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Sorority Noise

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  • Joy, Departed Joy, Departed Quick View

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    Joy, Departed

    The follow up to last year's debut record Forgettable, Joy, Departed is a dynamic and thrilling step forward for Sorority Noise. One year, two music degrees and a whole lot of openness and expression went into the creation of this beautifully crafted record. With an album full of lovely orchestral swells, Weezer-esque guitar solos and cheery pop hits, Sorority Noise shows off their versatility and talent on Joy Departed, creating a perfect front to back record.
    1. Blissth
    2. Corrigan
    3. Fluorescent Black
    4. Nolsey
    5. Your Soft Blood
    6. Art School Wannabe
    7. Fuschia
    8. Using
    9. Mononokay
    10. When I See You (Timberwolf)
    Sorority Noise
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  • How To Treat The Ones You Love How To Treat The Ones You Love Quick View

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    How To Treat The Ones You Love

    New Orleans' Donovan Wolfington play emotionally driven indie-punk and if you're into Sorority Noise, Nai Harvest and You Blew It! then these guys are right up your street
    Donovan Wolfington
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  • You're Not As        As You Think (Out Of Stock) You're Not As As You Think (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    You're Not As As You Think (Out Of Stock)

    Pressed On Colored Vinyl

    SORORITY NOISE write important songs. They go to uncomfortable places, unafraid to let the darkness in - but they're also not shy at kicking back until the sorrow subsides. They're songs of confusion, anger, life, death, mental health and, most importantly, hope. They're what it means to be human.

    That vulnerability has been Sorority Noise's hallmark since they formed in 2013, but it's never been as precise as it is on YOU'RE NOT AS ___ AS YOU THINK, their third album. The album follows the Connecticut-based quartet's IT KINDLY STOPPED FOR ME 7" (2016), critically acclaimed JOY, DEPARTED (2015) and debut FORGETTABLE (2014) and is the most collaborative, fully realized version of Sorority Noise to date.

    1. No Halo
    2. A Portrait Of
    3. First Letter From St. Sean
    4. A Better Sun
    5. Disappeared
    6. Car
    7. Where Are You?
    8. Second Letter from St. Julien
    9. Leave The Fan On
    10. New Room
    Sorority Noise
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
  • Forgettable (Out Of Stock) Forgettable (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Forgettable (Out Of Stock)

    Formed in 2013 Sorority Noise has recorded a number of singles, EP's and 2 full-lengths to date. Forgettable is the band's debut full length. The record was originally released in the fall of 2014. Now Forgettable is being re-issued through lead singer Cameron Boucher's label Flower Girl Records and distributed by Triple Crown Records.
    1. Rory Shield
    2. Mediocre at Best
    3. Dirty Ickes
    4. Nick Kwas Christmas Party
    5. Queen Anne's Lace
    6. Still Shrill
    7. Blonde Hair, Black Lungs
    8. Smooth Jazz
    9. Smoke
    Sorority Noise
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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