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Le Butcherettes

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  • Crystal Fairy Crystal Fairy Quick View

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    Crystal Fairy

    Members of the Melvins (Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover), At The Drive-In (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) and Le Butcherettes (Teri Gender Bender) have formed the roaring new rock band, Crystal Fairy.

    "When the Melvins toured with Le Butcherettes, Teri would come out at the end of the set and do 'Rebel Girl' with us," explained drummer Dale Crover. "It was almost always the highlight of the show! From doing that, we knew there was some chemistry between us that was worth exploring. We became close friends with both Teri and Omar on the tour and came up with the idea of starting a new band with them."

    1. Chiseler
    2. Drugs on the Bus
    3. Necklace of Divorce
    4. Moth Tongue
    5. Crystal Fairy
    6. Secret Agent Rat
    7. Under Trouble
    8. Bent Teeth
    9. PosesiĆ³n
    10. Sweet Self
    11. Vampire X-Mas
    Crystal Fairy
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  • A Raw Youth A Raw Youth Quick View

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    A Raw Youth

    The focus of the album is the recurring conflict between minorities (the raw youths) and society: The oppressor and the oppressed. Each song is a different story of a youth from a different era. Some of them want to die because their faith in humanity has ended, some want to fight the authority, think outside themselves. 'Sold Less Than Gold' reflects the story of women who are sold into marriages or into sex slavery and how resilient their spirits are. Despite the different time periods, history repeats itself. There will always be conflict and sadly, despite the rebels in our history, there are people that are zombified. A Raw Youth is an awakened collective consciousness of wanting to live and not fear death.
    1. Shave The Pride
    2. My Mallely
    3. Reason to Die Young
    4. La Uva (Ft. Iggy Pop)
    5. Sold Less Than Gold
    6. Stab My Back
    7. They F**k You Over
    8. Witchless C Spot
    9. The Hitch Hiker
    10. Lonely & Drunk
    11. Oil The Shoe If The Critter Knew Any Better
    12. My Half (Ft. John Frusciante)
    Le Butcherettes
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  • Cry Is For The Flies Cry Is For The Flies Quick View

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    Cry Is For The Flies

    The garage-punk trio Le Butcherettes are like the brilliant offspring of surrealist Luis Bunuel and intrepid rock icon PJ Harvey. Led by 24-year-old
    vocalist/guitarist/pianist Teri Gender Bender (a recent transplant to L.A. from Guadalajara, Mexico) Le Butcherettes bring a brazen intensity and playful,
    hook-laden simplicity that hacks to pieces all forms of pretension and excess.

    The band's songs and wildly cathartic live shows have often drawn comparisons to Karen-O, Patti Smith, Bikini Kill and many other female-fronted rock
    groups, but there's a theatricality to Le Butcherettes that brings a further reaching sense of mystery and imagery to the band.

    Originally forming as a duo, Le Butcherettes began in 2007 as the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Teri Gender Bender; a modern feminist who
    cites Sylvia Plath and Malcolm X as major influences. Born to a Mexican stage actress mother and a father who was a fervent lover of the arts, Teri was
    constantly surrounded by creative energy. Following the death of her father, Teri Gender Bender moved back to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to begin a
    new and eventful chapter in her life, and with that the first page of Le Butcherettes was written.

    1. Burn The Scab
    2. Demon Stuck In Your Eye
    3. My Child
    4. Your Weakness Gives Me Life
    5. Moment Of Guilt (Henry Rollins)/ The Gold Chair Ate The Fireman
    6. Boulders Love Over Layers Of Rock
    7. Shame, You're All I've Got Ft. Shirley Manson
    8. Normal, You Were
    9. Poet From Nowhere
    10. Crying Out To The Flies
    Le Butcherettes
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  • A Walk With Love And Death A Walk With Love And Death Quick View

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    A Walk With Love And Death

    The Melvins have announced their first double album, A Walk With Love and Death, set for release via Ipecac Recordings. The dual albums find the trio of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Steve McDonald showcasing two distinct sides to the band's music: Death, a proper Melvins' release, and Love, the score to the Jesse Nieminen directed, self-produced short also titled A Walk With Love and Death.

    "This was a huge undertaking," explained band ringleader Buzz Osborne. "All three things: the album, the soundtrack, and the film are benchmarks for us."

    Drummer Dale Crover added, "A Walk With Love and Death is one giant, dark, moody, psychotic head trip! Not for the faint of heart. You'll sleep with the lights on after listening."

    The albums, which include guests Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes/Crystal Fairy) and Anna Waronker (That Dog), were self-produced with engineer Toshi Kosai.

    LP 1: Love
    1. Aim High
    2. Queen Powder Party
    3. Street Level St. Paul
    4. The Hidden Juice
    5. Give it to Me
    6. Chicken Butt
    7. Eat Yourself Out
    8. Scooba
    9. Halfway to the Bakersfield Mall
    10. Pacoima Normal
    11. Park Head
    12. T-Burg
    13. Track Star
    14. The Asshole Bastard

    LP 2: Death
    1. Black Heath
    2. Sober-delic (acid only)
    3. Euthanasia
    4. What's Wrong With You
    5. Edgar the Elephant
    6. Christ Hammer
    7. Flaming Creature
    8. Cactus Party
    9. Cardboro Negro

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