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  • Masterpieces (Pure Pleasure) Masterpieces (Pure Pleasure) Quick View

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    Masterpieces (Pure Pleasure)

    When Ellington went into the studio in 1950 to record the longer tracks on this LP, his orchestra was a bridge between its late-1940's configuration (the 5-man trumpet section) and its mid-1950's personnel. The sax section had settled into the form it would have for most of the ensuing two decades (old-timers Hodges and Carney and newcomers Procope, Hamilton and Gonsalves); the trombone section had long-timer Lawrence Brown as well as Tyree Glenn and newcomer Quentin Jackson; and the drummer was still Sonny Greer, who had anchored the rhythm section since the beginning.

    The arrangements and orchestrations all bear the hallmarks of Ellington's collaboration with Billy Strayhorn in the late 1940's: they are lush, symphonic, impressionistic, and densely (and adventurously) harmonic. Mood Indigo, in particular, is a 15-minute tone-poem with shifting colors and key relationships as Ellington and Strayhorn bring the melody through a wide variety of guises, from Glenn's wah-wah trombone solo to Shorty Baker's lyrical waltz to orchestral and piano passages which do homage to the influence which Ravel and Stravinsky had on both of them.

    The Tattooed Bride is the only new piece from the original Masterpieces by Ellington LP, and it is a beauty. The others of the original tracks -- Sophistocated Lady and Solitude -- are not laid out as inventively in their harmonics or structure. Of the group, Solitude is perhaps the weakest, but this is a relative term. Ellington would go on to pen many more extended, symphonic works, but none would have quite the multicolored, impressionistic tone-pallate that these do. And Strayhorn's presence would not be as pronounced in those future works as it is here: the orchestration and harmonies in particular bear his mark. These are masterpieces indeed: great works of art by two of our greatest composers/orchestrators, and played by one of the greatest orchestras in Afro-American music. - Andrew R. Weiss


    • Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn (piano)
    • Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Ray Nance (trumpet)
    • Quentin Jackson (trombone)
    • Johnny Hodges (reeds)
    • Mercer Ellington (french horn)
    • Russell Procope (clarinet, reeds)
    • Wendell Marshall (bass)
    • Louie Bellson (drums)

    About Pure Pleasure

    At the beginning of the 90s, in the early days of audiophile vinyl re-releases, the situation was fairly straightforward. Companies such as DCC, Mobile Fidelity, Classic Records and, of course, Pure Pleasure all maintained a mutual, unwritten ethical code: we would only use analogue tapes to manufacture records.

    During the course of the present vinyl hype, many others have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of securing a corner of the market. Very often they are not so ethical and use every imaginable source to master from: CDs, LPs, digital files, MP3s - or employed existent tools from the 80s and 90s for manufacturing.

    A digital delay is gladly used when cutting a lacquer disc because tape machines with an analogue delay have become quite rare and are therefore expensive. When cutting the lacquer, the audio signal is delayed by one LP revolution against the signal, which controls the cutter head, and for this a digital delay is very often employed. Of course, the resultant sound signal is completely digital and thus only as good as this delay.

    We should like to emphasize that Pure Pleasure Records on principle only uses the original master tape as the basis for the entirely analogue cutting of lacquer discs. In addition, the pressing tool is newly manufactured as a matter of principle.

    We only employ existing tools for manufacturing if an improved result is not forthcoming, e.g. the title Elvis Is Back, which was mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray, or several titles from our Philips Classics series, which in any case Willem Makkee cut from the original masters at the Emil Berliner Studios in the 90s. It goes without saying that we only used the mother and that new tools were made for our production.

    To put it in a nutshell: we can ensure you that our releases are free from any kind of digital effects and that the lacquer discs are newly cut.

    1. Mood Indigo
    2. Sophisticated Lady
    3. The Tattooed Bride
    4. Solitude
    Duke Ellington
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Masterpieces By Ellington Masterpieces By Ellington Quick View

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    Masterpieces By Ellington

    A Historic Record - Recorded Just Four Years Removed From The Dawn Of The Analog Tape Era!

