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Sonny Sharrock

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  • Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR Quick View

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    Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR


    Transparent Yellow Colored Vinyl

    An absolutely electric performance from Sonny and Linda Sharrock with their group The Savages, recorded for NYC radio station WKCR on March 21, 1974. Sonny's guitar playing on this set is a revelation and Linda's wordless vocals complement it perfectly. Groove based experimental jazz at its absolute finest. Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent yellow vinyl.

    1. Intro
    2. Sweet Butterfingers
    3. 1953 Blue Boogie Children
    4. Peaceful
    5. Highlife
    6. End Of The Rainbow
    7. Gary's Step
    8. Apollo
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  • Sub Verses Sub Verses Quick View

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    Sub Verses

    As with other Akron/Family records, on Sub Verses the idiomatic perspective shifts restlessly. From shamanic hypno-mantras to noise-damaged soul anthems to North african street frenzy, from droning microtonal balladry to modular synthesizer destruction to Lynchian doo-wop and back again. The sound is propulsive and driven by it's physicality, and a disciplined acknowledgement of lineage. Akron/Family is here, with drums and guitars like divining rods calling on Sonny Sharrock and Link Wray, on Elvin Jones and John Bonham, on Jimmy Garrison and Aston Barrett. But when we sing we are calling on ourselves, on the deep river of inspiration that connects the whole.
    1. No Room
    2. Way Up
    3. Until The Morning
    4. Sand Talk
    5. Sometimes I
    6. Holy Boredom
    7. Sand Time
    8. Whole World Is Watching
    9. When I Was Young
    10. Samurai
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  • The Following Mountain The Following Mountain Quick View

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    The Following Mountain

    The Following Mountain, the newest solo album by experimental folk artist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Amidon, will be released on Nonesuch Records.

    Created with producer Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Regina Spektor) and Amidon's frequent collaborator Shahzad Ismaily, it represents a new approach for Amidon, who shifts here from his previous norm of re-working traditional folk songs and presents nine wholly original compositions, with some lyrics drawing on traditional sources. The album features a rare guest appearance by drummer Milford Graves, known initially for his work in the 1960s with free jazz legends Albert Ayler and Sonny Sharrock.

    The Following Mountain was made during two distinct recording sessions: an initial weekend in Brooklyn where Ismaily and Amidon brought in Graves, percussionist Juma Sultan (Jimi Hendrix), and saxophonist Sam Gendel for a heavily improvised session; followed by time in the studio over the summer in London, where Amidon worked with Leo Abrahams to shape and develop the songs.

    The Following Mountain is a walk through the thickets of the imagination, Amidon said, a personal mythology of sounds and visions and characters. It is my first album of original music, but is still linked to the Appalachian music I love, as well as improvisation, beats, Don Cherry, Vermont, London.

    The Following Mountain is Amidon's sixth album and follows Lily-O, his 2014 Nonesuch Records collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell.

    1. Fortune
    2. Ghosts
    3. Juma Mountain
    4. Another Story Told
    5. Gendel in 5
    6. Blackbird
    7. Trouble in Mind
    8. Warren
    9. April
    Sam Amidon
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  • Coil Sea Coil Sea Quick View

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    Coil Sea

    Coil Sea is a collaborative and mostly improvised recording project featuring David Heumann (Arbouretum, Human Bell), Matthew Pierce (Arbouretum) and Michael Lowry (both of Lake Trout and Big in Japan) and Walker David Teret (ex-Arbouretum, Anomoanon).

    The project began when Lowry and Pierce invited Heumann to sit in with their long-running instrumental project Big in Japan for one performance of a month-long residency at Baltimores Windup Space. Heumann and Arbouretum had recently finished a European tour, and the show with Big in Japan enlivened his idea to record improvised performances with a loose group of familiar but unaffiliated musicians.
    Heumanns goal was to record with few set ideas and little editorial input, allowing the music to develop naturally as the group coalesced. Heumanns performance with Big in Japan had also included percussionist Michael Kuhl (Red Headed Temper, Jenny Boyle and the Drivers), so Heumann invited Kuhl, childhood friend Jimmy Wallace (guitar), and his former Arbouretum and Anomoanon bandmate Walker Teret (bass) to join the session.

    The first session was recorded by Chris and Mickey Freeland on a Saturday in September. Only one song (Abyssinia) had a pre-written melody; the rest of the performances were composed and improvised on the spot, with the only verbal directions being references to tempo and key. A portion of the recording from that session was edited and mixed with Freeland, and later with Rob Girardi at Lord Baltimore Recordings, for the album tracks Abyssinia, Revert to Dirt and Waking the Naga. Much care was taken to preserve the spirit and feel of the original takes, even as effects were added to the original tracks, instruments were brought in and out of the mix and performances were cut and spliced.

    A second session was arranged, this time recording at Lord Baltimore, based around a melody Heumann had come up with in a Lydian mode, which appears on the record as Dolphins in the Coil Sea. The track was envisioned as an homage to jazz/noise legend Sonny Sharrock, and is unique to the album in that its almost untouched from the original recording.

    1. Abyssinia
    2. Dolphins in the Coil Sea
    3. Revert to Dirt
    4. Waking the Naga
    Coil Sea
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