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  • Dolce Duello Dolce Duello Quick View

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    Dolce Duello

    "One of the finest and most sought-after singers today" (New York Times), Cecilia Bartoli partners with Sol Gabetta,
    known for "the sheer, gobsmacking beauty of the sound she elicits from her instrument" (San Francisco Chronicle),
    for Dolce Duello. A stunning collaboration of voice and cello born of their friendship, the new album features
    Baroque masterpieces from Vivaldi, Handel, Gabrieli, Albinoni and more - including three world-premiere
    1. Caldara: "Fortuna e speranza" (Nitocri)
    2. Albinoni: "Aure, andate e baciate" (ll Nascimento dell'Aurora)
    3. Gabrielli: "Aure voi, de' miei sospiri" (San Sigismondo, re di Borgogna)

    4. Vivaldi: "Di verde ulivo" (Tito Manlio)
    5. Handel: Ode for St Cecilia's Day: "What passion cannot Music raise and quell?"
    6. Caldara: "Tanto, e con sì gran piena" (Gianguir)

    7. Handel: "Son qual stanco pellegrino" (Arianna in Creta)

    8. Porpora: "Giusto Amor, tu che m 'accendi" (Gli orti esperidi)

    9. Boccherini: Cello Concerto No. 10 in D major, G 483
    Cecilia Bartoli / Sol Gabetta
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Sol Invictus Sol Invictus Quick View

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    Sol Invictus

    Faith No More's first album in 18 years!
    1. Sol Invictus
    2. Superhero
    3. Sunny Side Up
    4. Separation Anxiety
    5. Cone of Shame
    6. Rise of the Fall
    7. Black Friday
    8. Motherfucker
    9. Matador
    10. From the Dead
    Faith No More
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Camino Del Sol Camino Del Sol Quick View

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    Camino Del Sol

    1982, Brussels: The former au pair for Rick Wakeman of Yes and two of her teenage friends are at the doorstep of Les Disques Du Crepuscule to make an album with Gilles Martin. They managed to make a contemporary bossanova record that provides the missing link between Antonio Carlos Jobim and Kraftwerk. AntenaÆs album would be issued and promptly forgotten, with Isabelle Antena moving toward jazz in Asia and the others returning to France. Twenty years later, it was findable only as a VG+LP. Intrigued by the striking coverÆs patio furniture at rest in the south of France, Numero Group scooped up Camino Del Sol immediately, giving it the distinction as the second record in their library.
    1. Camino del Sol
    2. To Climb the Cliff

    3. Silly Things
    4. Siss?xa
    5. Achilles
    6. Bye Bye Papaye
    7. No?lle ? Hawa?
    8. Les Demoiselles De Rochefort (la Chanson Des Jumelles)
    9. Spiral Staircase

    10. Unable
    11. The Boy from Ipanema
    12. Seaside Weekend

    13. Frantz
    14. Ingenuous
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Sol Eye Sea Sol Eye Sea Quick View

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    Sol Eye Sea

    1. Diaspora

    2. Rhintu

    3. Barrogeo

    4. Daniel Sen

    5. Cyette Phiur

    6. Fletchie

    7. Adeluge

    8. Billy

    9. Entaglement
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Isol-Pad Isol-Pad Quick View

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    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component

    Best Tweak At CES - Absolute Sound

    Stereo Quest's Tweak Of The Year

    They are high quality isolation pads great for amps, CD players, DVD players, speakers and subs, and all your gear! The ultimate in isolation, incorporating our dual damping system. Employing two different materials, made of a high impact rubber with a isolation cork in the middle.

    This is a 2 x 2 x 7/8 high square pad.

    Each pad will support 75 lbs

    Isol-Pad Buy Now
  • Extremist (Awaiting Repress) Extremist (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Extremist (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition Vinyl

    Includes 5 Color Artwork Insert

    Demon Hunter's seventh full-length album Extremist is released in 2014 via Solid State Records. Produced by guitarist Jeremiah Scott (Living Sacrifice, The Showdown, Project 86) and Aaron Sprinkle (OneRepublic, Anberlin, Emery) and mixed by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Rob Zombie), Extremist picks up where 2012's True Defiance left off with the ferociously heavy riffs and soaring melodies that made Demon Hunter known around the world. The limited edition LP features artwork by Invisible Creature.

