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  • Failure Failure Quick View

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    Green Colored Vinyl

    The Posies' 1988 debut is back
    and bigger than ever!

    Little did Jon Auer and Ken
    Stringfellow know that when
    they dropped off their cassette
    to Scott McCaughey (R.E.M.,
    The Minus 5), the clerk at their
    favorite record store (who happened to do A&R for the indie
    label PopLlama), that a power pop dynasty would begin.

    Originally released by the
    band on cassette, then issued on LP (with one track removed for
    the then-current time constraints), and later on CD, Failure set the
    independent music world on fire. Omnivore Recordings is proud
    to reissue this landmark album.

    This 2014 edition sees the original 12-track playlist restored and
    available on vinyl for the first time since its original issue (and cut
    by Kevin Gray).

    While Auer and Stringfellow have continued on-whether as members of the reunited Big Star, as The Posies and as solo artists-the
    journey began at Failure. Step back in time and hear the future.

    1. Blind Eyes Open
    2. The Longest Line
    3. Under Easy
    4. Like Me Too
    5. I May Hate You Sometimes
    6. Ironing Tuesdays
    7. Paint Me
    8. Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)
    9. Compliment?
    10. At Least For Now
    11. Uncombined
    12. What Little Remains
    The Posies
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dear 23 (45 RPM) (Pre-Order) Dear 23 (45 RPM) (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Dear 23 (45 RPM) (Pre-Order)

    Release Date: June 15, 2018*

    The Major Label Debut From Alternative/Power Popsters

    2x Vinyl Cut At 45 RPM And Pressed At R.T.I.

    Remastered From Original Tapes

    We began our career exactly 30 years prior by releasing a home-recorded cassette called
    Failure, which to our complete surprise became an instant favorite around the Northwest,
    earning us critical accolades, radio airplay, and major label interest all in a very short time. We
    were lucky to fi nd ourselves living just a few doors down the road in Seattle from Arthur "Rick"
    Roberts and Mike Musburger, who agreed to join our band on bass and drums, respectively.

    Signed to Geffen Records, we recorded our second album Dear 23, and toured the U.S.,
    including support tours for both Redd Kross and The Replacements.

    These three albums on Geffen remain beloved by our fans; our most popular, most often
    cited, most requested works. However, over the years, the CDs have been in and out of print,
    there have been inconsistent presences on streaming, the LPs either long out of print or not
    issued at all depending on the territory. Dear 23 on CD came out in the early days of the format,
    and the older CDs are not exactly true to the analog masters the albums were made on.

    Good news: all that's about to change. Dear 23 will be re-issued by Omnivore Recordings
    (who have, among many releases new and old, reissued our first album Failure plus releases
    by Big Star, Game Theory, etc).

    Dear 23 will now stretch across two LPs and will be mastered at 45 RPM. We made the decision
    to stick to just the original albums for the vinyl release, and give it room to breathe across
    two glorious slabs of wax.

    *Please note that release dates are subject to change.

    LP 1
    1. My Big Mouth
    2. Golden Blunders
    3. Apology
    4. Any Other Way
    5. You Avoid Parties
    6. Suddenly Mary

    LP 2
    1. Help Yourself
    2. Mrs. Green
    3. Everyone Moves Away
    4. Flood Of Sunshine

    The Posies
    Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Rehearsals For Departure Rehearsals For Departure Quick View

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    Rehearsals For Departure

    Seattle singer-songwriter Damien Jurado's second album for Sub Pop,
    Rehearsals for Departure, is now available on vinyl for the first time.

    Rehearsals was originally released March 9th , 1999, and it has sold over
    15,000 copies. The album boasts a sharper, more streamlined
    songwriting approach than his debut, combining finger-picked acoustic
    guitar tracks with a number of full- band songs. Rehearsals for Departure
    was produced by The Posies' Ken Stringfellow, who also played a variety
    of instruments on the album.

    1. Ohio
    2. Tragedy
    3. Curbside
    4. Honey Baby
    5. Eyes for Windows
    6. Letters & Drawings
    7. Love the Same
    8. Saturday
    9. Tornado
    10. Rehearsals for Departure
    Damien Jurado
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Something About Airplanes Something About Airplanes Quick View

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    Something About Airplanes

    Newly Reissued 180 Gram Version

    The fact that Elsinor and Barsuk, two relatively small labels, conspired to co-release Something About Airplanes should give some indication as to its quality. It's a solid, emotive, and frequently amazing indie rock record that foreshadows Death Cab for Cutie's eventual ascent into the mainstream. Sonically, the band falls somewhere on the dreamier and more pop-oriented end of Built to Spill's sound (particularly on Keep It Like a Secret), alongside the Posies' most pensive tracks, or with Delta Haymax -- that is, dynamic, melodic, and somewhat atmospheric Northwestern rock. What's important, however, is that the composition, arrangement, and perfect vocal harmonies of Something About Airplanes are all hugely effective; the band uses light touches of flute, synth, or cello to add the necessary textures to its well-crafted pop songs, and the result has a consistently impressive and thoroughly engaging quality that rivals Built to Spill's Keep It Like a Secret. Which is quite a complement -- but tracks like Bend to Squares and Pictures in an Exhibition deserve as much adulation as one can offer.

