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  • Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule (Box Set) Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule (Box Set) Quick View

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    Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule (Box Set)

    180 Gram 9 LP Box Set Includes Art Book

    The long story of Neko Case and her musical wonderment will finally be told in a stunning and long overdue vinyl set , entitled the Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule LP box set. Neko's entire discography on wax will be available on standard black 180 gram vinyl. The set includes all 8 vinyl remasters (remastered from the original analog tape), plus a limited edition 80-page full color photography book and a vinyl slipmat with illustration, both designed by Neko Case herself. All of this comes in a custom storage box.

    The titles are beloved by fans and many have been out of print on vinyl for years. Neko will embark on a small tour, with a limited number of special performances, playing songs from throughout her career, and performing as a quartet for the first time in 14 years. - Entire catalog on Vinyl - most have been out of print for years - Includes limited edition 80-page full color pho- tography book - Set includes a vinyl slipmat with illustration by Neko Case - Playing the Mutations Festival in Brighton (UK) on November 28 and headline show at Union Chapel in London (UK) on December 1st.

    LP1 - The Virginian
    1. Timber
    2. Bowling Green
    3. Jettison
    4. High On Cruel

    5. Karoline
    6. Lonely Old Lies
    7. Honky Tonk Hiccups
    8. The Virginian
    9. Duchess

    10. Thanks A Lot
    11. Somebody Led Me Away
    12. Misfire

    LP2 - Furnace Room Lullaby
    1. Set Out Running
    2. Guided By Wire
    3. Porchlight
    4. Mood To Burn Bridges
    5. No Need To Cry
    6. Twist The Knife
    7. Thrice All American
    8. We've Never Met
    9. Whip The Blankets
    10. South Tacoma Way
    11. Bought And Sold
    12. Furnace Room Lullaby

    LP3 - Canadian Amp
    1. Andy
    2. Dreaming Man
    3. Knock Loud
    4. Make Your Bed
    5. Poor Ellen Smith
    6. In California
    7. Alone And Forsaken
    8. Favorite

    LP4 - Blacklisted
    1. Things That Scare Me
    2. Deep Red Bells
    3. Outro With Bees

    4. Lady Pilot

    5. Tightly
    6. Look For Me (I'll Be Around)
    7. Stinging Velvet
    8. Pretty Girls
    9. I Missed The Point
    10. Blacklisted
    11. I Wish I Was The Moon
    12. Runnin' Out Of Fools

    13. Ghost Wiring
    14. Outro With Bees Reprise

    LP5 - The Tigers Have Spoken
    1. If You Knew
    2. Soulful Shade Of Blue
    3. Hex
    4. The Train From Kansas City
    5. The Tigers Have Spoken
    6. Blacklisted
    7. Loretta
    8. Favourite
    9. Rated X
    10. This Little Light
    11. Wayfairing Stranger

    LP6 - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
    1. Margaret Vs. Pauline - Neko Case
    2. Star Witness - Neko Case
    3. Hold On, Hold On - Neko Case
    4. A Widow's Toast - Neko Case
    5. That Teenage Feeling - Neko Case
    6. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
    7. John Saw That Number
    8. Dirty Knife
    9. Lion's Jaws
    10. Maybe Sparrow
    11. At Last
    12. The Needle Has Landed

    LP7 - Middle Cyclone
    1. This Tornado Loves You
    2. This Tornado Loves You
    3. People Got A Lotta Nerve
    4. Polar Nettles
    5. Vengeance Is Sleeping
    6. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
    7. Middle Cyclone
    8. Fever
    9. Magpie To The Morning
    10. I'm An Animal

    LP8 - Middle Cyclone
    1. Prison Girls
    2. Don't Forget Me
    3. The Pharaohs
    4. Red Tide
    5. Marais La Nuit

    LP9 - The Worse Things Get, The More I Fight, The More I Fight, The More I Love You
    1. Wild Creatures
    2. Night Still Comes
    3. Man
    4. I'm From Nowhere
    5. Bracing For Sunday
    6. Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
    7. Calling Cards
    8. City Swans
    9. Afraid
    10. Local Girl
    11. Where Did I Leave That Fire
    12. Ragtime

    Neko Case
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 9 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight... (Deluxe Version) The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight... (Deluxe Version) Quick View

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    The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight... (Deluxe Version)

    Limited Edition Deluxe Double Gatefold LP + CD

    Includes 3 Bonus Tracks And Side D of LP With Etching And Tattoo Sheet

    In 2013, Anti- release's Neko Case's much anticipated new studio album (and first album in over four years), The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You. Neko's most precise, urgent record to date, marked by a melodic immediacy, a loving embrace of the big rock gesture, and a lyrical frankness. The perfect culmination of Neko's trajectory so far, the pop, folk and country influences, the fluid craft of her band, and that soaring voice, blended seamlessly into the album her legions of fans have been waiting for.

