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  • Comes A Time Comes A Time Quick View

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    Comes A Time

    Lush arrangements, love lyrics and steel guitar solos rule on this 1978 album, which features harmony vocals by Nicolette Larson. Highlights include Four Strong Winds; Already One; Look Out for My Love and Lotta Love (with Crazy Horse); Comes a Time; Motorcycle Mama; Peace of Mind , and more, 10 in all.
    1. Goin' Back
    2. Comes a Time
    3. Look Out for My Love
    4. Lotta Love
    5. Peace of Mind
    6. Human Highway
    7. Already One
    8. Field of Opportunity
    9. Motorcycle Mama
    10. Four Strong Winds
    Neil Young
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  • The Lexicon Of Love The Lexicon Of Love Quick View

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    The Lexicon Of Love

    The legendary 1982 album which includes the hits Poison Arrow, The Look of Love, Tears Are Not Enough. And All Of My Heart. The album perfectly
    merges ABC's emotional lyrics with lush string arrangements from Anne Dudley and Trevor Horn.
    1. Show Me
    2. Poison Arrow
    3. Many Happy Returns
    4. Tears Are Not Enough
    5. Valentine's Day
    6. The Look Of Love (Part 1)
    7. Date Stamp
    8. All Of My Heart
    9. 4 Ever 2 Gether
    10. The Look Of Love (Part 4)
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  • The Waves EP The Waves EP Quick View

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    The Waves EP

    Following an outpouring of EPs and singles comes the debut album by Tamaryn, entitled The Waves, released on Mexican Summer. These nine songs combine driving pop and lush balladry with layered, guitar-driven ethereal atmospheres, against which Tamaryn's voice, languid and restrained, melts against its surface. The Waves is a masterful collision of hypnotic psychedelia and bittersweet dream pop.
    1. The Waves
    2. Choirs Of Winter
    3. Love Fade
    4. Haze Interior
    5. Sandstone
    6. Coral Flower
    7. Dawning
    8. Cascades
    9. Mild Confusion
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  • Better Days EP Better Days EP Quick View

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    Better Days EP

    Los Angeles band Fonda return from an 8 year hiatus with six new tracks of melodic indie pop. Fusing togetherclassic pop hooks and noisy dreampop, the duo's latest is evocative of such early 90s bands as My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Ride.
    1. Better Days
    2. A Love That Won't Let You Go
    3. In The Coach Station Light
    4. Summertime Flight
    5. My Heart Is Dancing
    6. Some Things Aren't Worth Knowing
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  • Lenses Lenses Quick View

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    Soft Metals' Lenses is a continuation of their
    ethos aiming directly at your body and subconscious mind with an intimacy that only lovers can bring.

    The song "Lenses" describes the experience of shifted consciousness with the lyrics "breaking through my perception of you, breaking through my concept of life". It celebrates the feeling of escape from a mind imprisoned with lack of presence and stuck in habit all set to an earnest beat and lush enigmatic melodies that entwine and seduce. "Tell Me", "No Turning Back", When I Look Into Your Eyes" expresses that nervous, vulnerable feeling of falling for someone, but questioning the reality of the situation asking "Is this love true? Or are we just lost in lust?", "when you said you loved me, I laid my whole life down", "When I look into your eyes, I wonder if we'll meld". "In the Air", perhaps the most movement inspiring track of the album, is a dense, pulsating piece about the power of nature, the effects of seasonal changes on all living things that rule over sexuality, productivity, and inspiration- the basis of man's various forms of mysticism.

    1. Lenses
    2. Tell Me
    3. When I Lo ok Into Your Eyes
    4. No Turning Back
    5. Hourglass
    6. On A Cloud
    7. In The Air
    8. Interobserver
    Soft Metals
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Angels & Devils Angels & Devils Quick View

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    Angels & Devils

    It's after the end of the world, don't you know that yet...

    With recent reports from various think tanks predicting we have somewhere in the range of 15 years left before the collapse of society begins, it would seem like Kevin Martin's sonic predictions of dystopian London that were set out on 2008's London Zoo were pretty accurate. And if we are in fact declining rapidly to chaos, there's no better time then the present to take the focus of that sonic assault from earthly domains and blast it to the netherworlds above and below.

