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Nightmare Logic

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  • Nightmare Logic (Awaiting Repress) Nightmare Logic (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Nightmare Logic (Awaiting Repress)

    The second crushing, soul-mangling, neck bustin' album from Texas hardcore thrashers: Power Trip. Quite possibly the best thrash album you will have heard in the last decade. IMMENSE, MAMMOTH, MASSIVE. Recorded by Arthur Rizik (Inquisition), mastered by Joel Grind (Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust) and features cover art by Paolo Girard. POWER TRIP is a real band like no other. Their raw energy, musical proficiency, perfect song structure, rich tones, fierce riffs, persecution, and collective attitude have seeded them as one of the most prolific underground staples in the US metal, punk, and hardcore scenes.
    1. Soul Sacrifice
    2. Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)
    3. Firing Squad
    4. Nightmare Logic
    5. Waiting Around to Die
    6. Ruination
    7. If Not Us Then Who
    8. Crucifixation
    Power Trip
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  • CI CI Quick View

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    CI is the first full length album from Diamond Version. A duo
    made up of Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai, the founders
    of the German electronic label, Raster-Noton. With CI, which
    stands for Corporate Identity, Diamond Version are fighting
    back against consumerist culture latent with brand slogans and
    insidious advertising. The band's debut album pairs blistering
    electronic rhythms, deconstructed techno and dread static with
    clipped slogans borrowed from advertising and marketing, in both
    lyrics and track titles such as 'Science For A Better Life', 'Access
    To Excellence' and 'Raising The Bar'. On the surface it seems like
    the soundtrack to our Ballardian nightmare of a world ruled by
    automaton commerce.

    CI follows up five EPs released by Diamond Version from 2012-2013. Each EP had its own identity and character and explored the
    dichotomy of underground culture and high level art. These borders
    continue to blur on CI as the band pushes themselves to create
    outside of their comfort zone. Diamond Version describe this
    album as much more song oriented and lyrical than their previous
    releases. They even sought out unusual vocal collaborators saying,
    "We tried to find unpredictable vocalist collaborations - something
    that you would not think of in the first place, so it didn't feel
    streamlined. We wanted to break a certain kind of logic."

    1. This Blank Action (Feat. Leslie Winer)
    2. Access To Excellence
    3. Turn On Tomorrow (CI)
    4. Feel The Freedom (Feat. Kyoka)
    5. Raising The Bar
    6. Were You There (Feat. Neil Tennant)
    7. Operate At Your Optimum (Feat. Atsuhiro Ito)
    8. Science For A Better Life (CI)
    9. Conecting People
    10. Make.Believe (CI)
    Diamond Version
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  • House Of Spirits House Of Spirits Quick View

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    House Of Spirits

    A more melancholic take on Brian Eno's "Baby's On Fire",
    only with dusty country-style vocal harmonies - Pitchfork

    Bells of Paonia is a lush and pretty fuzz-guitar drone with
    plenty of starry-eyed melody in there - Stereogum

    Warm organ tones shine through the fuzz, showing The Fresh &
    Onlys at their most earnest and heartfelt. - Consequence of

    With surreal nightmares, glistening pop tempered by sinister
    undertones and even unsettling experimentalism, The Fresh & Onlys'
    fifth album, House of Spirits is the San Francisco quartet's most
    focused and most experimental yet. The material gestated during
    vocalist Tim Cohen's isolated stay on an Arizonan horse ranch where
    he documented dreams in a bedside notebook. The resultant songs are
    by turns pristine, feverish, and bizarre, as The Fresh & Onlys returned
    to Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco with Phil Manley (Trans Am)
    to recast the textures, leaps of logic and evocative character of
    Cohen's dreams into songs.

    1. Home Is Where?
    2. Who Let the Devil
    3. Bells of Paonia
    4. Animal of One
    5. I'm Awake

    6. Hummingbird
    7. April Fools
    8. Ballerina
    9. Candy
    10. Madness
    Fresh And Onlys
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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