    1. Wild Creatures
    2. Night Still Comes
    3. Man
    4. I'm From Nowhere
    5. Bracing for Sunday
    6. Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
    7. Calling Cards
    8. City Swans
    9. Afraid
    10. Local Girl
    11. Where Did I Leave That Fire
    12. Ragtime
    13. Madonna of the Wasps
    14. Magpie to the Morning
    15. Yon Ferrets Return
    Neko Case
    Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Live From Austin, TX (Neko Case) Live From Austin, TX (Neko Case) Quick View

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    Live From Austin, TX (Neko Case)

    This debut ACL performance on August 9, 2003, captures songs from Neko Case's three seminal solo releases at the time, combining elements of country, gospel and punk for a very unique sound. That's why pundits often find the music hard to classify. Which is a good thing. Her voice has been described as lush, torchy, melancholic - even scary (someone once wrote that "she sings like Patsy Cline's ghost"). She certainly doesn't sound like anything else on today's hit parade. Neko began her career as a drummer in a punk band, but it wasn't long before she started experimenting with songwriting and singing. She also continues to perform as a member of The New Pornographers, but her solo work is where her songwriting skills shine most. As she herself says, "I want to write songs that are timeless...maybe just something more like a novel than a short story." After the show, Neko took the time to write the ACL staff to thank everybody for making her, her band and friends feel so welcome. "I feel very proud of how the show turned out...It's so great to find out that something you admire so much is run by good people. Be proud! You kick ass!" You, too, Neko

    - Terry Lickona (producer Austin City Limits)

    1. Favorite
    2. Outro With Bees
    3. Behind The House
    4. Ghost Wiring
    5. Deep Red Bells
    6. Knock Loud
    7. Hex
    8. Maybe Sparrow
    9. Wayfaring Stranger
    10. Furnace Room Lullaby
    11. In California
    12. Buckets Of Rain
    13. Look For Me (I'll Be Around)
    14. Alone And Forsaken
    Neko Case
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Quick View

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    Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

    Originally released in 2006, with this release Neko fashioned an album that can cautiously be called a masterpiece. With its haunting fairy-tale art-work, standout songs like "Hold On, Hold On" and "Maybe Sparrow," and all-star band highlighted by the presence of the incomparable Garth Hudson, this is one of Neko's classics.
    1. Margaret Vs. Pauline
    2. Star Witness
    3. Hold On, Hold On
    4. A Widow's Toast
    5. That Teenage Feeling
    6. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
    7. John Saw That Number
    8. Dirty Knife
    9. Lion's Jaws
    10. Maybe Sparrow
    11. At Last
    12. The Needle Has Landed
    Neko Case
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  • Hell-On Hell-On Quick View

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    Producer/singer/songwriter Neko Case has won a large
    and loyal audience for her smoky, sophisticated vocals
    and the downcast beauty of her music. Now more than
    23 years into her musical calling, Case is the consummate
    career artist--fearless and versatile, with a fierce
    work ethic and a constant drive to search deeper within
    herself for creative growth.

    Anti- will release Neko Case's 'Hell On,' an
    indelible collection of colorful, enigmatic storytelling that
    features some of her most daring, through-composed
    arrangements to date. Produced by Neko with help from
    Bjorn Yttling (Peter Bjorn & John), 'Hell On' is simultaneously
    the most accessible and most challenging album
    in a rich and varied career that's offered plenty of both.
    Rife with withering self-critique, muted reflection, anthemic
    affirmation, and her unique poetic sensibility, the 12
    tracks of 'Hell On' - which features collaborations such
    as Joey Burns, Beth Ditto, Kelly Hogan, KD Lang, AC Newman,
    Mark Lanegan, Laura Veirs, and more.