    Remastered By Ryan Smith At Sterling Sound From The Original Analog Tapes

    Recorded On An Ampex 200, Using 3M-111 Magnetic Tape Running At 15 Inches Per Second

    Gatefold Old-School Tip-On On Jacket By Stoughton Printing

    Plated And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings

    Most highly recommended (the record is now on the QRP presses). It's one of my 'Records to Die For' in the February 2015 Stereophile. You won't have to die to get a copy. $30 will do and it's well worth the money. A true classic both musically and sonically and a historical work of art you can now own. - Music = 11/11; Sound = 11/11 - Michael Fremer,

    Masterpieces By Ellington shines from an astonishingly brief period of history that gave the recording industry two of its greatest achievements - the introduction of magnetic tape recording and the 33 1/3 LP, or long-playing record.

    Four years. That's all it took to go from the discovery by Americans, of German advancements in the field of sound recording, to the marketing of tape decks in the U.S. by the Ampex company, to Columbia's unveiling of its 12" LP, and the first long-playing record to be sold to consumers.

    The four selections contained here catapulted the Maestro Ellington into the LP era, as the great composer/arranger/pianist and his matchless orchestra took full advantage of the possibilities afforded by magnetic tape recording and the still-new 33 1/3 RPM LP to, for the first time, capture uncut concert arrangements of their signature songs.

    This album wouldn't have been possible without a chain of events starting at the end of World War II. Recorded in December 1950, just five years after Germany fell to the Allies, revealing the Germans' advances in magnetic tape recording, Ellington's master work holds its wonder still today and the recording quality hands-down betters the sound of many modern-day albums.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Mood Indigo
    2. Sophisticated Lady
    3. The Tattooed Bride
    4. Solitude
    Duke Ellington
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Masterpieces (45 RPM) Masterpieces (45 RPM) Quick View

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    Masterpieces (45 RPM)

    A Historic Record - Recorded Just Four Years Removed From The Dawn Of The Analog Tape Era!

    Remastered By Ryan Smith At Sterling Sound From The Original Analog Tapes

    Recorded On An Ampex 200, Using 3M-111 Magnetic Tape Running At 15 Inches Per Second

    Gatefold Old-School Tip-on On Jacket By Stoughton Printing Plated And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings!

    Named A 2015 Record To Die For By Stereophile Magazine.

    Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound from the original analog tapes, the record was plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings. The depth and space when those rich chromatic harmonies create a wide and well-defined soundscape, the timbre of the orchestra as a whole as well as individual instruments, and the thick, wooden sound of Wendell Marshall's bass are among the aural pleasures provided when you drop a needle on this platter; expect goose bumps. - Music = 5/5; Sonics = 4.5/5 - Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound, May-June 2015.

    I chose the CD reissue of this album as one of my R2D4s for 2012, but now from Chad Kassem's Analogue Productions comes this QRP LP, and it's an occasion for popping corks. Released in 1950, this was Ellington's first LP, and he used the new medium to stretch out four of his biggest hits. The arrangements are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and the sound just slightly less so. Recorded by Fred Plaut, who later miked Kind of Blue and other Columbia classics, it has the dynamics, depth, and in-your-face tonal realism of a modern (mono) audiophile thumper. Among the best jazz albums ever. - Fred Kaplan, for Stereophile - Records To Die For - February 2015.

    This new re-issue slays my vintage copy in every way. Every dimension of the recording was much better...dynamics, harmonics, frequency response, detail, jump...all just leaped out at me! The recording sounded like it had been made that morning...absolutely fresh-sounding. No veiling. No roll-off. In fact, it's so good that it doesn't matter that this is a mono recording! Listen to it on a great'll hear mono that fools you into thinking that it's not mono. Just wait until you hear Yvonne Lanauze sing, Mood Indigo amigos, after a long instrumental build-up...she'll take you there! ... The pressing itself was impeccable: flat, and free of noise, tics and pops...a genuine masterpiece of the pressing-plant arts. The Hyperion OCL, the finest cartridge that I've ever heard, revealed how superbly these grooves were carved! Commendable, reference-grade analog...very, very close to master tape sound. Very damned close! Kissing cousins close! Hell, maybe even closer than that. In fact, I now consider the Analogue Productions re-issue of Masterpieces by Ellington to be one of the very finest Jazz records ever released. (Sorry Miles! Move over, Kind of Blue!). - David W. Robinson, editor-in-chief, Positive Feedback Online.