    - Nitsuh Abebe (All Music)

    1. Bend to Squares
    2. President of What?
    3. Champagne from a Paper Cup
    4. Your Bruise
    5. Pictures in an Exhibition
    6. Sleep Spent
    7. The Face That Launched 1000 Shits
    8. Amputations
    9. Fake Frowns
    10. Line of Best Fit
    Death Cab For Cutie
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Time Takes Time Time Takes Time Quick View

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    Time Takes Time

    First Time 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl First Time Vinyl In North America

    Impeccably Mastered By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music & Capitol Records

    Manufactured On Limited Edition Translucent Green Vinyl At R.T.I.

    First Time Gatefold Cover

    Often considered one of his finest albums since the classic Ringo Lp from 1973, Time Takes Time would become one of the Ringo Starr's most loved works and one of the finer rock recordings of 1992. Featuring the hit single Weight Of The World, Time Takes Time would be the centerpiece of this Beatle's highly successful All Starr Band tour later that year and beyond.

    Whenever the legendary Ringo Starr makes a record, there's always a little help from his superstar friends like producers Jeff Lynne, Don Was, Peter Asher and the late Phil Ramone, who all contributed their studio expertise into making Time Takes Time the stellar work that it is.

    Along with musicians the caliber of The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, the late great Harry Nilsson, Steely Dan's Jeff Baxter, and alternate rockers Jellyfish, Time Takes Time would soon become one of the more important albums of the year. While the hit single Weight Of The World became a Ringo Starr fan favorite immediately upon its release, more classics abounded as the rockin' Jeff Lynne produced classic Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go truly shines.

    More heartfelt classics like All In The Name Of Love and the magical Don't Know A Thing About Love (penned by Heartbreaker Stan Lynch), as well as The Posie's Golden Blunders truly made this a wonderful listen from start to finish. As CD's were the format of choice in 1992, this fine recording was only released for a short time only in most parts of the world until now ..

    Friday Music is very honored to announce the first time North American vinyl release of the Ringo Starr classic Time Takes Time. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, this amazing Lp also receives a first time 180 Gram Audiophile Translucent Green Vinyl release. Pressed at R.T.I., for a limited time, this super fine Ringo Starr album will also be housed in a first time gatefold cover which includes rare photos and lyrics not seen in years.

    1. Weight Of The World
    2. Don't Know A Thing About Love
    3. Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go

    4. Golden Blunders
    5. All In The Name Of Love
    6. After All These Years
    7. I Don't Believe You
    8. Runaways
    9. In A Heart Beat
    10. What Goes Around
    Ringo Starr
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • Smoking Kills Smoking Kills Quick View

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    Smoking Kills

    The Disciplines are made up of three Norwegians, ex-members of Nordic pop success story Briskeby, and one American, Ken Stringfellow, whose extensive resume includes founding one of the '90s most critically acclaimed bands, the Posies. Smoking Kills is snarly, but catchy; direct, but not dumb; winky but not snarky. The songs race by in brutal efficiency, and within the garage-y production you might miss the delicate smattering of wordplay tucked in amongst the singalong choruses.
    1. Yours For the Taking
    2. Wrong Lane
    3. Get It Right
    4. Best Mistake
    5. There's A Law
    6. Falling Knives

    7. Hurricane
    8. I Got Tired
    9. Like So Many Times Before

    10. No Vacancy
    11. Cause of FX
    12. Shadow Of Your Doubt
    13. Oslo
    The Disciplines
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 2 Steps From The Middle Ages 2 Steps From The Middle Ages Quick View

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    2 Steps From The Middle Ages

    Pressed On Translucent Orange Vinyl

    Packaging Includes Rare And Previously Unseen Photos From The Band's Photographer, Robert Toren

    The Reissue Also Features Essays From Easter, Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star), And Franklin Bruno (The Village Voice,

    Their final studio album - remastered and expanded! Following up 1987's Lolita Nation (whose reissue appeared on numerous year-end "best of" lists for 2016) would be no easy task for Game Theory. But, Scott Miller and company were certainly up for the task.

    Re-teaming with producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Marshall Crenshaw, Velvet Crush), 2 Steps From The Middle Ages was released in 1988 and showed the band had no shortage of energy, experimentation, and excellent material.

    The first pressing of this LP reissue, on vinyl for the first time since its initial release, comes on translucent orange colored vinyl. Packaging includes rare and previously unseen photos from the band's photographer, Robert Toren, as well as essays from Easter, Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star), and Franklin Bruno (The Village Voice,

    The band's drummer, Gil Ray, who was involved in all aspects of the Game Theory reissue series including this title, sadly passed away earlier this year. This reissue is lovingly dedicated to him.

    As the first track says, there's "room for one more, honey." That 1 more is 2 Steps From The Middle Ages.