    LP 1
    1. Hell-On
    2. Last Lion of Albion
    3. Halls of Sarah
    4. Bad Luck
    5. Curse of the I-5 Corridor
    6. Gumball Blue
    7. Dirty Diamond

    LP 2
    1. Oracle of The Maritimes
    2. Winnie
    3. Sleep All Summer
    4. My Uncle's Navy
    5. Pitch or Honey

    Neko Case
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Blacklisted Blacklisted Quick View

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    Blacklisted is the third album by American vocalist Neko Case, originally released in 2002. Now Case fans will be able to own it on limited edition Opaque Violet vinyl. The album marked a departure from the alternative country sounds of Case's first two solo albums and has guest musicians including Howe Gelb, Kelly Hogan, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Joey Burns, John Convertino and Dallas Good.
    1. Things That Scare Me (Case, Tom Ray)
    2. Deep Red Bells
    3. Outro with Bees
    4. Lady Pilot
    5. Tightly
    6. Look for Me (I'll Be Around) (Sylvia Dee, Guy Wood)
    7. Stinging Velvet
    8. Pretty Girls
    9. I Missed the Point
    10. Blacklisted
    11. I Wish I Was the Moon
    12. Runnin' Out of Fools (Richard Ahlert, Kay Rogers)
    13. Ghost Wiring
    14. Outro with Bees (Reprise)
    Neko Case
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Furnace Room Lullaby (Pre-Order) Furnace Room Lullaby (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Furnace Room Lullaby (Pre-Order)

    Release Date: August 10, 2018*

    Remastered From The Original Tapes

    Furnace Room Lullaby is the second album
    by Neko Case, originally released in 2000. Case's vocals are superb from
    front to back, as smooth and fiery as good brandy, and her revolving
    circle of musicians (including Ron Sexsmith and Kelly Hogan on backing
    vocals) are subtle and beautifully evocative, balancing sorrow and good
    times with an easy grace.

    *Please note that release dates are subject to change.

    1. Set Out Running
    2. Guided By Wire
    3. Porchlight
    4. Mood to Burn Bridges
    5. No Need to Cry
    6. Twist the Knife
    7. Thrice All American
    8. We've Never Met
    9. Whip the Blankets
    10. South Tacoma Way
    11. Bought and Sold
    12. Furnace Room Lullaby
    Neko Case
    Vinyl LP - Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Middle Cyclone Middle Cyclone Quick View

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    Middle Cyclone

    Middle Cyclone debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 in March, and was featured in everything from Rolling Stone, Spin, and Billboard to The NY Times. This is the 180 gram double LP. Neko's many fans hang on her impressionistic lyrics, classic pop harmonics, and luxurious voice, and this album revels in all three. It fuses her longtime themes of nature versus man into a shining lyrical broadsword. Numerous guests include M. Ward, Garth Hudson of The Band, Sarah Harmer, and members of The New Pornographers, Los Lobos, Calexico, The Sadies, Visqueen, The Lilys, and Giant Sand.
    1. This Tornado Loves You
    2. The Next Time You Say Forever
    3. People Got A Lotta Nerve
    4. Polar Nettles
    5. Vengeance Is Sleeping
    6. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
    7. Middle Cyclone
    8. Fever
    9. Magpie To The Morning
    10. I'm An Animal
    11. Prison Girls
    12. Don't Forget Me
    13. The Pharaohs
    14. Red Tide
    15. Marais La Nuit
    Neko Case
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order) The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order)

    Release Date: August 10, 2018*

    Remastered From The Original Tapes

    A live album
    recorded over the course of three gigs in the spring of 2004, The Tigers
    Have Spoken features Case backed by the Sadies, whose web of deep,
    lonesome twang fits Case's repertoire like a glove, with Jon Rauhouse
    sitting in on pedal steel with his usual grace and flawless feel, and Kelly
    Hogan and Carolyn Mark contributing backing vocals that are little short
    of glorious.

    *Please note that release dates are subject to change.

    1. If You Knew
    2. Soulful Shade of Blue
    3. Hex
    4. Train from Kansas City
    5. The Tigers Have Spoken
    6. Blacklisted
    7. Loretta
    8. Favorite
    9. Rated X
    10. This Little Light
    11. Wayfaring Stranger
    12. (untitled hidden track)
    Neko Case
    Vinyl LP - Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Post-War Post-War Quick View