    The aforementioned London Zoo is where Kevin Martin, found his true voice. Pulling the fringes into a collective, unilaterally hateful assault. A psychological warfare driven by bass that on one hand captured a moment of London, yet also encapsulated a global message influenced by years of timeless and classic out-music.

    The latest offering from the The Bug, Angels & Devils, escapes the London cage, drawing on it for influence yet blowing it up into a world-view now seen from Kevin Martin's new Berlin home. A record that simultaneously draws on London Zoo, completes a triptych cycle which started with his Bug debut Pressure, and fills the spaces between and inserts what was missing previously. Both a year zero re-set and a continuation of what has been. Like the Bowie/Eno classic Low, or Can's Tago Mago, the album is split into two distinct themes and explorations of light & dark. Bringing the angel & devil voices together under a single common banner. Antagonist at times, but not solely for the sake of being antagonistic, there's a beauty and lush sparseness to be found within, even when at its most chaotic. Truly only The Bug could find the common ground between Liz Harris (of Grouper) & Death Grips and make it seamless. Angels & Devils stretches the polarity of its predecessor in both directions simultaneously and is even more extreme for its new found seductiveness and added intensity. Deep space is explored, and physical assault is administered. In these days of YouTube quick fixes, and single tune memory spans, its a joy to witness Martin actually charting a cohesive narrative that rejoices in celebrating life through sonic sex and violence, beauty and ugliness. This is an audio thriller that delights in pursuing its own singular path/vision.

    With the Angel side(s) up first, things kick off with Liz Harris (of Grouper) in the submerged lushness that is Void. Followed by contributions from ex Hype Wiliams half copeland (Fall), the blissed out patois of touring partner Miss Red (Mi Lost), two truly zoned Bug instrumentals, and rounded out by Gonjasufi on Save Me. It's a collection of heady, dubbed out cinematic blissfulness with a lurking darkness before giving way to devils...

    Devils leads off with the return of long time collaborator Flowdan on the mic and the guitar of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh / Jesu) bringing a complete about face to the proceedings and setting the tone with The One. Roll Deep's Manga steps up next with the instant Bug classic Function, which is being currently smashed on dubplate, by Mala, Kahn and Logan Sama. Death Grips raise the antagonistic bar with Fuck A Bitch. Flowdan & Justin Broadrick come back for the cinematic death crawl of Fat Mac. Warrior Queen steps in for hands down the nastiest vocal she's ever delivered (which is saying a lot) for Fuck You, and finally Flowdan steps up again to round it all off with a Devils battle cry of sorts dirty, fuck that murky....

    The concept is completed by the artistic expression it's packaged in, courtesy of Simon Fowler (Cataract). Known for his work for Sunn O))), Earth, and others, Simon has delivered a stunning hand drawn illustration, that sort that would make Bosch proud, showing the duality of the proceedings.

    Utopian/dystopian, black/white, complexity/singularity, negative/positive... Angels/Devils.

    1. Void (Featuring Liz Harris)
    2. Fall (Featuring copeland)
    3. Ascension
    4. Mi Lost (Featuring Miss Red)
    5. Pandi
    6. Save Me (Featuring Gonjasufi)
    7. The One (Featuring Flowdan)
    8. Function (Featuring Manga)
    9. Fuck a Bitch (Featuring Death Grips)
    10. Fat Mac (Featuring Flowdan)
    11. Fuck You (Featuring Warrior Queen)
    12. Dirty (Featuring Flowdan)
    The Bug
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  • Lush Life Lush Life Quick View

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    Lush Life

    Reissued As Part Of The Blue Note 75th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Campaign

    Released in 1967, Lush Life by jazz saxophonist, Lou Donaldson, features a truly superstar jazz band. Considered an enchanting album, Lush Life
    includes performances by Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Garnett Brown on trombone, Jerry Dodgion on alto sax and flute, Wayne Shorter on tenor sax,
    Pepper Adams on baritone sax, McCoy Tyner on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Al Harewood on drums. Lush Life will be reissued as part of the overall
    Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign spearheaded by current Blue Note Records President, Don Was.

