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Rings Of Saturn

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  • Ultu Ulla Ultu Ulla Quick View

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    Ultu Ulla

    Purple Colored Vinyl

    Formed in 2009 in the Bay area Rings of Saturn have released 3 full length titles. The band's most recent, 2014's "Lugal Kien", went onto sell over 25,000 copies in North America. Since then the band has toured with the likes of Thy Art is Murder and, more recently, Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah and more.

    1. Servant of this Sentience
    2. Parallel Shift
    3. Unhallowed
    4. Immemorial Essence
    5. The Relic
    6. Margidda
    7. Harvest
    8. The Macrocosm
    9. Prognosis Confirmed
    10. Inadequate
    Rings Of Saturn
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  • Lugal Ki En (Awaiting Repress) Lugal Ki En (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Lugal Ki En (Awaiting Repress)

    Rings of Saturn return with their latest slab of musical mayhem. The newest effort from the quartet entitled Lugal Ki En once again pushes the envelope on all fronts of musicianship from start to finish. The drum work which was performed by Aaron Kitcher(Black Tongue, Infant Annihilator) is mind blowing in creativity and sets the backbone for this monster of a release. Guitar work by Lucas Mann and Joel Omans is absolutely flawless in execution and has that classic distinct Rings of Saturn sound that only they can achieve and are known for and also includes a guest appearance from Rusty Cooley(Day of Reckoning). Ian Bearer's vocal delivery is extremely powerful and compliments the music perfectly with many different pitches and ranges never becoming monotonous. Lugal Ki En also features a cover of Suicide Silence No Pity for a Coward. Finish all this off with a top notch sounding production captured by Brette Ciamarra of Studio 344 and numerous conceptual art pieces created by famed artist Mark Cooper and you have what is easily one of the most anticipated albums of 2014.
    1. Senseless Massacre
    2. Desolate Paradise
    3. Lalassu Xul
    4. Infused (feat. Rusty Cooley)
    5. Fractal Intake
    6. Natural Selection
    7. Beckon
    8. Godless Times
    9. Unsympathetic Intellect
    10. Eviscerate
    11. The Heavens Have Fallen
    12. No Pity For A Coward (Suicide Silence Cover)
    Rings Of Saturn
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  • Embryonic Anomaly (Awaiting Repress) Embryonic Anomaly (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Embryonic Anomaly (Awaiting Repress)

    Northern California extremists RINGS OF SATURN have inked a deal with Unique Leader Records. The band's debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Bob Swanson at Mayhemenness Studios in Sacramento, California and features artwork by Tony Koehl.

    The otherworldly triumvirate known as RINGS OF SATURN made its presence known in the late fall of 2009, posting a track entitled Abducted online for the world to take notice. The goal was to indoctrinate the metal masses using the world's most massive social networks to their advantage, and the project has been a huge success. From the launch of the first track to the unleashing of the virus known as Embryonic Anomaly in the following months, it didn't take long for the Aliencore infection to spread, creating a loyal following of minions whose devotion to the band was immediate and remains steadfast.

    1. Invasion
    2. Seized and Devoured
    3. Abducted
    4. Final Abhorrent Dream
    5. Corpses Thrown Across the Sky
    6. Ambryonic Anomaly
    7. Annihilating the Pure
    8. Grinding of Eternal Organs
    9. End of Humanity
    Rings Of Saturn
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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