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  • The Race For Space The Race For Space Quick View

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    The Race For Space

    Following the critical and commercial success of their debut album last year and 18 months' worldwide touring & festival appearances, Public Service Broadcasting are pleased to release their new album, The Race For Space. Working with exclusive archive footage from the British Film Insti-tute, the new record will tells story of the American & Soviet space race from 1957 - 1972 via the duo's eccentric mix of guitar-driven electronica, propulsive drumming and spoken word samples culled from this uniquely rich period of modern history. The Race For Space follows Inform - Educate - Entertain, Public Service Broadcasting's debut album, which reached #21 in the UK and was one of BBC 6Music's Top 10 albums of 2013
    1. The Race For Space
    2. Sputnik
    3. Gagarin
    4. Fire In The Cockpit
    5. E.V.A.
    6. The Other Side
    7. Valentina [ft. Smoke Fairies]
    8. Go!
    9. Tomorrow
    Public Service Broadcasting
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  • Plain Spoken Plain Spoken Quick View

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    Plain Spoken

    John Cougar Mellencamp is an American rock singer-songwriter and musician. Mellencamp rose to superstardom in the 1980s while honing an almost
    startingly plainspoken writing style that, starting in 1982, yielded a strong of Top 10 singles, including Hurts So Good, Jack & Diane, Crumblin'
    Down, Pink Houses, Lonely Ol' Night, Small Town, R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., Paper in Fire, and Cherry Bomb.

    To date, John has released 21 studio albums. He has released 10 albums that have all been certified platinum or multi-platinum in the United States, and
    Mellencampe has sold over 40illion albums worldwide throughout his career.

    A Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, John Mellencampe recently signed a historic 'Lifetime' deal with Republic Records. Known as
    The Voice of the Heartland, Mellencamp has touched the hearts and souls of music listeners and influenced American culture with enduring songs. His
    22nd full-length album, Plain Spoken, is a stunningly elegant and soul-searching gem.

    Produced by T Bone Burnett, Mellencamp continues to evolve artistically with Plain Spoken -- the first new music from the artist since 2010's critically
    acclaimed No Better Than This, which debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 and received the honor of being on Rolling Stone's Best Albums of
    2010 list. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has created an important body of work that has earned him both critical respect and an enormous audience.
    An authoritative and eloquent storytellter who speaks to the sensibilities of the nation, Mellencamp is also one of the most successful live concert
    performers in the world. A man with a conscience, he used his visibility and influence to advocate an issue that hit close to home and became one of the
    founding members of Farm Aid, an organization that began in 1985 to raise awareness about the loss of family farm. The Farm Aid concerts have raised
    over $45 million to promote a resilient family farm system of agriculture.

    1. Troubled Man
    2. Sometimes There's God
    3. The Isolation of Mister
    4. The Company of Cowards
    5. Tears In Vain
    6. The Brass Ring
    7. Freedom Of Speech
    8. Blue Charlotte
    9. The Courtesy of Kings
    10. Lawless Times
    John Mellencamp
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  • The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order) The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    The Tigers Have Spoken (Pre-Order)

    Remastered From The Original Tapes

    A live album
    recorded over the course of three gigs in the spring of 2004, The Tigers
    Have Spoken features Case backed by the Sadies, whose web of deep,
    lonesome twang fits Case's repertoire like a glove, with Jon Rauhouse
    sitting in on pedal steel with his usual grace and flawless feel, and Kelly
    Hogan and Carolyn Mark contributing backing vocals that are little short
    of glorious.

    1. If You Knew
    2. Soulful Shade of Blue
    3. Hex
    4. Train from Kansas City
    5. The Tigers Have Spoken
    6. Blacklisted
    7. Loretta
    8. Favorite
    9. Rated X
    10. This Little Light
    11. Wayfaring Stranger
    12. (untitled hidden track)
    Neko Case
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  • A Modern Jazz Symposium Of Music And Poetry (Discontinued) A Modern Jazz Symposium Of Music And Poetry (Discontinued) Quick View

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    A Modern Jazz Symposium Of Music And Poetry (Discontinued)


    Originally released in 1957 on the Bethlehem label, this obscure album shows Charles Mingus exploring new territory with his sextet while incorporating vocals into his work. On the opening track, Scenes In The City, Mel Stewart performs a spoken word piece written by actor and playwright Lonne Elder III and the legendary Langston Hughes. The track is a snapshot of Harlem and NYC in the 1950s and for that alone this album stands out in the Mingus repertoire. Although the rest of the album features no spoken word or poetry, the performances here are top notch.

