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  • Some Offcell Voices Some Offcell Voices Quick View

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    Some Offcell Voices

    Two Legendary PINBACK EPs Compiled, Remastered, And Released On Vinyl For The First Time

    Remastered For Vinyl From Original Recordings

    In the early days of Pinback, they were known mostly as two lauded musicians who spent their spare time away from their primary projects (Three Mile Pilot, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable) to hone their home recording skills while experimenting with ideas, tones, and instrumentation that didn't quite fit into those primary projects. Pinback hadn't yet become their day job; it hadn't yet become a well-oiled 5-piece touring machine, and it had no idea where it was going to go. In retrospect, that earnest curiosity is what makes those early Pinback recordings so resonant and so unique, and what separated them from every indie rock band of this century.

    Every bit as powerful and expressive as their first two albums, the 1999 EP, Some Voices, and the 2003 EP, Offcell, famously bucked the perception of EPs as outtakes and toss-offs. What were ostensibly minor stopgaps between albums became massive fan favorites and staples of Pinback's live show. Having never been released on vinyl, it's only fitting that we revisit these poignant recordings - and take the opportunity to painstakingly remaster and repackage them into the full-length album that never was, the aptly named Some Offcell Voices.

    1. Some Voices
    2. Trainer
    3. Manchuria
    4. June
    5. Microtonic Wave
    6. Victorious D
    7. Offcell
    8. B
    9. Grey Machine
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  • Autumn Of The Seraphs Autumn Of The Seraphs Quick View

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    Autumn Of The Seraphs

    Their fourth full-length and second on Touch And Go contains melodies that are more dynamic and aggressive. This record is tighter, the drumming more immediate and crisp. Autumn Of The Seraphs is for both rabbits and people, for good days and for bad. A bonus disc will be packaged with the first pressing of the CD, featuring three new studio songs not found on the LP.
    1.From Nothing To Nowhere
    3.Good To Sea
    4.How We Breathe
    6.Subbing For Eden
    7.Devil You Know
    8.Blue Harvest
    11.Off By 50
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  • Summer In Abaddon Summer In Abaddon Quick View

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    Summer In Abaddon

    Although it may seem like gentle pop music at first, the brilliance of Summer In Abaddon is slowly revealed over repeated listenings. The songs are buoyant and lively at times, melancholy and dark at others, and always resonate with an underlying intensity. Pinback lays out beautiful melodies that are deceptively complex, layering sounds and instruments upon one another and trading contrasting vocal parts with ease.
    1. Non Photo-Blue
    2. Sender
    3. Syracuse
    4. Bloods on Fire
    5. Fortress
    6. This Red Book
    7. Soaked
    8. 3X0
    9. The Yellow Ones
    10. Afk
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  • Come With Me If You Want To Live Come With Me If You Want To Live Quick View

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    Come With Me If You Want To Live

    Rumored to be the brainchild of Robcore label head and Pinback member Rob Crow. Goblin Cock is focused, primed, and ready to pull the pin on the follow-up to their debut, Bagged And Boarded. This band is taking yet another brave step in the redefinition of true metal.
    3.Big Up Your Willies
    4.We Got A Bleeder
    5.Ode To Billy Jack
    6.Beneath The Valley Of The Island Of The Misfit Toys
    9.Tom's Song For (T.O.F.)
    10.Trying To Get Along With Humans
    Goblin Cock
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  • Underslept Underslept Quick View

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    Limited Edition

    Systems Officer is the solo guise of Armistead Burwell Smith IV, the prolific multi-instrumentalist songwriter and founding member of Pinback and Three Mile Pilot. Written and recorded between breaks in the rigorous Pinback recording and touring schedule, Underslept is five years in the making, a concise collection of thoughtful, complex pop songs.

    Written, produced and performed by Smith in his home studio, Underslept features the same kind of intricate arrangements and layered vocal harmonies that have become a trademark of Pinback, with nods to the dramatic tone that marks the best Three Mile Pilot songs.

    Underslept gives Smith, already one of rocks most innovative and influential bass players, the opportunity to place his often understated gifts as a singer and songwriter front and center, drawing influence from The Police, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and The Beach Boys to craft thoughtful, progressive pop with spiky hooks and impressively high replay value.

    1. Pacer
    2. East
    3. Quan
    4. Shape Shifter
    5. Oui
    6. In This World
    7. We Breathe Dust
    8. Sand I
    9. Sand II
    10. Deyos
    11. Uhiju (Bonus Track)
    12. Tic Tac (Bonus Track)
    13. Crashing End (Bonus Track)
    Systems Officer
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  • The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten Quick View

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    The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten

    The rumor of a new Three Mile Pilot album has been circulating for over a decade, further fueling the mystery and mythology that has swirled around the San Diego trio since the 1997 release of what was thought to be their swan song, the enormously influential Another Desert, Another Sea.

    That brings us to the aptly-named The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten, the first Three Mile Pilot album in 13 years and the first to be written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by the original three members in their own home studios. As such it is the most uncompromising album since their inception, it also just happens to be their most accessible. While Pinback and The Black Heart Procession were obviously influenced by 3MP in their early days, the inverse can now be heard, with many of the songs on The Inevitable Past bearing the unmistakable and inevitable stamps of Pinback and The Black Heart Procession. This circular influence is what makes the album so brilliant; instead of a proper hiatus, 3MPs progression was charted vicariously through its members other groups. As such, The Inevitable Past makes good on the promising glimpses heard through a long but breathless wait.