    1. Sweet Slumber
    2. You've Changed
    3. The Good Life
    4. Stardust
    5. What Will I Tell My Heart
    6. It Might As Well Be Spring

    7. Sweet And Lovely
    Lou Donaldson
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Lush Life Lush Life Quick View

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    Lush Life

    John Coltrane's essential 1958 Prestige release Lush Life finds the jazz great fronting a pianoless trio on three of the album's five tracks as well as helming both a quartet and quintet for a track a piece. The standard ballad Like Someone In Love and the Coltrane mid-tempo original Trane's Slo Blues wonderfully supplement the album's 14-minute title track, an unrivaled masterpiece of both style and grace.
    1. Like Someone in Love
    2. I Love You
    3. Trane's Slo Blues
    4. Lush Life
    5. I Hear a Rhapsody
    John Coltrane
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Lush Life (Mono) Lush Life (Mono) Quick View

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    Lush Life (Mono)

    John Coltrane's essential 1958 Prestige release Lush Life finds the jazz great fronting a pianoless trio on three of the album's five tracks as well as helming both a quartet and quintet for a track a piece. The standard ballad Like Someone In Love and the Coltrane mid-tempo original Trane's Slo Blues wonderfully supplement the album's 14-minute title track, an unrivaled masterpiece of both style and grace.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Like Someone In Love
    2. I Love You
    3. Trane's Slo Blues
    4. Lush Life
    5. I Hear a Rhapsody
    John Coltrane
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • What Am I Doing What Am I Doing Quick View

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    What Am I Doing

    Debut Album From This Brooklyn Band

    Album Produced By Annabel Alpers Of Bachelorette (Drag City)

    Mixed By Adam Cooke (Beach House / Double Dagger)

    Lushes are a band born of tensions - between art and math,
    order and chaos, planning and chance. You can hear it in their
    songs - taut, twitching art-punk that balance anxiety and elation,
    often within the space of a few bars. Album opener Harsh glides
    along slowly, feeling like a moody and measured art-rock
    meditation until you zero in on the words in the chorus: Harsh on
    my ears, that's the way I like it. This is push-pull music, songs
    that temper the jagged fitfulness of groups like June of 44 and
    Slint with the soft-focus sweetness and open-ended song
    structures of The Sea & Cake and The Notwist.

    That moods so diametrically opposed can peacefully coexist is
    part of Lushes mystery and allure. That duality extends to the
    group's background. James Ardery and Joel Myers were living in
    worlds far removed from music, both working day jobs that
    neither of them enjoyed. Their personalities were different -
    James was outspoken and gregarious, Joel introverted and
    reserved. Their musical backgrounds were different: James grew
    up pillaging his father's record collection, getting turned on to
    Nirvana and Wu-Tang Clan by his older brother and attending
    hardcore shows by pioneering bands like Fugazi at 12 years old.
    Joel was formally trained, loving classical music but almost
    completely oblivious to rock and pop. The fusion of their disparate
    influences is what animates Lushes - the anarchy of punk and
    hardcore colliding with the precision of jazz to create music that is
    marvelously ordered while still feeling seconds away from
    detonation. That tension pulses throughout What Am I Doing, the
    group's warring influences making for music that feels brittle and

    1. Harsh
    2. One Right Word
    3. Traffic
    4. Warm Contagion
    5. Dead Girls
    6. Feastin
    7. Garden
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pneuma Pneuma Quick View

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    Moving Mountains first release, Pneuma takes post-rock to a new level, combing lush and atmospheric layers with melodic vocals, horns, and the occasional primal howl.
    1. Apelion
    2. Cover The Roots / Lower The Stems
    3. Alastika
    5. 8105
    6. Bottom Feeder
    7. Sol Solis
    8. Grow On, Grow Up, Grow Out
    9. The Earth And The Sun
    10. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves
    Moving Mountains
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Imperium Imperium Quick View

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    Blouse's first record was a break out success for us two years ago. It was lush, synthy and a little dark. This record sees them breaking the mold a little bit and stripping down to just guitar/bass/drums, yet it still manages to sound really lush and vibrant. This record, like a classic blouse, is something everyone should have.
    1. Imperium
    2. Eyesite
    3. 1000 Years
    4. In a Glass
    5. Capote
    6. A Feeling Like This
    7. No Shelter
    8. Happy Days
    9. Arrested
    10. Trust Me
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Nowhere Now Nowhere Now Quick View

