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Phil Ochs

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  • Live Lansing Michigan Live Lansing Michigan Quick View

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    Live Lansing Michigan

    Phil Ochs (1940-1976) was an American folk and protest singer. After making his start in Columbus Ohio, Phil moved to New York in 1962, and soon became one of the top performers of the Greenwich Village folk music scene.

    Phil wore his politics on his sleeve. One of his early combos was called The Socialist Singers, and because he was so outspoken he often ran into roadblocks in regards to finding a mainstream audience.

    Throughout the early 70's Phil traveled the country and played many gigs. He was not actively recording. Live Again 1973 presents Phil at the Stables in East Lansing Michigan running through a 70+ minute selection of his most loved songs.

    LP 1
    1. The Bells

    2. Flower Lady
    3. I'm Going To Say It Now

    4. There But For Fortune

    5. Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends

    6. I Ain't Marching Anymore

    7. Changes

    8. Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

    9. The Highwayman

    10. Santo Domingo

    LP 2
    1. Chords Of Fame

    2. Boy In Ohio

    3. Pretty Smart On My Part
    4. Crucifixion
    5. Is There Anybody Here?

    6. Power And The Glory

    7. Pleasures Of The Harbor

    8. The Party

    9. Ballad Of A Carpenter (bonus track recorded 3/17/74 at The Quiet Night, Chicago)

    Phil Ochs
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  • Sugarcoating Sugarcoating Quick View

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    Given that Martin Sexton waited seven years after his album Wonder Bar to release Seeds, the fact that a mere three years passed between that disc and Sexton's next studio set, Sugarcoating, suggests something resembling urgency about getting these songs out to his fans. And if in many ways Sugarcoating follows a stylistic path that Sexton has pursued in the past, the title cut is certainly a surprise, a jazzy shuffle leavened with slide guitar and silky harmonies whose lyrics offer a pointed critique of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how they were sold to the public, a blending of sweet and sour that recalls Phil Ochs' A Small Circle of Friends. . Sugarcoating is short on surprises, but the ones that are here work, and if you've liked Martin Sexton's work in the past, chances are this one will please you too. - All Music Guide

    1. Found
    2. Boom Sh Boom
    3. Always Got Away
    4. Livin The Life
    5. Sugarcoating
    6. Stick Around
    7. Long Haul
    8. Shane
    9. Wants Out
    10. Friends Again
    11. Easy On The Eyes
    12. Alone
    13. Just To Be Alive

    Bonus Tracks:
    14. Beast in Me (Live)
    15. There Go I (Live)
    16. Diner (Live)
    17. Glory Bound (Live)

    Martin Sexton
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