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Saint Etienne

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  • HEART (Awaiting Repress) HEART (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    HEART (Awaiting Repress)

    Pressed On Translucent Light Blue Colored Vinyl


    The album was recorded in the bedroom of keyboard player Chris Seligman on
    Avenue Mont-Royal in Montreal and released in 2003. A description at the time
    pinned the band as more New Order and Saint Etienne than Smiths, and with
    male and female vocals, the band comes across as an electro-pop Belle &
    Sebastian. The New York Times praised the album as: "Lovely. Romantic.
    Devastating...words often used to describe the soothing sounds of Stars.
    Adjectives aside, one thing is for certain: Stars have a knack for writing gently
    devastating pop songs."

    1. What The Snowman Learned About Love
    2. Elevator Love Letter
    3. Heart
    4. The Woods
    5. Death To Death
    6. The Vanishing
    7. Romantic Comedy
    8. Time Can Never Kill The True Heart
    9. Look Up
    10. Life Effect
    11. Don't Be Afraid To Sing
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  • Tiger Bay Tiger Bay Quick View

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    Tiger Bay

    "Tiger Bay" is the third studio album by Saint Etienne originally released in 1994 and reached number 8 on the British charts. Combining traditional folk melodies with 90s electronica and David Whitaker's atmospheric orchestration, "Tiger Bay" was an extraordinary step forward from the sample-based 'indie dance' of the first two albums. The album includes the singles "Pale Movie" and "Like A Motorway". Hug My Soul was the only single that charted in the U.S. and reached number 40 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.
    1. Urban Clearway
    2. Hug My Soul
    3. Former Lover
    4. Like A Motorway
    5. On The Shore
    6. Marble Lions
    7. Pale Movie
    8. Cool Kids Of Death
    9. I Was Born On Christmas Day
    10. Boy Scouts Of America
    11. Hug My Soul (Alternate Version)
    12. Like A Motorway (Alternate Version)
    Saint Etienne
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  • Continental Continental Quick View

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    'Continental' was originally released in Japan in 1997. It is a compilation album of previously released material and one-off recordings like their house cover of Paul Gardiner/Gary Numan's Stormtrooper in Drag. Saint Etienne's songs have been compiled in every shape and form since their inception in 1990, but this collection of rhythmic pop is one of the best by far.
    1. Shad Thames
    2. Burnt Out Car (Balearico Mix)
    3. Sometimes in Winter
    4. Winter Melody (longer version of Sometimes in Winter (Psychonauts Mix) from Casino Classics)
    5. Public Information Film
    6. The Process
    7. He's on the Phone (Radio Edit) (feat. Etienne Daho)
    8. Stormtrooper in Drag (edited version)
    9. Star
    10. Down by the Sea
    11. The Sea (edited version of The Sea (PFM Mix) from Casino Classics)
    12. Lonesome
    13. Angel (Broadcast Mix)
    Saint Etienne
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  • Home Counties Home Counties Quick View

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    Home Counties

    First Album From Seminal Indie-Dance Act Since Their Critically Acclaimed 2012 Album, 'Words And Music'

    Double Black Vinyl With 9 Custom Shiny Stickers To Apply Directly On Gatefold Front Cover

    Home Counties contains 19 'tracks' inspired by the band's bitter-sweet relationship with the eponymous shires that have always been part of their lives.

    It was recorded in the summer and autumn of 2016 and co-produced by Shawn Lee of Wall Of Sound and Young Gun Silver Fox fame.

    Sarah Cracknell says: "We had so much fun writing for this album, drawing influence from our teenage years growing up in the home counties. Bob, Pete and I led almost parallel lives while I was in Windsor and they were in Surrey, developing our passion for music and London. Shawn Lee was a joy to work with, he's a wonderful multi-instrumentalist who seemed to have some kind of telepathy with us and translated our ideas perfectly. The record is quite varied in styles and brings together a little something from all our past albums whilst sounding completely new."

    Bob Stanley says "Suburbia's anonymity is exactly why it's a source of inspiration. They said it couldn't happen here - and it didn't."

