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Love And Hate

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  • Love & Hate Love & Hate Quick View

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    Love & Hate

    Michael Kiwanuka's second album, Love & Hate, was recorded in LA and London produced by Grammy Award
    winner Dangermouse and young up-and-coming producer Inflo. Love & Hate is a fascinatingly assured and
    resonant body of work following Kiwanuka's acclaimed 2012 debut LP, Home Again.

    Honest, unabashed, and ambitious, this new record is Kiwanuka emerging from the emotional cocoon of his first album, ready to secure his
    position as one of the most exciting and renowned talents or our time.

    LP 1
    1. Cold Little Heart
    2. Black Man In A White World
    3. Falling
    4. Place I Belong
    5. Love & Hate

    LP 2
    1. One More Night
    2. I'll Never Love
    3. Rule The World
    4. Father's Child
    5. The Final Frame

    Michael Kiwanuka
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  • Songs Of Love And Hate Songs Of Love And Hate Quick View

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    Songs Of Love And Hate

    Earache Records presents Song Of Love And Hate, Godflesh's fourth LP, back on vinyl again for the first time since its original release in 1996.
    1. Wake
    2. Sterile Prophet

    3. Circle Of Shit

    4. Hunter

    5. Gift From Heaven

    6. Amoral

    7. Angel Domain

    8. Kingdom Come

    9. Time, Death And Wastefulness

    10. Frail
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  • Songs Of Love And Hate Songs Of Love And Hate Quick View

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    Songs Of Love And Hate

    Meticulously Remastered

    Sourced From The Original Columbia Records Stereo Masters In Order To Preserve The Sound Of The Original Albums

    With 1971's Songs of Love and Hate, Cohen delivered one of his most emotionally intense sets, with such memorable numbers as Avalanche, Famous Blue Raincoat and Joan of Arc ranking with his greatest compositions.

    By the time Leonard Cohen began his recording career in 1967, the iconoclastic Canadian troubadour was already well established as a poet and author. He quickly emerged as one of the eras most original and influential singer-songwriters, building a large and legendary body of work that continues to inspire artists and listeners alike.

    Much of Cohen's reputation and mystique was established by his early work for Columbia Records, particularly the five albums he recorded between 1967 and 1974. Now, these five classic albums, unavailable on vinyl for two decades, have been lovingly restored to their original LP format.

    For their new Sundazed editions, all five albums have been meticulously remastered and have been sourced from the original Columbia Records stereo masters in order to preserve the sound of the original albums. In keeping with the exacting standards for which Sundazed has become known, each album will be pressed on high-definition vinyl, with complete original cover art.

    1. Avalanche
    2. Last Year's Man
    3. Dress Rehearsal Rag
    4. Diamonds in the Mine
    5. Love Calls You by Your Name
    6. Famous Blue Raincoat
    7. Sing Another Song, Boys
    8. Joan of Arc
    Leonard Cohen
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  • More Songs About Love And Hate More Songs About Love And Hate Quick View

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    More Songs About Love And Hate

    Godfathers unleashed the storming rocker 'Birth School Work Death' as their debut single on Epic Records in late '87 & scored a US Billboard top 40 hit after massive college radio airplay & heavy MTV rotation. More Songs About Love & Hate was released on 9 May 1989. The cover of the album had a stunning drawing of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on it that had to be withdrawn for the American market, amidst fears that the actress would sue.
    1. She Gives Me Love
    2. Those Days Are Over
    3. How Low Is Low?
    4. Pretty Girl
    5. This Is Your Life
    6. I'm Lost And Then I'm Found
    7. I Don't Believe In You
    8. Life Has Passed Us By
    9. Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues
    10. Halfway Paralysed
    11. Another You
    The Godfathers
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  • Love Hate Love Hate Quick View

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    Love Hate

    Love Hate is the debut album from singer-songwriter The-Dream. The album was promoted with three singles -
    Shawty Is Da Shit, Falsetto and I Luv Your Girl. The album's layered production incorporates spacious beats,
    oscillating keyboards, throbbing synths, and baroque elements such as synthetic strings and harpsichords.
    Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign, UMe will be reissuing this classic on standard weight 2LP for
    the first time in 10 years.
    LP 1
    1.Shawty Is Da Sh*!
    2.I Luv Your Girl
    3.Fast Car
    5.She Needs My Love

    LP 2
    1.Playin' In Her Hair
    2.Purple Kisses
    3.Ditch That...
    4.Luv Songs
    5.Livin' A Lie

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Love Triangles, Hate Squares Love Triangles, Hate Squares Quick View

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    Love Triangles, Hate Squares

    12 Vinyl Version is Limited Edition, Numbered, Coloured Vinyl

    Comes with double sided poster and MP3 download coupon.

