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  • Mexico En La Piel Mexico En La Piel Quick View

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    Mexico En La Piel

    Luis Miguel - Mexico En La Piel has become one of the singer's most popular and best selling albums, and still remains his only all Mexican (Rancheras) studio album that he has recorded. Every one of the thirteen tracks featured here are true classic Rancheras, and with the unmistakebale and powerful voice of Luis Miguel behind these classic songs. The orginial album of Mexico En La Piel is now available for the first time on 180 gram vinyl.

    1. El Viajero

    2. Entrega Total

    3. Echame A Mi La Culpa

    4. Mexico En La Piel

    5. Cruz De Olvido

    6. De Que Manera Te Olvido

    7. Luz De Luna

    8. Motivos

    9. Cielo Rojo

    10. Paloma Querida

    11. Que Seas Feliz

    12. Un Mundo Raro

    13. Sabes Una Cosa
    Luis Miguel
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Mexican Moon Mexican Moon Quick View

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    Mexican Moon

    Mexican Moon is the fifth full-length album from alternative rock band Concrete Blonde, originally released in 1993. The music on Mexican Moon takes the gothic rock of their previous albums and adds more of a hard rock edge to it.
    1. Jenny I Read
    2. Mexican Moon
    3. Heal It Up
    4. Jonestown
    5. Rain
    6. I Call It Love
    7. Jesus Forgive Me (For The Things I'm About To Say)
    8. When You Smile
    9. Close To Home
    10. One Of My Kind
    11. End Of The Line
    12. (Love Is A) Blind Ambition
    13. Bajo La Lune Mexicana
    Concrete Blonde
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  • Mexican Hotbox (Discontinued) Mexican Hotbox (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Mexican Hotbox (Discontinued)

    Listening to Danuel Tates Mexican Hotbox is like opening the door on a complex time machine of musical genres and eras. Transporting us between 1930s swing and jazz, Latino inspired guitar and 20th century electronic, Mexican Hotbox is a true experimental fusion, and it has Tates pianist fingerprints all over it.

    As Cobblestone Jazzs keyboardist, and with two solo EPs on Wagon Repair under his belt, Tate has finally blessed us with a full album under his own name. An eleven-track showcase of the qualities that set Danuel apart from the rest, Mexican Hotbox goes about showing us hes far more than just a keyboardist. His forward thinking take on modern jazz music, his signature vocoder and synth driven grooves are prominently stemmed throughout this entire album exposing different atmospheres and emotions from within each track.

    Danuels musical background is massively evident in his sound. Fascinated by anything that pushes the boundaries of classic Jazz music, Danuel uses Rhodes, organs and traditional keys to make his driving rhythms. A collective of electronic DJs and producers who Danuel collaborates with constantly provides him with inspiration for his talents and output, which stand successfully in the middle of classic and modern, taking us on a journey through his progression as a musician

    A rich and strong album, Mexican Hotbox proves that Danuel Tate is far from just Cobblestone Jazzs keyboardist. Hes a composer, a powerful solo producer and a master of morphing various styles and eras.

    1. Mexican Hotbox
    2. Big Spender
    3. If I Want To
    4. Populatio
    5. California Can Can
    6. Shootingblanks
    7. City Kids
    8. Cinnamon Sugar
    9. I'll Be Your Whatever
    Danuel Tate
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Chicken Skin Music Chicken Skin Music Quick View

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    Chicken Skin Music

    Give Yourself Goosebumps: Ry Cooder's Cross-Cultural Chicken Skin Music Mixes Hawaiian, Gospel, Conjunto, Folk, and Blues Styles into a Visionary Roots-Music Tapestry

    Mastered from the Original Master Tapes, Pressed at RTI, and Strictly Limited to 3000 Numbered Copies: Natural-Sounding 180g Vinyl LP Features Defined Textures, Intricate Details, Ample Airiness

    The title of Ry Cooder's Chicken Skin Music - Hawaiian slang for goosebumps - serves as a direct, simple description of the album's emotional appeal. But it barely scratches the surface of a 1976 effort that triggered an interest in world music a decade before the term became commonplace and a genre into and of itself. Part of a series of inimitable mid-1970s records on which Cooder ignored traditional boundaries and instigated lasting cross-cultural communication, Chicken Skin Music blends gospel, Hawaiian, folk, blues, and Tex-Mex styles into a brilliant roots stew distinguished with virtuosic playing and inspired contextual surprises.

    Mastered from the original master tapes, pressed at RTI, and strictly limited to 3000 numbered copies, Mobile Fidelity's 180g vinyl LP of Chicken Skin Music brings the brilliant instrumental textures and lively tonalities to the fore like no prior analog edition. Graced with silent, black backgrounds and generous soundstages, this reissue particularly underscores the depth of Flaco Jimenez's accordion contributions. You'll hear the air flowing through the reeds, pressure resonating from the bellows, and the wide-spanning timbres emanating from the register stops.

    Equally transfixing are the lifelike manners in which the rich assortment of guitars come alive, with each note occupying its own space and portraying a character unique to the individual instrument, be it a slack-key, steel, or acoustic guitar. The result is a multi-detailed, organic-sounding musical tapestry that dazzles by way of beautiful interplay, unexpected dialogue, and connective eclecticism that proves music is indeed a common language when executed with a collaborative mindset, innovative exploration, and respectful authenticity - no easy feats, but achievements fully on display on Chicken Skin Music.

