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  • Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, 5/19/74 (Pre-Order) Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, 5/19/74 (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, 5/19/74 (Pre-Order)

    The complete Portland Memorial Coliseum show from 5/19/74
    LP 1
    1. Missisippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
    2. Mexicali Blues
    3. Big Railroad Blues
    4. Black-Throated Wind
    5. Scarlet Begonias
    6. Beat It On Down The Line
    7. Tennessee Jed
    8. Me And Bobby Mcgee

    LP 2
    1. Sugaree
    2. Jack Straw
    3. It Must Have Been The Roses
    4. El Paso
    5. Loose Lucy
    6. Money Money

    LP 3
    1. China Cat Sunflower
    2. I Know You Rider
    3. Promised Land
    4. Bertha
    5. Greatest Story Ever Told
    6. Ship Of Fools

    LP 4
    1. Weather Report Suite
    2. Wharf Rat
    3. Big River

    LP 5
    1. Peggy-O
    2. Truckin'
    3. Jam

    LP 6
    1. Not Fade Away
    2. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
    3. One More Saturday Night
    4. U.S. Blues

    Grateful Dead
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  • Sun Shy (Awaiting Repress) Sun Shy (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Sun Shy (Awaiting Repress)

    Debut album from Portland indie-pop duo, Dresses.
    1. Back To Life
    2. Blew My Mind
    3. Sun Shy
    4. Friends Are Dead
    5. Painting Roses
    6. Gotta Love
    7. Real People
    8. Tell A Lie
    9. Sticks & Stones
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  • Intermittent Signals Intermittent Signals Quick View

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    Intermittent Signals

    Limited edition of 2,000

    The second release by Portland's own Rats. Fred and Toody's pre-Dead Moon outfit. This record hails from 1981 and holds a place in Portland punk history. Considerably better sound quality compared to the first record. Tip-on jacket.

    1. Nightline
    2. Wanna Be Your Man
    3. Haywire Desire
    4. Contradictions
    5. Kids Are Kids
    6. Descending Shadows
    7. Thoughts By Now
    8. Defiance
    9. Daddy's In The Shadows
    10. Nightmare
    11. Radio Pulse
    12. Heaven Don't Cry
    13. C.O.D.
    14. Running Away From You
    15. It's A Lie
    16. Animal
    The Rats
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  • A Friend In The World A Friend In The World Quick View

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    A Friend In The World

    Portland based Lovers fuse intimacy and empowerment into a modern atmosphere of honesty, new feminist humor, and rhythmic complexity. The result is at once confident, tender and romantic. The follow-up to their best-selling 2010 release Darklight, A Friend in the World is a rich engagement of acoustic and electronic extroversion and introspection--an uplifting ride into uncharted territories of the heart and mind.

    Recorded at Portland, Oregon's beloved Type Foundry with Dylan Magierek (Thao Nguyen & Portland Cello Project, Mark Kozelek, Starfucker) and Adam Selzer (She & Him, M.Ward), and mixed by Andy Lemaster (Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes).

    1. Tiger Square
    2. Girl In The Grass
    3. Modern Art Museum Of The Modern Kiss Goodbye
    4. Oh Yeah
    5. Purple Sage
    6. Wander Through The Time Of Hearts
    7. Lavender Light
    8. Rocket Ship
    9. James Baldwin And The Diagonal Trance
    10. Wild Horses
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  • Distortland Distortland Quick View

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    First new album in four years from the legendary Portland quartet and first for Dine Alone Records. Known as
    America's Best Britpop Band. Features the single "You Are Killing Me."
    1. Search Party
    2. Semper Fidelis
    3. Pope Reverend Jim
    4. Catcher In The Rye
    5. Give
    6. STYGGO
    7. You Are Killing Me
    8. All The Girls In London
    9. Doves
    10. The Grow Up Song
    11. Wizard Of Oslo
    Dandy Warhols
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  • No News From Home No News From Home Quick View

