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Perfume Genius

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  • Too Bright Too Bright Quick View

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    Too Bright

    "Hadreas unifies his lyrical and musical ambitions
    into the most forthright, ornate, lustrous and 'pop'
    moment of his career....sounds like triumph. "
    - Pitchfork on "Queen" BEST NEW TRACK

    "Mike Hadreas doesn't so much accept the crown
    as snatch it out from the air." - DIY

    "Immeasurably cathartic.... Perfume Genius has
    never sounded this furious and confident."
    - Stereogum

    Over the course of two astonishing albums, Perfume
    Genius, aka Seattle native Mike Hadreas, cemented
    his place as a singer-songwriter of rare frankness,
    creating songs that, while achingly emotional, offered
    empathy and hope, rather than any judgment or
    handwringing. Sparse, gorgeous and with Hadreas'
    quavering vocals often only accompanied by piano,
    they were uncommonly beautiful tales of a life lived
    on the dark side - scarred, brutalised, yet ultimately,
    slowly but surely reclaimed.

    Too Bright, however, is something else altogether.
    Less self-conscious, and less concerned with
    storytelling and easily-digested melodies, it is a
    brave, bold, unpredictably quixotic exploration
    of what Hadreas calls "an underlying rage that
    has slowly been growing since ten and has just
    begun to bubble up". Recorded with Adrian Utley
    of Portishead and featuring John Parish on several
    tracks, it is a stunning about-face which brings to
    mind audacious career-shift albums like Kate Bush's
    The Dreaming or Scott Walker's Tilt, records which
    walk the tightrope between pure songwriting and
    overt experimentation.

    1. I Decline

    2. Queen
    3. Fool
    4. No Good
    5. My Body
    6. Don't Let Them In
    7. Grid
    8. Longpig
    9. I'm A Mother
    10. Too Bright
    11. All Along
    Perfume Genius
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  • Put Your Back N 2 It Put Your Back N 2 It Quick View

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    Put Your Back N 2 It

    Perfume Genius is Mike Hadreas, a Seattle songwriter whose jarring 2010 debut album, Learning, was called an album of rare, redemptive beauty, one of the most uniquely endearing and quietly forceful debut albums of recent years, and established him as one of the most singular songwriters around today.

    His new album, Put Your Back N 2 It, is much more universal, addressing intimacy, power, family, secrecy, and hope not just through his impressionistic lyrics, but the music itself, which is as lush as Learning was stark. Its a gorgeous soundtrack for anyone trying to keep it together in everyday life, with interest in moving forward. Recorded by Drew Morgan and John Goodmanson.

    1. AWOL Marine
    2. Normal Song
    3. No Tear
    4. 17
    5. Take Me Home
    6. Dirge
    7. Dark Parts
    8. All Waters
    9. Hood
    10. Put Your Back N2 It
    11. Floating Spit
    12. Sister Song
    Perfume Genius
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  • Rare Coins: David Bazan & Sean Lane Rare Coins: David Bazan & Sean Lane Quick View

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    Rare Coins: David Bazan & Sean Lane

    Pressed On Gold Vinyl

    Limited To 1000 Copies

    The Rare Coins Series spotlights an established artist who chooses an up-and-coming artist they'd like to share a
    split release with. Fans not only receive new music from the artist they love, but also get a chance to hear music
    chosen by this artist. David Bazan was the lead singer for Pedro the Lion and a member of the band Headphones.
    Sean Lane is a drummer/percussionist. He's played in bands such as Perfume Genius, with David Bazan and Noah

    1. Opposite Soul
    2. My Body
    3. Video Tape

    4. Severely Dear

    5. Dead Expectations

    6. Guilty

    7. Invisible

    8. 5 AM

    9. Land Grabber
    David Bazan & Sean Lane
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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