    Jimenez, now a legend that's performed with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Dr. John, remains one of the keys to Cooder being able to successfully carry out what the latter deemed a mutuality in music vision. Cooder first heard conjunto accordion fare on a Mexican radio station in his car and proceeded to teach himself the instrument while committing himself to embracing the then-local, regionalized style for the set that became Chicken Skin Music. Jimenez graces three tracks, including a ravishing interpretation of Ben E. King's Stand by Me transformed into a spiritual grounded by a norteno structure and a romantic take on Jim Reeves' He'll Have to Go recast with a bolero rhythm and saxophone-accordion duet.

    Chicken Skin Music isn't limited to South of the Border geography and tradition. Steel-guitarist and vocalist Gabby Pahinui and slack-key guitar great Atta Isaacs represent the 50th state on stripped-down renditions of Hank Snow's smash Yellow Roses and the wordless Chloe. Elsewhere, gospel singers team with Cooder on the Appalachian-tinted Always Lift Them Up, the midsection of which features the Hawaiian standard Kanaka Wai Wai.

    Cooder bookends everything with a pair of Leadbelly numbers - The Bourgeois Blues and Goodnight Irene - chosen after the headliner witnessed Jimenez and his band perform at a local dance. Given their ordering on the album, techniques they employ, and themes, the songs also further tighten the thematic connection the headliner makes with the standout guests. In many ways, Chicken Skin Music is the equivalent of Buena Vista Social Club more than 20 years before the latter emerged. Experience it the way Cooder and company meant it to be heard - in unparalleled fidelity.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. The Bourgeois Blues
    2. I Got Mine
    3. Always Lift Him Up/Kanaka Wai Wai
    4. He'll Have to Go
    5. Smack Dab in the Middle
    6. Stand by Me
    7. Yellow Roses
    8. Chlo-e
    9. Goodnight Irene
    Ry Cooder
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat Quick View

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    Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat

    Ariel Pink sets a serene but complicated scene for the next chapter in his curious career with Another Weekend, the first solo material heard since the prog-pop opus, Pom Pom. Contrary to the lyrics of Another Weekend (and fortunately for both fanatics and the newly initiated), Pink is neither too shy or humble to have brought his singular style of pop music beyond the bedroom for the befuddled masses over the past two decades, but returned to the formative, familiar setting to craft what will surely live as another shimmering moment in an unrivaled canon. Encapsulating the lingering euphoria of a regrettable weekend over the edge, Another Weekend speaks in morose volumes while whispering sweetly, the dichotomy of Pink's pathos once again on display. Backed with Ode To The Goat (Thank You), Another Weekend will be shared as a 7 single and through conventional music serving mechanisms via Mexican Summer.
    1. Another Weekend
    2. Ode To The Goat
    Ariel Pink
    7 Vinyl Single - Sealed Buy Now
  • Stompin' Ground Stompin' Ground Quick View

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    Stompin' Ground

    Over the course of his career, Tommy Castro has always been inspired by the sounds he absorbed while coming of age on the rough and tumble side of San Jose, California. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, this was Tommy's home turf-his stomping ground. It was a place where the street-tough Mexican Americans and the counterculture hippies came together to drink, smoke, laugh, party and listen to tunes-the hippies with their blues and rock, the Mexicans with their soul music. Mixing the blues-rock he loved and the soul music he heard blasting out from the lowriders cruising the streets, along with the socially conscious message songs of the day, Tommy's own sound was born.

    Almost every major rock and soul act, from Ike & Tina Turner to Janis Joplin to Elvin Bishop and Taj Mahal toured through the area, and Tommy was at almost every show. He saw John Lee Hooker, Albert King, and Buddy Guy & Junior Wells at the same local blues bar, JJ's, where he often jammed, honing his chops and dreaming of one day busting out. Tommy Castro has long since gone from that local bar to stages around the world, but his San Jose DNA still infuses his music to this day. You can hear it in every note of Stompin' Ground.

    -Marc Lipkin

    1. Nonchalant
    2. Blues All Around Me
    3. Fear Is The Enemy
    4. My Old Neighborhood
    5. Enough Is Enough
    6. Love
    7. Rock Bottom
    8. Soul Shake
    9. Further On Down The Raod
    10. Them Changes
    11. Sticks And Stones
    12. Live Every Day
    Tommy Castro And The Painkillers
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Skit I Alllt Skit I Alllt Quick View

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    Skit I Alllt

    One of the most lasting and honorable musical imports, Sweden's Dungen sweetly return with a collection of gorgeous rippers and graceful jazz filled polyrhythms entitled Skit I Allt, out on Mexican Summer. At ease with effervescent pop, third-eye popping psychedelia, heavy rock, spider-web folk and breezy jazz, Dungen's dynamism astounds throughout Skit I Allt.
    1. Vara Snabb
    2. Min Enda Van
    3. Brallor
    4. Soda
    5. Hogdalstoppen
    6. Skit I Alt
    7. Barnen Undrar
    8. Blandband
    9. Nasta Sommar
    10. Marken Lag Stilla
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  • Soy Sauce Soy Sauce Quick View

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    Soy Sauce

    Nacional Records is excited to announce the vinyl release of Mexican Institute of Sound's (M.I.S.) critically acclaimed,
    DJ-favorite albums 'Politico,' 'Pinata,' 'Mejico Maxico and 'Soy Sauce.'