    Recorded with producer Mark Neill (Black Keys) in Valdosta, Georgia, The Computers second album 'Love Triangles Hate Squares' mixes the bands love of rock n roll, soul with the energy of punk rock.

    1. Bring Me The Head Of A Hipster
    2. Love Triangles, Hate Squares
    3. Mr. Saturday Night
    4. Nothing To Say
    5. C.R.U.E.L.
    6. Disco Sucks
    7. Selina Chinese
    8. Point Of Interest
    9. Sex Texts
    10. Call On You!
    11. Single Beds
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • You Love Us... You Hate Us You Love Us... You Hate Us Quick View

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    You Love Us... You Hate Us

    Gold Colored Vinyl

    Started out as a '77 punk-influenced band back in 1981, legendary Boston thrash-corers Psycho constantly evolved through the years, playing faster and faster with each new release. It wasn't until their 1988 masterpiece, You Love Us... You Hate Us that they fully embraced the 50-second-song, D.R.I./Heresy-styled, bandana thrash formula, conceiving one of the most important 'cult' classics of the whole 80's hardcore era. Licensed from Johnny's X own Ax/ction label, and reissued on beautiful gold vinyl just like the original version, with original inner sleeve repro in a limited 500 copy edition, Radiation Reissues is proud to bring back to vinyl the 12 minutes of 100% raging hardcore fury that made history!

    1. It's My Life
    2. Shut Up
    3. Master Race
    4. Basis of My Lifestyle
    5. You Can't Change Me
    6. Sold Your Soul
    7. Shaved
    8. War Torn Land
    9. Animal
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  • Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster) Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster) Quick View

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    Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)

    Fans can now revisit the conception of Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor's Null Corporation has teamed up with UMe/The Bicycle Music Company to release Pretty Hate Machine: 2010 Remaster on 12/7/2010. After completing the score for David Fincher's The Social Network, Reznor oversaw the digital remastering of Pretty Hate Machine from the newly unearthed original tapes with engineer Tom Baker (whose NIN credits include The Downward Spiral, Broken, The Fragile, With Teeth and Ghosts). This remastered version includes an eleventh track, a cover of Queen's Get Down Make Love, originally the B-side to the Sin single and produced by Al Jourgensen. Rob Sheridan, NIN's longtime art director, has also re-imagined the packaging of Pretty Hate Machine under Reznor's supervision.

    As a young musician in Cleveland, Ohia, Reznor took a job at a local recording studio and employed unused studio time to develop his own material. The nascent album was later recorded with his favorite producers including Flood/Mark Ellis (U2, Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil), Adrian Sherwood (Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire) and Keith LeBlanc (Trackhead). The result was the first Nine Inch Nails album, 1989's Pretty Hate Machine. All songs were written, arranged, programmed and performed by Reznor. The album featured the breakthrough singles Sin, Down In It and Head Like A Hole, and ultimately sold over 3 million copies, reaching Triple Platinum sales status. In the wake of the album's inital underground success, NIN soon developed a reputation as one of the best live acts in rock and jointed the inaugural Lollapalooza tour in 1991. NIN have since sold more than 18 million albums, collected Grammy Awards and headline arenas, amphitheaters and festivals worldwide.

    The Bicycle Music Company acquired the rights to Pretty Hate Machine from a division of Prudential Securities in the spring of 2010. It was Bicycle's intention from the onset to enable Reznor to regain some control of this lost piece of NIN's legacy, resulting in this artist approved 2010 reissue of one of music's most groundbreaking and influential albums. Note: The previous CD version was reissued in 2005 but was not overseen by Reznor and is now out of print.

    Reznor is currently working on new music as a member of the group How To Destroy Angels, continuing his Nine Inch Nails efforts and composing for future film score projects.