    Most highly recommended (the record is now on the QRP presses). It's one of my 'Records to Die For' in the February 2015 Stereophile. A true classic both musically and sonically and a historical work of art you can now own. - Music = 11/11; Sound = 11/11 - Michael Fremer,

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    LP 1
    1. Mood Indigo
    2. Sophisticated Lady

    LP 2
    1. The Tattooed Bride
    2. Solitude

    Duke Ellington
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Masterpiece Masterpiece Quick View

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    Masterpiece is a 1973 album by The Temptations originally released on the Gordy (Motown) label. The album was produced and written by Norman Whitfield.
    1. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
    2. Masterpiece
    3. Ma
    4. Law Of The Land
    5. Plastic Man
    6. Hurry Tomorrow
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  • Milestones (Stereo) Milestones (Stereo) Quick View

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    Milestones (Stereo)


    Milestones is Miles Davis' only original sextet recording featuring John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Cannonball Adderley, Philly Joe Jones and Red Garland. This 1958 masterpiece captured Davis' rst modal jazz experiments in pieces like "Straight, No Chaser" and the title track. Both the song and the album proved to be actual milestones in Jazz, as the modalism Davis introduced on this record continued to inuence Jazz on a global scale.

    1. Dr. Jekyll
    2. Sid's Ahead
    3. Two Bass Hit
    4. Miles
    5. Billy Boy
    6. Straight, No Chaser
    Miles Davis
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Masterpieces Masterpieces Quick View

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    200-Gram Vinyl LP Pressed At Quality Record Pressings

    Mastered From The Original Analog Master Tapes By Kevin Gray At CoHEARent Audio

    Stoughton Printing Old-Style Deluxe Film-lamination Tip-On Jacket

    This is a gem of an audiophile record, a showcase for one of the truly great
    20th century violinists - Nathan Milstein - whose skill and instrumental
    mastery matches peers more widely and famously known: Perlman, Heifetz,
    Haendel, Menuhin, Oistrakh, Szeryng and a handful of other soloists.
    Clean copies of this album remain super desirable and regularly fetch in
    excess of $500 from collectors.

    The range of music undertaken in this collection - from the classical
    expression of Mozart to the salon civilities of Saint-Saëns - confirms
    what was served notice by Milstein's American debut with the Philadelphia
    Orchestra in 1929 - a young artist of special consequence had arrived
    among us. Here, Milstein is backed by The Concert Arts Orchestra
    conducted by Walter Susskind for this recording of violin and orchestra

    Milstein was a Russian Empire-born virtuoso violinist and American immigrant.
    It was a concert by the 11-year- old Jascha Heifetz that inspired his
    parents to make a violinist out of Milstein. At age 7, he started violin studies
    (as suggested by his parents, to keep him out of mischief) with the eminent
    violin pedagogue Pyotr Stolyarsky, also the teacher of renowned violinist
    David Oistrakh. When Milstein was 11, Leopold Auer invited him to study
    at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Milstein made his American debut in
    1929 with Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He eventually
    settled in New York and became an American citizen, but toured
    repeatedly throughout Europe.

    Milstein was a technical perfectionist, obsessed with articulating each note
    perfectly. He would spend long hours working out fingerings which would
    make passages sound more articulated. He arranged many works for violin
    and wrote his own cadenzas for many concertos. As a recording artist with
    Capitol Records, his discs of recital repertoire bloomed with musical taste
    and stylistic versatility.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Mozart: Adagio, K. 261
    2. Mozart: Rondo, K. 373
    3. Beethoven: Romance In F. Op, 50
    4. Wieniawski: Legende
    5. Novacek: Perpetual Motion
    6. Stravinsky: Berceuse (The Firebird)
    7. Saint-Saens: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
    Nathan Milstein
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Masterpiece Theatre (Awaiting Repress) Masterpiece Theatre (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Masterpiece Theatre (Awaiting Repress)

