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  • Acid or Blood (Discontinued) Acid or Blood (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Acid or Blood (Discontinued)

    Comes with a digital download! With a distinctly Midwestern work ethic, and an absolute refusal to bow down to the forces of status quo, adversity, or inferior riffage, Racebannon emerges a rawer, meaner, leaner killing machine, hell-bent on blowing out the ears and minds of listeners strong enough to stand the audioerradication. Acid or Blood blasts raw and ruthless molten fury from the Cannon: Bannon into the unsuspecting heads of the musical elite worldwide, and shifts perceptions of what is heavy, cerebral, or arty. The core creative nucleus of Racebannon has remained unchanged, but the music has become deadlier and more destructive. No wimping out, no breakdowns and no keyboards: just pure, unbridled aggression channeled through amplification, voice box, and drum set.
    1. Translucent Lifeforce
    2. Sister Fucker
    3. Hard Way
    4. Awaken
    5. Vampyric Solution
    6. Candida & Parasites
    7. Killer
    8. Terror & Dread
    9. Bella Ciao
    10. Bad Case of...
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  • Six Sik Sisters (Discontinued) Six Sik Sisters (Discontinued) Quick View

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    Six Sik Sisters (Discontinued)

    It's been a scant 3 years since the last salvo from the Racebannon camp, but that time has not passed without vengeful fruit. Offering a handful of 12 singles releases (most notably the Merzbow collaboration, Merzbannon, and the DJ-friendly Wrap The Body 12) the time draws nigh and the skies turn black for a new full-length from the venerable Bloomington, IN firing squad.

    Helmed by executive soundscapist Kurt Ballou of Converge, Six Sik Sisters is a stripped-down affair, yet clear and massive sounding. Tempos drop to both their fastest ever, as well as their slowest and burliest ever, with impetuous results. Racebannon is a bile-soaked conjuration of warped speed-metal riffs here colliding with Sabbathesque knuckle-drag, alongside breakneck warp-speed drumming that falls only a tad short of grindcore. As with Acid Or Blood, the noise facet of the band is now singularly incorporated into the songs themselves, and not a sonic afterthought. This is a focused beast that feasts solely to sustain itself on pain and suffering.

    1. Thee Plea

    2. Thee Apology
    3. Thee Interlude
    4. Thee Brother
    5. Thee Truth
    6. Thee Solo
    7. Thee Challenge
    8. Thee Desperate
    9. Thee End
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