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    The fifth M. Ward album and his most absorbing yet. Its songs unravel their world-wearied tales of life, love, and human kindness with an innate and special grace, helped in part by the very talented friends who join him on this record, such as Neko Case and Mike Mogis, as well as old Monsters Of Folk touring buddy Jim James (My Morning Jacket). Look for him on tour this fall.
    1. Poison Cup
    2. To Go Home
    3. Right In The Head
    4. Post-War
    5. Requiem
    6. Chinese Translation
    7. Eyes on the Prize
    8. Magic Trick
    9. Neptune*s Net
    10. Rollercoaster
    11. Today*s Undertaking
    12. Afterword/Rag
    M. Ward
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • And Then Like Lions And Then Like Lions Quick View

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    And Then Like Lions

    Blind Pilot turns loss into inspiration on its new album 'And Then Like Lions' (ATO Records). Written and composed by Israel Nebeker over the course of three years, the record is a transcendent, cathartic response to the loss of his father and end of a 13-year relationship. Blind Pilot teamed up with producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Neko Case, My Morning Jacket) and the album was mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Kurt Vile).
    1. Umpqua Rushing
    2. Joik #3
    3. Moon At Dawn
    4. Packed Powder
    5. Don't Doubt
    6. Seeing is Believing
    7. Which Side I'm Onv
    8. It Was Enough
    9. What Is Yet
    10. Like Lions
    Blind Pilot
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Livin' On A High Note Livin' On A High Note Quick View

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    Livin' On A High Note

    Mavis Staples has been a soul and gospel music legend for more than 50 years. Her work fronting the legendary Staples Singers defined the sound of politically-committed soul and influenced generations of musicians. As a solo artist in her own right she has helped to define much of what is righteous and soulful in American music.

    With Livin' On A High Note, Mavis Staples has delivered the most joyful and uplifting record of her career. 12 original songs written exclusively for Mavis by some of the finest songwriters of our time including M .Ward, Ben Harper, Valerie June, Neko Case, tune-yards, Nick Cave, John Baptiste, Justin Vernon, Aloe Blacc, and more.

    1. Take Us Back
    2. Love And Trust
    3. If It's A Light
    4. Action
    5. High Note
    6. Don't Cry
    7. Tomorrow
    8. Dedicated
    9. History Now
    10. One Love
    11. Jesus Lay Down Beside Me
    12. MLK Song
    Mavis Staples
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Challengers Challengers Quick View

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    THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS return with their fourth
    album and their first recorded outside of bassist John
    Collins's basement studio. Airier, more spacious and
    more relaxed than its jackhammer predecessors,
    'Challengers' is the sound of songwriters Carl Newman
    and Dan BÉjar stretching out. In a recent Pitchfork interview, Newman rejected the power-pop label and suggested power-folk instead, and several songs on the
    new album live up to it, particularly the luscious Neko
    Case fronted ballads Go Places and Challengers.
    That's not to say the band doesn't play anthems - it certainly does, but a rousing track like BÉjar's Myriad
    Harbour is more imbued with the ghosts of Fred Neil
    and Viv Stanshall than with the new-wave songsters of
    yore. In general, Newman's songwriting is slightly more
    scrutable this time around; his lyrics still ring with wry
    perception and political metaphor, but betray some of
    the magnanimity that comes with new love - our arms
    fill with miracles, he writes in Go Places.

    The sophisticated, rich production values and complex
    range of songwriting will allow us to extend the New
    Pornographers' audience to new groups: AAA radio listeners, fans of Neko's solo work, and coffee drinkers in
    general. At the same time, the overflow of glorious pop
    hooks and stompers like Heaven & Earth and Mutiny
    will keep the existing fanbase in the groove. Our most
    ambitious Buy Early, Get Now preorder promotion will
    recruit those existing fans and deploy them online
    months prior to street date, while allowing retailers to
    sell the record at the same time.

    1. My Rights Versus
    2. All the Old Showstoppers
    3. Challengers
    4. Myriad Harbour
    5. All the Things That Go
    6. To Make Heaven and Earth
    7. Unguided
    8. Failsafe
    9. Entering White CeCilia
    10. Go Places
    11. Mutiny, I Promise You
    12. Adventures in Solitude
    13. The Spirit of Giving
    The New Pornographers
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Midnight Souvenirs Midnight Souvenirs Quick View