    Masterpiece Theatre is the second studio album by Canadian rock group Marianas Trench, originally released in 2009. The album is a slight departure from Fix Me, containing more theatrical elements and instruments while still retaining the punk rock influence of its predecessor. Songs like Masterpiece Theater (parts one, two and three), Beside You, and Good To You show some experimentation using pianos and strings and harmonies.
    1. Masterpiece Theatre I
    2. All to Myself
    3. Cross My Heart
    4. Beside You
    5. Acadia
    6. Masterpiece Theatre II
    7. Sing Sing
    8. Good to You (feat. Kate Voegele)
    9. Celebrity Status
    10. Perfect
    11. Lover Dearest

    12. Masterpiece Theatre III
    Marianas Trench
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Headphone Masterpiece (Awaiting Repress) The Headphone Masterpiece (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Headphone Masterpiece (Awaiting Repress)

    Cody Chesnut's debut album, The Headphone Masterpiece, is what all pop/rock/soul/R&B/hip-hop hybrids should be: good, raw, fun, and funky. Chesnutt mixes '60s-style rock with '70s soul and '90s hip-hop and R&B in an eclectic celebration of sound. This lo-fi gem was recorded in his bedroom and sounds like it; it's essentially a 36-track musical diary. He sings testosterone-driven songs of passion and tender tales of mental anguish with equal abandon. He plays almost all of the instruments and sings most of the vocals, and he's often out of tune and off-key, but that only adds to the pure emotion and recklessness of the album.
    1. Magic In A Mortal Minute
    2. With Me In Mind
    3. Upstarts In A Blowout
    4. Boylife In America
    5. Bitch, Im Broke
    6. Serve This Royalty
    7. The Seed
    8. Enough Of Nothing
    9. Setting The System
    10. The Most Beautiful Shame
    11. Smoke And Love
    12. Michelle
    13. No One Will
    14. Batman vs.Blackman
    15. Up In the Treehouse
    16. Cant Get No Betta
    17. Shes Still Here
    18. Can we Teach Each Other
    19. The World Is Coming To My Party
    20. Brother With An Ego
    21. War Between The Sexes
    22. The Make Up
    23. Out Of Nowhere
    24. Family On Blast
    25. My Women, My Guitars
    26. Somebodys Parent
    27. When I Find Time
    28. Eric Burdon
    29. Jucin The Dark
    30. On A Joyride
    31. Daylight
    32. So Much Beauty In The Subconcious
    33. Daddys Baby
    34. If We Dont Disagree
    35. Looking Good In Leather
    36. 6 Seconds
    Cody Chesnutt
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Trouble Is A Lonesome Town Trouble Is A Lonesome Town Quick View

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    Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

    THRIFTSTORE MASTERPIECE is a revolving music collective devoted to paying homage to the
    underdog records of years past. The debut album revisits Lee Hazlewood's 1963 lost classic Trouble
    Is A Lonesome Town and features Pete Yorn, Frank Black (Pixies), Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse),
    Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), Eddie Argos (Art Brut), the late Larry Norman and more.

    In 1963, Lee Hazlewood released his debut album Trouble is a Lonesome Town to little fanfare. It
    was a collection of solo acoustic songs stitched together with a narrative that described life in a
    fictional small town inhabited by outlaws, thieves, and down-and-out laborers. The album was hokey,
    but hip. Corny, but cool. It evoked a bygone era of pastoral American towns and their sometimes seedy underbellies, somewhat like a darker version of the Andy Griffith Show or a more sinister
    Prairie Home Companion. More importantly, it was a fully realized concept album that predated
    the trend that is so common in today' s music world. Hazlewood had originally intended the songs
    as demos for his publisher, in hopes that other artists might someday record them. A half century
    later, the music collective known as THRIFTSTORE MASTERPIECE has done exactly that.

    Producer I band leader Charles Normal explains I first came across the record around the turn of the
    millennium while living in Oslo, Norway. I found it in a secondhand junk shop and it struck a nostalgic
    note somewhere within me. It made me homesick for the panoply of Americana I had experienced
    while slumming it in the Southwestern border towns and California desert whistle stops I drifted
    through when I first started playing music on the road. The record didn't leave my turntable for
    months. Years later, I started to envision the record as a more orchestrated statement and began
    recording the basic tracks in my studio.