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    No News From Home

    No News From Home is the 2nd LP from Portland, Oregon quartet Houndstooth and the follow-up to Ride Out The Dark. That record was labeled one of 2013's all too overlooked delights by SPIN while their hometown Portland Mercury called it an extraordinarily good album, a perfect representation of the band's trademark balancing of ease and passion. News is an altogether more mature record that widens the bands sound: from Velvets-style churners to shimmering, breezy, love songs, all penned by songwriting duo John Gnorski and Katie Bernstein.
    1. Bliss Boat
    2. Amelia
    3. No News From Home
    4. Green Light
    5. Wasted Hours
    6. Witching Hour
    7. Borderland
    8. Yellow Stone
    9. Double Vision
    10. Spirit
    11. They're Racing Tonight
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  • Burning Off Impurities Burning Off Impurities Quick View

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    Burning Off Impurities

    Portland's Grails return with their first studio album since 2004's Redlight. An increased interest in psychedelic, ambient, and world music is most likely to blame for the group's exploration of the lesser-traveled paths of modern music. In addition, their eclectic range of collaborative endeavors - guitarist Zak Riles is also in M. Ward's band, while drummer Emil Amos has moonlighted as Jandek's drummer - has introduced an element of improvisation and reinterpretation of ideas that's both brilliant and earnest.
    1.Soft Temple
    2.More Extinction
    3.Silk Rd
    4.Drawn Curtains
    5.Outer Banks
    6.Dead Vine Blues
    8.Burning Off Impurities
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  • Burnside On Burnside (Awaiting Repress) Burnside On Burnside (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Burnside On Burnside (Awaiting Repress)

    Recorded on a West Coast tour in the winter of 2001 at Portland's Crystal Ballroom and San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, Burnside on Burnside documents the Mississippi Blues legend, R.L. Burnside in concert with accompaniment from guitarist Kenny Brown and drummer/grandson Cedric Burnside. The electric trio lays down hyptonic grooves throughout, letting the raw energy in each song build to frenzied crescendos. The stellar blues bash yielded a 2003 Grammy Award nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album.
    1. Shake 'Em On Down
    2. Skinny Woman
    3. Miss Maybelle
    4. Rollin' & Tumblin'
    5. Long Haired Doney
    6. Walkin' Blues
    7. He Ain't Your Daddy
    8. Bad Luck And Trouble
    9. Jumper On The Line
    10. Goin' Down South
    11. Alice Mae
    12. Snake Drive
    R.L. Burnside
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  • Port Of Morrow Port Of Morrow Quick View

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    Port Of Morrow

    Released jointly on frontman James Mercers Aural Apothecary label and Columbia Records, Port Of Morrow is The Shins' long awaited fourth full-length album and first since 2007's Wincing The Night Away. The 10-track set was recorded in Los Angeles and Portland over the course of 2011 with Mercer handling all songwriting duties, lead vocals and the majority of instrumentation. Port Of Morrow was produced by Greg Kurstin and mixed by Rich Costey. Features lead single Simple Song.
    1. The Rifles Spiral
    2. Simple Song
    3. Its Only Life
    4. No Way Down
    5. September
    6. Bait and Switch
    7. Fall of 82
    8. For A Fool
    9. 40 Mark Strasse
    10. Port of Morrow
    The Shins
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  • Feast Of The Hunters' Moon Feast Of The Hunters' Moon Quick View

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    Feast Of The Hunters' Moon

    Sugar Hill Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Feast of the Hunters' Moon, the debut album from Portland, Oregon-based Black Prairie. Featuring three-fifths of The Decemberists and two of the city's finest folk stylists, the heavily acoustic debut was produced by Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie) and embodies the rich sonic landscape of the Portland music scene while integrating the diverse backgrounds of its members. As described by dobroist Chris Funk, the band's sound bridges the music of Clarence White and Ennio Morricone in a way that defies genre characterization.

    Decemberists guitarist Funk and bassist Nate Query hatched the plan to start a primarily instrumental string band while on the road. Funk began to spend time playing the square-necked Dobro guitar, and the pair recruited fellow Decemberist Jenny Conlee to play accordion. Portland musicians Annalisa Tornfelt and Jon Neufeld then filled out the ranks on violin and guitar, respectively.