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    Midnight Souvenirs

    Singer/songwriter/producer Peter Wolf, universally recognized as one of the greatest rockers of all time, is back with a new album: Midnight Souvenirs. His seventh solo album, his first solo effort since 2002s Sleepless which was acclaimed as an instant classic and voted one of Rolling Stone magazines Top 500 Albums of All Time, Midnight Souvenirs is a continuation of Wolf s distinctive and eclectic tales that brighten and interpret a world gone noir. Featuring duets with country legend and national treasure Merle Haggard, the soulfully transcending dynamic Shelby Lynne, and the haunting and majestic voice of Neko Case, Midnight Souvenirs integrates and embraces rock, R & B, blues, folk and country in a way that has distinguished Wolf s storied career. Measurable are his decades as the leader and frenzied focal figure of the J. Geils Band, with whom he showcased his talents on such hits as Centerfold, Freeze Frame, Love Stinks and Musta Got Lost.
    1. Tragedy with Shelby Lynne
    2. I Dont Wanna Know
    3. Watch Her Move
    4. Theres Still Time
    5. Lying Low
    6. The Green Fields Of Summer with Neko Case
    7. Thick As Thieves
    8. Im Always Asking For You
    9. Leaves Us All Behind
    10. Overnight Lows
    11. Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
    12. Dont Try And Change Her
    13. The Night Comes Down (for Willy Deville)
    14. Its Too Late For Me with Merle Haggard
    Peter Wolf
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond Quick View

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    The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

    The Hunger Games is a film directed by Gary Ross and based on the best-selling science fiction adventure novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. Set in a post-apocalyptic future time period after the destruction of the current nations of North America, the story follows 16-year old Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) who volunteers for the 74th Hunger Games, a televised tournament to the death, in place of her younger sister. In addition to Lawrence, the film stars Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz.

    Executive produced by Academy Award winner T Bone Burnett, The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond Original Soundtrack features the unparalleled and diverse sounds of Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, The Civil Wars, Miranda Lambert, The Decemberists, Neko Case, Kid Cudi and more. Includes the smash singles Safe & Sound (Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars) and Abraham's Daughter (Arcade Fire).

    1. Kingdom Come (The Civil Wars)
    2. Take The Heartland (Glen Hansard)
    3. Come Away To The Water
    4. Run Daddy Run (Miranda Lambert feat. Pistol Annies)
    5. Rules (Jayme Dee)
    6. Eyes Open (Taylor Swift)
    7. Lover Is Childlike (The Low Anthem)
    8. Just A Game (Birdy)
    9. Abraham's Daughter (Arcade Fire)
    10. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder [The Hunger Games Soundtrack Version] (Secret Sisters)
    11. Nothing To Remember (Neko Case)
    12. Safe & Sound (Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars)
    13. The Ruler And The Killer (Kid Cudi)
    14. Dark Days (Punch Brothers)
    15. One Engine (The Decemberists)
    16. Daughter's Lament (Carolina Chocolate Drops)
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 100 Lovers 100 Lovers Quick View

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    100 Lovers

    Includes FREE CD of this entire album!

    For more than a decade, DeVotchKa has melded its influences, from Eastern European wedding bands to Norteno ballads, into an authentic and totally original blend of popular music. The bands haunting, romantic sound evokes timeless images, attracting thousands of fans to their sold-out live shows. DeVotchKas sound has proved particularly attractive to filmmakers, who have used the group's songs to score countless films and commercials, most famously Little Miss Sunshine, for which they received a Grammy nod.

    With the release of the band's fifth album, 100 Lovers, the band returns to the epic settings of the Arizona desert with producer Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case) to create a new collection of haunting stories, with songs like The Man From San Sebastian delivering on their intriguing titles with enigmatic lyrics and cinematic soundscapes.

    For 100 Lovers, DeVotchKa spent over a year refining their sound, taking multiple trips to the studio to craft twelve new recordings. The final product is the bands strongest album to date, combining the energy and pop verve of How It Ends with the lush arrangements of A Mad and Faithful Telling, filled with songs fans will love, memorable melodies to draw in new listeners, and driving beats that will slip seamlessly into their rousing live sets.

    1.The Alley
    2.All the Sand In All the Sea

    3.100 Other Lovers

    4.The Common Good
    5.Interlude 1

    6.The Man From San Sebastian

    8.Interlude 2

    9.Bad Luck Heels




    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Mass Romantic Mass Romantic Quick View

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    Mass Romantic

    Vinyl LP + MP3 Coupon!

    Together is the 5th album by Canadian-US collective The New Pornographers, featuring Neko Case and Destroyer's Dan Bejar, in addition to bandleader and chief songwriter A.C. Newman. Playing to all the New Pornographers strengths, Together combines the freewheeling, glammy spirit of their debut Mass Romantic with the very personal, emotional songwriting of their most recent material.