    My brother, singer Larry Norman, lent his voice to a couple of the tracks, but when he passed away
    from a heart attack in 2008 I fell into a deep funk and put the project on the back burner. I couldn't
    bring myself to harmonize with his vocals ... it was just too emotional to deal with. It wasn't until much
    later, prompted in part by Isaac Brock, that I dusted off the tapes and hard drives and began to finish
    it. I went through my address book and started calling friends who happened to be in possession of
    great voices to see if they were interested in joining in.

    1. Long Black Train - featuring Frank Black
    2. Ugly Brown -featuring Larry Norman
    3. Son Of A Gun- featuring Frank Black
    4. We All Make The Flowers Grow- featuring Kristin Blix
    5. Run Boy Run - featuring Frank Black
    6. Six Feet Of Chain- featuring Pete Yorn
    7. The Railroad- featuring Isaac Brock
    8. Look At That Woman - featuring Courtney Taylor-Taylor
    9. Peculiar Guy- featuring Eddie Argos
    1 0. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town - featuring Larry Norman
    Thriftstore Masterpiece
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • King David's Melody King David's Melody Quick View

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    King David's Melody

    Classic Augustus Pablo collection from the golden age of Rockers, remastered and expanded to 20 tracks. Includes five
    dubs never before presented on CD.

    Featuring melodica masterpieces and deep dubs, all built on Augustus Pablo's signature rock solid drum and bass foundation.

    1. King David's Melody
    2. Zion High
    3. (Pablo Meets) Mr Bassie
    4. West Abyssinia
    5. Israel In Harmony
    6. Rockers Mood
    7. Sufferers Trod
    8. Revelation Time
    9. Selfish Youths
    10. Corner Stone Dub
    11. Kent Road
    Augustus Pablo
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Arvo Part: Fratres / Tabula Rasa / Symphony No.3 Arvo Part: Fratres / Tabula Rasa / Symphony No.3 Quick View

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    Arvo Part: Fratres / Tabula Rasa / Symphony No.3

    Recorded With Neeme JÄrvi & The Goteborgs Symfoniker

    Pressed On 180-Gram Vinyl By Optimal

    Celebrating Philip Glass's 80th birthday on January 31st, 2017, essential interpretations of Masterpieces of Late 20th Century is available on vinyl for the first time. This will be issued on 180g vinyl pressed by Optimal.

    1. Fratres For Violin, String Orchestra And Percussion

    2. Ludus: Con moto

    3. Silentium: Senza moto

    4. Attacca

    5. Più mosso Attacca

    6. Alla breve
    Gil Shaham
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Glass: Violin Concerto / Schnittke: Concerto Grosso Glass: Violin Concerto / Schnittke: Concerto Grosso Quick View

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    Glass: Violin Concerto / Schnittke: Concerto Grosso

    Recorded With Rainer Keuschnig, Christoph von Dohnanyi & The Wiener Philharmoniker

    Pressed On 180-Gram Vinyl By Optimal

    Celebrating Gidon Kremer's 70th birthday on February 27th, 2017, essential interpretations of Masterpieces of Late 20th Century is available on vinyl for the first time. This will be issued on 180g vinyl pressed by Optimal.

    1. = 104 - = 120
    2. = Ca. 108
    3. = Ca. 150 - Coda: Poco meno = 104
    4. Allegretto (Live At Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Wien / 1991)
    5. Without tempo indication (Live At Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Wien / 1991)
    6. Allegro vivace (Live At Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Wien / 1991)

    7. Lento (Live At Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Wien / 1991)
    Gidon Kremer
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hub Cap Hub Cap Quick View

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    Hub Cap

    Freddie Hubbard arrived in New York in 1960 and set the jazz scene on its ear with a gorgeous tone, perfect technique and great ideas. This was his third album in less than a year and it yielded several masterpieces including the title tune and a powerful reading of Randy Weston's Cry Me Not.

