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Lacuna Coil

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  • Karmacode Karmacode Quick View

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    2018 Reissue - 180 Gram Red Colored Vinyk

    Karmacode is the fourth studio album by Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, originally released on 31 March 2006.

    1. Fragile
    2. To the Edge
    3. Our Truth
    4. Within Me
    5. Devoted
    6. You Create
    7. What I See
    8. Fragments of Faith
    9. Closer
    10. In Visible Light
    11. The Game
    12. Without Fear
    13. Enjoy The Silence
    Lacuna Coil
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  • Delirium Delirium Quick View

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    With their 8th studio album the Italian Gothfathers decided it was time to up the ante, switch into heavy mode and finally take full creative control over every aspect of their album "Delirium". They created an audio-visual setting that is allowing for flashing glimpses of a dark place that will take their listeners on an entrancing trip. Or as LACUNA COIL say in their very own synopsis of "Delirium"

    "'Delirium' is about the horrors that we must face in everyday life by exploring the unknown, and to one day, hopefully find the cure." After being heavily involved with previous productions Marco "Maki" Coti-Zelati took over the leading role as producer together with his fellow bandmates. Marco Barusso co-produced as well as recorded the guitar solos for "Delirium" Mark Vollelunga of Nothing More added a solo to "Blood, Tears, Dust" while Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge and many more) came up with a tailor-made one for "Downfall". However, LACUNA COIL went even further with Marco "Maki" Coti-Zelati creating the artwork for "Delirium" himself, based on an atmospheric session captured by Italian photographer Alessandro Olgiati.

    1. The House Of Shame
    2. Broken Things
    3. Delirium
    4. Blood, Tears, Dust
    5. Downfall
    6. Take Me Home
    7. You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You
    8. Ghost In The Mist
    9. My Demons
    10. Claustrophobia
    11. Ultima Ratio
    12. Studio Bonus Track 1
    13. Studio Bonus Track 2
    13. Cover of Madonna's "Live To Tell"
    Lacuna Coil
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  • Broken Crown Halo Broken Crown Halo Quick View

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    Broken Crown Halo

    The Jay Baumgardner-produced 'Broken Crown Halo' is an 11-track effort that the group describes as "a cinematic album that could be the soundtrack of our days - it's a dark vision of a near future when survival is second nature and failure is not something to be avoided, but rather cultivated with lessons learned along the way."

    Further discussing the creation of the disc, the group added, "We set the bar pretty high with 'Dark Adrenaline' and it hasn't been easy bringing our sound to the next level, but we have lived, learned and grown through a year full of personal issues and changes. We learned to be strong and get stronger, and we felt an inner vibe in this band that we haven't felt before." They stated that they were influenced by the usage of vintage gear, watching Italian horror movies and finding inspiration in bands likes Goblin. They conclude, "'Broken Crown Halo' is Lacuna Coil introducing a new order and letting nothing stand in our way."

    - Loudwire

    1. Nothing Stands in Our Way
    2. Zombies
    3. Hostage to the Light
    4. Victims
    5. Die & Rise
    6. I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
    7. Cybersleep
    8. Infection
    9. I Burn for You
    10. In the End I Feel Alive
    11. On Cold Day
    Lacuna Coil
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  • Shades of God Shades of God Quick View

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    Shades of God

    Clear Colored Vinyl

    Paradise Lost are a heavy metal band formed in 1987 in Halifax, England. Along
    with country mates anathema and my dying bride, they are credited for creating
    the subgenre known as death/doom metal. With the release of the albums icon
    (1993) and draconian times (1995), Paradise Lost also became known as pioneers
    of Gothic metal, and have been noted as an influence on bands such as Katatonia,
    Opeth, and lacuna coil. Shades of god begins to integrate clean melodies &
    quieter passages that mark the band's transitioning sound, including as i die,
    known as the hymn for paradise lost fans. This reissue includes brand new liner
    notes and 2 bonus tracks taken from the original Japanese release

    1. Mortals Watch The Day
    2. Crying For Eternity
    3. Embraced
    4. Daylight Torn
    5. Pity The Sadness
    6. No Forgiveness
    7. Your Hand In Mine
    8. The World Made Flesh
    9. As I Die
    10. Rape Of Virtue
    11. Death Walks Behind You (Atomic Rooster cover)
    Paradise Lost
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig Quick View

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    Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig

    APOCALYPTICA - the ground-breaking Finnish orchestral rock group - release Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig, an epic live collaboration with the acclaimed MDR Leipzig Symphony Orchestra, via BMG. The album's release is perfectly timed since 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of iconic German composer Richard Wagner.

    For Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig, Apocalyptica created new compositions based on Wagner's body of work and his life, teaming with award-winning choreographer and dancer Gregor Seyffert to stage a brilliant and magical, cross-genre event featuring a live concert and theatrical production.

    "We've been asked many times to do this type of project, but this is the first one we got excited about," explains Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen. "The mission was to celebrate Wagner, we took elements of his life and used his original music and rearranged it. It was like writing a score for a movie, I had a list of themes and I had to think about the length of scenes and write the music while envisioning Apocalyptica performing on a massive stage with the symphony, choir and one-hundred dancers."

    Since its inception, the Finnish cello-based heavy rock group Apocalyptica has been mining the classical form and structure creating compositions that are both unpredictable and unforgettable. From the METALLICA covers that turned the music scene on its ear to 2007's Worlds Collide - which saw the group collaborate with everyone from SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor to RAMMSTEIN's Till Lindemann and LACUNA COIL's Cristina Scabbia - Apocalyptica have released seven studio albums featuring numerous cello-based instrumentals and vocal-based songs. They've explored styles from atmospheric interludes to fast, battering rhythms - their music has always been gripping, dynamic and full of melody.

    - Braveworlds

    1. Signal
    2. Genesis
    3. Fight Against Monsters
    4. Stormy Wagner
    5. Flying Dutchman
    6. Lullaby
    7. Bubbles
    8. Path in Life
    9. Creation of Notes
    10. Running Love
    11. Birth Pain
    12. Ludwig - Wonderland
    13. Ludwig - Requiem
    14. Destruction
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • New Blood (Out of Stock) New Blood (Out of Stock) Quick View


    New Blood (Out of Stock)

    The Other is considered to be Europes most famous horror-punk band, especially after the release of their critically acclaimed third album: The Place To Bleed and gigs at some of the biggest alternative festivals in Europe including Mera Luna, Summer Breeze, Amphi, Endless Summer, Force Attack and Wave Gotik Treffen. Shows with Bela B. (of Germanys punkrock superstars Die Ärzte), The 69 Eyes, The Cult and tours with The Misfits, The Damned, Balzac and Wednesday 13 have added to the success of the horror four-piece. The band has played endlessly all over Europe in the last two years and toured the USA, England and Ireland.

    With their fourth album New Blood and it's crossover-potential between punk, goth and metal, The Other has their sights on becoming the Worlds most famous horror-punk band. The album was produced by Waldemar Sorychta, famous for his work for Moonspell, The Gathering and Lacuna Coil. Double gatefold LP with two bonus tracks

    1. New Blood
    2. Back To The Cemetery
    3. Transylvania
    4. Ghost Ride To Hell
    5. Hier Kommt Die Dunkelheit
    6. The Burial
    7. Castle Rock
    8. The Lovesick Mind
    9. Talk To The Dead
    10. Blood Runs Cold
    11. In Leage With The Devil
    12. Demons Walk The Earth
    13. Howling At The Moon
    14. We All Bleed Red

    Bonus Tracks

    15. Cant Stop The Monster Kids
    16. Violence, Murder, Bloodshed

    The Other
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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