    Stunning ballads like My Shepherd and Valkyrie In The Roller Disco are among the most beautiful melodies Newman has ever written, and singles The Crash Years and Your Hands (Together) rank among faves like The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism and The Laws Have Changed. Vocalist keyboardist Kathryn Calder's voice has never integrated so well with Case's, and Bejar's three contributions are probably his catchiest and least disjointed. Newman says he's always had a dream of finding the middle ground between Led Zeppelin and The 5th Dimension, which isn't a bad way to describe Together's mix of deceptively complex songwriting with pop hooks and arena-rock power.

    1. Mass Romantic
    2. The Fake Headlines
    3. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
    4. Mystery Hours
    5. Jackie
    6. Letter From An Occupant
    7. To Wild Homes
    8. The Body Says No
    9. Execution Day
    10. Centre For Holy Wars
    11. The Mary Martin Show
    12. Breakin' The Law
    The New Pornographers
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Brill Bruisers Brill Bruisers Quick View

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    Brill Bruisers

    "Gloriously infectious."
    - NPR All Songs Considered

    "A glimmer of hope."
    -Pitchfork, BEST NEW TRACK

    "Redolent harmonies and big hooks."
    -Rolling Stone

    Brill Bruisers is the first new release in four
    years from the acclaimed supergroup The
    New Pornographers, who NPR calls "virtually
    peerless in the world of power-pop and indie-rock." Additionally, the New Yorker describes
    the band's music as "magnificent and clever"
    while Stereogum proclaims, "In recent history,
    no group has featured so much formidable
    established talent, collaborating on a regular

    "This is a celebration record," in the words
    of lead-singer and main songwriter AC
    Newman, and that describes it perfectly - massively melodic, joyous pop music helmed
    by the soaring vocals of Neko Case, Dan Bejar
    (Destroyer) and Newman himself. Not since
    "Twin Cinema" has the band sounded so
    deliriously, goofily happy. The record boasts
    sonic heft and song after song of inventive
    arrangements, wry lyrics and driving force.
    This is absolutely one of the most fun - yet
    deep - albums of 2014.

    1. Brill Bruisers
    2. Champions Of Red Wine
    3. Fantasy Fools
    4. War On The East Coast
    5. Backstairs
    6. Marching Orders
    7. Another Drug Deal Of The Heart
    8. Born With A Sound
    9. Wide Eyes
    10. Dancehall Domine
    11. Spidyr
    12. Hi-Rise
    The New Pornographers
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World Quick View

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    What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

    What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World is The Decemberists' 7th studio album. Produced by the band and long-time collaborator Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, Neko Case), it is The Decemberists' first full-length studio album since 2011's The King Is Dead, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in Jan of 2011. The Decemberists have sold more than 1.6 million albums to date in the US. From the soaring first single 'Make You Better'to the acoustic ruminations of the Nick Drake influenced 'Lake Song' and triumphant closer 'A Beginning Song', What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, is the band's most varied and dynamic work, both musically and emotionally. Since their earliest recordings more than a decade ago, the
    Decemberists have always been known for their sense of scope and daring-from "The Tain," an eighteen-and-a-half minute 2004 single based on an Irish myth to their last two ambitious, thematic albums, The Hazards of Love and The King is Dead. This time, though, Meloy explains that they took a different approach: "Let's make sure the songs are good, and eventually the record will present itself."
    1. The Singer Addresses His Audience
    2. Cavalry Capain
    3. Philomena
    4. Make You Better
    5. Lake Song
    6. Till The Water Is All Long Gone
    7. The Wrong Year
    8. Carolina Low
    9. Better Not Wake The Baby
    10. Anti-Summersong
    11. Easy Come, Easy Go
    12. Mistral
    13. 12-17-12
    14. A Beginning Song
    The Decemberists
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  • Edge Of The Sun Edge Of The Sun Quick View

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    Edge Of The Sun

    Calexico is no stranger to negotiating borders. For
    the better part of two decades, eight albums, and
    countless trips around the globe, Joey Burns and
    John Convertino have crossed musical barriers with
    their band, embracing a multitude of diverse styles.
    For Edge of the Sun, the band's keyboardist, Sergio
    Mendoza, stepped up to co-write and arrange certain
    songs, ultimately co-producing the album along
    with Burns, Convertino, and longtime associate
    Craig Schumacher: It was Mendoza who suggested
    that Calexico physically cross an actual border for a
    songwriting retreat to the historic Mexico City borough
    of Coyoacán.