    1. Head Like A Hole
    2. Terrible Lie
    3. Down In It
    4. Sanctified
    5. Something I Can Never Have
    6. Kinda I Want To
    7. Sin
    8. That's What I Get
    9. The Only Time
    11.Get Down Make Love (Bonus Track in 2010 Reissue)
    Nine Inch Nails
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  • Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated Quick View

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    Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated

    Featuring brand new and expanded artwork, Released From Love & You, Whom I Have Always Hated are presented in a gatefold jacket with flooded black pockets, black paper inner sleeves, and a deluxe 12 page 11" x 11" booklet.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    LP 1
    1. The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills
    2. Manifest Alchemy
    3. In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer
    4. Coward

    LP 2
    1. Her Strongholds Unvanquishable
    2. The Devils of Trust Steal the Souls of the Free
    3. Terrible Lie
    4. Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity
    5. He Returns to the Place of His Iniquity
    6. Lurking Fear

    The Body & Thou
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  • Back For A Taste Of Your Love Back For A Taste Of Your Love Quick View

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    Back For A Taste Of Your Love

    A rollicking vocalist and gifted harmonica player, Syl Johnson has forged a career in both blues and soul. The brother of bassist Mac Thompson and guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Johnson, Syl Johnson sang and played with blues artists Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold, and Junior Wells in the '50s before recording with Jimmy Reed for Vee-Jay in 1959. He made his solo debut that same year with Federal. Johnson toured with Howlin' Wolf from late 1959 until 1962, when Willie Mitchell signed him to Hi Records.

    Johnson recorded for both Twilight and Hi in the late '60s and early '70s, clicking with the dance/novelty cut Come on Sock It to Me and crackling message track Is It Because I'm Black? He had his biggest hit with Take Me to the River in 1975, reaching number seven on the R&B charts. Johnson later recorded for Shama and Boardwalk. He reappeared on a collaboration with his brother Jimmy in the summer of 2002, humorously titled Two Johnsons Are Better Than One.

    [Back For A Taste Of Your Love] ...moves his hard Chicago soul groove over to Willie Mitchell's production style, which has a bit more of a mellow tip to it. Syl wrote a number of the tracks, and the titles include I'm Yours, Feelin' Frisky, I Hate I Walked Away, and The Love You Left Behind.

    - Zero G Sound

    1. I'm Yours
    2. I Let a Good Girl Go
    3. Anyway the Wind Blows
    4. You Don't Know Me
    5. Feelin' Frisky
    6. We Did It
    7. Wind, Blow Her Back My Way
    8. I Hate I Walked Away
    9. The Love You Left Behind
    Syl Johnson
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  • Wolf Of The Cosmos Wolf Of The Cosmos Quick View

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    Wolf Of The Cosmos

    Bonnie sings of the ambiguity of love and hate, peace and war, via the folk-tinged songs of Susanna, whose work he's admired for many years. The songs of Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos are brought forth, one by one, by the Prince and his specially-chose group of players: longtime sideman Emmett Kelly, Cheyenne Mize and Chris Rodahaffer, combining folkish elements of banjo, fiddle and harmonies in an open, eerie space. This one's meant to heal the world - the world needs it!
    1. Intruder
    2. Born in the Desert
    3. Hangout
    4. People Living
    5. Stay
    6. For You
    7. Better Days
    8. Traveling
    9. Demon Dance
    10. Home Recording
    11. We Offer
    12. Lily
    Bonnie Prince Billy
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  • The Tower Of Foronicity The Tower Of Foronicity Quick View

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    The Tower Of Foronicity

    The return of Icelandic Singapore Sling with their seventh studio album. Twelve tracks of that dark, moody and broody sound that we all have come to know so well. It's like a surrealistic dream sequence out of a David Lynch movie. Walls and walls of sound, layered between darkness and light. The album contains some of the bands best songs to date, including the opening track "You Drive Me Insane" with its thump coming at you, it'll have you tasting the blood immediately. It was born out of love and hate. Love of the various music from the past, mainly rock 'n' roll, and hatred of the majority of the music around him.
    1. You Drive Me Insane
    2. All Your Sins
    3. In With The Out
    4. Let's Go
    5. Careful ('m Evil)
    6. Kill Baby Kill
    7. Nuthin's Real
    8. Who Put The Ebb In The Ebbebebb
    9. Absolute Garage
    10. My Obsessive Love
    11. I Hate Myself
    12. Tired
    Singapore Sling
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Christmas Island Christmas Island Quick View

