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Kim Wilde

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  • Clueless Soundtrack Clueless Soundtrack Quick View

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    Clueless Soundtrack

    First Time On Vinyl

    Soundtrack to the 1995 cult classic film, available for the first time on vinyl for the 20th Anniversary of the film. The soundtrack includes The Muffs' cover of Kim Wilde's Kids in America, and Counting Crows' live The Ghost in You, Supergrass' Alright, and an acoustic version of Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees.

    1. Kids In America - The Muffs
    2. Shake Some Action - Cracker
    3. The Ghost In You - Counting Crows
    4. Here (Squirmel Mix) - Luscious Jackson
    5. All The Young Dudes - World Party
    6. Fake The Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version) - Radiohead
    7. Change - Lightning Seeds
    8. Need You Around - Smoking Popes
    9. Mullet Head - Beastie Boys
    10. Where'd You Go? - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    11. Rollin' With My Homies - Coolio
    12. Alright - Supergrass
    13. My Forgotten Favorite - Velocity Girl
    14. Supermodel - Jill Sobule
    Various Artists
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  • Here Come The Aliens Here Come The Aliens Quick View

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    Here Come The Aliens

    earMUSIC is proud to announce the release 'Here Come The Aliens', the first studio album in seven years by pop icon Kim Wilde.

    'Here Come The Aliens', produced by Ricky Wilde, contains 12 brand new songs and it has been recorded at RAK Studios in London - the very same recording studios where a big number of albums that changed pop and rock music were born and where Kim began her career back in 1981, recording seminal hits as 'Kids In America', 'Chequered Love' and 'Cambodia'.

    The album combines Kim's pop roots with her love for rock music, presenting great guitar riffs and drum beats.

    1. 1969
    2. Pop Don't Stop (Duet With Ricky Wilde)
    3. Kandy Krush
    4. Stereo Shot
    5. Yours 'til The End
    6. Solstice
    7. Addicted To You
    8. Birthday
    9. Cyber.Nation.War
    10. Different Story
    11. Rock The Paradiso
    12. Rosetta (Duet With Frida Sundemo)
    Kim Wilde
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  • The Scientists The Scientists Quick View

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    The Scientists

    The Scientists' 1981 wild debut bewildered Perth, Australia's punters with its charging anthems centered on themes of young love and alienation. Obvious in its rebellion yet more pop than punk, the self-titled Pink Album deftly embodied the tough-yet-danceable outsider aura of The Ramones, and its unheard of, feverish clip shook the shores of the geographically confined Swan Coastal Plain of down under. Recorded just as the lineup of guitarist-vocalist Kim Salmon (The Cheap Nasties), drummer James Baker (The Victims) and bassist Ian Sharples were breaking up, the album stands as a testament to the contagious chops of Perth's swelling pool of musical talent, and to the promise of Salmon's unwavering vision that would become one of the most celebrated acts of the Aussie underground.
    1. Shadows of the Night
    2. Girl
    3. I'm Looking for You
    4. She Says She Loves Me
    5. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
    6. That Girl
    7. High Noon
    8. Teenage Dreamer
    9. Another Sunday
    10. Walk the Plank
    11. Larry
    12. Making a Scene
    13. It'll Never Happen Again
    The Scientists
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  • The Switch The Switch Quick View

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    The Switch

    "Tenuously and perfectly balanced between experimental challenge and punk efficiency." - Pitchfork

    "All sorts of wild, enthralling noises with little more than a pair of guitars and some amplifiers." - The New York Times

    "Their minimalist drones evoking the tumultuous inner spaces of the heart and the mind". - SPIN

    Body/Head is the duo of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace.

    Creative alchemy doesn't just happen in the studio or in
    the practice space; so much of it is the product of solo time
    with one's instrument, learning how body and wood and
    electronics fuse, and of subconscious processes as one lives
    one's daily life-picking up the ambient noise of the world
    outside, listening to others' work, talking through ideas with
    friends. For Kim and Bill, time together these days is limited
    to live performances and recording, so they've got to bring
    all their magic to every encounter. Lucky for us, these are
    two experimental sorcerers of significant renown.

    Their debut album together as Body/Head, Coming Apart,
    from 2013, was more of a rock record-heavy, emotional,
    cathartic, spellwork in shades of black and grey. The Switch
    is their second studio full-length, and it finds the duo
    working with a more subtle palette, refining their ideas and
    identity. Some of it was sketched out live (if you've not had
    the fortune of seeing them in that natural environment
    yet, see 2016's improvisational document No Waves), but
    much of it happened purely in the moment. Working in
    the same studio and with the same producer as Coming
    Apart, here Body/Head stretch out, making spacious pieces
    that build shivering drones, dissonant interplay, Gordon's
    manipulated vocals, and scraping, haunting textures into
    something that feels both delicate and dangerous. Less
    discrete songs than one composition broken up into
    thematic movements, a slow-moving narrative that requires
    as much attention and care from the listener as it did from
    everyone involved in its creation, it is a record that sticks
    around after it's done playing.

