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Rx Bandits

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  • Gemini, Her Majesty Gemini, Her Majesty Quick View

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    Gemini, Her Majesty

    2014 studio album release from the four-piece band based in Seal Beach, California.
    1. Intro
    2. Ruby Cumulous
    3. Wide Open
    4. Stargazer
    5. Fire To The Ocean
    6. G2G
    7. Will You Be Tomorrow
    8. Meow! Meow! Space Tiger
    9. 1995
    10. Penguin Marlin Brando
    11. Future, Buddy
    RX Bandits
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  • Simmerkane II Simmerkane II Quick View

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    Simmerkane II

    Chadwick Stokes of State Radio and Dispatchs solo project is inspired by Chadwicks train jumping adventures across the US, this made him think of Songs of the US/Traveling and it didnt fit musically and is less political than State Radio, therefore he wrote this album to keep challenging himself creatively. Simmerkane II is a more accessible look at Chadwick Stokes featuring: Carly Simon, Blake Hazard (The Submarines), Matt Embree (of the Rx Bandits), The White Buffalo and Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars.
    1. Adelaide

    2. Crowbar Hotel
    3. Back To The Races
    4. Rainsong
    5. Insulin
    6. Religion On The Rails (I Saw You There)
    7. Black Bottle
    8. Ichabod And Abraham
    9. I Love Your Army
    10. Spider And Gioma
    Chadwick Stokes
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  • All Is Illusory All Is Illusory Quick View

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    All Is Illusory

    All Is Illusory marks the band's fourth album and is the long-awaited and elegant follow-up to 2006's Cum Laude! that was recorded and co-produced by Steve Choi (Rx Bandits, Peace'd Out) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace'd Out). From its gorgeous, swirling electronics to its harder, angular, '90s-leaning flourishes of grunge, indie and emo, All Is Illusory is a welcome return for a band whose varied influences are still very much intact after its short silence.
    1. Sonreo
    2. Eclipses
    3. Manifest
    4. Pecos
    5. All Is Illusory
    6. The Giving In
    7. Church or State
    8. Taken Over
    9. You Were the First
    10. The Veil Between
    11. Gtra
    The Velvet Teen
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