    Their third album traverses Camilo Lara's wild musical imagination with a witty sense of humor for good effect - whether it's converting the traditional sounds of cumbia to a full on electronic dance track, paying tribute to J Dilla and Biggie with Mexican sonidos, or singing a love song as if Serge Gainsbourg had spent time in the Mayan jungle. Special guests include Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys), Mexican pop star Paty Cantu, Joselo Rangel (CafÉ Tacuba), and Brazilian singer Pat C.

    M.I.S. tours the world performing at major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, with a wide range of
    high-profile television and videogame uses, including HBO 'Entourage' & 'East Bound & Down,' as well as
    'Californication' and videogames like EA Sports' 'FIFA' and the new 'Grand Theft Auto V', for which he curated
    one of the radio stations 'East Los FM.'

    The sound of old Mexican cumbias, boleros and mariachi tunes scrambled with samples, effects and beats.

    Camilo Lara works the electro-dance scene like the James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] of Latin America.
    Think Hot Chip visiting the Buena Vista Social Club; think traditional samples with bells and beats; think a
    sweaty indie-dance party. - CMJ

    1. Cumbia
    2. Alocatel
    3. Yo Digo Baila
    4. White Stripes
    5. Hiedra Venenosa
    6. Te Quiero Mucho
    7. Jalale
    8. Comite Culificador Part 1
    9. Comite Culificador Part 2
    10. Karate Kid 2
    11. Reventon
    12. Sinfonia Agridulce
    13. Alocatel
    14. Chiflideur
    Mexican Institute Of Sound
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  • Politico (Awaiting Repress) Politico (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Politico (Awaiting Repress)

    Nacional Records is excited to announce the vinyl release of Mexican Institute of Sound's (M.I.S.) critically acclaimed,
    DJ-favorite albums 'Politico,' 'Pinata,' 'Mejico Maxico and 'Soy Sauce.'

    Politico, the fifth full-length album by Mexican Institute of Sound (producer and songwriter Camilo Lara) is an album that almost wasn't. In 2011, an enormous amount of the explosive C4 was discovered next door to Lara's residence -- it was set to be detonated; by whom and for what purpose was never determined. In a recent interview, Lara said that he didn't deliberately set out to go into politics, but that politics had come to his house. These 13 songs, composed and assembled by Lara, address the chaos, destruction, tragedy, and violence that have become all-too-familiar elements in Mexican lives. Politico is a statement in the same way that the Clash's Sandinista! or the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks were, but it isn't nostalgic. Nor is it sonically similar to either. Longtime fans of MIS may have some initial issues because there are vocals on almost every tune. But not only do they not they detract from the set's appeal, their urgent expressions add to it. While the topical nature of these songs is undeniable, it doesn't mean this isn't a fun record. Quite the opposite. Lara isn't didactic in his lyrics; these are personal observations, and in that way, carry more weight than slogans. His unique compositional style makes them musically irresistible, and compelling. He uses Mexico's and Latin America's folk forms -- cumbias, descargas, sons, corridos, mariachis, bandas, rancheras, cha-chas, rhumbas, pachangas, and more -- and hard welds them to slamming beats, layered melodies, and infectious keyboard grooves, all via a staggering yet organic-sounding mÉlange of samples from rock & roll, hip-hop, funk, house, disco, techno, etc. Check the wild marimba samples that introduce the melody to Tipo Raro, which originally appeared in the film Made in Mexico. Lara retains the melody throughout, but busts it from its context; he runs head-on into multi-tracked Farfisa organs, a deeply distressed beat, four-on-the-floor loops, rapping, and a brittle bassline that fires directly from the center. Especulando is a driving, funky electro jam. Es-Toy uses accordion and darkly tinged double trombones (à la Willie Colón), a pulsing organ, and chanted vocals. Despite its skittering dance beat and its mariachi horns, Más is pure, frenetic punk rock. Politico is easily the most sophisticated record in the MIS catalog. This is political music without apology; it's also frenzied dance party music that's virtually peerless. - Thom Jurek (All Music Guide)

    M.I.S. tours the world performing at major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, with a wide range of
    high-profile television and videogame uses, including HBO 'Entourage' & 'East Bound & Down,' as well as
    'Californication' and videogames like EA Sports' 'FIFA' and the new 'Grand Theft Auto V', for which he curated
    one of the radio stations 'East Los FM.'

    The sound of old Mexican cumbias, boleros and mariachi tunes scrambled with samples, effects and beats.

    Camilo Lara works the electro-dance scene like the James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] of Latin America.
    Think Hot Chip visiting the Buena Vista Social Club; think traditional samples with bells and beats; think a
    sweaty indie-dance party. - CMJ

    1. Politico
    2. Especulando
    3. Revolutión!
    4. MÉxico
    5. Es-toy
    6. Más
    7. Ceci n est Pas Une Automate
    8. Se Baila Así
    9. My Buddy @julps
    10. Tipo Raro
    11. Ritmo Internacional
    12. Cumbia Meguro
    13. El Jefe
    Mexican Institute Of Sound
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  • Little Hells Little Hells Quick View

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    Little Hells

    Originally released in 2009 on Kemado, Mexican Summer will make Marissa Nadler's Little Hells
    available once again on vinyl. A master of creating rich dreamscape atmospheres, Nadler's voice shines
    and glides with a full band accompanying her. Produced by Chris Coady, the starry musical guests
    include longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer

    Few contemporary artists can match the stunning ride of Marissa's reverb vocals that are a journey into
    themselves on every rose tinged track. Little Hells displays a brighter leap in musical maturity and
    attention to detail, as the phantasmagoric sounds delve into melancholy nuggets, sometimes erotic,
    sometimes gutting, but filled with a gorgeous sense of serene hope.