    Freddie Hubbard, trumpet
    Julian Priester, trombone
    Jimmy Heath, tenor saxophone
    Cedar Walton, piano
    Larry Ridley, bass
    Philly Joe Jones, drums

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Hub Cap
    2. Cry Me Not
    3. Luana
    4. Osie Mae
    5. Plexus
    6. Eearmon Jr.
    Freddie Hubbard
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics Quick View

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    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics

    The ambitious new project from one of the world's leading orchestras recording fully orchestrated progressive rock masterpieces with guest appearances by members of iconic prog rock bands!

    Features scintillating symphonic versions of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" with Alan Parsons Project multi-instrumentalist Ian Bairnson, King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" featuring King Crimson and Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, Gentle Giant's "Think Of Me With Kindness" featuring Yes and Moody Blues
    keyboardist Patrick Moraz and many more!

    1. ELP Suite: Tarkus / From The Beginning / Tarkus (Reprise)
    2. Comfortably Numb feat. Ian Bairnson
    3. Thick As A Brick feat. Richard Harvey
    4. 21st Century Schizoid Man feat. Gavin Harrison and Guthrie Govan
    5. Focus II feat. Thijs Van Leer
    6. Nights In White Satin feat. Mark Feltham
    7. Think Of Me With Kindness feat. Patrick Moraz
    8. Roundabout feat. Jimmy Greenspoon
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dolce Duello Dolce Duello Quick View

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    Dolce Duello

    "One of the finest and most sought-after singers today" (New York Times), Cecilia Bartoli partners with Sol Gabetta,
    known for "the sheer, gobsmacking beauty of the sound she elicits from her instrument" (San Francisco Chronicle),
    for Dolce Duello. A stunning collaboration of voice and cello born of their friendship, the new album features
    Baroque masterpieces from Vivaldi, Handel, Gabrieli, Albinoni and more - including three world-premiere
    1. Caldara: "Fortuna e speranza" (Nitocri)
    2. Albinoni: "Aure, andate e baciate" (ll Nascimento dell'Aurora)
    3. Gabrielli: "Aure voi, de' miei sospiri" (San Sigismondo, re di Borgogna)

    4. Vivaldi: "Di verde ulivo" (Tito Manlio)
    5. Handel: Ode for St Cecilia's Day: "What passion cannot Music raise and quell?"
    6. Caldara: "Tanto, e con sì gran piena" (Gianguir)

    7. Handel: "Son qual stanco pellegrino" (Arianna in Creta)

    8. Porpora: "Giusto Amor, tu che m 'accendi" (Gli orti esperidi)

    9. Boccherini: Cello Concerto No. 10 in D major, G 483
    Cecilia Bartoli / Sol Gabetta
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • X Marks The Spot X Marks The Spot Quick View

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    X Marks The Spot

    When we at Alternative Tentacles see words like reunion or recently reformed, we tend roll our eyes and pay no heed. Even so, we weren't too surprised when the reformed Zolar X wrote and performed some new songs that were seriously rockin'- and fit snugly next to their 1970s masterpieces as heard on the Zolar X anthology Timeless.

    X Marks The Spot features all new songs that are the triumphant result of an intergalactic cross-pollination of glam, power pop, proto-punk and a little bit of metal-and, of course, some advanced space elf aesthetic.

    1. Oveon Triopp
    2. Retro Rockets
    3. Hyper Space Drive
    4. I'm Plugged In
    5. Saucers On Sunset
    6. In Orbit Around You
    7. Astro Tots
    8. Back In Hollywood
    9. Message Transmitting
    10. Plutonian Marmalade
    11. Speed Of Thought
    12. A Moment In Time
    13. Holiday On Mars
    14. X Marks The Spot
    Zolar X
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Swinging Doors / The Bottle Let Me Down Swinging Doors / The Bottle Let Me Down Quick View

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    Swinging Doors / The Bottle Let Me Down

    The #1 country album of 1966, includes the hits Swinging Doors and The Bottle Let Me Down

    Merle Haggard's third album, Swinging Doors / The Bottle Let Me Down, was assembled from a variety of singles and session like its two predecessors, but it contained a stronger overall selection of material than either album. In addition to the two masterpieces from which the album took its name, the record included a terrific version of Tommy Collins' High On A Hilltop, and plus excellent songs like The Girl Turned Ripe, If I Could Be Him, and Someone Else You've Known.