    Whilst Pete added "We took a ride and ran with the dogs"

    LP 1
    1. The Reunion
    2. Something New
    3. Magpie Eyes
    4. Whyteleafe
    5. Dive
    6. Church Pew Furniture Restorer
    7. Take It All In
    8. Popmaster
    9. Underneath The Apple Tree
    10. Out Of My Mind

    LP 2
    1. After Hebden
    2. Breakneck Hill
    3. Heather
    4. Sports Report
    5. Train Drivers In Eyeliner
    6. Unopened Fan Mail
    7. What Kind Of World
    8. Sweet Arcadia
    9. Angel Of Woodhatch

    Saint Etienne
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  • Sound Of Water Sound Of Water Quick View

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    Sound Of Water

    'Sound of Water' was originally released in 2000. It is considered to be Saint Etienne's reaction to the trip hop and ambient movements in Britain. The album is an effortless cohesive journey, electronica flourishes flowing into pop songs and falling back out again.
    1. Late Morning
    2. Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)
    3. Sycamore
    4. Don't Back Down
    5. Just A Little Overcome
    6. Boy Is Crying
    7. Aspects Of Lambert
    8. Downey CA
    9. How We Used To Live
    10. The Place At Dawn
    Saint Etienne
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  • Good Humor (Awaiting Repress) Good Humor (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Good Humor (Awaiting Repress)

    This reissue of 'Good Humor' is the first time the LP will be available physically in the US since it was released in 1998. A major turning point for the band, 'Good Humor' found the group recording in Malmö, Sweden and replacing their samplers and synths with guitars and horns. Produced by Tore Johansson (The Cardigans), their acoustic turn only magnified the slickness and pop-instincts of Saint Etienne.
    1. Wood Cabin
    2. Sylvie
    3. Split Screen
    4. Mr. Donut
    5. Goodnight Jack
    6. Lose That Girl
    7. The Bad Photographer
    8. Been So Long
    9. Postman
    10. Erica America
    11. Dutch TV
    Saint Etienne
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  • Finisterre Finisterre Quick View

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    'Finisterre' was originally released in 2002. It combines the influence of Saint Etienne's forays into more acoustic music (Good Humor) and trip hop (Sound of Water), but also returns to the patchwork sequencing of their classic albums. 'Finisterre' is not a mere collection of previous influences. Saint Etienne manage to pilfer from electro, hip hop, and even a teasing of vocoder on New Thing. This brashness could sink most pop groups, but Saint Etienne's effortlessness still manages to shine through on 'Finisterre.'
    1. Action
    2. Amateur
    3. Language Lab
    4. Soft Like Me
    5. Summerisle
    6. Stop And Think It Over
    7. Shower Scene
    8. The Way We Live Now
    9. New Thing
    10. B92
    11. The More You Know
    12. Finisterre
    Saint Etienne
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  • 29 Demos 29 Demos Quick View

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    29 Demos

    Double LP Pressed On Red & Blue Vinyl!

    Margo Guryan's honeyed voice and gorgeously sweet songwriting has become a favorite of the soft-pop set. As a successful songwriter, her compositions have been recorded by the likes of Jackie DeShannon, Spanky & Our Gang, Astrud Gilberto, Claudine Longet, Oliver, Cass Elliot, Glen Campbell, Saint Etienne and Harry Belafonte. Her only solo album, the magnificent Take A Picture (featuring the hit "Sunday Morning), has become a cult classic since its release in 1968, and no wonder: its combination of marvelously funky sunshine arrangements and Margo's delicious melodies are a heady combo. She's influenced everyone from the Wondermints to Belle and Sebastian to Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (who listened to Take A Picture while writing Juno).

    In 2001, Margo released 25 Demos, a collection of fully-fleshed out demos from her personal collection. Most people's demos are mere sketches -- Margo's are little baroque masterpieces, featuring string arrangements, circus organ, chamber-pop rhythm sections and tons of glorious echo. Now, Modern Harmonic presents the biggest collection yet, 29 Demos, all lovingly wrapped in a gorgeous gatefold jacket loaded with liner notes. Finally, an album worthy to follow Take A Picture - two LP's worth of magnificent soft-pop.