    1. Heart Paper Lover
    2. Rosary
    3. Mary Come Alive
    4. Little Hells
    5. Ghosts & Lovers
    6. Brittle, Crushed & Torn
    7. The Whole Is Wide
    8. River of Dirt
    9. Loner
    10. Mistress
    Marissa Nadler
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Amar Es Combatir Amar Es Combatir Quick View

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    Amar Es Combatir

    Amar es Combatir (English: To Love Is To Fight) is the seventh studio album released by the Mexican Latin pop/Rock en Español band Maná. The album, which was released on August 22, 2006, became the band's first release in four years.
    1. Manda Una Señal
    2. Labios Compartidos

    3. Ojalá Pudiera Borrarte

    4. Arráncame El Corazón

    5. Tengo Muchas Alas

    6. Dime Luna (Tell Me, Moon)
    7. Bendita Tu Luz
    8. Tú Me Salvaste
    9. Combatiente

    10. El Viaje (The Trip)
    11. El Rey Tiburón

    12. Somos Mar y Arena

    13. Relax
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pinata Pinata Quick View

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    Nacional Records is excited to announce the vinyl release of Mexican Institute of Sound's (M.I.S.) critically acclaimed,
    DJ-favorite albums 'Politico,' 'Pinata,' 'Mejico Maxico and 'Soy Sauce.'

    Pinata proves to be the perfect title for the sophomore disc from Mexican Institute of Sound. It's got more colorful grooves and sweet surprises than you can shake, or swing, a stick at. One-man programming band Camilo Lara stuffs the disc with quirky samples and buoyant choruses that are decidedly Mexican but could reflect life from any corner of the globe. It's an electro-Technicolor take on world music. Killer Kumbia and Para No Vivir Desesperado come to life via chirpy cumbia grooves, as does much of the disc; and Lara effectively samples rock outfit CafÉ Tacuba during El Microfono. Lara's approach here is alternately serious and silly, combining nonsensical chatter with sly social statements. A Todos Ellos namechecks a long list of pop-culture icons, from Rocio Jurado, Sonny Bono, and R.L. Burnside, to Cantinflas, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Oscar Wilde. The second half of the disc showcases more club-friendly grooves, and Pinata stand strong as an intriguing collection of pop revelry. - Joey Guerra

    M.I.S. tours the world performing at major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, with a wide range of
    high-profile television and videogame uses, including HBO 'Entourage' & 'East Bound & Down,' as well as
    'Californication' and videogames like EA Sports' 'FIFA' and the new 'Grand Theft Auto V', for which he curated
    one of the radio stations 'East Los FM.'

    The sound of old Mexican cumbias, boleros and mariachi tunes scrambled with samples, effects and beats.

    Camilo Lara works the electro-dance scene like the James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] of Latin America.
    Think Hot Chip visiting the Buena Vista Social Club; think traditional samples with bells and beats; think a
    sweaty indie-dance party. - CMJ

    1. Killer Kumbia
    2. Escribeme Pronto
    3. El Micrófono
    4. Para No Vivir Desesperado
    5. La Kebradita
    6. A Girl Like You
    7. A Todos Ellos
    8. Hip Hop No Pares
    9. Katia, Tania, Paulina y la Kim
    10. Belludita
    11. Mi Negra a Bailal
    12. Lala Meda
    13. La Kebradita
    Mexican Institute Of Sound
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  • More Faithful (Awaiting Repress) More Faithful (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    More Faithful (Awaiting Repress)

    More Faithful is No Joy's third full-length for Mexican Summer, and bears the fruits of a band that redefined its work ethic in the gulf of time between recording sessions. The outcome - the juxtaposition of unrest and calm, beauty and chaos, truth and fantasy, in the throes of dimed amps and hair-whipping guitar goddess rock music - is as unwavering as ever. But where Wait To Pleasure balanced textural differences with the freewheeling novelty of the studio environment, More Faithful documents a much more rigorous creative process and performance, one in which the group, recording in NYC and Costa Rica, pushed themselves to new peaks of intensity.

    All of the record's 11 songs, in whole or in part, jump at the listener with atypical tunings and key changes, tension from odd time signatures and an upfront rhythmic presence, and the force demonstrated in their live show. It's the most forward, throttling record No Joy has made to date, taking their set of influences to the wall in a brazen display of beauty-laced power. Shoegaze and ethereal and alternative rock revivals be damned; More Faithful pushes No Joy to the breaking point. They've leveled themselves, turning a break-up record into a breakthrough.