    1. Scenes in the City
    2. Nouroog
    3. New York Sketchbook
    4. Duke's Choice
    5. Slippers
    Charles Mingus
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cosmic Slop Cosmic Slop Quick View

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    Cosmic Slop

    Another classic LP from the P-Funk camp, originally released in 1973. The title track is an absolute stone classic funk jam and Nappy Dugout is another heavily sampled nugget (most notably on A Tribe Called Quest's Ham And Eggs). George Clinton gets heavy too, in the harrowing Vietnam War spoken word March To The Witch's Castle. Get down with another killer Funkadelic title.
    1. Nappy Dugout
    2. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
    3. March To Witch's Castle
    4. Let's Make It Last
    5. Cosmic Slop
    6. No Compute
    7. This Broken Heart
    8. Trash A-Go-Go
    9. Can't Stand The Strain
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Vulture Whale Vulture Whale Quick View

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    Vulture Whale

    Vulture Whales second self-produced record is further proof of a close-knit rock band hitting their stride. Clever, plain spoken and often brutally honest lyrics sit atop inventive, catchy melodies and are underscored by lush, thumpy, grooved-out arrangements. The songs swoop in and grasp, delivering the listener safely to the rugged but somehow familiar lair of the Vulture Whale.
    1. Teedy
    2. Through Eyes
    3. Head Turner
    4. Guillotine
    5. Sugar
    6. Sum Yung Scientist
    7. Tote It To Cleveland, AL

    8. The Waves
    9. What Do
    10. That's Cold
    11. Ever Body
    Vulture Whale
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Become The Media Become The Media Quick View

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    Become The Media

    The sixth installment in former DEAD KENNEDYS vocalist and recent Green Party presidential candidate JELLO BIAFRA's ongoing series of spoken word recordings. Taken from recent live performances in Boulder, Denver and Seattle, Biafra gives his takes and reflections on the WTO convention in Seattle, democracy, e-issues, the post-Colombine High backlash on kids who think differently, and other issues of the day.
    1. Intro: Gary Dugger

    2. The Green Wedge

    3. K.O. The W.T.O.

    4. Hellburbia

    5. Hack The Planet

    6. World Bunk & International Monetary Fraud

    7. Frankenfood Landscape: Where Are We Going?

    8. Philadelphia Stories

    9. If You Like Tipper, You'll Love...

    10. Become The Media

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • 31 - A Rob Zombie Film (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 31 - A Rob Zombie Film (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Quick View

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    31 - A Rob Zombie Film (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    As well as the great tracks from within the film by The James Gang, Kitty Wells, The Mamas & The Papas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ernest Tubb & more, the soundtrack includes the score music from Zombie and John 5 and many of the iconic spoken word pieces - including Doom-Head's "I'm not crazy, I'm in control" and his monologue from the films opening.
    1. Call It A Day - Al Bowlly & Roy Fox And His Band
    2. They Call Me Doom Head (Spoken Word) - Richard Brake
    3. Walk Away - The James Gang
    4. The Midway Say Sweet Charley (Spoken Word) - Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
    5. That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    6. Fixing These Death Traps (Spoken Word) - Jeff Daniel Phillips
    7. We Buried Her Beneath The Willows - Kitty Wells
    8. You Digging What You See Pops? - Sheri Moon Zombie
    9. Walking The Floor Over You (1941 Single Version) - Ernest Tubb
    10. Wolfman Jack Halloween Show - Wolfman Jack
    11. RV Attack - Bob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie
    12. We Are Going To Play - Malcolm McDowell
    13. The Game Begins - Bob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie
    14. Number 4 - Pancho Molar
    15. Bathroom Hell - Bob Marlette and John Five
    16. Count Yourselves Lucky - David Ury and Lew Temple
    17. Wet Kitty - Bob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie
    18. Hunt These Freaks Down - Sheri Moon Zombie
    19. Inside The Cage - Bob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie
    20. Sex And Death - E.G. Daily and Torsten Voges
    21. Death And Sex Fight - Bob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie
    22. Perfect Game - Richard Brake
    23. Moonwheel Zero Gravity Whirlpool - Chris Harris (
    24. I'm Not Crazy - Richard Brake
    25. California Dreamin' (Single Version) - The Mamas & The Papas
    26. The Eyes Of A True Champion - Richard Brake
    27. The Show Must Go On - Bob Marlette and John Five
    28. Another Exciting Year Of 31 - Malcolm McDowell
    Various Artists
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  • I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home Quick View

