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  • Codex VI Codex VI Quick View

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    Codex VI

    It's been 20 incredible years of psychedelic sound surfing with Shpongle and now we finally arrive at the magical maestros' 6th studio album, a visionary volume entitled CODEX VI

    CODEX VI is a cosmic collection of mystical music from Simon Posford and co pilot Raja Ram in which their elucidation of hallucination reveals once again, a seemingly effortless mastery of inter-dimensional audio.

    Simon and Raja are known and loved all around the globe for creating the ultimate psychedelic soundtracks to our lives and CODEX VI is a fantastic further installment in the epic audio adventures of the Shpongle story.

    After decades of virtuoso voyaging, Shpongle has delivered what is undoubtedly their finest masterpiece yet.

    LP 1
    1. Remember The Future
    2. Magumba State
    3. Empty Branes

    LP 2
    1. Are We There Yet?
    2. Herr Gringleflapper's Secret Stash Box
    3. Strange Planet

    LP 3
    1. I Woke Up As A Shlummutz
    2. A Series Of Heads
    3. Celestial Intoxication
    4. Hammock Therapy

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Museum Of Consciousness (Awaiting Repress) Museum Of Consciousness (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Museum Of Consciousness (Awaiting Repress)

    Gatefold 180 Gram Double LP

    Museums Of Consciousness is the long awaited 5th studio full-length from Britsh Psytrance/Progressive act Shpongle. Shpongle is Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen and Raja Ram.

    Would you like to have your Amygdala tickled? Or watch a Jellyfish jump up a mountain? Perhaps you would rather feel like a brain floating in a fish tank, or watch molecules being juggled..A room with an Epiphany or maybe an Extra-Celestial Aquatic Garden?..these and other Adventures in Shpongleland, can be found in .......'

    MUSEUM of CONSCIOUSNESS': The ground breaking new new album from Shpongle.

    A Gigantic sound complex, with each room a different and unique experience into higher multi dimensional realms. There are many corridors and mazes, but you have access to 7 of these rooms ..come and enjoy .RR

    1. Brain In A Fish Tank

    2. How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain

    3. Juggling Molecules

    4. The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights

    5. Further Adventures In Shpongleland

    6. The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla

    7. Tickling The Amygdala
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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