    This is Nace's favorite of Gordon's guitar work; she's truly
    come into her own as a guitarist, having built up her
    confidence through solo shows. The way the duo work
    together, you'd never know they spend so much time apart;
    on The Switch, their vision and focus feel truly unified. If
    Coming Apart was dark magic, The Switch works with light,
    though it never forgets that these approaches are two sides
    of the same coin, and that binaries-black/white, near/
    far, emotion/analysis, body/head-are made to be broken
    open, and that the truth of things is in the energy between.

    1. Last Time
    2. You Don't Need
    3. In The Dark Room
    4. Change My Brain
    5. Reverse Hard
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  • Off The Beaten Path (Deluxe) Off The Beaten Path (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Off The Beaten Path (Deluxe)

    Justin Moore s always had a thing about doing it his way. Call it stubborn redneck mettle, a well-developed case of who I am or just the fierce commitment to blaze a trail inherent to people from his home of Poyen, Arkansas. It doesn t mat ter why, just that the blazing sense of off the beaten path drives his album of the same name.

    There s a strong vein of tenderness and decency holding Moore s kind of country together. Look no further than Rhett Atkins/Ben Hayslip/Ross Copperman-written Point At You, the lead single, that acknowledges every wild hair Moore has, but hits the bottom line of his goodness via the woman who became his bride.

    Get loud, get rowdy, but get home and emerge solid family men dedicated to some basic ideals that have defined this country. One need look no further than The Warren Brothers/Lance Miller/Austin Cunningham-penned opener Old Back In The New School to understand Moore is all about the things that last, the wild times and the enduring values making for a way of life worth living.

    It s that kind of edge that draws a singer like Miranda Lambert to duet on the somber heartbreaker Old Habits. A little bit rowdy, a little bit sentimental, a whole lotta roughneck, Moore has dented the country radio charts with three #1s in the anything but big city Small Town USA, the sentimental family embracing If Heaven Weren t So Far Away and the fidelity pledge Til My Last Day, in addition to the Top 10 mission declaration Backwoods.

    But the hits don t really tell the whole story. This is the man whose first single a digital only release was I Could Kick Your Ass, who flexed his sense of humor with the new guy mocking Bait A Hook and unapologetically throw down How I Got To Be This Way. And long before booty country became a touchstone, Moore dropped the swaggering Back That Thing Up.

    Indeed, Booty Country is full force on OFF THE BEATEN PATH. He has the Kim Kardashian and J-Lo invoking I d Want It To Be Yours co-written with Stover and Brandon Kinney and the slip into the night guitar grinder Off The Beaten Path that slithers through the Patron and the moonlight.Good ole boys doing what they re good at. Moore has built a career eschewing the path most taken, building a fanbase of people just like him.

    Take a certain amount of swagger, add some hard-rocking guitars and add Country Radio, a howler that celebrates the ultimate lube for escaping the boredom and expectations. There s the same kind of bulked up, bearing down picture of pride of Lettin the Night Roll, pure freedom and the will to be alive.

    Two strong hands, a back that can shoulder anything, this is working man s post-modern American and that respect is what binds him to his woman in That s How I Know You Love Me. Ultimately, she refuses to make him change, and takes what s there for what it is, loving him for all its busted glory.

    To believe in values that last, to embrace what is enough and know it s more than plenty, that is the greatest truth for a man like Moore, who sees no reason to leave the place he grew up. Beyond the hits, the gold-certified albums and the momentum of a career hitting its stride, OFF THE BEATEN PATH is a collection of classic postcards that make up the ascending This Kind of Town and the driving chugger One Dirt Road.

    You don t have to take it from Moore, though. No less than the great Charlie Daniels, a man who s hung tough for hardcore old school values is featured on For Some Ol Redneck Reason, a pledge of allegiance to living true to principles and never giving into convention. This is one of the truest event moments as Moore dials it back, unfurling the map of his heart and soul.

    1. Old Back In The New School
    2. Beer
    3. Lettin' The Night Roll
    4. Old Habits
    5. Point At You
    6. Wheels
    7. I'd Want It To Be Yours

    8. This Kind Of Town
    9. Dirt Road Kid
    10. Country Radio
    11. That's How I Know You Love Me
    12. One Dirt Road
    13. Off The Beaten Path
    14. Field Fulla Hillbillies
    15. Big Ass Headache
    16. For Some Ol' Redneck Reason
    Justin Moore
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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