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    I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home

    Hotel Books is a pioneer in the Spoken Word genre. The band has an influence in the melodic hardcore world to create something truly unique. For fans of Mewithoutyou, la dispute, and listener. This double EP features 11 songs. The first 6 songs are mixed and mastered by Jay Maas. (Defeater, Worthwhile). Catch the band on tour this spring with Kurt Travis.
    1. Lose One Friend
    2. Lose All Friends
    3. Lose Yourself
    4. Constant Collapse
    5. Dreaming Or Sinking
    6. Two Eight One
    7. America's Next Model
    8. Cult Leader
    9. Nicole
    10. Lungs
    11. Car Crash
    Hotel Books
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  • Run Wild, Stay Alive (Brown Vinyl) Run Wild, Stay Alive (Brown Vinyl) Quick View

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    Run Wild, Stay Alive (Brown Vinyl)

    Pressed On Brown Colored Vinyl

    Hotel Books delivers their sophomore records. The band's growth is heard with a more mature sound mixing clean vocals with spoken word. The album is produced by Craig Owens (Chiodos, DRUGS, Cinematic Sunrise) and Nick Ingram (Hotel Books, City Lights, Front Porch Step).

    1. Every Day, The Same
    2. I Think You See Where This Is Headed
    3. Where We Sleep Is Where We Dream
    4. Constant Conflicts
    5. Saltwater For Blood
    6. Lesser
    7. Friendly Crossfire
    8. Can You Do Me A Kindness?
    9. Alcoholocaust
    10. Broke Love
    11. Lesser
    12. Friendly Crossfire
    13. Can You Do Me A Kindess?
    14. Alcoholocaust
    15. Broke Love
    Hotel Books
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Transformed Man The Transformed Man Quick View

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    The Transformed Man

    Limited To 1000 Copies On Red Vinyl

    "The Transformed Man" is the debut album of William Shatner, originally released in 1968, while Mr. Shatner was still starring in the original Star Trek TV series. Since that time he has gone on to star in many Star Trek movies as Captain James T. Kirk, to write Star Trek based books and to record more spoken word albums. "The Transformed Man" features poetry and popular songs including the legendary tracks Theme From Cyrano/Mr. Tambourine Man and Spleen/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds spoken in Mr. Shatner's inimitable vocal style. This cult classic is now reissued in a limited edition of 1,000 red vinyl copies from DBK Works.

    Band 1
    1. King Henry The Fifth
    2. Elegy For The Brave
    Band 2
    3. Theme From Cyrano
    4. Mr. Tambourine Man
    Band 3
    5. Hamlet
    6. It Was A Very Good Year
    Band 1
    7. Romeo And Juliet
    8. How Insensitive (Insensatez)
    Band 2
    9. Spleen
    10. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    Band 3
    11. The Transformed Man
    William Shatner
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Lure Of The Grand Canyon The Lure Of The Grand Canyon Quick View

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    The Lure Of The Grand Canyon


    Includes Bonus CD

    Originally released on Columbia Records in 1961, Johnny Cashs 11th album, The Lure of the Grand Canyon, was unlike anything he had ever done before. Most significantly, it was not even an album of Cashs music, rather a concept album consisting primarily of American composer Ferde GrofÉs Grand Canyon Suite. Cash gives his tribute to GrofÉ in the conclusive track, an 11-minute spoken word piece about a day at the Canyon.