    1. Swinging Doors
    2. If I Could Be Him
    3. The Longer You Wait
    4. I'll Look You Over
    5. I Can't Stand Me
    6. That Girl Turned Ripe
    7. The Bottle Let Me Down
    8. No More You And Me
    9. Somebody Else You've Known
    10. High On A Hilltop
    11. This Town's Not Big Enough
    12. Shade Tree (Fix-It Man)
    Merle Haggard
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cereal Killers Cereal Killers Quick View

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    Cereal Killers

    Includes Extensive New Liner Notes From Singer Tim Quirk

    Pressed On Colored Vinyl

    Available For The First Time On Vinyl In The US

    Its been nearly 25 years since Too Much Joy released their
    critically acclaimed 1991 LP, Cereal Killers. The album helped
    the band stand out amidst a sea of quirky college rock bands
    that exploded in the late 1980s. Loaded with noisy power-pop
    masterpieces and a wise-crack commentary on life, Cereal
    Killers has been called the bands best album by critics and
    fans alike.

    1. Susquehanna Hat Company
    2. Good Kill
    3. William Holden Caulfield
    4. Crush Story
    5. Pirate
    6. King Of Beers
    7. Nothing On My Mind
    8. Pride Of Frankenstein
    9. Sandbox
    10. Gramatan
    11. Thanksgiving In Reno
    12. Long Haired Guys From England
    13. Goodbye Ohio
    14. Theme Song
    Too Much Joy
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dirt Dirt Quick View

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    Alice in Chains, one of the darkest bands to emerge from Seattle in the early 90's. Their 1992 album 'Dirt' was a milestone in the grunge-genre. Tuned down guitars with massive gloomy vocals courtesy of guitarist Jerry Cantrell and enigmatic vocalist Layne Staley proved a killer combination.

    'Dirt' is one of those masterpieces that wasn't meant to be, as it was written while the band was on tour only to let their demons out.

    After extensive tours with Ozzy Osbourne and Van Halen the album ended in the top 10 of Billboard. The album closes with the superb grunge anthem Would? which was also featured in the movie Singles

    Unfortunately singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose in 2002 which ended the band abruptly.

    Alice in Chains returned to the forefront with a new album and singer in 2009. At the same time we offer the original and groundbreaking sound of Alice in Chains's Dirt on 180 grams audiophile vinyl.

    1. Them Bones
    2. Dam That River
    3. Rain When I Die
    4. Down In A Hole
    5. Sickman
    6. Rooster
    7. Junkhead
    8. Dirt
    9. God Smack
    10. Iron Man
    11. Hate To Feel
    12. Angry Chair
    13. Would?
    Alice In Chains
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Diary Of A Madman (Picture Disc) Diary Of A Madman (Picture Disc) Quick View

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    Diary Of A Madman (Picture Disc)

    Restored and Remastered From Original tapes For This Definitive Edition on Picture Disc Vinyl LP!

    2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Blizzard Of Ozz (U.S. release) and Diary Of A Madman. Both landmark albums took metal in a new direction in the early 1980s, inspiring new generations of rock bands and fans. The restored editions of these Hard Rock Masterpieces showcase Ozzys musical collaborations with late guitar hero Randy Rhoads. Both Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman have been restored and remastered from the original tapes for these definitive editions.

    Ozzy's second studio album was originally released in 1981 and was the last to include guitarist Randy Rhoads before his untimely death.

    The album includes acoustic/classical guitar intros on many tracks including You Can't Kill Rock and Roll, S.A.T.O., Tonight and the title track.