    1. Death
    2. Artificial Light
    3. What I'm Not
    4. The Last One Alive
    5. I Will Fail You
    6. One Last Song
    7. Cross To Bear
    8. Hell Don't Need Me
    9. In Time
    10. Beyond Me
    11. Gasoline
    12. The Heart Of A Graveyard
    Demon Hunter
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Slave To Nothing (Awaiting Repress) Slave To Nothing (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Slave To Nothing (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

    Fit For A King will release their third full-length album Slave To Nothing, The band has spent the last year touring in support of their debut label release Creation / Destruction (March 2013), which set Solid State Records history by becoming the highest-selling first week debut release on the label. Fit For A King then re-released their independently produced and recorded Descendants, which featured the original songs completely re-tracked.

    1. Kill the Pain
    2. Young & Undeserving
    3. Slave to Nothing
    4. Break Away
    5. Hooked
    6. Selfish Eyes
    7. A Greater Sense of Self
    8. Forever Unbroken
    9. Impostor
    10. Cleanse My Soul
    11. The Final Thoughts of a Dying Man
    Fit For A King
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Outlive Outlive Quick View

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    Black/Grey Swirl Vinyl 2xLP

    Limited to 1,000

    The time has come. After the longest wait between Demon Hunter records ever, we are proud to announce our brand new studio album, "Outlive." The last 3 years have been an absolute whirlwind. We've welcomed 5 (!) children into the Demon Hunter family, endured heartbreaking trials, and experienced joy beyond comprehension. "Outlive" is a culmination of these peaks and valleys. It is a journey through adversity, survival, and overcoming the odds. They say the best stories are told by those who have lived a life worth commenting on, and we believe that our stories will resonate with each of you in some way.

    The relationship we share with you has always been uniquely special. You've come to expect a high level of quality from us and we intend to honor that promise. We've been working for months assembling every piece of the album and its presentation with dedicated attention to detail. The new album is scheduled for a 2017 release and we are going to make the journey from here to there as thrilling as possible. We are simply beyond excited to share every aspect of Demon Hunter's eighth chapter, "Outlive," with all of you. Prepare yourselves and join us.

    -Ryan Clark & Demon Hunter

    1. Trying Times
    2. Jesus Wept
    3. Cold Winter Sun
    4. Died In My Sleep
    5. Half As Dead
    6. Cold Blood
    7. One Step Behind
    8. Raining Down
    9. The End
    10. One Less
    11. Patience
    12. Slight the Odds
    Demon Hunter
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • In Battle There Is No Law! In Battle There Is No Law! Quick View

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    In Battle There Is No Law!


    In Battle There Is No Law is the debut album of Bolt Thrower. It is recorded at Loco studios by Andrew Fryer, and mixed at Clockwork by Alan Scott. It was released on Vinyl Solution as Sol 11 in 1988 and re-released on Vinyl Solution as Sol 11 in 1992, with a different album sleeve. The album was again re-released in 2005 with the old album sleeve restored.

    SIDE A
    1. In Battle There Is No Law
    2. Challenge For Power
    3. Forgotten Existence
    4. Denial Of Destiny
    5. Blind To Defeat

    SIDE B
    6. Concession Of Pain
    7. Attack In The Aftermath
    8. Psychological Warfare
    9. Nuclear Annihilation
    Bolt Thrower
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Isol-Pad (Set of 4) Isol-Pad (Set of 4) Quick View

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    Isol-Pad (Set of 4)


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component

    Best Tweak At CES - Absolute Sound

    Stereo Quest's Tweak Of The Year

    A Set Of 4 Isol-Pads

    They are high quality isolation pads great for amps, CD players, DVD players, speakers and subs, and all your gear! The ultimate in isolation, incorporating our dual damping system. Employing two different materials, made of a high impact rubber with a isolation cork in the middle.

    They are a 2 x 2 x 7/8 high square pads.