    Black Prairie's songs consist mostly of instrumentals; their arrangements draw from bluegrass and old-time string band traditions, while Conlee's accordion and Tornfelt's violin instill klezmer and gypsy elements to the band's unique and vibrant sound. The quintet sometimes takes an almost-classical approach to composition, with songs containing multiple movements that ebb and flow in a way that differs greatly from traditional pop or bluegrass structure. The band decided it would be a shame not to make use of Tornfelt's vocal ability, so she sings on a handful of tracks as well. The thirteen album tracks include mostly original compositions by the five band members, with a smattering of traditional material intertwined throughout.

    1. Across the Black Prairie

    2. Red Rocking Chair

    3. Back Alley

    4. Ostinato Del Caminito

    5. A Prairie Musette

    6. Crooked Little Heart

    7. Annie McGuire

    8. Atrocity at Celilo Falls

    9. Tango Oscuro

    10. Single Mistake

    11. Full Moon in June

    12. Home Made Lemonade

    13. The Blackest Crow
    Black Prairie
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  • Animals In The Median Animals In The Median Quick View

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    Animals In The Median

    Salmon Colored Vinyl

    Voted Portland's 2012 Best New Band by Willamette Week

    One of NPR's Artists you should've known in 2012

    There is a stillness between kissing lips that belies the beating hearts connected to them,
    a calm in the simple gesture that holds tumultuous emotions close, keeping their caprice
    from pulling you apart. For the past three years, Radiation City has scored the soundtrack
    to relationships such as these. Moments where Quiet/Bombast, Future/Past,
    Man/Woman, Hope/Fear are conjoined; from their use of modern electronic sounds and
    the restraint of classic bossa records, to the urgency and harmony of northern soul, the
    band has codified seemingly disparate ideas into a sound and ethos that is at once
    refreshing and classic. Their second LP Animals In The Median will be released May 7th.
    Founded in 2009 amid the glow of one budding love affair, Radiation City quickly
    blossomed into a family, finding itself with a second couple and another multi
    instrumentalist besides. If the quintet's early live shows and debut LP The Hands That
    Take You quickly earned them a reputation as one of Portland, Oregon's most promising
    young acts, the subsequent national tours and 2011's EP Cool Nightmare made good on
    that promise. The band's expanding soundscape of new romanticism has drawn
    accolades from NPR, Time, and KEXP to name a few.

    The new full length features 12 songs recorded over the span of a year in both rural
    Washington and urban Portland. You can hear a focused songwriting, lush arrangements,
    and gorgeous harmonies. You can hear the celebration and lament of a sea change year
    which saw the passing of matriarchs, the betrayals and betrothals of loved ones, the
    baring and bruising of hopeful hearts in an increasingly dangerous world. Moreover, you
    can hear a band edified, coming into their own in rich and simple gesture.

    1. Zombies
    2. So Long
    3. Wash of Noise
    4. Food
    5. Foreign Bodies
    6. Wary Eyes
    7. LA Beach
    8. Entropia
    9. Buckminsterfullerene
    10. Summer Rain
    11. Lark
    12. Call Me
    Radiation City
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  • Furr Furr Quick View

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    Furr is the fourth record by Portland sextet Blitzen Trapper and the follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed Wild Mountain Nation. Written in the gaps of the group's frenetic touring schedule and recorded mostly in an old telegraph building close to the Willamette River, the new record refines and expands on the far-ranging yet distinctive songcraft that lies at the heart of Blitzen Trapper's unique appeal. Critics and fans have compared their music to just about everything, so much that they're almost in a genre all their own. Furr is their first Sub Pop release.
    1. Sleepytime in the Western World
    2. Gold For Bread
    3. Furr
    4. God & Suicide
    5. Fire & Fast Bullets
    6. Saturday Night
    7. Black River Killer
    8. Not Your Lover
    9. Love U
    10. War on Machines
    11. Stolen Shoes & a Rifle
    12. Echo/Always On/Easy Con
    13. Lady On the Water
    Blitzen Trapper
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  • Blue Giant Blue Giant Quick View

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    Blue Giant

    Blue Giant is the creation of Kevin and Anita Robinson, better known as Portland indie-pop darlings Viva Voce. The Robinson's new band features Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Evan Railton (Swords) and Seth Lorinczi (The Golden Bears). On their self-titled debut, produced by Kevin, Blue Giant combine the traditional sounds of American music, country, bluegrass and folk, with driving, straight-ahead rock n roll. The 12 tracks on the album, all written by Kevin and Anita, showcase that versatility from the classic country feel of "Lonely Girl," to the melodic guitars in "Clean The Clock," to the mellow, deceptively simple "Gone For Good" which features Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker.
    1.  Clean the Clock

