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Roy Orbison Crying

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  • Crying Crying Quick View

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    Double LP Cut At 45 RPM

    Mastered By Bernie Grundman From The Original Analog Tape

    200-Gram LPs Plated And Pressed By Quality Record Pressings

    Old-Style Tip-On Heavyweight Gatefold Jacket By Stoughton Printing

    "Crying" No. 69 On Rolling Stone's List Of 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

    The second Roy Orbison issued by the Monument label,
    Crying was originally released in 1962 and became Orbison's
    chart breakthrough, reaching No. 21 on the Billboard chart
    and No. 17 in the U.K. The album name comes from the 1961
    hit song of the same name that in 2002 was honored with a
    Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

    By 1962, Roy Orbison had established himself as one the
    leading lights out of Nashville. Still, it wasn't until he met
    songwriting partner Joe Melson that things began to fall into
    place for Roy. He moved to Monument Records in 1960 -
    the focus in the studio was centered around exploiting the
    quality and range of his voice. Soon Orbison and Melson
    penned the hits "Only The Lonely" and "Running Scared."
    Orbison had arrived.

    The focus on this Analogue Productions reissue of Crying
    was extracting the absolute highest-quality sound from the
    original analog tape. Mastered by Bernie Grundman at 45
    RPM, the four sides of dead-silent 200-gram vinyl pressed
    at Quality Record Pressings provide reduced distortion and
    High-frequency loss as the wider-spaced grooves let your
    stereo cartridge track more accurately. The heavyweight
    gatefold tip-on jacket from Stoughton Printing cradles the
    LPs in style.

    The Orbison-Melson penned title track zoomed to No. 2
    on the Billboard charts. "Crying" is a slow-burning lament,
    allowing Roy's voice to come shining through, accompanied
    by strings, soulful vocals, and a dynamically great vocal
    hook. Hear the Analogue Productions difference how great
    this familiar tune and its album namesake can sound.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    LP 1
    1. Crying
    2. The Great Pretender
    3. Love Hurts
    4. She Wears My Ring
    5. Wedding Day
    6. Summersong

    LP 2
    1. Dance
    2. Lana
    3. Loneliness
    4. Let's Make A Memory
    5. Nite Life
    6. Running Scared

    Roy Orbison
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Crying Crying Quick View

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    Crying is the third album by Roy Orbison, originally released in 1962. The album name comes from the 1961 hit song of the same name that in 2002 was honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award. In 2004, the song ranked #69 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
    1. Crying
    2. The Great Pretender
    3. Love Hurts
    4. She Wears My Ring
    5. Wedding Day
    6. Summer Song
    7. Dance
    8. Lana
    9. Loneliness
    10. Let's Make a Memory
    11. Night Life
    12. Running Scared
    Roy Orbison
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  • A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Quick View

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    A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, produced by Don Reedman and Nick Patrick, features elegant and spirited arrangements of Roy's best original vocal performances with the emotion and world-class musicianship of London's most beloved orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on 2 LP vinyl.

    A Love So Beautiful includes the timeless Roy tracks Oh, Pretty Woman, You Got It, Crying and more while breathing new life into fan favorites such as Drove All Night and the title track A Love So Beautiful. Additionally, the album will feature instrumental backing from Roy's boys: his three sons Wesley, Roy Jr. and Alex; plus Roy's grandson Roy Orbison III.

    1. Blue Angel
    2. Crying
    3. Dream Baby
    4. I Drove All NIght
    5. I'm Hurtin'
    6. In Dreams
    7. It's Over
    8. Love Hurts
    9. Mean Woman Blues
    10. Oh, Pretty Woman
    11. Only the Lonely
    12. Running Scared
    13. A Love So Beautiful
    14. Uptown
    15. You Got It
    Roy Orbison
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Cry Softly Lonely One Cry Softly Lonely One Quick View

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    Cry Softly Lonely One

    180 Gram Vinyl Includes Fully Restored Original Artwork.

    Cry Softly Lonely One was originally released in October of 1967. This album yielded several top-25 singles. 'Cry
    Softly Lonely One' reached #10 and 'She' went to #23, while 'Communication Breakdown' peaked at #8. This re- issue is fully remixed and remastered to return the audio to its original glory.