    In view of the fresh creative perspective provided
    by the band's journey to New Orleans to make its
    previous album, Algiers, Edge of the Sun's Mexican origins would seem destined to have a major impact
    on the album. The writing here shows Burns and
    Convertino's ongoing pursuit of the profound melody,
    creating music at once hauntingly accessible
    and rich in instrumental texture. With guests including
    Sam Beam of Iron and Wine, Ben Bridwell from
    Band of Horses, Nick Urata from Devotchka, Carla
    Morrison, Gaby Moreno, Amparo Sanchez, multi-instrumentalists
    from the Greek band Takim, as well
    as Neko Case, Edge of the Sun weaves a dense tapestry
    from its international roster. "Madrid, Nashville,
    Tucson, El Paso, Berlin; it's an eclectic mix,"
    says Burns. "This album is about pushing through
    the blue to brighter days. Calexico has always had
    that element of hope, going back and forth between
    a positive outlook and embracing desperate or dark
    themes that I think we all share."

    1. Falling From The Sky
    2. Bullets & Rocks
    3. When The Angels Played
    4. Tapping On The Line
    5. Cumbia De Donde
    6. Miles From The Sea
    7. Coyoacán
    8. Beneath The City Of Dreams
    9. Woodshed Waltz
    10. Moon Never Rises
    11. World Undone
    12. Follow The River
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  • More Rain More Rain Quick View

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    More Rain

    M. Ward has released a string of acclaimed solo albums over the past
    several years, along with five LPs with Zooey Deschanel as She & Him
    and a 2009 collaborative album with My Morning Jacket's Jim James
    and Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis under the moniker
    Monsters of Folk. In addition to his celebrated work as a musician,
    Ward is an accomplished producer, handling those duties for such
    luminaries as Mavis Staples, Jenny Lewis, and Carlos Forster as well as
    his own musical projects.

    More Rain, Ward's eighth solo affair, finds the artist picking up the
    tempo and volume a bit from his previous release, 2012's A Wasteland
    Companion. Where that record introspectively looked in from the
    outside, More Rain finds Ward on the inside, gazing out. Begun four
    years ago and imagined initially as a DIY doo-wop album that would
    feature Ward experimenting with layering his own voice, it soon
    branched out in different directions, a move that he credits largely to
    his collaborators here who include R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, Neko Case,
    k.d. lang, The Secret Sisters, and Joey Spampinato of NRBQ. The
    result is a collection of upbeat, sonically ambitious yet canonically
    familiar songs that both propel Ward's reach and satisfy longtime fans.

    1. [More Rain]
    2. Pirate Dial
    3. Time Won't Wait
    4. Confession
    5. I'm Listening (Child's Theme)
    6. Girl From Conejo Valley
    7 .Slow Driving Man
    8. You're So Good to Me
    9. Temptation
    10. Phenomenon
    11. Little Baby
    12. I'm Going Higher
    M. Ward
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  • Case/Lang/Veirs Case/Lang/Veirs Quick View

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    case/lang/veirs, a true collaboration between three phenomenal, self-driven artists: avant-rock icon Neko Case, legendary musical nomad k.d. lang, and indie folk star Laura Veirs. The women wrote all 14 songs and shared lead vocals equally, sometimes even within the same track. Full of stunning harmonies and spellbinding rhythms, case/lang/veirs travels through aches and eras, torch songs and tributes to the undersung.

    They worked over two and a half years in Portland, Oregon, where lang and Veirs both live, sometimes in lang's loft with a view of Mount St. Helens, others in Veirs' dining room or backyard studio. The album was written from the ground up without any real plan beyond a desire to make music together and a faith that it would reveal itself. They produced the album with Tucker Martine, at his Portland studio in November 2015.

    "The combination of spirits, the combination of artistry, is very unique, because we have definite similarities, but we are very, very different, and it creates a really interesting thing," says lang. "It's a truly collaborative record where our individual essences are firmly in place."