    2.  Blue Sunshine

    3.  Wesley

    4.  Lonely Girl

    5.  Target Heart

    6.  When Will the Sun Shine

    7.  Go On

    8.  Run Rabbit Run

    9.  Gone for Good (featuring Corin Tucker)

    10. The Game

    11. The Void Above the Sky

    12. Reasons To Cry

    Blue Giant
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  • Thanks For The Silver Thanks For The Silver Quick View

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    Thanks For The Silver

    Saddle up the horses and take your guns to town boys because the Sun Gods in Exile are back. After a three year silence Portland's God's of Southern Fried Biker Boogie Rock have cowboy-ed up and returned to shake the dried clay from your boots and put a little swagger in your step. Ten thunderous tracks titled Thanks for the Silver that add just a little more southern than fried this time around and take aim with their six shooters hitting the target every single time.
    1. Hammer Down
    2. Moonshine
    3. Writing's On The Wall
    4. Climb Down
    5. Since I've Been Home
    6. Broken Bones
    7. Smoke And Fire
    8. Nobody Knows
    9. Thanks For The Silver
    10. I Buried My Bitch's Car
    Sun Gods In Exile
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Wild And Reckless Wild And Reckless Quick View

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    Wild And Reckless

    Earlier this year, the Portland, Oregon-based Blitzen Trapper accomplished a unique feat for a rock band who has been releasing albums and touring for the better part of two decades: a staged musical titled Wild & Reckless that ran for 28 performances at Portland Center Stage. Today, the band is announcing a new album of the same title that was born from the stage production and as a companion to their 2008 breakthrough album Furr.

    'Rebel' is a song about a guy who for the love of a girl follows in his father's footsteps only to find it to be a scam, explains principal and frontman Eric Earley. After several tries at the American dream he ends up selling cocaine to blue bloods in the Hollywood hills. Something of a lost Raymond Carver story with shambling near-country soundtrack.

    The album Wild & Reckless was born from the stage production that the band spent the better part of a year producing. The half musical, half rock-opera dealt with heroin abuse, desperation, true love and western power structures. The story evoked a bygone era of Portland with this sci-fi love story, featuring a rock-and-roll score that paired unreleased songs with favorites from the band's catalog.

    Following the success of the production, the band took 7 original songs from the production and developed the theme further into the 12 songs that comprise the new album Wild & Reckless.

    Frontman Eric Earley also sees the record as a companion and extention of their 2008 album Furr. Wild and Reckless is something like a cross-eyed stepchild to Furr, in that it chronicles the darker dystopian stories of rural and suburban west coast death-drive via a riffing psychedelic landscape. Ten years after Furr with all its talk of murder and the end of the western world, it seems there's more to tell.

    Blitzen Trapper is Eric Earley (songwriter/singer), Erik Menteer (guitar, keyboard), Brian Adrian Koch (drums, vocals), Michael Van Pelt (bass) and Marty Marquis (keyboard, vocals). Wild & Reckless was produced by Eric Earley and Michael Van Pelt and was recorded by Gregg Williams at The Trench, in Portland, Oregon. It was mixed by James Brown (Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, Blitzen Trapper's All Across This Land) at The Union.

    1. Rebel
    2. Wild & Reckless
    3. Forever Pt. 1
    4. Joanna
    5. No Man's Land
    6. Stolen Hearts
    7. Dance With Me
    8. Love Live On
    9. When I'm Dying
    10. Baby Won't You Turn Me On
    11. Forever Pt. 2
    12. Wind Don't Always Blow
    Blitzen Trapper
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  • Case/Lang/Veirs Case/Lang/Veirs Quick View

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    case/lang/veirs, a true collaboration between three phenomenal, self-driven artists: avant-rock icon Neko Case, legendary musical nomad k.d. lang, and indie folk star Laura Veirs. The women wrote all 14 songs and shared lead vocals equally, sometimes even within the same track. Full of stunning harmonies and spellbinding rhythms, case/lang/veirs travels through aches and eras, torch songs and tributes to the undersung.

