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Lemon Squeeze

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    The Lemon Squeeze

    My sixth studio album, The Lemon Squeeze, will be released in 2014.

    A few months ago I sat down with new friends and producers Gus van Go and Werner F (The Stills, Priestess, Hollerado) to talk about making an album. Gus and I were bonding over the classic Randy Newman album "Sail Away", when I admitted that I've always wanted to write and record an album on the piano, which is not my primary instrument. He challenged me to take some time away from my schedule of touring, animating and navel gazing, learn to play the damn piano and write some songs on it. I still don't really know how to play the piano that well (I'm practicing, promise), but somehow I managed to write some piano songs and I'm not afraid to say that I think they are the best songs I've ever written on the piano. It felt like writing for the first time and I fell in love with songwriting all over again. If you like catchy, upbeat music with off-centre lyrics delivered with a wink and nudge you will want to hear these songs.

    The songs are fun, funny, sad, strange, direct, obtuse, intimate and grandiose. I poke at life and mortality with a stick in the swamp of human emotion. I imagine a wedding that is also a funeral. One song is an ode to my mother, whom I'm told actually carried me everywhere she went for 9 months without dropping me. In another song I frivolously use the worst of all the swear words to celebrate existence. I bet you didn't even think I thought that word! Motherfucking right I do.

    Jeremy Fisher

    1. I Love You So?
    2. Happy Day
    3. Uh-Oh
    4. The Bride is Dead
    5. You Again
    6. Last Song
    7. Song in My Heart
    8. Time for a Change
    9. Everybody
    10. Mother
    Jeremy Fisher
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