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    Nowhere Now

    Oakland sextet Waterstrider rides the line between arpeggiated melancholy and the rhythmic gallop of afropop. Their 2015 debut Nowhere Now introduced the band's lush swell, its cinematic orchestration a dreamy counterpoint to bandleader Nate Salman's soaring falsetto.
    1. White Light
    2. Redwood
    3. Soundless Sea
    4. Passing Ships
    5. Just A Taste
    6. Calliope
    7. New Sun
    8. Zomoskepsis
    9. Nowhere Now
    10. Black Blood
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  • The Singles 1969 - 1973 The Singles 1969 - 1973 Quick View

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    The Singles 1969 - 1973

    This collection of Carpenters' biggest Top 10 hits shows off the lush melodies brought out in Richard Carpenter's
    arrangements and Karen's singing. The packaging is original, including the notes about the origin of each track.
    1. We've Only Just Begun
    2. Top Of The World
    3. Ticket To Ride
    4. Superstar
    5. Rainy Days And Mondays
    6. Goodbye To Love
    7. Yesterday Once More
    8. It's Going To Take Some Time
    9. Sing
    10. For All We Know
    11. Hurting Each Other
    12. (They Long To Be) Close To You
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Re-Arrange Us Re-Arrange Us Quick View

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    Re-Arrange Us

    Though conceived as a duo, Mates of State have never failed to generate a trademark wall of sound built on dozens of varied voicings of keys, drums, and alternately lushly-layered and playfully-dueling vocals. On Re-arrange Us they move beyond these boundaries (Kori's traditional organ sound is a distant memory, replaced with organic piano and synth sounds) with additional instrumentation including lush strings, guitar, and horns to back up their already-honed melodic songwriting, which continues to shine on instantly indelible gems like "Get Better," "Now," and "Jigsaw." Both this newfound broadening of instrumentation and the increased emergence of both Mates' lead vocals signal the next stage of the band's evolution.
    1. Get Better
    2. Now
    3. My Only Offer
    4. The Re-Arranger
    5. Jigsaw
    6. Blue and Gold Print
    7. Help Help
    8. You Are Free
    9. Great Dane
    10. Lullaby Haze
    Mates Of State
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Quick View

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    The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick, The Wonder Of You focuses on Elvis' unmistakable voice with lush new orchestral accompaniment. Featuring Elvis' most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestral, the record spans a variety of musical styles that Elvis embraced, from rock and gospel to country and ballads. The Wonder Of You highlights beloved Presley classics along with several surprises. The LP version is two 150 gram discs in a gatefold sleeve.
    LP 1
    1. A Big Hunk o' Love
    2. I've Got a Thing About You Baby
    3. Suspicious Minds
    4. Don't
    5. I Just Can't Help Believin'
    6. Just Pretend
    7. Love Letters

    LP 2
    1. Amazing Grace
    2. Starting Today
    3. Kentucky Rain
    4. Memories
    5. Let It Be Me
    6. Always on My Mind
    7. The Wonder of You
    8. Just Pretend

    Elvis Presley
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Boxer Boxer Quick View

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    The follow-up to 2005's Alligator is filled with lush arrangements and sees the band incorporating new instrumentation and expanded musical elements such as piano, trumpet, and more prominent background vocals.

    ...churning grooves and shambling new wave rips, turning up depressed guitar poetry that's both elegantly wasted and kinda murky

    1. Fake Empire
    2. Mistaken For Strangers

    3. Brainy
    4. Squalor Victoria
    5. Green Gloves
    6. Slow Show
    7. Apartment Story
    8. Start a War
    9. Guest Room
    10. Racing Like a Pro
    11. ADA
    12. Gospel
    The National
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Fall Be Kind Fall Be Kind Quick View

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    Fall Be Kind

    To close out an incredible 2009 for Animal Collective that saw the release of their most critically and commercially successful album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, comes the Fall Be Kind EP. The EP features 5 brand new studio tracks that are every bit as lush and beautiful as those found on Merriweather. The year of Animal Collective closes on a high note.
    1. Graze
    2. What Would I Want? Sky
    3. Bleed
    4. On a Highway
    5. I Think I Can
    Animal Collective
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Good For No One Now No Good For No One Now Quick View

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    No Good For No One Now

    In conjunction with the new (third) Owen album, "I Do Perceive" being released on both CD and LP, Polyvinyl is releasing the first two albums on vinyl as well. "No Good", the 2001 follow-up to "Owen", is the best selling Owen item in the Polyvinyl catalog. Poetic lyrics and nimble acoustic guitar are filled out by lush bass, electric guitar, and drums.
    1. Nobody's Nothing

