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  • Spiderland (Awaiting Repress) Spiderland (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Spiderland (Awaiting Repress)

    Slint was formed in the late 80s and released two critically acclaimed albums that remain unrivaled in their intensity and beauty. Spiderland was the second album and the first released by Touch And Go in 1991.
    1. Breadcrumb Trail
    2. Nosferatu Man
    3. Don, Aman
    4. Washer
    5. For Dinner...
    6. Good Morning Captain
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  • Slint Slint Quick View

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    Slint, also known as Glenn/Rhoda or Untitled, is the first and only EP released by the post rock band Slint.

    Released after the band had already broken up, it includes two songs that were recorded in 1989. It was first intended to be released as a 12" single on Jennifer Hartman Records, as original copies of the Tweez LP included a flyer advertisement for the 12; as an insert. However, Slint signed to Touch & Go Records before it was sent to press and the master tapes were shelved. In 1994 Touch and Go released the EP in 10" and CD formats. It contained a previously unreleased track, Glenn,; and a reinterpretation of Rhoda from Tweez.

    On the 10 vinyl edition, the sides of the record are labelled with illustrations of a triangle and an octopus, rather than A/B, one/two, or track titles.


    1. Glenn
    2. Rhoda
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  • Tweez Tweez Quick View

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    Originally released in 1989, this is the debut from a band that never loses its flavor. Louisville, KY's finest instrumental export.
    2.Nan Ding
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  • Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet Quick View

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    Bitch Magnet

    Temporary Residence Ltd. is proud to present the remastered and repackaged reissue of the legendary Bitch Magnet's seminal and critically acclaimed three albums - Star Booty, Umber, and Ben Hur. The deluxe 3xLP package includes all three albums, plus more than a half dozen rare and previously unreleased tracks, a total of 34 songs, remastered from the original, restored analog master tapes. Bitch Magnet was formed at Oberlin College in 1986. Immediately following the release of its debut Star Booty in 1988, the band garnered rapturous reviews and established itself among the top-tier of America's independent music underground.

    The band's reputation continued to grow with tours of the US and Europe, and the subsequent releases of Umber (prominently included by Mojo on its list of Lost Albums You Must Own) in 1989 and Ben Hur in 1990. The latter two have been frequently cited as a key inspiration for what would become known as post-rock, a term that baffled and amused the members of Bitch Magnet when it first surfaced, and still does today. Along with their contemporaries in Slint, in the years following their breakup, Bitch Magnet has been recognized as a significant influence on generations of aggressive and musically complex bands, including Don Caballero, Mogwai, Rodan, June of 44 and Battles.

    LP 1 - BEN HUR:
    1. Dragoon
    2. Valmead
    3. Ducks and Drakes
    4. Mesentery
    5. Lookin' At The Devil
    6. Gator
    7, Spite y Malice
    8. Crescent
    9. White Piece of Bread
    10. Sadie

    LP 2 - UMBER:
    1. Motor
    2. Navajo Ace
    3. Clay
    4. Joan of Arc
    5. Douglas Leader
    6. Goat-Legged Country God
    7. Big Pining
    8. Joyless Street
    9. Punch and Judy
    10. Americruiser
    11. Motor (Alternate Mix)*

    LP 3 - STAR BOOTY:
    1. Punch and Judy (Alternate Version)*
    2. Joan of Arc (Alternate Version)*
    3. Big Pining (Alternate Version)*
    4. Joyless Street (Alternate Version)*
    5. Sadie (Alternate Version)*
    6. Carnation
    7. C Word
    8. Sea of Pearls
    9. Hatpins
    10. Knucklehead
    11. Circle K
    12. Polio
    13. Cantaloupe

    * Previously unreleased

    Bitch Magnet
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  • Limb Limb Quick View

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    Debut album from London Doom/Sludge monsters Limb. Limb have been a band to catch by those in the know on the Doom/Sludge scene since their formation in 2011. Their sound is shot through with an alternative twist on the Doom/Sludge theme. The record's dynamics and approach are akin to Slint in many ways, though post rock it most certainly isn't. It's deliberately stripped-down. Stark, bleak and visceral.
    1. Twelve Ghosts
    2. Daemoness
    3. Eternal Psalm Pt. 1
    4. Eternal Psalm Pt. 2
    5. Night And Void
    6. Gift of the Sun
    7. El Salvaclaw
    8. LXXVI
    9. Never Speak Ill Of The Dead
    10. Vathek
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  • What Am I Doing What Am I Doing Quick View