    1. Remember Nothing
    2. Everything New
    3. Hollywood Teeth
    4. Moon in my Mouth
    5. Burial in Twos
    6. Corpo Dæmon
    7. Bolas
    8. Chalk Snake
    9. Rude Films
    10. I am an Eye Machine
    11. Judith
    No Joy
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  • Allas Sak Allas Sak Quick View

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    Allas Sak

    Dungen frontman/mastermind Gustav Ejstes has been making music for nearly twenty years-at first for himself, then eventually and inevitably for all of us. As a teenager in rural Sweden, he became obsessed with hip-hop and sampling, and eventually, 60s pop and psychedelia. He took up guitar and bass, drums and keyboard and even flute, then took to his grandmother's basement to put it all on tape. It's been five years since the last Dungen album, 2010's Skit I Allt, which is by far the longest interval between releases for a band that proved especially prolific and inspired during the 2000s. Allas Sak picks up where Dungen's previous album left off, but somehow it sounds bolder and livelier, feistier yet more focused. Allas Sak is about everyday matters: family, friends, the fine texture of life. Common but never mundane, these subjects anchor the music in the here and now, while the music lends a certain grandeur to ordinary moments.
    1. Allas Sak
    2. Sista Festen
    3. Sisten GÄsten
    4. Franks Kaktus
    5. En Gang Om Aret
    6. Åkt Dit
    7. En Dag Pa Sjon
    8. Flickor Och Pojkar
    9. Ljus In I Min Panna
    10. Sova
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Held In Splendor Held In Splendor Quick View

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    Held In Splendor

    As warm and relaxing as falling asleep in the sun." - Stereogum

    Judging from the early glimpse, Held In Splendor benets greatly from a more focused creative process. - SPIN

    Like a dusted-off artifact from a trippier time...borrowing from junkyard blues and '60s psychedelia while still sounding like its own thing. - The Fader

    Quilt's free-falling, unltered sound is the kind you'll have a hard time getting out of your head. - Interview Magazine

    When the three members of Quilt arrived in New York City in April to begin
    the intensive recording process for their second album, the new and aptly
    named Held In Splendor, they stepped directly into spring. Anna Fox
    Rochinski, Shane Butler and John Andrews had spent much of the previous
    several months clutched away at The Puritan Garage in Boston's
    Charlestown, shielding themselves from a winter of blizzards with the haven
    of their practice space and a set of fresh songs.

    Since the release of their 2011 self-titled debut on Mexican Summer, they'd
    become more than kids just out of college. They'd become a bona de
    hard-touring band, with stories to share from the road and experiences to
    distill into the narrative of new music. Though they continued to write and
    arrange tunes together, always an essential part of Quilt's creative process,
    they brought songs to one another, too, making and modifying demo tapes
    for the rst time. No longer rookies, Quilt began to approach their music like
    a lifeline. Coming to New York, then, just as the magnolia trees bloomed
    and the season of new life began to blossom, Quilt got to work.

    Indeed, when Butler talks about recording the kaleidoscopic Held In
    Splendor, he seems to speak of an ornate children's playground. Whereas
    their rst album was made mostly for free and mostly by friends over the
    course of a year of starts and stops, in sessions that captured the early and
    elemental and exciting efforts of a band nding its footing, Quilt entered the
    proper in-house studio located beneath the Mexican Summer ofces in
    Brooklyn for this one. They'd allocated a solid month for recording, and they
    clocked full days, every day, with Woods member and producer Jarvis

    The approach was wide-open: They tuned drums and recorded the same
    song with multiple microphone set-ups. They added bass and invited friends
    who added saxophone and violin, cello and steel guitar. They built this
    album together.

    Held In Splendor is an audacious pop-rock record with cascading harmonies
    and billowing textures, punchy rhythms and snarled guitars, wonderful depth
    and resplendent peaks. "Mary Mountain" takes hazy Summer of Love
    memories on a mid-summer road trip in a gleaming muscle car. "Tired &
    Buttered" invites Booker T over for an energy-addled jam in the garage.
    "The Hollow" twinkles like Fleetwood Mac and Galaxie 500, with sweet
    singing backed by the lap steel sighs of young acoustic guitar star and
    longtime Quilt pal Daniel Bachman. Held In Splendor is an album of
    personal poetry and public questions, confessions and aspirations-really,
    these 13 tracks are their own playground, brimming with the sort of
    unapologetic energy and wonder that turns simple songs into absolute

    1. Arctic Shark
    2. Saturday Bride
    3. Eye of the Pearl
    4. Mary Mountain
    5. Tie Up the Tides
    6. The Hollow
    7. A Mirror
    8. Just Dust
    9. The World Is Flat
    10. Tired & Buttered
    11. Secondary Swans
    12. Talking Trains
    13. I Sleep in Nature
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  • Life/Thrills Life/Thrills Quick View

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    Acting as a respite from the celebrated strains of modern Australian
    underground music, Lower Plenty manage a deconstruction of folk
    music like none other: unsettled, unforgiving, unconcerned with
    what came before or what's to follow. Acoustic guitars shuffle in
    and out of phase with one another, double-tracked vocals hover
    above in careful meter, brushed snare rattles the very frame of their
    sound, and then everything shifts again, and again. Comfort's not
    long here, though beauty is maintained; melodies start sweet but
    turn inward, wane nostalgic and wax without resolve. Lyrics pawn
    regret out of the ordinary, drifting in and out of your consciousness
    like something heard in passing and reconstituted in a dream. Their
    sound demands your attention, to the point where gloved, spectral
    hands could very easily jump out of their music and grab you by the
    sides of your head.

