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Radio Dept

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  • Clinging To A Scheme Clinging To A Scheme Quick View

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    Clinging To A Scheme

    On their 2010 third release, Clinging To A Scheme, The Radio Dept. combined the most unequalled components of their previous two albums with winning results. Heavens On Fire is a passionate and yet passively aggressive attack on the unknown in an almost cheerful song with a hip-hop beat, obstinate guitars and a driving house-piano while Never Follow Suit has got Johan Duncansons hushed voice glued to a heavy bass, backbeat piano and shimmering flutes. Clinging To A Scheme is a low-key but intense soliloquy on issues of belonging and not belonging. Reissued on 180g vinyl!

    1. Domestic Scene

    2. Heavens On Fire
    3. This Time Around
    4. Never Follow Suit
    5. A Token of Gratitude
    6. The Video Dept.
    7. Memory Loss
    8. David
    9. Four Months In The Shade
    10. You Stopped Making Sense
    Radio Dept
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  • Pet Grief Pet Grief Quick View

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    Pet Grief

    Originally released in 2006, Pet Grief is the second album from the Swedish dream-pop group The Radio Dept. Showing a slightly more dreamy, less noisy, side of the band, Pet Grief reached #11 on the Swedish charts and continued to cultivate new listeners for the band all over the world. Reissued on 180g vinyl!

    1. Its Personal

    2. Pet Grief
    3. A Window
    4. I Wanted You To Feel the Same
    5. Southside
    6. The Worst Taste In Mus
    7. Every Time
    8. What Will Give?
    9. Gibraltar
    10. Sleeping In
    11. Tell
    12. Always A Relief
    Radio Dept
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Teach Me To Forget Teach Me To Forget Quick View

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    Teach Me To Forget

    The Radio Dept.'s new record, Teach Me How To Forget, is a six-song EP featuring two new songs, three remixes, and a reworked version of the title track (original version released on 2016's Running Out Of Love).
    1. Teach Me To Forget (12 Version)
    2. Just So
    3. You're Not In Love
    4. We Got Game (Henning FÜrst Remix)
    5. Swedish Guns (Mythologen Remix)
    6. Teach Me To Forget (Kim Ki O Rework)
    Radio Dept
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  • Running Out Of Love Running Out Of Love Quick View

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    Running Out Of Love

    Running Out of Love is the fourth album by The Radio Dept., originally released on October 21, 2016.
    1. Sloboda Narodu
    2. Swedish Guns
    3. We Got Game
    4. Thieves Of State

    5. Occupied
    6. This Thing Was Bound To Happen
    7. Can´t Be Guilty
    8. Committed To The Cause
    9. Running Out Of Love
    10. Teach Me To Forget
    Radio Dept
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  • An Album By Korallreven An Album By Korallreven Quick View

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    An Album By Korallreven

    After their introduction to the world through the singles The Truest Faith and Honey Mine the partnership of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjader (also of The Radio Dept) presents its debut album, An Album By Korallreven. The project was conceived after Joons returned from an extended trip to Samoa where he found inspiration in the local choirs. Mesmerized by the South Pacific and the exhilaration of travel, he shared his newfound passion with Tjader and a partnership was born.
    1. As Young As Yesterday
    2. Sa Sa Samoa
    3. The Truest Faith
    4. Keep Your Eyes Shut
    5. Loved-Up
    6. Comin' Closer
    7. Pago Pago
    8. Honey Mine
    9. A Surf On Endorphins
    10. Comin' Down
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Somewhere Else Somewhere Else Quick View

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    Somewhere Else

    Recorded in a countryside studio outside Copenhagen, Somewhere Else is a highly personal document that's equal parts melancholic lament and hopeful stargazing, with the album title itself an indication of the sense of otherness that runs throughout Søren's music. Heavily evocative of the natural world, the album's cavernous tones and Autumnal warmth just as much recall the vastness of the Scandinavia landscape that formed the backdrop of its conception as it does classic long players from likeminded avant-pop purveyors Flaming Lips and Radio Dept.
    1. New
    2. Bird
    3. I Am Haunted
    4. Magic Kids
    5. Lips Lips Lips
    6. Reality Sublime
    7. Cakelakers
    8. Le Femme
    9. Melt
    10. Somewhere Else
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