    1. Sunrise
    2. Painted Desert
    3. On The Trail
    4. Sunset
    5. Cloudburst
    6. Spoken Commentary by Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Songs Tomorrow No Songs Tomorrow Quick View

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    No Songs Tomorrow

    UV Pop were an early 80's post-punk group from the South Yorkshire region of England. Their sound was regionally bleak and they used staccato, angular guitars lines, with vocals ranged from spoken repeated mantras to whispered and shouted political poetics. The Rough Trade charts for one week in 1982 tell a very interesting story. Alongside acts of the caliber of Sisters of Mercy, Robert Wyatt, Sex Gang Children and Virgin Prunes are UV Pop, their place well-earned.
    1. No Songs Tomorrow
    2. Portrait (Extended)
    3. Some Win This
    4. See You
    5. I.C.
    6. Psalm
    7. Sleep Don't Talk
    8. Commitment
    9. Arcade Fun
    10. Hafunkiddies
    11. Four Minute Warning
    UV Pop
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  • Something So Personal Something So Personal Quick View

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    Something So Personal

    Since its heyday in the mid-to-late 00s, it certainly seems like pop-driven indie rock has been spoken for. To some that may be the case, but Makeshift Shelters is adding to the conversation while simultaneously creating their own. The Washington D.C. locals use their first LP, Something So Personal, to channel their dynamic mastery of pop and indie with songs that shake the floorboards in more ways than one.
    1. Opposite Directions
    2. (This Song Is Definitely Not About A Boy)
    3. Lighterfluid
    4. Hips
    5. The Cautious End Of Things
    6. New Coast
    7. Grayest Places
    8. Overflowing
    9. I'll Be The One That Comes Around
    10. Darkest Nights
    Makeshift Shelters
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • To Pimp A Butterfly To Pimp A Butterfly Quick View

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    To Pimp A Butterfly

    To Pimp a Butterfly is the third studio album by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. The album was recorded in studios throughout the United States, with executive production from Dr. Dre and Anthony Top Dawg Tiffith. Boi-1da, Flying Lotus, Terrace Martin, Pharrell Williams, Knxwledge, Sounwave, Thundercat and several other hip hop producers also contributed. The album is influenced by aspects of funk, jazz and spoken word.
    1. Wesley's Theory
    2. For Free?
    3. King Kunta
    4. Institutionalized
    5. These Walls
    6. u
    7. Alright
    8. For Sale?
    9. Momma
    10. Hood Politics
    11. How Much A Dollar Cost
    12. Complexion (A Zulu Love)
    13. The Blacker The Berry
    14. You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said)
    15. i
    16. Mortal Man
    Kendrick Lamar
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Cosmic Slop (Colored Vinyl) Cosmic Slop (Colored Vinyl) Quick View

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    Cosmic Slop (Colored Vinyl)

    Limited Edition Of 500 On Blue & Yellow Vinyl With A Deluxe Gatefold Jacket

    Another classic LP from the P-Funk camp, originally released in 1973. The title track is an absolute stone classic funk jam and Nappy Dugout is another heavily sampled nugget (most notably on A Tribe Called Quest's Ham And Eggs). George Clinton gets heavy too, in the harrowing Vietnam War spoken word song March To The Witch's Castle.

    1. Nappy Dugout
    2. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
    3. March To Witch's Castle
    4. Let's Make It Last
    5. Cosmic Slop
    6. No Compute
    7. This Broken Heart
    8. Trash A-Go-Go
    9. Can't Stand The Strain
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Space Ritual Space Ritual Quick View

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    Space Ritual

    Recorded live in December 1972 and released the following year, Space Ritual is an excellent document of Hawkwind's classic lineup, underscoring the group's status as space rock pioneers. As the quintessential people's band, Incorporating most of Doremi Fasol Latido, the show for the Space Ritual tour was conceived as a space rock opera, its blend of sci-fi electronics, mesmerizing psy-fi grooves, and heavy, earthbound jamming punctuated with spoken word interludes from astral poet Bob Calvert.