    1. Atomic Number
    2. Honey and Smoke
    3. Song for Judee
    4. Blue Fires
    5. Delirium
    6. Greens of June
    7. Behind the Armory
    8. Best Kept Secret
    9. 1000 Miles Away
    10. Supermoon
    11. I Want To Be Here
    12. Down
    13. Why Do We Fight
    14. Georgia Stars
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  • Caves (Awaiting Repress) Caves (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Caves (Awaiting Repress)

    Her strength seems to reside in her ability to be musically versatile. Utilizing various orchestrations, Tristen weaves a glistening web of thoughtful and extremely mature melodies that tremble with undeniable power.
    -American Songwriter

    "Pop hooks and pure inspiration"
    - NPR All Things Considered

    Her addictive debut is full of such moments: catchy refrains with multiple meanings, ear-tugging melodies with hidden hooks. She flaunts a philosophy major's palette amidst echoes of vintage rockabilly and girl group pop: Gods battle, queens bid their rule, girlfriends enable druggy lovers.
    - Rolling Stone

    Tristen Gaspadarek has crafted a confident, poignant folk-pop debut that never wants for hooks, and manages to undercut its sing-songiness at every turn with unflinching lyrics and mature songwriting.

    - The Onion AV Club

    Tristen comes from Nashville, TN and the Jenny Lewis school of modern, God-fearing country, but she caught up to her contemporaries and surpassed them in one fell swoop. As soon as the vocals kick in on the opener Eager for Your Love, it's impossible not to listen to this record all the way through. Man this girl can sing.

    "She's been Nashville's best-kept secret, but this single-named chanteuse is poised for bigger and better things with the recent release of her sprightly new album of baroque folk-pop. "Charlatans at the Garden Gate'' glimmers with traces of Neko Case, the Shangri-Las, and maybe just a touch of Loretta Lynn.

    - The Boston Globe

    With or without Tristen's acute capacity to portray relationships and ideology gone wrong, Charlatans is a musical document billowing over with rich, vintage hues and irrepressible hooks, her reverence for the lions of pop music and confident sense of self all meted out in the same breath.
    -Nashville Scene

    This week, with the release of her confident debut, Tristen reminds us just what it was we loved about her to begin with.
    - Paste

    She brings a blossoming pop sensibility to her witty, not-as-sweet-as-it-seems country.

    -Wall Street Journal

    1. No One's Gonna Know
    2. Goldstar
    3. Easy Out
    4. Catalyst
    5. Winter Night
    6. House of War
    7. Dark Matter
    8. Monster
    9. Forgiveness
    10. Island Dream
    11. Startling News
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  • Bluebird Bluebird Quick View

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    "Musically she exists somewhere between
    Feist and Townes Van Zandt, and her New
    York-by-way-of-Kentucky pluck is a refreshing
    antidote to schmaltzy neo-folk"
    - SPIN

    "Dawn Landes' music sits neatly on the
    fulcrum between Cat Power and Neko Case"
    - PASTE

    " compelling mix of alternative folk with
    instrumental experimentation just the right
    hint of country"
    - NPR

    " Landes is a haunting presence in the world
    of alt-folk experimentalism.

    Based in Brooklyn, but raised in Louisville, singer-songwriter Dawn Landes has been writing
    songs for most of her life, and at 33 already has more than a decade of experience as a
    professional producer and engineer. After leaving NYU where she studied psychology and
    literature, Landes began honing her production and engineering skills, working at Stratosphere Sound
    (owned by James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, and Andy Chase), and at Philip Glass'
    personal recording studio, before launching Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn with partners Steve
    Salett and Gary Maurer.

    Her new album Bluebird was produced in collaboration with good friend Thomas Bartlett
    (known for his work with The National, Sharon Van Etten, Rufus Wainwright, Antony and the
    Johnsons, and many others), and features contributions from Tony Scherr, Rob Moose, and
    Norah Jones.

    Press coverage of Bluebird will understandably present this album as Dawn's answer to her
    ex's divorce record. However, like any great songwriter, she's abstracting her personal
    narratives enough to leave them open to interpretation and a larger meaning. Bartlett's
    spartan production keeps the vibe intimate, making it easy to connect with these naked and
    honest songs which manage to rise above the context in which they were written. In the end,
    the fact that Bluebird is Landes' way of processing the overwhelming emotions she dealt
    with after her divorce doesn't matter - there are two sides to every story, and this is hers.

    1. Bluebird
    2. Try to Make a Fire Burn Again
    3. Bloodhound
    4. Heel Toe
    5. Cry No More
    6. Oh Brother
    7. Diamond Rivers
    8. Love Song
    9. Lullabye for Tony
    10. Home
    Dawn Landes
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