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    What Am I Doing

    Debut Album From This Brooklyn Band

    Album Produced By Annabel Alpers Of Bachelorette (Drag City)

    Mixed By Adam Cooke (Beach House / Double Dagger)

    Lushes are a band born of tensions - between art and math,
    order and chaos, planning and chance. You can hear it in their
    songs - taut, twitching art-punk that balance anxiety and elation,
    often within the space of a few bars. Album opener Harsh glides
    along slowly, feeling like a moody and measured art-rock
    meditation until you zero in on the words in the chorus: Harsh on
    my ears, that's the way I like it. This is push-pull music, songs
    that temper the jagged fitfulness of groups like June of 44 and
    Slint with the soft-focus sweetness and open-ended song
    structures of The Sea & Cake and The Notwist.

    That moods so diametrically opposed can peacefully coexist is
    part of Lushes mystery and allure. That duality extends to the
    group's background. James Ardery and Joel Myers were living in
    worlds far removed from music, both working day jobs that
    neither of them enjoyed. Their personalities were different -
    James was outspoken and gregarious, Joel introverted and
    reserved. Their musical backgrounds were different: James grew
    up pillaging his father's record collection, getting turned on to
    Nirvana and Wu-Tang Clan by his older brother and attending
    hardcore shows by pioneering bands like Fugazi at 12 years old.
    Joel was formally trained, loving classical music but almost
    completely oblivious to rock and pop. The fusion of their disparate
    influences is what animates Lushes - the anarchy of punk and
    hardcore colliding with the precision of jazz to create music that is
    marvelously ordered while still feeling seconds away from
    detonation. That tension pulses throughout What Am I Doing, the
    group's warring influences making for music that feels brittle and

    1. Harsh
    2. One Right Word
    3. Traffic
    4. Warm Contagion
    5. Dead Girls
    6. Feastin
    7. Garden
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  • Blame And Aging Blame And Aging Quick View

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    Blame And Aging

    With the musical prowess and aggression of bands like Fugazi and Shotmaker, We Were Skeletons' unique brand of technical, groovy, and emotional hardcore should appeal to long-time fans of the genre while still pushing its boundaries. Imagine Hot Snakes, Slint, Sleepytime Trio, mewithoutYou, and Off Minor all rolled into one breathtaking statement. Blame & Aging is the bands best collection of songs to date. Trust us, we've known them for a while.
    1. Ruined/Wasted
    2. Long Night
    3. King of Tricks
    4. The Buried Seat
    5. Blood Tongue
    6. Disease Artist
    7. End All Suffering
    8. Blame & Aging
    9. Appear, Disappear
    10. Slow Death
    11. Tremors
    12. Pain is Not the Cleanser
    13. Haunting the Ghost
    We Were Skeletons
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  • Foolish Foolish Quick View

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    Next in the series of Superchunk reissues, Merge Records offers 1994s Foolish. Originally recorded with Brian Paulson (Wilco, Slint), Foolish is the fourth album by Superchunk (and first full length on Merge), and includes the singles The First Part and Driveway to Driveway.

    Now remastered by Jason Ward of Chicago Mastering Company from the original 1/2 reels, Foolish is available for the first time on 180 gram vinyl with coupon for full album download plus bonus tracks from the Superchunk vault previously unavailable. Also includes an essay by Superchunks own Jon Wurster.

    1. Like a Fool
    2. The First Part
    3. Water Wings
    4. Driveway to Driveway
    5. Saving My Ticket
    6. Kicked In
    7. Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
    8. Without Blinking
    9. Keeping Track
    10. Revelations
    11. Stretched Out
    12. In a Stage Whisper
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  • Undercard Undercard Quick View

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    Comprised of John Darnielle (the Mountain Goats) and Franklin Bruno (Nothing Painted Blue, the Human Hearts) The Extra Lens began as a potential home for any song John wrote that had a) more than three chords or b) a bridge. New songs for the group only happened when John figured he'd written something that Franklin might find clever or amusing.