    1. Over the Mountain

    2. Flying High Again
    3. You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
    4. Believer
    5. Little Dolls
    6. Tonight
    7. S.A.T.O.
    8. Diary of a Madman
    Ozzy Osbourne
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  • Mystic Places Of Dawn Mystic Places Of Dawn Quick View

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    Mystic Places Of Dawn

    Since their reunion Septicflesh have established themselves as a leading force of symphonic Dark Metal with their critically acclaimed masterpieces "Communion" (2008) and "The Great Mass" (2011). Yet the Greeks already won a dedicated and strong fan-base in their first incarnation as Septic Flesh. Produced by former Rotting Christ keyboardist and Nekromantia founder Magus Wampyr Daoloth, their debut full-length "Mystic Places of Dawn" was released in 1994 and soon acquired cult status. All trademark elements of Septicflesh are already present such as their singing guitar sound and even classical influences. With interest in Septicflesh surging to new heights following the release of "The Great Mass", their cult beginnings with "Mystic Places of Dawn" and all songs of 1991's "Temple of the Lost Race" EP added as bonus tracks will now be available anew! A must have for all fans.
    1. Mystic Places of Dawn
    2. Pale Beauty of the Past
    3. Return to Carthage
    4. Crescent Moon
    5. Chasing the Chimera
    6. The Underwater Garden
    7. Behind the Iron Mask
    8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord
    9. Mythos (Part 1: Elegy - Part 2: Time Unbounded)
    10. Erebus [bonus track]
    11. Another Reality [bonus track]
    12. Temple of the Lost Race [bonus track]
    13. Setting of the Two Suns [bonus track]
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  • Static Prevails Static Prevails Quick View

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    Static Prevails

    With their third album Clarity being one of the most overlooked masterpieces of 1999, Static Prevails is Jimmy Eat World paying their dues in 1996. It could be the slight over-production (a curse that has always haunted the band), being on a major label for the first time, or them trying to get a feel for pulling fancy studio tricks (i.e., numerous backing vocals, cellos, and Moog additions). Maybe it's all three, but what Static Prevails essentially lacks is the songwriting maturity that Jimmy Eat World could have perfected; but it's almost as if the studio heads at Capitol wouldn't let them so that there would be more room for radio-friendly pop songs. In the end, nobody won. However, tracks such as Anderson Mesa, Call It in the Air, and Seventeen don't cross that line of boring alternative rock but remain in that aggressive pop status. Nothing close to classic, but definitely a sign of better things to come.
    1. Thinking, That's All
    2. Rockstar
    3. Claire
    4. Call In It The Air
    5. Seventeen
    6. Episode IV
    7. Digits
    8. Caveman
    9. World Is Static
    10. In The Same Room
    11. Robot Factory
    12. Anderson Mesa
    13. 77 Satellites
    14. What Would I Say To You Now
    Jimmy Eat World
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  • Everything Scatter Everything Scatter Quick View

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    Everything Scatter

    Everything Scatter, originally released in 1975, is one of several masterpieces from early in Fela's mid-1970s purple period. In three extraordinarily productive years, Fela released 23 albums of new material (or perhaps 25 such albums, for the historical records are imprecise).

    The purple period continued up to and immediately beyond the Nigerian army attack of 18 February 1977 which destroyed Fela's self-governing commune, Kalakuta Republic. By the time Everything Scatter was recorded, Fela had put all Afrobeat's key elements in place: the signature rhythms he had developed with drummer Tony Allen; edgy, jousting tenor and rhythm guitars; call and response vocals; fat horn arrangements and extended, jazz-based horn and keyboard solos; politically confrontational lyrics; and, crucially, the Broken English Fela adopted to take his message beyond Yoruba speakers.

    1. Everything Scatter
    2. Who No Know Go Know
    Fela Kuti
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  • The Survivors' Suite The Survivors' Suite Quick View

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    The Survivors' Suite

    The Survivors' Suite, recorded in 1976, is the crowning achievement of Keith Jarrett's "American Quartet" with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian, and one of the all-time enduring masterpieces in the ECM catalogue. Melody Maker: "The Survivors' Suite is a brilliantly organized and full-blooded work which provides the perfect setting for all four talents. This is a very complete record. It creates its own universe and explores it thoroughly, leaving the listener awed and satisfied... An unashamedly ardent album, Jarrett's very finest." The Wire: "The labyrinthine composition seems to redefine 'intensity' each time it turns a corner. The drive toward the climax of Side Two is among the most moving in modern music, Dewey Redman absolutely titanic over the surging rhythms."


    Keith Jarrett (piano)

    Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone, percussion)

    Charlie Haden (double bass)

    Paul Motian (drums, percussion)

    1. Beginning
    2. Conclusion
    Keith Jarrett
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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