    1. She
    2. Communication Breakdown
    3. Cry Softly, Lonely One
    4. Girl Like Mine
    5. It Takes One (To Know One)
    6. Just Let Me Make Believe
    7. Here Comes the Rain, Baby
    8. That's A No No
    9. Memories
    10. Time To Cry
    11. Only Alive
    Roy Orbison
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Undivided Heart & Soul Undivided Heart & Soul Quick View

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    Undivided Heart & Soul

    Undivided Heart & Soul, produced by Dan Molad (Lucius) and
    McPherson, and developed largely in the studio (that studio being the historic
    RCA Studio B in Nashville), carries a sense of immediacy and irreverence.

    "In writing this record, I threw several handfuls of caution to the wind.
    Lyrically, I was allowing myself to be exposed in a way I never have before.
    Concurrently, maybe as some sort of a self-defense mechanism, the guitars
    got fuzzier and louder. The first day at RCA was like being in church...
    by the second day, it was a high school band's rehearsal space."

    Putting the hands of Dan Molad on the wheel of the record ensured that
    the music didn't take too many expected turns. "Having toured with
    Lucius and befriended Dan, I knew he was the guy to push my buttons
    and challenge me to try new things. He's a tireless worker. He's constantly
    tinkering away on something... and music just falls out of him."

    The vintage recording equipment and instruments still housed
    in RCA Studio B greatly informed the direction of the record. "Each night,
    at the end of tracking, someone would invariably say, 'You wanna put vibes
    on this?', speaking of the old RCA Vibraphone. I mean, you can hear THAT
    vibraphone on Roy Orbison's 'Crying'... we couldn't keep our hands off of it.
    It guided some of the songs into some strange and wonderful places.
    'Lucky Penny' took such a cool turn once Ray (Jacildo, keys) added some to it.
    We wrote several songs on the piano that Floyd Cramer played 'Last
    Date' on. We were soaking up so much of the phantom energy in
    that room, it led to some incredible sonic territory."

    "Most folks know us for our take on vintage R&B and early Rock N' Roll.
    The past year, I've been digging so much into the heavier, brasher sounds of
    early Rock N' Roll... from bands like The Sonics, Link Wray, and into some
    early British Rock such as The Creation... these influences feature heavily in
    these songs. The tunes that showed up weren't exactly always in familiar
    territory, and... we greeted them as welcome strangers. They have a lot
    of heart... and that's what Rock N' Roll should always have."

    1. Desperate Love
    2. Crying's Just A Thing You Do
    3. Lucky Penny
    4. Hunting For Sugar
    5. On The Lips
    6. Undivided Heart & Soul
    7. Bloodhound Rock
    8. Style (Is A Losing Game)
    9. Jubilee
    10. Under The Spell Of City Lights
    11. Let's Get Out Of Here While We're Young
    J.D. McPherson
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  • The Ultimate Collection (Awaiting Repress) The Ultimate Collection (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Ultimate Collection (Awaiting Repress)

    150 Gram 2xLP In A Gatefold Package

    Roy Orbison - The Ultimate Collection is the most definitive career-spanning collection of hits by Rock & Roll legend Roy Orbison and for the first time ever, includes tracks from the Sun, Monument and MGM years, plus songs from Roy's incredible late-career works, both solo and with The Traveling Wilburys all on one collection. The Ultimate Collection is comprised of singles from Roy's Monument, MGM, & Sun Records catalog and the tracklisting has been lovingly compiled by Roy's son Alex Orbison. The collection features the hits "Pretty Woman," "You Got It," "Crying," "Only The Lonely" and "In Dreams" plus more. This collection also features The Traveling Wilburys tracks "Not Alone Anymore" and "Handle With Care."