    Recorded with Brian Paulson (Slint, Beck, US Maple) at the Rubber Room in Carrboro, North Carolina, and with Mitch Rackin (Excepter, Heavy Hands) at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY, Undercard is the first Extra Lens record to arrive as a full collaboration between songwriters. The recording method, however, persists: John plays guitar and sings, leaving Franklin to provide arrangements as the songs require: here sparing, here ornate; sometimes gentle, sometimes not. The Extra Lens now invite you to sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy the Undercard.

    1. Adultery
    2. Crusierweights
    3. Only Existing Footage
    4. Communicating Doors
    5. Programmed Cell Death
    6. How I Left the Ministry
    7. Some Other Way
    8. Ambivalent Landscape Z
    9. In Germany Before the War
    10. Tug on the Line
    11. Rockin Rockin Twilight of the Gods
    12. Dogs of Clinic 17
    Extra Lens, The
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  • This World This World Quick View

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    This World

    Watter is a new trio made up of close friends and
    collaborators whose collective pedigree reads like a desert
    island list of must-haves in experimental rock musicians.
    Multi-instrumentalists Zak Riles (Grails) and Tyler Trotter
    are anchored by legendary drummer Britt Walford (Slint,
    Evergreen) on six genre-defying pieces of monolithic
    mood music. For Riles and Trotter, it's a chance to dig
    deeper into the sandbox in which Grails have sculpted
    many mercurial masterpieces in recent years; for Walford,
    it's the opportunity to play a substantial role in a new active
    band for the first time in nearly twenty years.

    Written, recorded, and produced entirely in the group's
    collective studios in Louisville, KY, This World is a stunning
    combination of heady psychedelic rock, vintage cinematic
    New Age explorations, and sinister Krautrock, performed
    with seemingly endless stamina. Born out of many
    late-night jam sessions, many songs also feature fellow
    Louisville icons - Rachel Grimes (Rachel's) provides
    several of the album's most sublime moments, and The
    For Carnation's Todd Cook lays the heavy, bass-driven
    foundation for the penultimate epic, Seawater.

    This World is the kind of album that inspires renewed
    wonder in the mysterious powers of Louisville's water
    supply. It draws impossibly broad inspiration from decades
    of Eastern and Western folk, rock, ambient, film score,
    library music, and neoclassical, and masterfully emerges
    with an ever-enveloping suite perfectly befitting its
    constantly curious composers.

    1. Rustic Fog
    2. Lord I Want More
    3. Small Business
    4. Bloody Monday
    5. Seawater
    6. This World
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Black Age Blues Black Age Blues Quick View

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    Black Age Blues

    Contains 2 Exclusive Tracks

    Comes In Stoughton Gatefold Jacket

    Black Age Blues is an instant classic, with each one of the nine songs an anthem, and each of the four members of GOATSNAKE in top form. Everything is magnified; Pete Stahl's vocals have never sounded so good, the rhythm section comprised of Greg Rogers on drums and Scott Renner on bass are the driving force on each track, and Greg Anderson's riffs are heavier than ever before.

    Appearing on the album intro to "Another River To Cross" is acoustic guitar courtesy of David Pajo (Slint, Aerial M, Papa M), the track also containing previously released recordings from GOATSNAKE's "The River." Piano is played by Mathias Schneeberger and Petra Haden contributes violin and vocals. Another welcome addition to the album, across multiple tracks, are brilliant backing vocals by Dem Preacher's Daughters: Wendy Moten, Gale Mayes and Andrea Merrit.

    Black Age Blues is familiar, but nothing here is a repetition of what we've heard before, as GOATSNAKE continues to refine the timeless, ultra-heavy rock that they are infamous for, surpassing even the highest of expectations.

    1. Another River To Cross
    2. Elevated Man
    3. Coffee & Whiskey
    4. Black Age Blues
    5. House Of The Moon
    6. Jimi's Gone
    7. Graves
    8. Grandpa Jones
    9. A Killing Blues
    10. Deathwish*
    11. Breakfast With The King*

    * Vinyl exclusive bonus track

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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