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  • Madvillainy Madvillainy Quick View

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    Two of hip hop's most brilliant minds and prolific artists met on 2004's Madvillainy which features music by Madlib and words by MF Doom. Ranks with the best work from either artist. Features the smash singles Curls and Money Folder, plus cameos from Lord Quas, Wildchild, M.E.D. and Stacy Epps.

    1. The Illest Villains

    2. Accordian
    3. Meat Grinder
    4. Bistro
    5. Raid (feat. Medaphoar)
    6. America's Most Blunted (feat. Quasimoto)
    7. Sickfit (Instrumental)
    8. Rainbows
    9. Curls
    10. Do Not Fire (Instrumental)
    11. Money Folder
    12. Shadows of Tomorrow (feat. Quasimoto)
    13. Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test
    14. Figaro
    15. Hardcore Hustle (feat. Wildchild)
    16. Strange Ways
    17. Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn)
    18. Eye (feat. Stacy Epps)
    19. Supervillain Theme (instrumental)
    20. All Caps
    21. Great Day Today
    22. Rhinestone Cowboy

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  • Madvillainy Instrumentals Madvillainy Instrumentals Quick View

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    Madvillainy Instrumentals

    MF DOOM and Madlib are Madvillain. The two met in 2002 and soon began working on Madvillainy which would be finished over the next year and released in March 2004. The music on Madvillainy went against the grain of all popular conventions in contemporary hip-hop: short songs, dirty sound, no choruses, and with lyrical themes which were not always clear to everyone on first listen. The album received the highest critical praise of a hip-hop album released in 2004, and years later has continued to generate interest and controversy.

    This modern classic, while previously available only in a plain sleeve, is given the proper treatment of a full color jacket.

    1. Accordian (Instrumental)
    2. Meat Grinder (Instrumental)
    3. Raid (Instrumental)
    4. America's Most Blunted (Instrumental)
    5. Rainbows (Instrumental)
    6. Curls (Instrumental)
    7. Money Folder (Instrumental)
    8. Shadows of Tomorrow (Instrumental)
    9. Operation Lifesaver (Instrumental)
    10. Figaro (Instrumental)
    11. Hardcore Hustle (Instrumental)
    12. Strange Ways (Instrumental)
    13. Fancy Clown (Instrumental)
    14. Eye (Instrumental)
    15. All Caps (Instrumental)
    16. Great Day (Instrumental)

    17. Rhinestone Cowboy (Instrumental)
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  • The Further Adventures of Lord Quas The Further Adventures of Lord Quas Quick View

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    The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

    Madlib resurrects his sticky-green obsessed, helium-huffing alter-ego, Quasimoto, for the The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. While Madlib has always been one of the most experimentally savvy beatmakers in the underground, his creation of the electronically altered narrator Quasimoto, has become one of his biggest selling points for alternatively minded fans. Quas made his full-length debut in 2000 onThe Unseen, an album which reached over 38,182 fans, and was dubbed one of the Top 20 albums of 2000 by both SPIN and URB. Meanwhile Madlib's Quas-filled collaboration with M.F. Doom on Madvillainy has been deemed a cult classic. Madlib does not dissapoint onThe Further Adventures of Lord Quas, with drunkard Old Willy appearing in a comedy sketched out over an equally quirky beat on Bus Ride, while Quas narrates a hip-hop history lesson on Rappcats, and takes bong hits while reminiscing over the essential role weed plays in his artistic process on Greenery. The new album includes 26 tracks, with only two guest shots: one from Doom (for the return of Madvillain) and another from Medaphoar.
    1. Bullyshit
    2. Greenery
    3. Crime
    4. Hydrant Game
    5. Don't Blink
    6. Players of the Game
    7. Bus Ride
    8. Closer
    9. Maingirl
    10. Civilization Day
    11. Bartender Say
    12. 1994
    13. Another Demo Tape
    14. Raw Deal
    15. Mr. Two-Faced
    16. The Exclusive
    17. Fatbacks
    18. J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)
    19. Shroom Music
    20. Rappcats, Part 3
    21. Strange Piano
    22. Life Is...
    23. The Clown (Episode C)
    24. Raw Addict, Part 2)
    25. Tomorrow Never Knows
    26. Privacy
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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