    Although his intergalactic musings date the album, coming across now as camp futurism, they still provide fitting atmospheric preambles to Hawkwind's astounding, mind-warping sounds.

    LP 1
    1. Earth Calling
    2. Born To Go
    3. Down Through the Night
    4. The Awakening
    5. Lord of Light
    6. Black Corridor
    7. Space Is Deep
    8. Electronic No. 1

    LP 2
    1. Orgone Accumulator
    2. Upside Down
    3. 10 Seconds of Forever
    4. Brainstorm
    5. Seven By Seven
    6. Sonic Attack
    7. Time We Left This World Today
    8. Master of The Universe
    9. Welcome To the Future

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Polygondwanaland (Awaiting Repress) Polygondwanaland (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Polygondwanaland (Awaiting Repress)

    With an insanely prolific year, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard return with their twelfth album, "Polygondwanaland" to journey into the depths of the mind and the limits of the universe. The Australian 7-piece have made a name for themselves with a steady stream of new material since their inception 2010, blending everything surf rock, prog, soul, folk, metal, garage rock, and even elements of spoken word and cinematic presentation, creating a large buzz and rabid fanbase stretching far across the globe from their Melbourne roots.
    1. Crumbling Castle
    2. Polygondwanaland
    3. The Castle In The Air
    4. Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
    5. Inner Cell
    6. Loyalty
    7. Horology
    8. Tetrachromacy
    9. Searching...
    10. The Fourth Colour
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Happiness Project The Happiness Project Quick View

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    The Happiness Project

    The Broken Social Scene Presents Series, in which the core members of the many-membered Canadian co-op release solo albums from under the safety of the band's umbrella, has, thus far, delivered a couple of releases that haven't fallen far from the BSS tree. Charles Spearin's The Happiness Project is the most unique release in the series so far and it began as a number of interviews, in which Spearin would talk to his friends and neighbors ranging in age and culture about, essentially, the subject of happiness. Working from these recordings, Spearin used the cadence, rhythm and intonation of these voices and then recruited musicians to play a singular instrument in a fashion that matches the meter and melody of these spoken conversations.
    1. Mrs. Morris
    2. Anna
    3. Vittoria
    4. Vanessa
    5. Marisa
    6. Ondine
    7. Mr. Gowrie
    8. Mrs. Morris (Reprise)
    Charles Spearin
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Paegan Terrorism Tactics (Awaiting Repress) Paegan Terrorism Tactics (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Paegan Terrorism Tactics (Awaiting Repress)

    Louisiana group Acid Bath achieved a good deal of notoriety in the '90s for their musical ability of blending extreme, grindcore-influenced sludge metal and eath growls with a mixture of melancholic goth-style vocals, spoken word, and acoustic guitar passages. Their combination of stoner and doom metal roots with influences from hardcore, black metal and blues-rock created a unique sound that influences many bands today.

    Before Acid Bath dismantled in 1997 they created their second and final full-length album Paegan Terrorism Tactics which futher established the band's unique Southern hybrid of metal with a more melodic songwriting approach. The songs are stylistically all over the map, but bound together in part by frontman Dax Riggs' powerful singing and dark lyrics. Remastered on vinyl for the first time!

    1.  Paegan Love Song

    2.  Bleed Me an Ocean

    3.  Graveflower

    4.  Diab Soule

    5.  Locust Spawning

    6.  Old Skin

    7.  New Death Sensation

    8.  Venus Blue

    9.  13 Fingers

    10. New Corpse

    11. Dead girl
    Acid Bath
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Quick View

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    Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

    Mogwai are Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns, and John Cummings. The band was birthed in the halcyon days of the mid-â90s and helped Glasgow become one of the real bright spots in the musical universe again. Theirs is a majestic, powerful sound where barely a word is spoken yet it is the antithesis of background music. Album and song titles bemuse, confuse and delight in equal measure and live, they are utterly unstoppable.