    Life/Thrills is the Melbourne group's third full-length, and their
    collective experience (members play in a host of other bands, not
    limited to Total Control, The UV Race, Exhaustion, Deaf Wish and
    Dick Diver) will leave you thoroughly unprepared for the beautiful
    confusion suggested by these ten songs, which seem to have the
    power of slowing and even stopping time. Suitable comparisons to
    this music are as disparate as early Cat Power, Arab Strap, the
    Shrimper roster ca. 1992, the Sun City Girls, and the late '60s/early
    '70s output of the Red Crayola, but as with much truly original
    music, Lower Plenty resists direct comparison and defies
    expectation. Their shambling, discordant presence will relieve you
    of any preconceptions - this is one best experienced alone, as the
    sun fades into the horizon for the night.

    1. Waiting on a Tram
    2. Calculations
    3. Life/Thrills
    4. Took a Trip
    5. Concrete Floor
    6. On the Beach
    7. Jealous
    8. Go Down
    9. You Pushed Me
    10. Lots of Lows

    Lower Plenty
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  • Mejico Maxico Mejico Maxico Quick View

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    Mejico Maxico

    Nacional Records is excited to announce the vinyl release of Mexican Institute of Sound's (M.I.S.) critically acclaimed,
    DJ-favorite albums 'Politico,' 'Pinata,' 'Mejico Maxico and 'Soy Sauce.'

    On this release, you'll catch snatches of cumbia, electronic beats, Latin groove, cha-cha, and Esquivel-like chill out music, all crossing borders and generational boundaries.

    M.I.S. tours the world performing at major festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, with a wide range of
    high-profile television and videogame uses, including HBO 'Entourage' & 'East Bound & Down,' as well as
    'Californication' and videogames like EA Sports' 'FIFA' and the new 'Grand Theft Auto V', for which he curated
    one of the radio stations 'East Los FM.'

    The sound of old Mexican cumbias, boleros and mariachi tunes scrambled with samples, effects and beats.

    Camilo Lara works the electro-dance scene like the James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] of Latin America.
    Think Hot Chip visiting the Buena Vista Social Club; think traditional samples with bells and beats; think a
    sweaty indie-dance party. - CMJ

    1. Bienvenidos A Mi Disco
    2. Ok!
    3. Mirando A Las Muchachas
    4. Jaja Pipi
    5. Buena Idea
    6. Drume Negrita
    7. Cybermambo
    8. Juan Rulfo
    9. Corasound
    10. Cancion De Amor Para Mi Futura Novia
    11. Sabrosa
    12. Hey Tia!
    13. Que Rico
    14. Dub-A El Tiempo Es Muy Largo
    15. No Hay Masa Ya
    Mexican Institute Of Sound
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  • The Innocents The Innocents Quick View

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    The Innocents

    Drawing from the androgynous folk-rock vocals so characteristic of early
    '60s and '70s outsider folk singers like Vashti Bunyan and Sibylle Baier,
    Weyes Blood's Natalie Mering never hesitates to dive head-first into
    complex and mature arrangements.- Fader

    Singing at once with vulnerability and strength through an austere,
    multi-layered warble, Mering searches for truth and light while facing the
    end of something. - Pitchfork

    'Hang On,' its first single, sounds like a tweaked and adrift version of '60s
    folk music. - Stereogum

    The Innocents is the name of the second album by southeastern
    Pennsylvania's Natalie Mering, who performs as Weyes Blood. Its ten
    songs confront us with a vocalist of rare choral purity; lyrics so
    emotionally unflinching that they could pierce stone; music rooted
    in American and British folk, then pulled and stretched at its fringes,
    like a sweater that's just begun to unravel. As you sift through her
    words, you'll feel something, and you'll associate those feelings with
    past experiences that may cause you to associate them with
    something more, something that affects your own emotional state.
    The Innocents is akin to the most primal form of expression:
    elements laid bare, deeply connected to the past, and miles away
    from anything else you're likely to hear in music today.

    1. Land of Broken Dreams
    2. Hang On
    3. Some Winters
    4. Summer
    5. Requiem for Forgiveness
    6. Ashes
    7. Bad Magic
    8. February Skies
    9. Montrose
    10. Bound to Earth
    Weyes Blood
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  • A Year With 13 Moons A Year With 13 Moons Quick View

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    A Year With 13 Moons

    On A Year With 13 Moons, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is hitting
    a new high. A companion to his last album Love Is A
    Stream (Type, 2010), 13 Moons is a dense, swirling mass.
    Hypnotic guitar and drum performances coalesce with
    Modular synth squalls and otherworldly textures --
    combining overdriven guitars, avant-garde composition (à
    la Xenakis) with the informal approach of underground
    tape weirdos (like Robert Turman, K. Leimer) into a lovely
    brocade of harmony and dissonance.

    The album was recorded during a residency at the
    Headlands Center for the Arts, which allowed Jefre the
    time and freedom to let the music create itself in a way, to
    lead me rather than trying to force it down a path. Cantu
    was interested in ways of conveying memory in music
    without being sentimental - translating the fog of images,
    people and places that (he'd) experienced in the last two
    years into a body of work that could still be ambiguous &
    leave space for the listener to enter."