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    Christmas Island

    Christmas Island, the 5th album proper from Phoenix, Arizona's Andrew Jackson Jihad, is a little bit silly, a little bit serious. It's a
    record that's irreverent yet somber, full of humor and full of pathos, its
    twelve songs combining the two to create a record that truly cuts right
    to the bone of the human condition. They've built a signicant cult
    following since their inception in 2004, one that knows just how heart
    breaking, heart warming, and inspiring their shambolic songs can be.
    The tension between fury and forgiveness, between anger and calm,
    between love and hate and life and death, isn't just thematic, but
    weaved into in the sonic fabric of these songs. Christmas Island - it's
    far from a random title, but it's also kind of a secret - is simultaneously
    ridiculous and sublime in the way that Andrew Jackson Jihad always
    have been. It's a record absolutely in keeping with their bold and
    brilliant past - the one their cult following has been following for
    years - but it's also a bold and brilliant step forward.
    1. Temple Grandin
    2. Children of God
    3. Do, Re, and Me
    4. Co n Dance
    5. Getting Naked, Playing with Guns
    6. I Wann Rock Out in My Dreams
    7. Kokopelli Face Tattoo
    8. Best Friend
    9. Linda Ronstadt
    10. Deathlessness
    11. Temple Grandin Too
    12. Angel of Death
    Andrew Jackson Jihad
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  • The Church Within The Church Within Quick View

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    The Church Within

    The Church Within is the final album by The Obsessed. It was released in 1994. Produced in California by M.C. Snoob. The back reads No Love Stronger/No Pain Greater/No Hate Deeper/The Church Within. And they certainly went out with a bang by releasing this classic metal album, inspiring and paving the way for many of todays popular metal bands.
    1. To Protect And To Serve
    2. Field Of Hours
    3. Streamlined
    4. Blind Lightning
    5. Neatz Brigade
    6. A World Apart

    1. Skybone
    2. Streetside
    3. Climate Of Despair
    4. Mourning
    5. A Touch Of Everything
    6. Decimation
    7. Living Rain

    The Obsessed
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Good Girl Gone Bad Good Girl Gone Bad Quick View

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    Good Girl Gone Bad

    Good Girl Gone Bad is Rihanna's groundbreaking third studio album and it follows up the rising star's debut Music of the Sun and her sophomore release A Girl Like Me. Along with the album's overall success, its singles have gone on to become major hits including the worldwide number-one hit single with Jay-Z Umbrella, the top three U.S. hit, Don't Stop the Music, and Hate That I Love Youand Shut Up and Drive, which respectively became top ten and twenty hits on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The eighth single, Rehab, became the album's seventh single to reach the top 20 on the Hot 100, which made Good Girl Gone Bad the second album in history to have seven singles reach the top twenty on the Billboard Hot 100, the first being Janet Jackson's 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814.
    1. Umbrella featuring Jay-Z
    2. Push Up
    3. Dont Stop the Music
    4. Breakin Dishes
    5. Shut Up and Drive
    6. Hate That I Love You featuring Ne-Yo
    7. Say It
    8. Sell Me Candy
    9. Rehab
    10. Question Existence
    11. Good Girl Gone Bad
    12. Lemme Get That
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Always Always Quick View

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    Rarely is so much meaning conveyed in the space of six letters. And with regard to Xiu Xiu, its applications are infinite: always relevant, always provocative, always surprising, always evolving, always glittering.

    It's fitting, then, that as the band (now comprised of Jamie Stewart, Angela Seo, Bettina Escauriza, Marc Riordan, and returning member Devin Hoff) marks a decade in existence, such a powerful sentiment would serve as the title of its latest album.

    At its core, Always symbolizes the mutual camaraderie with and deep dedication to each person who has internalized Xiu Xius work, tattooed its name on their skin or soul, and throughout the past ten years made the band a part of their lives. The origin of these intense, everlasting bonds is Stewart. His fearless lyrics have given voice to life's most untouchable and taboo subjects, while his distinctively committed but hushed vocals crystallize and medicate their unsettling impact.