    Recorded at Chem 19 studios with producer Paul Savage (who recorded 1997's Young Team), Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is the band's seventh album. Itâs a brave and instinctive album that is charged with an energy, spirit and intensity few can match. It is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, but clawing at the edges of their own capabilities, and drawing out something particularly special in the process.

    1. White Noise
    2. Mexican Grad Prix
    3. Rano Pano
    4. Death Rays
    5. San Pedro
    6. Letters to the Metro
    7. George Square Thatcher Death Party
    8. How To Be A Werewolf
    9. Too Raging To Cheers
    10. Youâre Lionel Richie
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP w/ MP3 Download - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Beyond My Means Beyond My Means Quick View

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    Beyond My Means

    Big Pauper (formerly known as Panzah Zandahz) is an acclaimed mash-up artist, electronic/psychedelic hip hop producer, circuit bent visual artist and founder of the abstract hip-hop label Token Recluse Recordings.

    Under Token Recluse Panzah Zandahz released an assortment of DJ break records, singles and unauthorized remix albums including the over hyped and now-very-dated internet smash hit Me & THIS Army: Radiohead Remixed & Mashed Up by PZ (2005) which was downloaded an estimated 3 million times.

    After an unauthorized remix tribute to his long-time hero, Beck Hanson, Panzah Zandahz moved away from the mash-up scene and in to a collaborative project with NY based spoken word artist Brad Hamers as the production half of Two Ton Sloth. Beyond My Means is his debut LP.

    1. Blue Dawn

    2. The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers
    3. Your Nighttime Energy is the Dream of the Elf
    4. Big Sick
    5. Clove Hitch
    6. Expansion and Suppression
    7. The Simple Life (Sequel)
    8. Bread & Puppet
    9. Portland to Paros
    10. With the Terrorists
    11. Beyond Mine, Beyond Ours
    12. Firebombing My Little Dresden
    13. A Love to Last

    Big Pauper
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Adventus Adventus Quick View

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    Adventus is the Latin word for arrival. And so Cody Canada and The Departed emerge with their first original album. Upon the disbanding of Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Departed took root; Cody Canada and his long time Ragweed band mate, Jeremy Plato on bass and vocals, with Seth James on guitar and vocals, Steve Littleton on B3 organ and keys, and Chris Doege on drums. The band members had spoken reverentially of each other's musicianship before getting together almost two years ago. But make no mistake; Adventus is anything but a relic of the past. It rocks hard, it burns in the Southern sun, and it represents a new era of creative growth, tapping into the eternal emotions and sonics that have informed the great American musical styles from the start.
    1. Worth The Fight
    2. Burden
    3. Prayer For The Lonely
    4. Blackhorse Mary
    5. Hard To Find
    6. Hobo
    7. Flagpole
    8. Cold Hard Fact
    9. Demons
    10. Set It Free
    11. Better Get Right
    12. 250,000 Things
    13. Mark It Wrong
    14. Sweet Lord
    The Departed
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Comet, Come To Me Comet, Come To Me Quick View

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    Comet, Come To Me

    Meshell returns to the same well of creativity that launched her career. CCTM is Meshell's 11th release, and possibly a culmination of them all - lush, vocal, seeking, wise, collaborative, and driven by the signature bounce and precise pocket of Ndegeocello on bass. Now assured of her place as an authentic musical thinker and an uncompromising artist, she forges on to discover, examine, and explore all that music has to offer her and how she can return the gift.

    Mercurial and masterful, Meshell Ndegeocello has eschewed genre for originality, celebrity for longevity, and musicals trends for musical truths. She has
    lived through the boom and bust of the industry and emerged just as she entered - unequivocally herself. Fans have come to expect the unexpected from
    Meshell, and faithfully followed her on sojourns into soul, spoken word, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, rock, all bound by a lyrical, spiritual search for love, justice,
    respect, resolution, and happiness.

    1. Friends
    2. Tom 2
    3. Good Day Bad
    4. Forget My Name
    5. And Yet It Moves
    6. Comet, Come To Me
    7. Continuous Performance
    8. Shopping For Jazz
    9. Conviction
    10. Folie A Deux
    11. Choices
    12. Modern Time
    13. American Rhapsody
    Meshell Ndegeocello
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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