    Cantu has released notable collaborations with Liz Harris
    (aka Grouper) as Raum, with Alexis Georgopoulos of Arp
    and The Alps, as well as filmmaker Paul Clipson. He also
    founded the influential label, Root Strata, who have
    released music by Oneohtrix Point Never, Keith Fullerton
    Whitman, and Grouper.

    1. The Last Time I Saw Your Face
    2. Love After Love
    3. Disappear
    4. Mirror of Past & Future
    5. Interiors
    6. Pale Flower
    7. The Twins / Shadow
    8. Agate Beach
    9. The Spree
    10. Early Autumn
    11. A Portrait of You at Nico's Grave,Grunewald, Berlin (for Bill K.)
    12. Remembering
    13. Görlitzer Park
    14. Along Isar
    15. At the End of Spring
    16. Remains
    Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
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  • Calico Review Calico Review Quick View

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    Calico Review

    If you drive past the 200 block of South La Brea, there is a lamp shop, a pet shop, and a little glass door that says "Casting Agency" above it. Inside you'll find one of LA's most stereotypical rituals, where men & women from all walks of life vie for the attention and popularity of the Hollywood producer. It's a dream factory for some of them. It's also a place where Los Angeles outsiders learn what the city is really like, beyond the sun and surf and celebrities, where every brightly-lit surface eventually faces a cloud.

    Indeed, the lessons learned by the Allah-Las - guitarists Miles Michaud and Pedrum Siadatian, bassist Spencer Dunham, drummer Matthew Correia - since their auspicious formation in 2008 have been tempered with experience. Now, with their third album Calico Review (their first for Mexican Summer), their experience transforms once more, this time into wisdom. The band's trajectory, formed around mutual appreciation for the same kinds of music and a host of shared experiences, focuses on both the outer trappings of their home and surroundings, and the through line of darkness that suffuses life in LA county.

    Where the Allah-Las display their insight, and what really shines across the 12 songs that comprise Calico Review, is the way that the group has pivoted from specific influences and nods to the music they love, to crafting the feelings of freedom, grit, and melancholy in their music. That feeling - the peerless capture of music long in the tradition and mood of California pop, the sound that's captured the essence of the LA experience - aligns with their stylistic technique and their experience in the studio environment to create their strongest album to date, one which showcases their developments in songwriting and arrangements.

    The process began with their self-titled debut, which captured the Allah-Las' live set circa 2012 and continued onward with 2014's Worship the Sun, where they began to experiment with overdubs and writing songs individually instead of as a band. Now, Calico Review showcases a band that's grown confident in its own style to reflect the perspectives of each member, to craft an album that changes up the approach from song-to-song, while retaining their abilities as a cohesive unit.

    Audiences familiar with the band will recognize the levels of nuance and steadiness the Allah-Las have grown into throughout Calico Review. It's immediate, the first thing you recognize about the band in the opening moves of "Strange Heat," in the amount of control and character burning off of the band's knack for restraint. Songs like "Famous Phone Figure" cradle character sketches over delicate strains of violin, organ, and Mellotron, Correia's drumming carefully underlining a three-note theme that casts a phantom sadness over the proceedings, the group exerting a touch both light and steady enough to bring your mood to theirs. "

    Could Be You" works off a steady percussive gallop, guitarist Miles Michaud waxing reflexively on second chances while the band focuses on forward motion. "Roadside Memorial" applies the Bo Diddley beat to the open road, Pedrum Siadatian stepping up on vocals, and finding new ways to match his talents to propulsive musical ends. Elsewhere, "High & Dry," featuring drummer Matthew Correia on lead vocals, focuses on the Allah-Las most quintessential and peerless quality: writing emotionally resonant pop, at once direct and detached, casual and knowing, and instantly memorable. The dream factory itself gets called out in the fun, surf-stung number "200 South La Brea," its carnival-like atmosphere reflecting the excitement and anxiety of those who await their judgment.

    In between releases, the Allah-Las have toured around the world, and will continue that journey in support of Calico Review. The experience of traveling and idle time on tour inspired the group in different ways, and provided the pathways by which the band transports its listeners to a different place, be that wherever they are, and where the band has been.

    What the Allah-Las present is not necessarily crossing the L.A. River, coin in mouth, on the Riverboat Styx. It's not Raymond Chandler and it's not Raymond Carver. But the band's four members are aware of the pitfalls that stack against the idyllic notion of southern California life that forms from outside of the city. It's a siren call to the hopeful, and it's a successful town for tempering dreams into wakeful reality. Even with over 8,000 people per square mile, there is room for everyone, and then some, to be completely alone, by choice or otherwise.

    Calico Review bears the mark of four students becoming the teachers, sharing the sentiments of the town they call home. Join them. There's a lot to learn.

