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Nelly Furtado

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  • The Ride The Ride Quick View

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    The Ride

    The Ride is the sixth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado. The album is largely produced by Grammy Award-winning musician John Congleton and features the lead single, Pipe Dreams.
    1. Cold Hard Truth

    2. Flatline

    3. Carnival Games

    4. Live

    5. Paris Sun

    6. Sticks and Stones

    7. Magic

    8. Pipe Dreams

    9. Palaces

    10. Tap Dancing

    11. Right Road

    12. Phoenix
    Nelly Furtado
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  • Agents Of Time (Discontinued) Agents Of Time (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Agents Of Time (Discontinued)

    Mathew Jonson has been a major figure on the music scene since the moment he emerged on Itiswhatitis in 2001. Since then he's turned out some 20-odd singles and EPs, plus remixes for the Chemical Brothers, Moby, Swayzak and Nelly Furtado. Add another nine singles and two albums with Cobblestone Jazz, plus two more EPs with Midnight Operator and the Modern Deep Left Quartet.

    On his own, as a member of Cobblestone Jazz, and as a co-founder of the Wagon Repair label, Jonson has continually pushed and prodded electronic dance music's familiar forms into more distinctive shapes, without ever losing focus on the dance floor.

    Building upon his signature sound by veering into slower, more expansive, more contemplative territory, Agents of Time finds Jonson displaying more range than ever before.

    1. Sunday Disco Romance
    2. Girls Got Rhythm
    3. Thieves In Digital Land
    4. Marionette (The Beginning)
    5. Pirates In The 9th
    Matthew Jonson
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  • Shine On Shine On Quick View

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    Shine On

    Three Time Grammy Winner and legendary singer songwriter makes her Verve debut with her eighth studio album, SHINE ON. Sarah has sold over 40
    million albums in her career and is one of the most respected female artists in music today.

    The new album was recorded in Vancouver with longtime collaborator/producer Pierre Marchand (the co-writer of hits like Adia and Building a
    Mystery), along with contributions from producer/songwriter Bob Rock (Michael BublÉ, Nelly Furtado) and keyboardist Vincent Jones.

    In a press release, McLachlan revealed that the album was inspired by her father's passing and her own appreciation of life: "This album is about moving
    through the second half of my life in a more mindful and meaningful way, recognizing that every day, every moment is precious and though we all have
    our issues and problems, our damages, we all have the ability to continue to learn, grow from our experiences, thrive and shine on. Many of the songs are
    inspired at least partially or wholly by my father's passing three years ago and the profound effect losing him had on me. I had to find my footing again
    without the anchor of his unconditional love.

    1. In Your Shoes
    2. Flesh and Blood
    3. Monsters
    4. Broken Heart
    5. Surrender and Certainty
    6. Song For My Father
    7. Turn the Lights Down Low
    8. Love Beside Me
    9. Brink of Destruction
    10. Beautiful Girl
    11. The Sound That Love Makes
    Sarah McLachlan
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