    Those familiar with the band's work will take particular note of the times Stewart re-visits profoundly personal accounts from his own life -- most prominently on Beauty Towne (a not-so-uplifting postscript to the muddle of those depicted in Clowne Towne from 2004's Fabulous Muscles) and Black Drum Machine (which finishes the narrative of incest and molestation begun on Black Keyboard from 2008's Women as Lovers).

    Elsewhere, Stewart's willingness to broach any subject finds him confronting both the topical and the intimate in equally meaningful ways: Gul Mudin seeks to bring comfort to an Afghani teenage boy murdered for sport by American soldiers; Joey's Song strives to do the same for Stewart's brother in the aftermath of a family tragedy.

    Factory Girls chronicles the sexual objectification and desperate existence of Chinese female, migrant workers. I Luv Abortion, featuring perhaps Stewart's most unhinged vocal ever, careens through the resolute heartache of a friend too young to be pregnant and seeks to personalize this most political issue.

    But while such writing is worthy of reverence, Always' most arresting moments lie in its sonic innovation -- transforming avant pop elements from an undertone into a bright black focal point while adding new influences such as choral music, kraut rock and animal field recordings.

    Produced by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier (who also contributes drums and vocals to the album) and mixed by John Congleton (Antony and the Johnsons, Marylin Manson, the Roots) the album is positively vibrant.

    During recording, Stewart saw a Bible verse spray painted on the wall of his gym. He interpreted the verse to mean, Horror and beauty are the same; love and hate are the same, the tireless dread of our own lives and of living can be embraced with the same fervency as what we find beautiful.

    Composed of this essence, the album proves that perhaps the only six letters to carry the same weight as always are these: Xiu Xiu.

    1. Hi
    2. Joey's Song
    3. Beauty Towne
    4. Honey-Suckle
    5. I Luv Abortion
    6. The Oldness
    7. Chimney's Afire (Mickensian Suicide)
    8. Gul Mudin
    9. Born to Suffer
    10. Factory Girl
    11. Smear the Queen
    12. Black Drum Machine
    Xiu Xiu
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Turkey Turkey Quick View

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    In bowling's hallowed alleys, a strike is the minor miracle of all ten pins falling at once. Back-to-back strikes make a double. Do it a third time and you've got yourself a turkey. History will decide which sports metaphor to apply to Mike Krol's first two records, I Hate Jazz (2011) and Trust Fund (2013). But as needle meets groove on Turkey-Krol's first record for Merge-there is no ambiguity. A shiny black ball tumbles past the suburban strip malls of a polyestered Wisconsin and veers precariously close to an East Coast gutter before gathering momentum in a physics-defying sprint for the Pacific. California is where the headpin falls-the right velocity, the perfect geometry, the bowler's intent beautifully realized in a noisy moment of awesome destruction. Mike Krol got his bike stolen and his heart broken. He bailed on graphic-design-as-career. He kept playing drums and guitars, and he kept writing songs about the stuff he hated and the stuff he loved. Leaving Milwaukee for Los Angeles, he took a few years' worth of wrong turns. But when he showed up at a studio in Sacramento in March 2014, he had his affairs in order. Plug the vocal mic into a guitar amp. Plug the guitar into an overheating box of vacuum tubes. Put the computer in the closet. Roll the tape.
    1. Suburban Wasteland
    2. Neighborhood Watch
    3. Left Out (ATTN: SoCal Garage Rockers)
    4. Save the Date
    5. This Is The News
    6. La La La
    7. Cactuses
    8. Less Than Together
    9. Piano Shit
    Mike Krol
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  • South America South America Quick View

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    South America

    Colored Vinyl!

    When it came to writing their sophomore album South America, Thieves And Villains decided to sculpt the album as if they were the only four people on earth to hear it. Looking for a new sense of direction, the band mentally escaped to a beautiful hiding place that they named South America. They found that this venture in their collective minds would allow them to be free, which in-turn, helped create music that excited them, and that they would ultimately fall in love with.

    However, the record was still being created under the same confines as many bands today; a spastic sinking ship of a country that has never been as stressed out, paranoid, or misled as it is right now, an America that is truly going "south." The result of this is the album title that came to represent the dichotomy of one location being the place you hate and love the most; the place you escape to, yet the place you despise.