    LP 1
    1. What Can I Give You
    2. Something's Wrong With The Morning
    3. I Love
    4. Sunday Morning
    5. Can You Tell
    6. Think Of Rain
    7. Sun
    8. Most Of My Life
    9. The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round
    10. Love Songs
    11. Thoughts
    12. I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You
    13. Come To Me Slowly
    14. Timothy Gone
    15. It's Alright Now

    LP 2
    1. Why Do I Cry
    2. Under My Umbrella
    3. Values
    4. I Think A Lot About You
    5. The Hum
    6. Please Believe Me
    7. I'd Like To See The Bad Guys Win
    8. Yes I Am
    9. California Shake
    10. Shine
    11. Hold Me Dancin'
    12. Good-Bye, July
    13. Someone I Know (Chip Taylor demo)
    14. Think Of Rain (Malcolm McNeill demo)

    Margo Guryan
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Tales From Turnpike House Tales From Turnpike House Quick View

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    Tales From Turnpike House

    Tales from Turnpike House is a reissue of the Saint Etienne's seventh album which was originally released in 2005. It is considered to be a concept album in which the songs portray a day in the life of characters who all live in the same block of flats. This LP offers varied musical textures combined with wonderful songwriting.
    1. Sun In My Morning
    2. Milk Bottle Symphony
    3. Lightning Strikes Twice
    4. Slow Down At The Castle
    5. A Good Thing
    6. Side Streets
    7. Last Orders For Gary Stead
    8. Stars Above Us
    9. Relocate
    10. The Birdman Of EC1
    11. Teenage Winter
    12. Goodnight
    Saint Etienne
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  • Foxbase Alpha Foxbase Alpha Quick View

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    Foxbase Alpha

    "Foxbase Alpha" is the 1991 debut album by the British group Saint Etienne and it is a wonderful mix of both modern and retro influences with house music, ambient, samples and 60s pop coexisting easily for a unique sound not found anywhere else at the time. It is best known for their popular cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart". "Foxbase Alpha" had such an impact upon its release that it was nominated for the Mercury Prize eventually losing to Primal Scream's Screamadelica. This early 90s Britpop classic is now available on 180 gram vinyl from Plain Records.
    1. This Is Radio Etienne
    2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
    3. Wilson
    4. Carnt Sleep
    5. Girl VII
    6. Spring
    7. She's The One
    8. Stoned To Say The Least
    9. Nothing Can Stop Us
    10. Etienne Gonna Die
    11. London Belongs To Me
    12. Like The Swallow
    13. Dilworth's Theme
    Saint Etienne
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Everything/Everything Everything/Everything Quick View

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    Simon Bookish is the pseudonym of London-based composer Leo Chadburn, who took part in the releases of Leafcutter John, Patrick Wolf, and Saint Etienne. An unpredictable and dramatic big band song cycle about science and information, Everything/Everything is a new departure for this artist, as it does away with digital synthesizers, in favor of live instruments. Though it's his most pop-oriented release to date, it finds room for moments of racing Philip Glass minimalism, lopsided disco, expressionist cabaret, and even an eerie ambient interlude.
    1.Flood, The
    2.Dumb Terminal
    3.Portrait Of The Artist As A Fountain
    6.Il Trionfo Del Tempo... (Ridley Road)
    8.Crack In Larsen C, A
    9.Alsatian Dog
    10.New Sense Of Humour, A
    Simon Bookish
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  • You Want The Night You Want The Night Quick View

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    You Want The Night

    Sleep Thieves sit where electronica and choral collide. A twinkling journey through the seclusion of a darkening day, the album is a crisp and sensual collection of woozy, synth-infused pop songs from the Dublin-based trio comprised of Sorcha Brenna, Wayne Fahy, and Keith Byrne. Sleep Thieves has already shared the stage with the likes of MS MR, Austra and Saint Etienne, and been championed by music blogs such as NYLON, Pigeons & Planes and The Line of Best Fit. You Want The Night, mixed by Rian Trench of Solar Bears, is the band's debut album.
    1. City Of Hearts
    2. Sparks
    3. You Want The Night
    4. Oceans
    5. French Kiss
    6. Ishimura
    7. Through A Sea
    8. High
    9. Tusk
    Sleep Thieves
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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