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  • All Our Own Work All Our Own Work Quick View

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    All Our Own Work

    Collects The Original 12 Track Album, Plus A Series Of Outtakes From The Vanløse Bio Sessions Previously Unavailable On Vinyl

    "I met Sandy Denny at the Troubadour in Earl's Court in late 1966," Strawbs vocalist, guitarist, and banjoist David Cousins said. "I dropped in late one night to hear an angel singing. Sandy was sitting on a stool, wearing a white dress, a straw hat, and playing a Gibson Hummingbird guitar. When she came off stage, I introduced myself and asked if she fancied joining a group. 'Who are you?' she said. 'Strawbs,' I replied. 'OK,' she said. I went to the pay phone and called Tony Hooper to tell him we had a girl singer."

    Sandy Denny & the Strawbs were booked across the North Sea for a fortnight, with an option to record what would be their only album. The quartet spent days in a makeshift studio set up on the theatrical stage of Vanløse Bio, breaking down the Tandberg three-track reel-to-reel in time for the movie theater's evening screenings before heading off to their nightly gig. In all, a dozen original songs were set down, including Denny's recently completed "Who Knows Where The Time Goes." From the moment Sandy Denny hesitantly delivered her original "Across the purple sky..." lyric, the song took wing toward canonization. But the world would wait another two years before hearing it, on Fairport Convention's 1969 masterpiece Unhalfbricking. Only after four more subsequent years did the Copenhagen recordings come to light. All Our Own Work hit the marketplace midway through 1973 on budget imprint Hallmark in a cheap sleeve with brief, offhand notes from Cousins and fell out of print by the end of the decade. This 2014 vinyl issue collects the original 12 track album, plus a series of outtakes from the Vanløse Bio sessions previously unavailable on vinyl.

    1. On My Way
    2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
    3. Tell Me What You See in Me
    4. Always On My Mind
    5. Stay Awhile With Me
    6. Wild Strawberries
    7. All I Need Is You Babe
    8. How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite
    9. Sail Away To The Sea
    10. Sweetling
    11. Nothing Else Will do Babe (Dave Cousins lead vocal)
    12. And You Need Me
    13. Two Weeks Last Summer
    14. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (with strings)
    15. Tell Me What You See in Me (Alternative take)
    16 Stay Awhile with Me (with strings)
    17. Nothing Else Will do Babe ( lead vocal)
    18. And You Need Me (with strings)
    19. I've Been My Own Worst Friend
    20. Poor Jimmy Wilson
    21. Strawberry Picking
    22. Pieces of 79 and 15
    23. The Falling Leaves
    24. Indian Summer
    Sandy Denny And The Strawbs
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  • The Six Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII Quick View

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    The Six Wives of Henry VIII

    The Six Wives of Henry VIII is the first studio album from the English keyboardist and composer Rick Wakeman as a solo artist. It is an instrumental progressive rock album with its concept based on his interpretations of the musical characteristics of the six wives of Henry VIII. Wakeman decided on the concept in 1972 while he toured the United States with the progressive rock band Yes. As he read a book about the wives on his travels, melodies he wrote the previous year came to him and were noted down. Musicians from Yes and Strawbs, who he performed with prior to Yes, also play on the album.
    1. Catherine of Aragon
    2. Anne of Cleves
    3. Catherine Howard
    4. Jane Seymour
    5. Anne Boleyn
    6. Catherine Parr
    Rick Wakeman
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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