    1. Room For One More, Honey
    2. What The Whole World Wants
    3. The Picture Of Agreeability
    4. Amelia, Have You Lost
    5. Rolling With The Moody Girls
    6. Wyoming
    7. In A Delorean
    8. You Drive
    9. Leilani
    10. Wish I Could Stand Or Have
    11. Don't Entertain Me Twice
    12. Throwing The Election
    13. Initiations Week
    Game Theory
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Down With Wilco (Awaiting Repress) Down With Wilco (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Down With Wilco (Awaiting Repress)

    LP release of the now-legendary rock summit between Scott McCaughey's astonishingly prolific Minus 5 collective and the members of experimental pop stalwarts Wilco. Combining the art of collaborative recording with the craft of precision lacquer sculpture (and with 5 previously unreleased tracks not available on CD), this lovingly crafted, 180g vinyl tour de force is sure to become a collector's item.

    Features performances from Ken Stringfellow (the Posies), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Rebecca Gates (Spinanes), Sean O'Hagan & Charlie Francis (the High Llamas), Christy McWilson, JessyGreene and Brian Paulson. Contains the additional tracks: Lyrical Stance (I've Got A), Formerly Hail Centurion, One More Bottle To Go, Something Or Nothing, and The Days Of Wine And Booze.

    1. The Days of Wine and Booze

    2. Retrieval of You (Scott McCaughey/Jeff Tweedy)
    3. That's Not the Way That It's Done
    4. The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply
    5. Daggers Drawn
    6. Where Will You Go?
    7. Life Left Him There
    8. The Family Gardener (Scott McCaughey/Jeff Tweedy)
    9. The Old Plantation
    10. What I Don't Believe
    11. View from Below
    12. I'm Not Bitter (Tad Hutchison/Scott McCaughey)
    13. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)

    Bonus Tracks
    14. Lyrical Stance (I've Got A)
    15. Formerly Hail Centurion
    16. One More Bottle To Go
    17. Something or Nothing
    18. The Days of Wine and Booze (original)

    Minus 5
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Live In Memphis Live In Memphis Quick View

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    Live In Memphis

    Red Colored Vinyl

    Only Known, Professionally Filmed Complete Big Star Concert!

    The gig poster read: "BIG STAR IN THEIR FAREWELL U.S. PERFORMANCE." Luckily, this iconic Memphis band's homecoming show was
    nothing of the kind. As Jody Stephens points out in his liner notes, "We
    played Los Angeles three days later and went on to play together for
    another 16 years. No one ever said anything about the poster."

    Omnivore Recordings is proud to present Big Star's only known professionally filmed show in its entirety. Live In Memphis chronicles that
    October 29, 1994 performance.

    Contains Big Star classics like "Thank You Friends," "September Gurls,"
    and "The Ballad Of El Goodo," Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos," and
    covers of T.Rex, The Kinks, Todd Rundgren and more, performed by Big
    Star: Alex Chilton, Jody Stephens, and Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow
    from The Posies.

    Also included are notes from filmmaker Danny Graflund, Ardent Studios'
    John Fry, Jody Stephens, Jon Auer, and Ken Stringfellow. Per Omnivore tradition, the first pressing of the LP
    will be 1,000 colored vinyl, with black to follow.

    For the first time, you will not only be able to hear this legendary performance,
    but see it, as well. You will be in the New Daisy Theatre experiencing
    Big Star Live In Memphis!

    1. In The Street
    2. Don't Lie To Me
    3. When My Baby's Beside Me
    4. I Am The Cosmos
    5. Way Out West
    6. Till The End Of The Day
    7. The Ballad Of El Goodo
    8. Back Of A Car
    9. Fire
    10. Daisy Glaze
    11. Jesus Christ
    12. For You
    13. Baby Strange
    14. Feel
    15. September Gurls
    16. Big Black Car
    17. Thank You Friends
    18. The Girl From Ipanema
    19. Patty Girl
    20. Slut
    Big Star
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Picking Posies (Out Of Stock) Picking Posies (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Picking Posies (Out Of Stock)

    Limited Edition 140 Gram Vinyl

    This delightful and enticing show, is certain to appeal to the thousands of enthusiasts still on board for this legendary collective and may, just perhaps, persuade a few new ones to fly the flag for one of music's best kept secrets. By the early 1990s, Big Star had reformed with Chilton and original drummer Jody Stephens alongside Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow of power-pop trio The Posies. The show included on this deluxe release from Chicago's Cabaret Metro in June 1994, is an excellent example of the reformed band playing live, and of the strength and power of the Big Star catalogue.

    LP 1
    1. In The Street

    2. Don't Lie To Me

    3. When My Baby's Beside Me

    4. I Am The Cosmos

    5. Way Out West

    6. Til The End Of The Day

    7. The Ballad Of El Goodo

    8. Back Of A Car

    9. Jesus Christ

    10. Daisy Glaze

    LP 2
    1. Thirteen

    2. For You

    3. Baby Strange
    4. Feel

    5. September Gurls

    6. Big Black Car

    7. Thank You Friends
    8. Slut
    9. Patty Girl

    10. O My Soul

    Big Star
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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