    Each pad will support 75 lbs

    Isol-Pad (Set of 4) Buy Now
  • AmpsandSound LeeLoo Headphone Amplifier AmpsandSound LeeLoo Headphone Amplifier Quick View

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    AmpsandSound LeeLoo Headphone Amplifier

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    AmpsandSound Products Are Handmade In Small Batches and Go Through Extensive Quality Control

    The Leeloo was cheeckily named after the main character in the movie The 5th Element Love! Leeloo is a unique amplifier combining headphone amp and stereo with dedicated taps for each and a volume control to provide easy integration with any source. Leeloo is the best of single-ended bliss, ultra linear power and mild feedback for improved frequency extension and noise floor. Paring a single 12ax7 in the preamp section with a pair of EL84s, the SE-84 doesn't require an external preamp and can be driven to full output with an iPod or smartphone. Coupling caps are high grade Wima, we use 2% resistors, and our usual robust power supply including massive choke regulation to drive the D/C ripple and noise floor to the lowest levels we every seen. The SE-84 driven by an iPod makes a fantastic combo for a 2nd system or smaller room. 2.6 watts may not seem enough, but the bass presence and sound stage will make a convert of you. Perhaps the most astonishing feature of Leeloo is the 1watt into 32ohm loads able to drive even the most demanding headphones with ease.

    The SE-84 is small in physical size (12"x 10") and built into a gorgeous Solid Eastern Walnut Cab with ebony corners. The finish is hand rubbed lacquer. The SE-84 will be at home in your rack or as a statement piece in your office.

    Each amspandsound amp is built with attention to grounding schemes - star grounding and use of common ground contributing to its very low noise floor and wide bandwidth. Leeloo pairs well with most speakers 89db and above, but like all our amplifiers it is quiet enough to use with full-range or horn-loaded speakers having 100db efficiency and above. Speakers that can go cleanly down to 30hz really bring out the very best of the amp.

    Leeloo is handmade with pride in Southern California with US-sourced parts, including our precision transformers.

    Headphone Amplifier Buy Now
  • Duo (Schumann, Debussy, Shostakovich, Brahms) Duo (Schumann, Debussy, Shostakovich, Brahms) Quick View

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    Duo (Schumann, Debussy, Shostakovich, Brahms)

    Two of today's most passionate and inspirational artists join forces in the recital programme that brought audiences to their feet at the Menuhin Festival in
    Gstaad in Summer 2011. The chemistry between HÉlène Grimaud and Sol Gabetta left critics and audiences nothing short of euphoric and this first duo
    recording captures the revelatory magic of their collaboration.

    This is the first time, that either artist has embarked on a dedicated duo recording project and it goes far beyond a traditional musical collaboration. Based
    on a rare understanding on many levels - musical, emotional and personal, this fresh and strong encounter does not even raise the question of who
    accompanies whom. Finding new musical insights in familiar work, HÉlène and Sol present masterpieces in new light.

    The album reprises the same programme the duo performed in Gstaad: Robert Schumann's FantasiestÜcke, Claude Debussy's Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor, Johannes Brahms Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1 in E minor and Dmitri Shostakovich's Sonata for Cello and Piano.

    "Grimaud doesn't sound like most pianists: she is a reinventor of phrasings, a taker of chances Her albums aren't merely proficient tours through the
    repertoire; they are highly personal explorations that can stand out among dozens of rival performances. Her strongly interpretive playing has made her
    a favorite among many conductors and reviewers." (The New Yorker). HÉlène's recordings have been best-sellers on the Yellow Label with more than 800.000 units sold altogether to date.

    Like Grimaud, in addition to performing traditional repertoire with the world's great orchestras, Sol Gabetta is a champion of new works and a passionate
    musical collaborator. Argentine-French of Russian origin, Sol is a best-selling, chart-storming artist, who is regarded as one of the great cellists of our day,
    impressing with her intriguing, full-bodied approach and a charismatic, conquering personality.

