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    Blkswn, Smino's debut studio album, is set for release on vinyl via Downtown Records. Smino, known for eclectic sound stays true St. Louis roots. The album includes guest appearances from Ravyn Lenae, Bari, theMIND, Jay2, Via Rosa, Drea Smith, Akenya, Jean Deaux, and Noname, with production coming from Monte Booker, THEMpeople, Sango, Phoelix, and J. Bird.
    LP 1
    1. Wild Irish Roses
    2. Maraca
    3. Glass Flows (feat. Ravyn Lenae)
    4. Flea Flicka (feat. Bari)
    5. Spit Shine
    6. Netflix & Dusse
    7. Anita
    8. Lobby Call
    9. Edgar Allen Poe'd U (feat. theMIND)
    10. Father Son, Holy Smoke

    LP 2
    1. B Role
    2. Blkoscars (feat. Jay2)
    3. blkswn
    4. Long Run (feat. Via Rosa)
    5. Innamission
    6. Silk Pillows (feat. Akenya)
    7. Ricky Millions (feat. Drea Smith)
    8. Amphetamine

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  • In The Comfort Of In The Comfort Of Quick View

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    In The Comfort Of

    In The Comfort Of is the new album from Seattle DJ, Sango. It includes appearances by Xavier OmÄr, Jesse Boykins III, JMSN, Smino, James Vincent McMorrow, and more.
    1. His Name
    2. Life Without God Is Nothing
    3. Mateo 2.19 (feat. Romaro Franceswa & Dave B)
    4. Speak
    5. One More Thing
    6. Dance for Blessings
    7. Twogether (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
    8. Chemistry (feat. JMSN)
    9. Khlorine (feat. Smino)
    10. Rude (feat. Jean Deaux)
    11. Sweet Holy Honey (feat. Xavier Omar)
    12. On Me (feat. Jon Bap)
    13. Out My Way/ Around You (feat. Marr Grey, RELLA, July 7 & Devin Tracy)
    14. Light-Skinned (feat. midnight)
    15. Implications
    16. Changing Channels (feat. James Vincent McMorrow)
    17. Comfortable (feat. Ryan Ashley)
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