    Thieves And Villains took the same indie-rock vibe as Vampire Weekend, combined it with the childlike sense of wonder found in an early Daneil Johnston song, and added the quirkiness implemented in the Pinkerton-era of Weezer. With the help of producer Tim Gilles, the band took an old approach and made it new again. In a world of over-produced and over-auto-tuned songs recorded take after take, they set out to bring music as a whole, back to its roots.

    "We recorded the entire album to analog tape on Mr. Gilles' vintage tape machines and used all our own gear and live tones. We didn't do takes of anything to death and approached every section with a real 'what you see is what you get' logic. What you're listening to is not the product of hours of tweaking, its the product of a few friends having fun and making music the old fashioned way." Colored vinyl pressing from Victory Records!


    1. 16 Hits

    2. Song for Dean Moriarty

    3. Virgina Woolf

    4. I Want A Friend Like You

    5. Drunk in Amsterdam

    6. Island Waterfall Blues

    7. Youth

    8. Central Park

    9. Some May Call it Rain

    10. The Ascetic Life is the Life for Me

    11. American Boy

    12. South America

    13. South Street Hymnal
    Thieves And Villains
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Prokofiev For Two Prokofiev For Two Quick View

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    Prokofiev For Two

    Pianists Martha Argerich and Sergei Babayan have recorded two selections from Prokofiev's music for stage and screen in magnificent two-piano transcriptions by Babayan. Prokofiev for Two, set for release worldwide via Deutsche Grammophon, captures for posterity the sense of mutual inspiration felt by these kindred spirits, palpable in their live performances together. The album features Babayan's twelve-movement transcription of numbers from the ballet Romeo and Juliet and his seven-movement suite transcribed from Prokofiev's incidental music for Hamlet and Eugene Onegin, film score for The Queen of Spades and opera War and Peace.

    Martha Argerich and Sergei Babayan first met in Brussels in 1991 when, on a whim, he looked her up in the phonebook and, to his own surprise, found her name and telephone number listed. His call from a phone box in the city started a strong friendship that led to numerous joint appearances in Europe and America. After one performance of Rachmaninov's "Suite No.2" and other works for two pianos, Babayan told Argerich of his dream to transcribe pieces from Romeo and Juliet for their next duo date. "She was very inspired by the idea," he recalls. "It was the greatest pleasure - and an honor - to create something that we would play together." Babayan's take on Prokofiev, coupled with a suite of rarities from the composer's stage and film music, can be heard in Prokofiev for Two.

    The freshly transcribed Prokofiev score received its premiere performance as part of the Martha Argerich Project at the 2013 Lugano Festival. Argerich and Babayan have since performed this work together with the revised Romeo and Juliet suite several times, most recently in concert at Stuttgart's Liederhalle last November.

    Martha Argerich is already renowned for her interpretations of Prokofiev's music. The Argentine-born artist, hailed as one of the greatest pianists of all time, included the composer's turbulent "Toccata" in her Deutsche Grammophon recital debut album, recorded in 1960. She reinforced her international reputation seven years later with a landmark recording for the yellow label of Prokofiev's "Third Piano Concerto" with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Claudio Abbado. "I have loved Prokofiev ever since I can recall," notes Argerich. "And people think he loves me too sometimes! I love the way Sergei [Babayan] plays Prokofiev and many other things. The first solo recital of his I heard was Bach's Goldberg Variations and I was incredibly impressed by it. I very much liked his proposal that we should play his transcription of Romeo and Juliet and feel very honored that he dedicated it to me."

    Babayan's love for Prokofiev, like Argerich's, is deeply rooted, dating back to his childhood in Armenia and student days at the Moscow Conservatoire. Having left the USSR for the first time in 1989, he settled in the U.S. Time and again, Babayan has paid tribute to Prokofiev, playing several of his piano concertos with Valery Gergiev including at the 2015 BBC Proms in a monumental concert with the London Symphony Orchestra featuring all five of the works.