    2. Everyone Feels Like You

    3. Poor Souls

    4. The Ghost Of What Should've Been

    5. Good Deeds

    6. I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight

    7. Take Care Of Yourself
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack Quick View

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    Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack

    The musical score for Conan the Barbarian was composed and conducted by Basil Poledouris. The film's music
    mostly conveys a sense of power, energy, and brutality, yet there are tender moments. The sounds of oboes and
    string instruments accompany Conan and Valeria's intimate scenes, imbuing them with a sense of lush romance andan emotional intensity.
    1. Anvil Of Crom
    2. Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom
    3. Gift Of Fury
    4. Wheel Of Pain
    5. Atlantean Sword
    6. Theology / Civilization
    7. Wifeing (Theme Of Love From Conan The Barbarian)
    8. The Search
    9. The Orgy
    10. Funeral Pyre
    11. Battle Of The Mounds
    12. Orphans Of Doom / The Awakening
    Basil Poledouris
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Liberman Liberman Quick View

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    An unusual light shines through Liberman, Vanessa Carlton's fifth album. Its ten songs, built on ethereal melodies and lush orchestration, seem to climb out of the shadows, each resonating with a sense of haunting positivity. Each note and lyric on Liberman builds on that aesthetic, creating an ongoing narrative that unfurls over its classic side A and side B.
    1. Take It Easy
    2. Willows
    3. House of Seven Swords
    4. Operator
    5. Blue Pool
    6. Nothing Where Something Used To Be
    7. Matter of Time
    8. Unlock The Lock
    9. River
    10. Ascension
    Vanessa Carlton
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Waking Up The Giants Waking Up The Giants Quick View

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    Waking Up The Giants

    180 Gram Vinyl + Includes Sticker!

    Mostly self-produced, the debut album delivers an arena-ready sound from a wide range of musical & geographical backgrounds, textured with graceful melodies, sprawling guitar & lush but edgy electronics. The album includes Alt-Rock Hit, "Troublemaker." Touring this Fall with X Ambassadors; Past tours & festivals include Bastille, Firefly,Hangout, Bottlerock, Red Rocks, & Voodoo.

    1. Into The Barrens
    2. Troublemaker
    3. Hymnals
    4. The Struggle
    5. Bob Marley
    6. Waking Up The Giants
    7. Waiting For You
    8. Vagabonds
    9. Bounty On My Head
    10. Cosmic Angel
    11. Bohemian Bird

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Resolution No Resolution Quick View

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    No Resolution

    Pressed On Blue Vinyl With Gold Splatter

    The new album from indie rocker Tim Kasher, best known as the frontman for Cursive and the Good Life. The anticipated follow up to Adult Film, No Resolution finds Kasher employing lush arrangements of strings and despair of an engaged couple on the brink of a break-up.

    1. Not Over You Prelude

    2. Runts

    3. Break Me Open

    4. No Secret

    5. An Answer For Everything Prelude: Jean Kills the Party

    6. Holding Out

    7. Runts Reprise: Wandering Eyes

    8. Hollow

    9. No Secret Reprise: Meet Shawna and Tracy

    10. Messes

    11. An Answer For Everything

    12. Holding Out Reprise: Heading Out

    13. Post Script

    14. Hollow: Kyle's Smoke

    15. Not Over You
    Tim Kasher
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Subtle Swing Subtle Swing Quick View

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    Subtle Swing

    Hank Garland's Subtle Swing LP, now sporting a sparkling new, period-era cover worthy of the album's greatness. A former country picker, Garland excelled when he decided to cut some jazz sides, accompanied here by vibraphone prodigy Gary Burton in a set that emphasizes Garland's knack for understated yet warm improvisational flourishes. We tracked down the vintage Sesac master tapes and are reissuing it on LP gems in lush 180-gram vinyl.
    1. What Am I To Do
    2. Not For Me
    3. You're Here Again
    4. Just For Tonight
    5. Pop Goes The Weasel
    6. It's Love Of Course
    7. Unless You're In Love
    8. Close Your Eyes
    9. Rainy Afternoon
    10. Call D. Law
    Hank Garland
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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