    1. Battle
    2. Still Alive
    3. Grey Clouds
    4. Same Mistake
    5. What I Lose
    6. Left in Vain
    7. The Threshold
    8. One Falls Away
    9. Days of Wrath
    10. Planets
    11. What's In The Air
    12. The Premonition
    Three Mile Pilot
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  • Maps Maps Quick View

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    When Three Mile Pilot, the legendary Southern California trio that spawned Pinback and The Black Heart Procession, returned to active duty in 2010 with The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten, it ended a 13-year silence from the band. The album was amazing, and the hope was we wouldn't have to wait another dozen years for more. The brand new Maps EP delivers on the evolution of The Inevitable Past, but also finds the group returning to some of their exploratory roots in a unique and refreshing way.

    Maps opens with Three Mile Pilot's most triumphant song to date, the towering "Long Way Up." From there the band employs tasteful use of guitars, synths and deep grooves to navigate their pleasantly adventurous waters over the course of 20 all-too-brief minutes. Traditionally EPs serve as stop-gaps between albums, often a collection of toss-offs and leftover b-sides. Maps rejects this notion as it's filled with some of the strongest songs in Three Mile Pilot's remarkable 20-year history.

    1. Long Way Up

    2. Wires
    3. This Escape

    4. Blu

    5. Birdy

    Three Mile Pilot
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  • Rivington Nao Rio Rivington Nao Rio Quick View

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    Rivington Nao Rio

    Rivington Não Rio revels in the kind of compassionate
    complexity that marks Prefuse 73's greatest works, with a
    profound new element added to the mix: Patience.
    Guillermo S. Herren's ability to marry the manic to the
    melodic has always been uncanny, but here it feels
    downright magical as the songs inhale with his trademark
    sense of urgency then exhale in longer, more revealing
    breaths. The prismatic textures that have long been a staple
    of Prefuse 73 are bound to beats and melodies with the
    spirit of hip-hop and the subtlety of modern minimalism. The
    album's guests treat the material with a hushed respect: Roc
    Nation songwriter and Jessie Ware collaborator Sam Dew
    turns Infrared into a sublimely soulful, dimly-lit portrait of
    inverted R&B; Milo & Busdriver's vicious, rapid-fire verses
    contrast a pastoral downbeat to brilliant effect; and
    elsewhere, Pinback's Rob Crow and Latin electronic-folk
    crooner Helado Negro navigate splintered tropics with
    passive grace.

    As a stand-alone album, Rivington Não Rio ranks
    extraordinarily high in the Prefuse 73 canon. As a
    centerpiece to an epic triptych that includes the Forsyth
    Gardens and Every Color of Darkness EPs, it's a new peak
    from a pioneer who appears to only just now be hitting his
    prime. For an artist who has played an undeniably integral
    role in the careers of so many influential artists, it's not just
    refreshing to hear him return to top's revelatory.

    1. Señora 95 (Intro)
    2. Applauded Assumptions
    3. Quiet One (feat. Rob Crow)
    4. Through A Lit And Darkened Path (Pts. 1+2)
    5. Inside
    6. Infrared (feat. Sam Dew)
    7. Jacinto Lyric Range
    8. 140 Jabs Interlude (feat. Milo & Busdriver)
    9. See More Than Just Stars (feat. Helado Negro)
    10. Mojav Mating Call
    11. Open Nerve Farewells
    Prefuse 73
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  • Prints Prints Quick View

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    This duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Kenseth Thibideau (Tarentel, Sleeping People, Pinback) and Zac Nelson (Who's Your Favorite Son God). Merging the eclectic instrumentation of Talking Heads with the ethereal vocals of Peter Gabriel, the two mingle the precision of Brian Eno with the jubilance of Brian Wilson. Unvarnished performances and otherworldly themes. The lyrics create a lucid, dreamlike environment, marrying disparate images into fantastic and sometimes comical scenarios. "Prints" is that rarest of pop records, consistently rewarding with repeated listens.

    1.Easy Magic

    2.Too Much Water

    3.Pretty Tick


    5.Blue Jay

    6.I Wanna Know

    7.All We Knead


    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Growing Growing Quick View

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    The second full-length from this San Diego four-piece (featuring members of Pinback, Prints, and Rumah Sakit), is faster, more aggressive, more thoughtful, and more dynamic than their debut. The songs are pushed to extremes, sparking an addictive adrenaline high that's ultimately eased by Rob Crow's surprise appearance at the album's conclusion; his saccharine vocals providing a perfect, blissful freefall. RIYL: Battles, Tomahawk, Tool, Don Caballero.
    1. Centipede's Dream
    2. James Spader
    3. Yellow Guy / Pink Eye
    4. Mouth Breeder
    5. ...Out Dream
    6. Three Things
    7. Grow Worm
    8. Underland
    9. It's Heart Loves Open
    10. People Staying Awake
    Sleeping People
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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