    His new Prokofiev transcriptions are both dedicated to Martha Argerich. "This project happened because of my love for Prokofiev, my love for Martha and my love for the ballet Romeo and Juliet," reflects Babayan. The idea of transcribing Romeo and Juliet first arose decades ago while he was studying Prokofiev's colorful instrumentation in close detail with an orchestra. Already aware of Argerich's playing, he was further inspired after hearing a pirate recording of her 1981 Carnegie Hall performance of the "Ten Pieces Op.75" from Romeo and Juliet. "I listened and was immediately drawn to learn the cycle. But I felt that Prokofiev used chamber-like numbers for his selection of music for his transcription for solo piano. If you first became acquainted with the ballet through this piano score, you would never guess or understand the whole tragic, violent, and dark nature of the original work. Of course, the ballet contains lyrical, romantic music; music filled with humor and dance movement. But it also contains music for the "Death of Tybalt" - music of love and hate."

    Believing it would be impossible for music of such powerful emotion to be conveyed by two hands, and aware of Prokofiev's own fondness for transcription, Babayan felt driven to exploit the full expressive force and tonal richness of two pianos. His created version contains what Martha Argerich, with a wry laugh, calls "difficult and demanding" technical and musical challenges. Both musicians, however, agree that transcription is "an act of love" and Babayan's experience with Romeo and Juliet soon led him to explore some of the composer's lesser-known works and create the second suite on this album. As he points out, this music will be new to most listeners. For example, only fragments of the film score for The Queen of Spades have ever been performed or recorded. He underlines its imaginative and innovative qualities, adding, "I'm sure if Prokofiev had lived longer he would have used the material for The Queen of Spades for a new movie, symphony, quartet or maybe even a piano duo. This music stayed on the shelf and it was my luck to hear it."

    Prokofiev for Two is driven by the passion and power of an ideal keyboard partnership. Martha Argerich considers playing in duo with Babayan to be "a thing of alchemy - a discovery". For his part, Babayan says the experience of performing with Argerich is like joining a conversation with a divine being, one in which "you cannot be mundane or ordinary ... Martha will somehow pull out the best from you."

    Martha Argerich & Sergei Babayan
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Violator Violator Quick View

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    In a word, stunning. Perhaps an odd word to use given that Violator continued in the general vein of the previous two studio efforts by Depeche Mode: Martin Gore's upfront lyrical emotional extremism and knack for a catchy hook filtered through Alan Wilder's ear for perfect arrangements, ably assisted by top English producer Flood. Yet the idea that this record would both dominate worldwide charts, while song for song being simply the best, most consistent effort yet from the band could only have been the wildest fantasy before its release. The opening two singles from the album, however, signaled something was up. First was Personal Jesus, at once perversely simplistic, with a stiff, arcane funk/hip-hop beat and basic blues guitar chords, and tremendous, thanks to sharp production touches and David Gahan's echoed, snaky vocals. Then Enjoy the Silence, a nothing-else-remains-but-us ballad pumped up into a huge, dramatic romance/dance number, commanding in its mock orchestral/choir scope. Follow-up single Policy of Truth did just fine as well, a low-key Motown funk number for the modern day with a sharp love/hate lyric to boot. To top it all off, the album itself scored on song after song, from the shuffling beat of Sweetest Perfection (well sung by Gore) and the ethereal Waiting for the Night to the guilt-ridden-and-loving-it Halo building into a string-swept pounder. Clean wraps up Violator on an eerie note, all ominous bass notes and odd atmospherics carrying the song. Goth without ever being stupidly hammy, synth without sounding like the clinical stereotype of synth music, rock without ever sounding like a rock band, Depeche here reach astounding heights indeed.

    - Ned Raggett (All Music Guide)

    1. World In My Eyes

    2. Sweetest Perfection
    3. Personal Jesus

    4. Halo
    5. Waiting For The Night

    6. Enjoy The Silence

    7. Policy Of Truth
    8. Blue Dress

    9. Clean (Album Version)
    Depeche Mode
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  • Lovelite (Discontinued) Lovelite (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Lovelite (Discontinued)