    They worked over two and a half years in Portland, Oregon, where lang and Veirs both live, sometimes in lang's loft with a view of Mount St. Helens, others in Veirs' dining room or backyard studio. The album was written from the ground up without any real plan beyond a desire to make music together and a faith that it would reveal itself. They produced the album with Tucker Martine, at his Portland studio in November 2015.

    "The combination of spirits, the combination of artistry, is very unique, because we have definite similarities, but we are very, very different, and it creates a really interesting thing," says lang. "It's a truly collaborative record where our individual essences are firmly in place."

    1. Atomic Number
    2. Honey and Smoke
    3. Song for Judee
    4. Blue Fires
    5. Delirium
    6. Greens of June
    7. Behind the Armory
    8. Best Kept Secret
    9. 1000 Miles Away
    10. Supermoon
    11. I Want To Be Here
    12. Down
    13. Why Do We Fight
    14. Georgia Stars
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • What Will Destroy You What Will Destroy You Quick View

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    What Will Destroy You

    First Pressing Of The Vinyl Limited To 1,000 Pieces On Creme Colored Wax

    Kyle Morton, the lead singer of Portland's indie-orchestra Typhoon, releases his debut solo album. The
    ten song album, What Will Destroy You, was recorded by Kyle and longtime Typhoon producer/collaborator
    Paul Laxer.

    Of the album, Kyle says, Most of these songs were written in about a day, many of them while walking
    aimlessly around Portland, others wrote themselves in the moments just before sleep. They were recorded and
    mixed with the invaluable help of Paul Laxer from the inviolate comfort of his living room, mostly in the evenings
    during the winter and early spring of 2015. At the outset there was no deliberate attempt at an overarching
    concept, though once finished and lined up together the theme of my subconscious was revealed to me: this
    was a record about love, more specifically (not devolving into platitudes just yet), the ambivalence of erotic

    With a couple exceptions these songs are about kinds of love, from old fashioned heartache to acute
    sadomasochism; some drawn from personal experience and others extrapolated from years of keen
    observation on the subject.

    1. Poor Bastard
    2. Innuendos
    3. Survivalist Fantasy
    4. The Aftermath
    5. Gestalt of Original Pain
    6. Automatic
    7. Water Torture
    8. Perverse Fascination
    9. What Will Save You
    10. My Little Darlin Knows My Nature
    Kyle Morton
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Trick Or Treat (Awaiting Repress) Trick Or Treat (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Trick Or Treat (Awaiting Repress)

    The String Cheese Incident's new live release, Trick Or Treat was culled from a variety of epic SCI Hulaween shows. From Atlanta's Variety Playhouse (1998), Philadelphia's Electric Factory (1999), Portland Maine's State Theatre (2000), New York City, NY (2001), Shrine Auditorium (2002) in Los Angeles' Sin City's Cox Pavillion (2003) and the Exhibition Center at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI (2004), Trick or Treat journeys through the years to re-visit some of the band's most classic performances from Halloween's past.

    This 'Best Of' set offers seven of SCI's famous Halloween cover sets including performances of cover songs by such artists as the Beatles, KC & The Sunshine Band, Phish, Nelly and many others.

    1. Land's End
    2. Walking On The Moon
    3. The Wedge
    4. Get Down Tonight
    5. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
    6. Hot In Herrep
    7. Round The Wheel
    String Cheese Incident
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • We All Raise Our Voices To The Air: Live Songs 04.11-08.11 We All Raise Our Voices To The Air: Live Songs 04.11-08.11 Quick View

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    We All Raise Our Voices To The Air: Live Songs 04.11-08.11

    For a band that made a name for themselves as one of the preeminent live acts of the past 10 years, it was a bit shocking that they had never released any sort of live album. So, following the amazing success of their chart-topping double Grammy-nominated 2011 album The King Is Dead, Portland's favorite sons and daughters set to work creating the ultimate Decemberists' live document.

