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Shonen Knife

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    712 is a 1991 album by the Japanese rock trio Shonen Knife. The album was named after the contraction of the Japanese words for the numbers 7 (nana), 1 (ichi) and 2 (futatsu, technically an alternate reading than the preceding, literally meaning two things), which, when contracted, sound like na-i-fu. Naifu is the imported word in Japanese for knife.
    1. Shonen Knife
    2. Lazybone
    3. Diet Run
    4. Blue Oyster Cult
    5. Rain
    6. The Luck Of The Irish
    7. My Favorite Town (Osaka)
    8. Faith Healer
    9. Redd Kross
    10. White Flag
    11. Superstar
    12. Expo '90
    13. Fruit Loop Dreams
    14. The Moon World
    15. Baggs
    Shonen Knife
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  • Yama-No Attchan Yama-No Attchan Quick View

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    Yama-No Attchan

    Yama no Att-chan is the second album released by Japanese pop punk band Shonen Knife, originally released in 1984.
    1. An Angel Has Come
    2. Cycling Is Fun
    3. Elmar Elevator
    4. Banana Leaf
    5. Chinese Song
    6. Flying Jelly Attack
    7. Cannibal Papaya
    8. DalĂ­'s Sunflower
    9. Insect Collector
    10. Bye Bye
    Shonen Knife
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  • Pretty Little Baka Guy Pretty Little Baka Guy Quick View

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    Pretty Little Baka Guy

    Pretty Little Baka Guy is a 1986 album by the female Japanese rock trio Shonen Knife.
    1. Making Plans For Bison

    2. Summertime Boogie
    3. I Wanna Eat Chocolate Bars
    4. Public Bath
    5. Devil House
    6. Antonio Baka Guy

    7. Ice Cream City
    8. Ah, Singapore
    9. Riding On The Rocket

    10. Kappa Extract
    Shonen Knife
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  • Burning Farm Burning Farm Quick View

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    Burning Farm

    Burning Farm is the first album by Shonen Knife, originally released in 1983.
    1. Miracles
    2. Parallel Woman

    3. Twist Barbie
    4. Elephant Pao Pao

    5. Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner's Theme
    6. Animal Song
    7. A Day Of The Factory

    8. Burning Farm
    9. Parrott Polynesia

    10. Watchin' Girl

    11. Banana Fish
    12. Watchin' Girl

    13. Twist Barbie
    Shonen Knife
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  • Hush Or Howl Hush Or Howl Quick View

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    Hush Or Howl

    Red Translucent Vinyl

    Black Pistol Fire is a Canadian Rock and Roll duo that splits time between Toronto, Ontario and Austin, Texas. Their wild and energetic rock-and-roll sound has been described as a mix of classic southern rock and garage punk, garnering comparisons to early Kings of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The White Stripes, and Clutch. The band features Kevin McKeown on Guitar/Lead Vocals and Eric Owen on Drums. The two have been friends since kindergarten and began playing music together when they discovered a shared passion for rock and roll music in high school.

    While playing a local Austin hotspot, Producer Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Von Bondies, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) approached the band about recording their 2011 record. They have supported the likes of Weezer, BRMC, Band of Skulls, State Radio, Shonen Knife, and Lucinda Williams. The band recorded their 2nd LP in the early 2012 with producer Michael Rocha in Toronto. This album, Big Beat 59, was released in August 2012, with songs with the album being put into rotation on major taste-making radio stations KEXP, KCRW, KUTX, and KDHX.

    The band gained further momentum during SXSW 2013 where The Huffington Post called the band 'the next big thing' and 'the most energetic and musically versatile of all the bands playing the festival'.

    Hush or Howl was again recorded with Michael Rocha, this time in Austin, TX.

    1. Alabama Coldcock
    2. Dimestore Heartthrob
    3. Baby Ruthless
    4. Your Turn to Cry
    5. Hipster Shakes
    6. Run Rabbit Run
    7. Honeydripper
    8. Blue Eye Commotion
    9. Hush
    10. Show Pony
    11. Grease My Wheel
    Black Pistol Fire
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