    LP 1
    1. Zart und mit Ausdruck
    2. Lebhaft, leicht
    3. Rasch und mit Feuer
    4. Prologue (lent)
    5. SÉrÉnade (ModÉrÉment animÉ)
    6. Finale (AnimÉ)

    LP 2
    1. Allegro non troppo
    2. Allegretto quasi minuetto
    3. Allegro - Più presto
    4. Allegro non troppo
    5. Allegro
    6. Largo
    7. Allegro

    Grimaud / Gabetta
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • So-Called Chaos So-Called Chaos Quick View

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    So-Called Chaos


    180-Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    Includes Insert

    Alanis Morissette released some of her bestselling albums during the mid-90's, before writing some of her more complex songs in the zero's. Her sixth studio album So-Called Chaos deals with subjects like cynicism, bitterness and jealousy, but she acts in a happier way. The records reaches out to a more serious approach, but the catchy refrains stays intact. Romanced by her relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds she reaches out to unconditional love on her single Everything. The opening track Eight Easy Steps is layered in the ideas of self-destruction, while the new-age sounds of the synthesizers creates the imagination of Out is Through. Allover it's an satisfying record in which she searches for answers in a more hopeful way.

    Four years after her debut album Alanis Morissette released her million seller Jagged Little Pill, which includes her singles You Oughta Know, Ironic and Hand in My Pocket. She released eight studio albums and sol over 75 million records worldwide.

    1. Eight Easy Steps
    2. Out Is Through
    3. Excuses
    4. Doth I Protest Too Much
    5. Knees Of My Bees
    6. So-called Chaos
    7. Not All Me
    8. This Grudge
    9. Spineless
    10. Everything
    Alanis Morissette
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Trigger Complex The Trigger Complex Quick View

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    The Trigger Complex

    Ultra Clear Vinyl

    Influential Southern California punk rock pioneers T.S.O.L. will make their awaited return in 2017 with a new record label and their 11th studio album, The Trigger Complex.

    T.S.O.L., short for True Sounds of Liberty, struck a nerve in the early 80's with their defiant, politically charged self-titled debut EP. At the intersection of punk and gothic new wave, the band's evolution of sound continued resulting in their critically heralded, full-length record Dance With Me (1981) as well as many other fan coveted albums, with various lineup changes and reunions along the way, that cemented their legacy in the punk scene as one of the most influential bands to come out of California.

    Now, nearly four decades later, original members Ron Emory, Mike Roche and Jack Grisham have returned to creative heights with one of their most inspired albums in decades with The Trigger Complex. Comprising of thirteen songs, the band's new record runs the gamut of charging punk anthems to brooding rock songs that will no doubt please listeners. Given the country's turbulent, divisive political climate it could not be better timing for the return of one of punk's most important and vocal bands.
    "It's a great time to be making music; to have a voice that can be heard," says Grisham. "I'm glad that things look bleak. Political turmoil breeds strength as well as strife. This record allows us to remind people that they aren't alone. We're here."

    - Graham Spark (Decibel Geek)

    1. Give Me More
    2. Sometimes
    3. Strange World
    4. Satellites
    5. The Right Side
    6. Why Can't We Do It Again
    7. I Wanted To See You
    8. Wild Life
    9. Nothing Ever Lasts
    10. Going Steady
    11. You're Still The Same
    12. Don't You Want Me
    13. Bats
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Punker's Anthem Punker's Anthem Quick View

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    Punker's Anthem

    Orange Country punk sensations Doggy Style return with a brand new album of all original music! Doggy Style was founded by Daddy X of Kottonmouth Kings and the band lives on with original vocalist Ed Shaggy Caudill! Features special guest vocal appearances by Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. and Gordon Cox of The Detours!
    1. Super Punkers
    2. Get Hard
    3. Sorry
    4. Beat Your Meat
    5. Donut Shop Rock
    6. Ladies From Neptune
    7. AWOL
    8. Suicidal Maniac
    9. Faggot
    10. City Life
    11. Every Day
    12. Miracle (Punker Girl Part 1)
    13. Punker Girl
    14. Submission
    15. Loser
    16. In The Pit
    Doggy Style
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The High Heat Licks Against Heaven The High Heat Licks Against Heaven Quick View

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    The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