    We All Raise Our Voices to the Air: (Live Songs 04.11-08.11) was recorded at numerous shows during their sold out 2011 North American tour. The 20-song set compiles tracks from all phases of the band's illustrious career and appeals to both hardcore fans as well as those fans who just recently were exposed to the magic of The Decemberists including not only their radio hits like Down by the Water, Calamity Song and This is Why We Fight, but also live show favorites and some special gems.

    1. The Infanta
    2. Calamity Song
    3. Rise To Me
    4. The Soldiering Life
    5. We Both Go Down Together
    6. The Bagmans Gambit
    7. Down By The Water
    8. Leslie Ann Levine
    9. The Rakes Song
    10. The Crane Wife 1, 2, and 3
    11. Oceanside
    12. Billy Liar
    13. Grace Cathedral Hill
    14. All Arise!
    15. Rox In The Box
    16. June Hymn
    17. Draculas Daughter > O Valencia!
    18. This Is Why We Fight
    19. The Mariners Revenge Song
    20. I Was Meant For The Stage
    The Decemberists
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Graves At Sea / Sourvein Split Graves At Sea / Sourvein Split Quick View

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    Graves At Sea / Sourvein Split

    Two of doom metal's mightiest of feedback-laden riff worshippers - Portland's GRAVES AT SEA and Cape Fear's SOURVEIN - have united in sound, mind and spirit for the ultimate split of earth-smoldering amplifier worship.

    GRAVES AT SEA, whose contributions leave an eerie aura complete with tortured vocals, foreboding composition, and a general sense of dread, occupy Side A. Recorded by Billy Anderson, (Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis) Betting On Black and Confession finds the all-consuming sludge for which the band is notorious, flooding in amongst the tortured howls and shrieks of vocalist Nathan Misterek.

    SOURVEIN, who've now existed for two decades of distortion, damage and total doom, solidify Side B. With three songs produced and recorded by Mike Dean Of Corrosion of Conformity, these odes of heavy combine toxic riffs, grooves and just the right amount of psychedelic appeal.

    1. GRAVES AT SEA - Betting On Black
    2. GRAVES AT SEA - Confession
    3. SOURVEIN - Driffter
    4. SOURVEIN - Equinox
    5. SOURVEIN - Follow The Light
    Graves At Sea / Sourvein
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  • The Clearing The Clearing Quick View

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    The Clearing

    Rachel Grimes is a pianist, composer, and arranger
    based in Kentucky - most renowned for her work in
    Rachel's, the groundbreaking chamber-rock ensemble
    that introduced an entire generation of underground rock
    fans to the unexpected similarities and appeal of
    neoclassical music. Grimes has toured the world as a
    solo pianist, and as a collaborator with chamber
    ensembles such as Portland Cello Project, astrïd,
    Cicada, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta trio, and Orchestra

    Unhurried, at times fleeting, and stretching into the sky,
    The Clearing is a winding path of transient moments
    exploring personal memory, relationships, and mystery
    from a deeply internal place. The music is a wide
    spectrum of textures in strings, harp, piano, woodwinds,
    and percussion. Featuring an ensemble that includes
    Scott Morgan (LOSCIL), Scott Moore, Kyle Crabtree
    (Shipping News), Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Jacob
    Duncan (Liberation Prophecy), and Helen Money, The
    Clearing reveals a broad new chapter for Rachel

    1. The Air
    2. The Clearing
    3. The Air of Place
    4. The Herald
    5. The Air in Time
    6. In the Vapor With the Air Underneath
    7. Transverse Plane Vertical
    8. Transverse Plane Horizontal
    9. The Air, Her Heart
    10. Further Foundation
    11. The Air at Night
    Rachel Grimes
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  • Return To The Moon Return To The Moon Quick View

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    Return To The Moon

    EL VY (pronounced like a plural of Elvis; rhymes with 'hell pie') is the musical collaboration between Matt Berninger, vocalist and lyricist of The National, and Brent Knopf, the Portland musician and producer best known for his work in Menomena and his more recent band, Ramona Falls.

    The album is a project Berninger and Knopf have been thinking about for years. Their friendship spans nearly a decade, starting back when the National and Menomena played small half-empty clubs along America's west coast. Feeling an immediate musical kinship, the pair kept in touch, Brent sending Matt occasional rough sketches of music and Matt responding with melodies and lyrics. Finally, in the winter and spring of 2014-15, they actually got together to make an album.