    The Spanish soul/funk outfit The Sweet Vandals' new release Lovelite is a warm, rough but nevertheless determined piece of music full of energy funk and deep black soul surrounded by a touch of groove. Songs like Funky Children or What About Love seem to reflect the magic of Dusty Springfield in Maykas voice. Songs like Againstupidity evoke the spirit of Soul and Funk godfather James Brown. Every Woman Is A Diva highlights the bands uniqueness and their charming ability of self-irony. Another especially tasty piece of music is I Hate To Hate You, structured like a classic '60s-Motown song but decorated with a certain roughness that is typical to the Vandals raw funk sound. Lovelite is an eleven-song-trip through the basic foundations of Soul and Funk. A pure record to commemorate the good old analog world.
    1. Thank You For You
    2. Good Thing
    3. Take Me Now
    4. Let's Have Some Fun
    5. I Hate To Hate You
    6. Funky Children
    7. Againstupidity
    8. What About Love
    9. Every Woman Is A Diva
    10. Speak Music
    11. Opposites
    The Sweet Vandals
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  • Eternal Enemies Eternal Enemies Quick View

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    Eternal Enemies

    EMMURE are one of the most recognized and talked about bands around. They have already sold over a quarter
    of a million albums worldwide, performed over 1,000 shows in 25 countries including prominent spots on some of
    the world's largest music festivals and garnered serious respect while rising to the upper echelon of the metal world.

    Now in their tenth year as a band, EMMURE throw their biggest punch yet on Eternal Enemies, their sixth album
    for Victory Records. Eternal Enemies delivers the unmatched brutality that EMMURE fans have come to expect
    and is far and away the most shocking, violent and controversial album of their impressive existence. Whether it's
    love or hate, Eternal Enemies is bound to have the whole metal community clamoring.

    1. (Untitled)

    2. Nemesis
    3. N.I.A. (News In Arizona)
    4. The Hang Up
    5. A Gift A Curse
    6. E
    7. Like LaMotta
    8. Free Publicity
    9. Most Hated
    10. Grave Markings

    11. Hitomi's Shinobi

    12. Rat King
    13. Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's and Blunts

    14. New Age Rambler
    15. We Were Just Kids
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  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Greatest Hits (Awaiting Repress)


    2010 double vinyl LP collection from one of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll artists of our generation, female or otherwise. Includes all her hits, re-recordings of three tracks ('You Drive Me Wild', 'School Days' and 'Love Is Pain') plus the previously unreleased 'I Want You'. Joan Jett has transcended genres and generations, becoming a respected Rock icon while doing it all her own way. From her days with The Runaways to her successful (and long-lasting) solo career, Joan personifies the Rock 'n' Roll dream. This two disc collection features 21 tracks including eight songs featured in the 2010 film The Runaways. Contains the hits 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll', 'Bad Reputation', 'I Hate Myself For Loving You', 'Cherry Bomb', 'Light Of Day', 'Fake Friends' and many more.

    1. Cherry Bomb
    2. You Drive Me Wild
    3. School Days
    4. Love Is Pain
    5. Bad Reputation
    6. You Don't Know What You've Got
    7. I Want You
    8. I Love Rock N' Roll
    9. (I'm Gonna) Run Away
    10. Crimson And Clover
    11. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
    12. The French Song
    13. Everyday People
    14. Fake Friends
    15. Light Of Day
    16. I Hate Myself For Loving You
    17. Backlash
    18. Activity Grrrl
    19. Love Is All Around
    20. Androgynous
    21. A.C.D.C.
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
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  • Bad Year Bad Year Quick View

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    Bad Year

    After the release of their 2014 debut EP The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die, The Weaks went to work on creating the best rock and roll record of the decade. Bad Year, the first full length record from The Weaks, is filled with more guitars than all of the songs you've heard on the radio in the last ten years combined. Slowly making their way towards superstardom, The Weaks have taken everything you love about Weezer, Superchunk and Cheap Trick and squeezed them Together in eleven tracks of purified rock.

    The Weaks keep the same tongue in cheek Tomfoolery that earned them their cult following With The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die (see Bad Year tracks 2, 9 & 11), and just like on that EP, Bad Year's cheeky titling is backed up by well-crafted, beautifully recorded, brilliantly catchy songs. The songwritingduo of Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo may be silly, but they are no joke. Alternating between shredding rockers and pop-y sing-alongs, The Weaks have put their back into delivering you your new favorite record.

    1. Kick It
    2. Nevermind
    3. Still Courting
    4. Bad Year
    5. Hammers
    6. Finals
    7. Black Box
    8. Dysania
    9. I Don't Want To Be An Anarchist (Anymore)
    10. Welcome To Earth
    11. Frances Quinlan Will Have Her Revenge On Philadelphia
    The Weaks
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