    1. Strange Heat
    2. Satisfied

    3. Could Be You

    4. High & Dry

    5. Mausoleum

    6. Roadside Memorial

    7. Autumn Dawn

    8. Famous Phone Figure PLAY

    9. 200 South La Brea

    10. Warmed Kippers

    11. Terra Ignota

    12. Place In The Sun
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  • It Goes Through Your Head EP It Goes Through Your Head EP Quick View

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    It Goes Through Your Head EP

    The music of Ramona Gonzalez (aka Nite Jewel) brings to mind the days of Teen Steam, a restless, infectious R&B beat, a voice you can sing along to, a positive outlook that sympathizes with your troubles and helps you to dance them away. With a melody like the one found on It Goes Through Your Head, you're going to find that it'll stay there as well, bridging a pop sensibility beginning with Cyndi Lauper, continuing on through '80s pop R&B like Expose and The Jets, and ending with Ms. Gonzalez's winning charm and tremendous voice. Also featuring remixes by DaM-Funk and the Samps.
    1. It Goes Through Your Head
    2. Natural Causes
    3. It Goes Through Your Head [Dam Funks' Club Dub] (Remix)
    4. Natural Causes [Samps Showerstation Remix] (Remix)
    Nite Jewel
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  • Quilt Quilt Quick View

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    Listening to their self-titled debut, it's no surprise that the members of Quilt came together out of a shared love of visual art. While their music is steeped in timeless qualities like the gorgeous harmonies on Milo or the twinkling guitar on Utopian Canyon, the entire record is full of expansive, cinematic moments. Each song can be enjoyed independently, but taken as a whole, the record becomes a world of its own: guitars drift languidly, keys sparkle in and out, often following their own threads into the stratosphere, with vocals that are at once powerful and intimate.
    1. Young Gold
    2. Cowboys In The Void
    3. Children of Light
    4. Penobska Oakwalk
    5. Rabid Love
    6. Milo
    7. Utopian Canyon
    8. Lost & Lewd
    9. The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan
    10. Gome Home
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  • Cranekiss Cranekiss Quick View

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    Time and changes distance Tamaryn's Cranekiss from her earlier efforts, and for that matter, from everyone else's. Time, by way of the long period spent crafting this material, both on her own and with Weekend's Shaun Durkan, who with producer Jorge Elbrecht (Violens, Lansing-Dreiden), make up the creative team behind Cranekiss. Changes, by relocating across the country from San Francisco to New York City, by expanding the approach taken on her two previous albums (2010's The Waves and 2012's Tender New Signs), by making music that pulls you closer to it despite the enormity of the sounds within.

    Tamaryn's first two full-lengths stood out in a crowd of shoegaze/ethereal revivalists as much for what they were (careful, gorgeous, thrilling tapestries of guitar-based textures) as what they weren't (simplistic, trendy, disposable signposts made to be broken). With Cranekiss, Tamaryn emerges from her past in a way that's inviting, warm-blooded, and shockingly direct. She's made a big record, loaded with samples, synth triggers and processing that was missing from her previous efforts, the result of long nights grinding it out at the Brooklyn studio Gary's Electric, where the record was born. The Waves and Tender New Signs focused on the sounds Tamaryn and her group could coax out of guitars, but with Cranekiss her sonic palette has exploded with maniacal abandon, pressed into service of a post-adolescent love letter to all the music that she and her collaborators hold dear, drawing influences from the feelings that fell out of her. Anyone familiar enough with those times should be able to draw their own comparisons, recognizing the modes of musical respect and adoration flashing past as the record spins. From there, though, Tamaryn has modeled these elements into simulacra, where despite the nods and glances to the past, play as a totally new sound.

    Lyrically, this is Tamaryn's most personal collection of songs to date, and Elbrecht has placed her voice front and center across the entire record, elevating her presence like never before. Cranekiss explores dark rock, dance pop, and glistening melancholy with a uniformly commanding presence across it all, in stormy, unsettled brushstrokes that apply pressure behind Tamaryn's words.

    Cranekiss represents a long journey, and a new phase in Tamaryn's music unfolding before you, a blood-red kaleidoscope of desire and late night abandon, a bold step forward.

    1. Cranekiss
    2. Hands All Over Me
    3. Last
    4. Collection
    5. Keep Calling
    6. Softcore
    7. Fade Away Slow
    8. I Won't Be Found
    9. Sugar Fix
    10. Intruder (Waking You Up)
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  • The Only Place The Only Place Quick View

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    The Only Place

    The Only Place is the follow-up to Best Coast's acclaimed 2010 album Crazy For You and it finds the proudly Southern California duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno maturing in both their sound and perspective. While Crazy For You was a nostalgic tribute to teenage feelings, this new album finds front woman Cosentino transitioning into adulthood, with the feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt at the emotional center of the album. The Only Place also features a love song to her home state of California in the title track. All encompassed in the memorable album cover, derived from a 1913 sheet music illustration paying homage to the golden state.

    As with all of Best Coast's previous recordings, on The Only Place, Cosentino handles all songwriting lyrics, vocals and rhythm guitar, while multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno plays lead guitar, bass and drums. What's new this time is their decision to work with producer and composer Jon Brion. A revered figure in the music world, Brion has collaborated with artists like Fiona Apple and Kanye West and created scores for such films as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Punch-Drunk Love.

    Recorded at Capitol Records' famed Studio B, The Only Place features a cleaner and richer sound than other Best Coast releases. Many of the songs' arrangements are detailed with subtle percussion and unexpected instrumentation. Intricate but never overworked, the biggest change from previous releases is how it showcases Cosentino's voice, this time letting it ring clear, unhidden by distortion and reverb.

    1. The Only Place
    2. Why I Cry
    3. Last Year
    4. My Life
    5. No One Like You
    6. How They Want Me To Be
    7. Better Girl
    8. Do You Love Me Like You Used To
    9. Dreaming My Life Away
    10. Let's Go Home
    11. Up All Night
    Best Coast
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