    1. Return To The Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)
    2. I'm The Man To Be
    3. Paul Is Alive
    4. Need A Friend
    5. Silent Ivy Hotel
    6. No Time To Crank The Sun
    7. It's A Game
    8. Sleepin' Light (feat. Ural Thomas)
    9. Sad Case
    10. Happiness, Missouri
    11. Careless
    El Vy
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  • Occult Architecture Vol. 2 Occult Architecture Vol. 2 Quick View

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    Occult Architecture Vol. 2

    Meaning all things magick and supernatural, the root of the word occult is that
    which is hidden, concealed, beyond the limits of our minds. If this is occult, then
    the Occult Architecture of Moon Duo's fourth album - a psychedelic opus in two
    separate volumes released in 2017 - is an intricately woven hymn to the invisible
    structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark
    into light.

    Offering a cosmic glimpse into the hidden patterning embedded in everything,
    Occult Architecture reflects the harmonious duality of these light and dark energies
    through the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang.

    Following the Yin (feminine, darkness, night, earth) represented on Occult Architecture
    Vol. 1, Vol. 2 presents the Yang. Yang means "the bright side of the hill" and
    is associated with the male, sun, light and the spirit of heaven, and as such Vol. 2
    explores the light and airy elements of Moon Duo's complex psyche.

    "In production, we referred to Vol. 1 as the fuzz dungeon, and Vol. 2 as the crystal
    palace," guitarist Ripley Johnson explains. "The darkness of Vol. 1 gave birth to the
    light of Vol. 2. We had to have both elements in order to complete the cycle. We're
    releasing them separately to allow them their own space, and to ensure clarity
    of vision. To that end we also mixed Vol. 2 separately, in the height of Portland
    summer, focusing on its sonic qualities of lightness, air, and sun. Listeners can
    ultimately use the two volumes individually or together, depending on circumstance
    or the desired effect."

    Vol. 2 was mixed in Portland by the band's longtime collaborator Jonas Verwijnen.

    1. New Dawn
    2. Mirror's Edge
    3. Sevens
    4. Lost in Light
    5. The Crystal World
    Moon Duo
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  • The Queen Of Hearts The Queen Of Hearts Quick View

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    The Queen Of Hearts

    Nonesuch Records will release The Queen of Hearts, the debut album from Offa Rex, an adventurous new project featuring English singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Olivia Chaney and The Decemberists. Produced and recorded by Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Neko Case) and Colin Meloy at Martine's studio in Portland, OR, and mostly arranged by Chaney, the thirteen tracks on The Queen of Hearts draw largely on traditional English-Irish-Scottish repertoire to create a transatlantic musical conversation that flirts with psychedelia and folk rock while maintaining its own inimitable identity.

    The origins of Offa Rex can be traced to a tweet. Meloy, a fan of Olivia Chaney's 2015 Nonesuch debut, The Longest River, struck up a dialog with her over Twitter, which eventually led to her supporting The Decemberists on a U.S. tour. Chaney says: Every so often [on the tour] Colin and I would have these fleeting but quite intense conversations about songwriting and singing traditional songs. One night he asked me, grinning, 'Have you ever thought of having a backing group? We'll be your Albion Dance Band.'

    Meloy adds: "There's this weird relationship between British and American music, this interesting trade and theft that goes back and forth. My hope was that if we-the neophytes, the dilettantes, the pretenders-brought Olivia to Portland to work with Tucker, perhaps these traditional British songs would be infused with something different.From the heady harpsichord swirl that engulfs album opener The Queen of Hearts to the warm, delicate drone of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, or the cold, grey riff that heralds Sheepcrook and Black Dog, it's evident that Offa Rex is different indeed, upending its folk roots and imbuing these songs with exploratory verve.

    1. The Queen of Hearts
    2. Blackleg Miner
    3. The Gardener
    4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    5. Flash Company
    6. Old Churchyard
    7. Constant Billy (Oddington) / I'll Go Enlist (Sherborne)
    8. Willie o' Winsbury
    9. Bonny May
    10. Sheepcrook and Black Dog
    11. To Make You Stay
    Offa Rex
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