    Founded by MAYHEM guitarist Teloch, the enigmatic NIDINGR return with their third and deadliest album to date! The band's new album 'The High Heat Licks Against Heaven' is 10 tracks of scathing, caustic metal that showcases the band at the height of their powers. Sharp riffs twist and turn as they collide with explosive drumming, while vitriolic screams are unleashed from the depths of hell. Ambitious tracks such as "Surtr", "Sol Taker", "Heimdalargaldr", "On Dead Body Shore", and more, champion NIDINGR as the leaders of forward-thinking extreme music. 'The High Heat Licks Against Heaven' is total death worship, and sets a new bar for extreme aural domination.
    1. Hangaguo
    2. Surtr
    3. The Ballad of Hamther
    4. On Dead Body Shore
    5. Gleipnir
    6. Sol Taker
    7. Ash Yggdrasil
    8. Heimdalargaldr
    9. Valkyries Assemble
    10. Naglfar Is Loosed
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Undisputed Attitude (Awaiting Repress) Undisputed Attitude (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Undisputed Attitude (Awaiting Repress)

    Undisputed Attitude is a cover album featuring a collection of punk covers of bands including Minor Threat, T.S.O.L., D.R.I. and The Stooges.

    Listening to this album is like peering behind the veil of what made Reign In Blood so iconic a decade earlier. That album took the ferocious anger and purity of intention that was hardcore and embalmed it in evil, taking an already speedy genre and amping it up to eleven. Hearing Slayer blaze through such classics as Minor Threat's 'Filler' and 'I Don't Wanna Hear It' is literally breathtaking, in that they retain the essence of Minor Threat's self-righteous anger while still retaining their own signature thrash aggression. Slayer can only sound like Slayer in the end, even when performing a near-Xerox caliber cover.

    - televiper11 (The Metal Archives)

    1. Disintegration / Free Money
    2. Verbal Abuse / Leeches
    3. Abolish Government / Superficial Love
    4. Can't Stand You
    5. Ddamm
    6. Guilty of Being White
    7. I Hate You 2:18
    8. Filler / I Don't Want to Hear It
    9. Spiritual Law
    10. Sick Boy
    11. Mr. Freeze
    12. Violent Pacification
    13. Memories of Tomorrow
    14. Richard Hung Himself
    15. I'm Gonna Be Your God
    16. Gemini
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Change Today? Change Today? Quick View

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    Change Today?


    Change Today? is the third studio album by the American rock band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty), released in 1984. It was the band's first album with singer/guitarist Joe Wood and drummer Mitch Dean, replacing founding members Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes who had left the band in late 1983.

    The album was recorded using money loaned to T.S.O.L. by the Dead Kennedys, and found the new incarnation of the band moving away from the Hardcore Punk associations of the original lineup in favor of a traditional Rock and Gothic Rock sound.

    Over the course of four nights at Mad Dog Studio in Venice, California T.S.O.L. recorded their new songs with recording engineer Stuart Schanwetter and producer Chris Grayson. The album was mastered by Eddy Schreyer.

    1. Black Magic
    2. Just Like Me
    3. In Time
    4. Red Shadows
    5. Flowers By The Door
    6. American Zone
    7. It's Gray
    8. John
    9. Nice Guys
    10. How Do
    True Sounds Of Liberty
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Borodin: Symphony No. 2 (Out Of Stock) Borodin: Symphony No. 2 (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Borodin: Symphony No. 2 (Out Of Stock)

    One of the best U.K. Living Stereos, with very good dynamics. A Kingsway Hall recording. Coupled with Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnole.
    Jean Martinon and London Symphony Orchestra
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Float (Out of Stock) Float (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Float (Out of Stock)

    Debut album for one of the most prolific figures in Danish underground music. Kristian Harting has been touring the world massively on his own and as part of the duo DreamJockey. Tours include the whole of Europe and the USA. Kristian has worked with musicians such as Jacob Krogholt (Rising, Bjoerst,
    Withering Surface), Mick Grondahl (Jeff Buckley, Beth Orthon) and Jesper Bo. Hansen (Anne Linnet, Ida Gaard) and producers Kim HÜttel (Sort Sol, The Sandmen) and Magnus Groth (Sort Sol, Kira and the Kindred Spirits).
    1. Soul Collector
    2. Feathered Ghosts
    3. Queen of the Highway
    4. Sole Dancer
    5. Kamikaze
    6. Walk with Thor
    7. First Applause
    8. Balance
    9. Float
    10. Precious Freedom
    Kristian Harting
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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