine polls for the album, cementing their reputation
    as one of the current leaders in the death metal scene.

    1. At The Behest Of Their Death
    2. Process Of Disillumination
    3. Slaughtering The Will To Live
    4. Mock The Cross
    5. Treasonous
    6. Iesous
    7. Drink From The Cup Of Heresy
    8. Devouring The Feeble
    9. Earthrot
    10. Hades Rising
    11. Wretched Human Mirror
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (Out of Stock) Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (Out of Stock)

    Live Onslaught By The Swedish Death Metal Masters From The UK's Bloodstock Festival, On Double 180 Gram Gatefold Vinyl

    Bloodbath is an extreme metal supergroup from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 1998 with a mutual fascination for the glory days of death metal (especially Swedish legends such as Entombed & Dismember), the band's core line-up has remained mostly solid through the years since their Breeding Death EP was unleashed back in 2000.

    Bloodbath Over Bloodstock presents Bloodbath live and in-the-flesh carving through a scintillating set in August 2010 at the famed Bloodstock festival - one of the UK's leading metal events. This incarnation of Bloodbath features prominent members of Katatonia and Opeth, including the unmistakable Mikael Åkerfeldt on vocals.

    This double vinyl edition offers a pummelling set of ferocious brutality featuring numerous classics and fan favorites from the band's whole catalogue to date in an unrelenting death metal attack, including songs from 2008's highly-acclaimed tornado of blasphemy, The Fathomless Mastery.

    The band has continued to scale new heights, with 2014's 'Grand Morbid Funeral' opus marking a new career highlight, with Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes stepping in to replace the departed Mikael Åkerfeldt.

    LP 1
    1. Intro
    2. Ways To The Grave

    3. Soul Evisceration

    4. Process Of Disillumination

    5. Iesous

    6. Breeding Death

    7. Mouth Of Empty Praise

    8. Mass Strangulation

    9. Cancer Of The Soul

    LP 2
    1. Mock The Cross

    2. Like Fire

    3. Outnumbering The Day

    4. Eaten

    5. Blasting The Virginborn

    6. Bathe In Blood

    7. Weak Aside

    8. So You Die

    9. Cry My Name

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Grand Morbid Funeral (Out Of Stock) Grand Morbid Funeral (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Grand Morbid Funeral (Out Of Stock)

    Presented On 180gm Gatefold Vinyl

    Bloodbath is a titan of death metal from Stockholm, Sweden, notable for the inclusion of Katatonia and Opeth members. Formed in 1998 with a mutual fascination for horror & the glory days of death metal (especially the old Florida & Stockholm 'Sunlight' scenes), the band has remained a leading light of extreme metal since their Breeding Death EP was unleashed back in 2000, and a formidable force for 15 years, further cemented by their devastating - and most successful album to date; 'The Fathomless Mastery' in 2008.

    Recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo, 'Grand Morbid Funeral', Bloodbath's fourth full-length studio release, is undoubtedly the band's darkest and dirtiest opus yet; an organic collection of filth-ridden tracks straight from the grave, boldly eschewing the approach of somewhat over-produced modern death metal in favour of something altogether more rotten to the bone.

    With doom-like melodies mixed with raw and savage riffing backing up new vocalist Nick Holmes of UK legends Paradise Lost, and featuring a number of guest appearances including Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from US gore-masters Autopsy, 'Grand Morbid Funeral' is a new high-point of brutality for Bloodbath.

    Blakkheim (guitars):

    We're proud of all these different styled releases and we loved doing each and every one of them, but the objective was never to settle with a certain style, so the time has come to shift once more. It was already decided right after the last album that the next record would not be a Fathomless part 2, but it would actually become its antithesis! So prepare yourselves for an ultimate blueprint of low-fi, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal sound! The time has come to stomp those HM-2 pedals once more and close the circle of the death metal archives with our Grand Morbid Funeral

    1. Let The Stillborn Come To Me

    2. Mental Abortion

    3. Unite In Pain

    4. Total Death Exhumed

    5. Beyond Cremation

    6. Church Of Vastitas

    7. Famine Of God's Word

    8. Anne

    9. His Infernal Necropsy

    10. My Torturer

    11. Grand Morbid Funeral
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Construct (Out Of Stock) Construct (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Construct (Out Of Stock)

    Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY will release their tenth studio album, Construct, on May 27 via Century Media Records. The album was mixed by Jens Bogren (PARADISE LOST, OPETH, KATATONIA) at his Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden.

    Commented the band: The selected few people that so far have been granted the privilege of hearing the full album are uniformingly convinced that 'Construct' is the strongest and most exciting DARK TRANQUILLITY album in a long time, and who are we to disagree? While still bearing the unmistakable mark of the DARK TRANQUILLITY, the record is probably our most different and diverse offering since 1999's 'Projector'.

    1.For Broken Words
    2.The Science Of Noise
    4.The Silence In Between
    6.What Only You Know
    7.Endtime Hearts
    8.State Of Trust
    9.Weight Of The End
    10.None Becoming
    Dark Tranquility
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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