    LP 1
    1. Oh, Pretty Woman (Album Version)
    2. I Drove All Night
    3. You Got It
    4. Crying
    5. Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)
    6. In Dreams
    7. Love Hurts (Album Version)
    8. Claudette (Album Version)
    9. Blue Bayou
    10. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
    11. Walk On (Remastered)
    12. Falling
    13. Running Scared (Album Version)
    14. California Blue

    LP 2
    1. Leah (Album Version)
    2. Mean Woman Blues (Album Version)
    3. Crawling Back (Remastered)
    4. Ride Away (Remastered)
    5. Too Soon to Know (Remastered)
    6. She's a Mystery to Me
    7. Blue Angel (Album Version)
    8. It's Over (Album Version)
    9. Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison & Teen Kings
    10. Heartbreak Radio
    11. Not Alone Anymore - The Traveling Wilburys
    12. Handle with Care - The Traveling Wilburys

    Roy Orbison
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Monument Singles Collection The Monument Singles Collection Quick View

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    The Monument Singles Collection


    Roy Orbison is often credited with having one of the most powerful voices in Rock 'n Roll.

    He certainly had one of the most distinctive ones; yet his operatic quavering and impressive range were used to portray a quiet and desperate vulnerability that was foreign to most of his rebelling, sex, drugs & rock'n'roll contemporaries.

    This vulnerability is probably why he was so very popular in the '60s, and why after a dip of almost twenty years he could easily reclaim his prominence in the '80s. When David Lynch (in)famously used his song 'In Dreams' in Blue Velvet the public - and Roy himself - learned that there was a different side to his sultryness, and interest in his music was renewed. To celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday Music On Vinyl is releasing The Monument Singles Collection, with amongst others "Only The Lonely", "Crying", and of course "Pretty Woman".

    • 180 grams audiophile vinyl

    • Including the original mono mixes of Only The Lonely, Crying, It's Over, Pretty Woman and many more

    • Gatefold sleeve printed with a bronze metallic layer

    • Including printed innersleeves with a bronze metallic layer

    • For the celebration of the 75th birthday of Roy Orbison

    LP 1

    1. Uptown

    2. Only The Lonely

    3. Blue Angel

    4. I'm Hurtin'

    5. Running Scared

    6. Lana

    7. Crying

    8. Let The Good Times Roll

    9. Blue Bayou

    10. Dream Baby

    1. The Crowd

    2. Working For The Man

    3. In Dreams

    4. Falling

    5. It's Over

    6. Oh, Pretty Woman

    7. Goodnight

    8. Pretty Paper

    9. (Say) You're My Girl

    10. Paper Boy

    LP 2

    1. Pretty One

    2. Here Comes That Song Again

    3. Today's Teardrops

    4. I Can't Stop Loving You

    5. Love Hurts

    6. Summer Song

    7. Candy Man

    8. Mean Woman Blues

    9. The Actress

    10. Mama

    1. Leah

    2. Shahdaroba

    3. Distant Drums

    4. Indian Wedding

    5. Yo Te Amo Maria

    6. Only With You

    7. Beautiful Dreamer

    8. Sleepy Hollow

    9. With The Bug

    Roy Orbison
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • In Dreams (MONO) (Out Of Stock) In Dreams (MONO) (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    In Dreams (MONO) (Out Of Stock)

    This third Orbison release came on the heals of Lonley and Blue and
    Crying and includes the hits Blue Bayou and All I have to do is Dream.
    This Bill Porter recording directly onto two track stereo offers two
    perspectives - mono from a fold of the discreetly recorded stereo channels
    and a stereo presentation directly from the master. Porter intended the
    recording to be presented in Mono and as such recorded the stereo channels
    discreetly so that the blend in combining (mixing) the two tracks makes for
    a perfectly layered musical presentation which supports Orbison's
    astonishing vocal exquisitely. This is a must have record from the original
    2 track master tape mixed into mono and cut on Classic's pure Mono
    (horizontal cutting only) all tube cutting system by Bernie Grundman.
    Pressed on Classic's 200g Quiex Super Vinyl Profile.
    1. In Dreams
    2. Lonely Wine
    3. Shahdaroba
    4. No One Will Ever Know
    5. Sunset
    6. House Without Windows
    7. Dream
    8. Blue Bayou
    9. (They Call You) Gigolette
    10. All I Have To Do Is Dream
    11. Beautiful Dreamer
    12. My Prayer
    Roy Orbison
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl Mono LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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